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80 STAT, 251

(g) Private. Party:-As used in this section, 'private party' means any party other than an agency.

"(h) EFFECTIVE DATE.— This amendment shall become effective one yenr following the date of the enactment of this Act.”

Approved July 4, 1966.


HOUSE REPORT No. 1497 (Comm. on Government Operations).
SENATE REPORT No. 813 (Comm. on the Judiciary).

Vol. 111 (1965): Oot. 13, considered and passed Senate.
Vol. 112 (1966) June 20, oonsidered and passed House.



(79 Stat. 667) This act was the result of the enactment of H.R. 6927, 89th Congress. It was approved September 9, 1965, as Public Law 174, 89th Congress. The text of the act appears in volume 79, Statutes at Large, pages 667-671. Its provisions are codified in the United States Code, 1965 Supplement 3, section 19(d) (1); 5, sections 1, 624 et. seq., 2211; 12, section 1723; 42, section 1451(c).



(Page citations are to the daily Congressional Record) H.R. 6927: Mr. Fascell; March 30, 1965 (Government Operations). Reported in House with amendment May 11, 1965 (H. Rept. 337), 9880. House Resolution 419 reported June 14, 1965 (H. Rept. 511), 12954. House Resolution 419 agreed to June 15, 1965, 13215. H.R. 6927 debated June 15, 1965, 13212–13234. Debated, amended, and passed House June 16, 1965, 13286–13304. Referred to Senate Committee on Government Operations June 17, 1965, 13498. Amended and passed Senate August 11, 1965, 19289. Conference appointed in House August 18, 1965, 20132. Conference appointed in Senate August 24, 1965, 20667. Conference report submitted in House August 26, 1965 (H. Rept. 884), 21161. Conference report submitted in Senate and agreed to August 30, 1965, 21388–21390. Conference report debated in House and agreed to August 31, 1965, 21545–21547. Approved September 9, 1965 (Public Law 174).

S. 1599: Mr. Ribicoff for himself, Mr. Brewster, Mr. Clark, Mr. Dodd, Mr. Douglas, Mr. Gruening, Mr. Hart, Mr. Javits, Mr. Kennedy of New York, Mr. Long of Missouri, Mr. Muskie, Mr. Pell, Mr. Tydings, and Mr. Williams of New Jersey; March 25, 1965 (Government Operations). Reported in Senate with amendment August 2, 1965 (S! Rept. 536), 18291. Debated August 10, 1965, 19044–19047, 19066–19078, 19083–19087. Debated August 11, 1965, 19262, 19264 19265, 19268, 19271-19286. Indefinitely postponed August 11, 1965; H.R. 6927, as amended, passed in lieu.



House Report 337 (H.R. 6927), 89th Congress, 12665–3.
House Report 511 (H.J. Res. 419), 89th Congress, 12665-4.
Senate Report 536 (S. 1599), 89th Congress, 12662-4.
House Report 884 (conference), 89th Congress, 12665–5.



House Committee on Government Operations, 89th Congress: To establish a Department of Housing and Urban Development, April 5 and 6, 1965.

Senate Committee on Government Operations, 89th Congress: To establish a Department of Housing and Urban Development, March 31; April 1 and 2; May 19, 1965.

B. TEXT OF Public Law 174, 89TH CONGRESS

Public Law 89-174
89th Congress, H. R. 6927
September 9, 1965

An Act



To establish a Department of Housing and Urban Derelopment, and for other


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That this Act may Department of be cited as the “Department of Housing and t'rban Derelopment Housing and Act".


ment Act, Sec. 2. The Congress hereby declares that the general welfare and security of the Nation and the health and living standards of our people require, as a matter of national purpose, sound development of the Nation's communities and metropolitan areas in which the vast majority of its people live and work.

To carry out such purpose, and in recognition of the increasing importance of housing and urban development in our national life, the Congress finds that establishment of an executive department is desirable to achieve the best administration of the principal programs of the Federal Government which provide assistance for housing and for the development of the Nation's communities; to assist the President in achieving maximum coordination of the various Federal activities which have a major effect upon urban community, suburban, or metropolitan development; to encourage the solution of problems of housing, urban development, and mass transportation through State, county, town, village, or other local and private action, including promotion of interstate, regional, and metropolitan cooperation; to encourage the maximum contributions that may be made by vigorous private homebuilding and mortgage lending industries to housing, urban development, and the national economy; and to provide for full and appropriate consideration, at the national level, of the needs and interests of the Nation's communities and of the people who live and work in them.


