Cognitive Psychology and Its Implications

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Macmillan Higher Education, 2020 M01 21 - 560 pages
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Cognitive Psychology 9th edition takes students to the forefront of the field and introduces them to key discoveries of cognitive psychology. With accessible and clear explanations, Anderson shows students how mental processes are investigated and how we know what we know about the mind. Cognitive Psychology 9e introduces students to both the cutting edge findings of cognitive neuroscience and classic behavioral studies. Experimental data, sample stimuli, brain images, and research tasks woven throughout the text give students a real understanding of how research is conducted and the excitement of discovery. Fascinating examples and applications of cognitive theory further keep students engaged.

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The History of Cognitive Psychology
The Communicative Neurons
Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience
Chapter 6
A Cognitive Neuroscience Revolution?
Visual Perception in the Brain
Visual Pattern Recognition
Speech Recognition
Set Effects
General Characteristics of Skill Acquisition
Transfer of Skill
Theory of Identical Elements

Categorical Perception
Context and Pattern Recognition
The Science of Cognition
Attention and Performance
Auditory Attention
Visual Attention
Selecting Lines of Thought to Pursue
Verbal Imagery Versus Visual Imagery
Visual Imagery
Visual Perception and Visual Imagery
Propositional Representations
Embodied Cognition
Encoding and Storage
Memory and the Brain
ShortTerm Memory and Working Memory
Activation and LongTerm Memory
Practice and Memory Strength
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
How Interference Affects Memory
Retrieval and Inference
Associative Structure and Retrieval
The Hippocampal Formation and Amnesia
The Many Varieties of Memory in the Brain
Chapter 9
The Nature of Problem Solving
Operator Selection
Problem Representation
Chapter 10
Reasoning about Quantifiers
Inductive Reasoning and Hypothesis Testing
DualProcess Theories
Decision Making
Probabilistic Judgment
Making Decisions Under Uncertainty
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Language and the Brain
Syntactic Formalisms
Is Human Language Special?
Language Acquisition
The Uniqueness of Language A Summary
Chapter 13
1 Intelligent Chatterboxes
Levels of Representation and Situation
Individual Differences in Cognition
Chapter 14
Cognition and Aging
Individual Differences in Cognition
Different Dimensions of Intelligence
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