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Pan African Harambee KADU Kenya African Democratic Union, has its shadow Government ready to take the Presidency with over 20 Million Presidential Election Votes Landslide in Kenya's Presidential Election in 2017 August 8th KENYAS NEW 2010CONSTITUTION ELECTION CALENDAR DAY with me winning this election as INDEPENDENT KENYA PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE on Aug. 8th 2017 from HRH Prince Dr Noah Yoash Jilo Wizo of Garsen Constituency TANA DELTA DISTRICT with my selcted Vice President DR Hawa Auma Obama as runningmate. I have written official written notification to her with no objection so far up to now and I plan tyo meet her in Bonn Germany or Vienna Austria in June 2015 to implement our Kenya Diaspora Election International and Domestic Agenda in Europe for Kenya.. I have selected our brother Francis Atwoli as the KENYA Speaker of the Kenya National Assembly when we win the Kenya Presidential fair and Square elections in 2018. This Kenya election 2013 saw our Diaspora International Kenya Citizens Constituency disenfranchised by the IEBC. Both myself and my runningmate have been actively making our intentions known in USA, Germany and Italy, and Switzerland and Holand that the IEBC must never again compromise Pan African Harambee KADU party Members on theirr Democratic right to Vote in Kenya come election 2017 August.. We are very dissappoinnted by the turnout numbers of 2013 Kenya Ballots and how our Kenyan Citizen were intentionally or by carelessness made to wait for many long hours to Vote due to the slaggish inefficient attitude of the IEBC. Therefore the 2013 Kenya Elections got less than 7,000,000 votes for the President elect with Votes concentrated from that RiftValley Voting Block and Mount Kenya. On behalf of all Kenyans whose Vote did not count or was not set to be allowed to Vote say to IEBC that we shall have zero tolerance for sluggish actions of IEBC and shall not allow any disenfranchisement of Voter and this notice comes to The Chairman of IEBC to clean your act before 2018 election because the Diaspora Candidate DR Noah Y.J.Wizo and DR Hawa Auma Obama and Brother francis Atwoli and Brother George Wagema and Brother Newton Kinambugha are coming to take over Kenya's elections winning 2017 Aug 8th by a land slide victory of a TRUE fair BIOMETRIC RIGGING PROOF electronic Vote that allows all the KENYA Pan African 42 tribes National Voters to Vote not a mere few votes .Molreover our BIOMETRIC Voting styructure has to include the DIASPORA VOTING CONSTITUENCY vote that was disenfranchised last elections whiich exclude all Kenyans living in our International Diaspora Constituency, WHO must be included this election of 2017 Aug 8th only 30 months down the Line. So far the current Uhuru and Ruto Presidency of URP and PNU--KANU Joint affliated parties Union has been unable to set a true BIOMETRIC VOTING computer system that is rigging proof for us to have faith in IEBC--Mr Chairman Isaak Ahmed that the election will not be rigged infavor of anyone government again in the coming Kenya Presidential election 2117 August 8th ..So far its 30 months before then and no BIOMETRICS election machine infrastructure has been set and all the IDPS of 2007 election chaos have gotten no Justice oin any Court of Law both local courts and International Diaspora Constituency overseas Courts.even at the time of this Review of this Date March 9th 2015 only two years from the Kenya Presidential Year 2017. I an setting this Review for the Kenya Voters PUBLIC Record awareness and the record of Kenya National Assembly Official Record(hansard) of 7 June 1963 on KENYA AFRICAN DFEMOCRATIC UNION RECORDS of Kenya Parliament that for PUBLIC awareness the Ruling Joint-political parties of URP and NPU of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto has intentioanally failed to place a BIOMETRICS VOTING mechanism both domestic Kenya and International DIASPORA Constituencies for we beleive it is intentional adverse action to place these two parties in an inevetable quedstionable manual election Voite VICTORY via the corrupt arm of the Chairman of 

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