Sec. 3. (a) There is hereby established at the seat of government in executive department to be known as the Department of Housing and Urban Development (hereinafter referred to as the “Department"). There shall be at the head of the Department a Secretary Appointment of of Housing and Urban Development (hereinafter referred to as the Secretary. Secretary'), who shall be appointed by the President by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. The Department shall be administered under the supervision and direction of the Secretary. The Secretary shall receive compensation at the rate now or hereafter prescribed by law for the heads of executive departments.

(b) The Secretary shall, among his responsibilities, advise the Duties. President with respect to Federal programs and activities relating to housing and urban development; develop and recommend to the President policies for fostering the orderly growth and development of the Vation's urban areas; exercise leadership at the direction of the President in coordinating Federal activities affecting housing and qurban development; provide technical assistance and information, including a clearinghouse service to aid State, county, town, village, or other local governments in dereloping solutions to community and metropolitan development problems; consult and cooperate with State Gorernors and State agencies, including, when appropriate, holding informal public hearings, with respect to Federal and State programs

79 STAT, 668

for assisting communities in developing solutions to community and metropolitan development problems and for encouraging effective regional cooperation in the planning and conduct of community and metropolitan development programs and projects; encourage comprehensive planning by the State aud local governments with a view to coordinating Federal, State, and local urban and community development activities; encourage private enterprise to serve as large a part of the Nation's total housing and urban development needs as it can and develop the fullest cooperation with private enterprise in achieving the objectives of the Department; and conduct continuing comprehensive studies, and make available findings, with respect to the problems of housing and urban development.

(c) Nothing in this Act shall be construed to deny or limit the benefits of any program, function, or activity assigned to the Department by this or any other Act to any community on the basis of its population or corporate status, except as may be expressly provided by law.

UNDER SECRETARY AND OTHER OFFICERS IXD OFFICES Under Seoretary. Sec. t. (a) There shall be in the Department an Under Secretary, Assistant Seore- four Assistant Secretaries, and a General Counsel, who shall be aptaries,

pointed by the President by and with the advice and consent of the Appointment. Senate, who shall receive compensation at the rate now or hereafter

provided by law for under secretaries, assistant secretaries, and general counsels, respectively, of executive departments, and who shall per

form such functions, powers, and duties as the Secretary shall prescribe Federal Housing from time to time. There shall be in the Department a Federal HousCommissioner. ing Commissioner, who shall be one of the Assistant Secretaries, who

shall head a Federal Housing Administration within the Department, who shall have such duties and powers as may be prescribed by the Secretary, and who shall administer, under the supervision and direction of the Secretary, departmental programs relating to the private

mortgage market. Assistant Seore- (b). There shall be in the Department an Assistant Secretary for tary for Admin- Administration, who shall be appointed, with the approval of the istration, President, by the Secretary under the classified civil service, who shall

perform such functions, powers, and duties as the Secretary shall prescribe from time to time, and whose annual rate of compensation shall be the same as that now or hereafter provided by or pursuant to law

for assistant secretaries for administration of executive departments. Direotor of

(c) There shall be in the Department a Director of Urban Program Urban Program Coordination, who shall be designated by the Secretary. He shall Coordination, assist the Secretary in carrying out his responsibilities to the President

with respect to achieving maximum coordination of the programs of the various departments and agencies of the Government which have a major impact on community development. In providing such assistance, the Director shall make such studies of urban and community problems as the Secretary shall request, and shall develop recommendations relating to the administration of Federal programs affecting such problems, particularly with respect to achieving effective cooperation among the Federal, State, and local agencies concerned. Subject to the direction of the Secretary, the Director shall, in carry. ing out his responsibilities, (1) establish and maintain close liaison with the Federal departments and agencies concerned, and (2) consult with State, local, and regional officials, and consider their recommendations with respect to such programs.

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