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B. Text Of Public Law 706, 830 CONGRESS

August 30, 1954

H. R. 6290)

To discontinue certain reports now required by law.

By-law reports,

Be it enacted by the Senate un llouse of Representation of the United States of America in Congress unsembleil, That the following reports or statements now required by law are hereby discontinued, inil all Acts or parts of Arts herein cited as requiring the submission of such reports or staternents are hereby repeated to the extent of such requirement:




Relief claim ants.

Receipt from 1. The inclusion in the ammal report to Congress of each esecutive

department or independent establishment of a statemeni of receipts from fees or charges paid to such department or establishment under ali Acts of Congress (47 Stat. 111; 5 V.S. C. 104:1).

2. The quarterly report to Congress by each depariment and invency of the name of eache int to vhom relief has been granted under the Ict of August 7, 1:46, as amended, together with the amount of

such relief and a brief statement of the facts and the aclministrative 41 USC 106 note. decision (60 Stiit. 902; 41 U. S. C. 106).


Research laboratorios.

Para tonant claims.

Farm tenant in. surance.

3. The annual report to Congress of the activities of, expenditures by, and donations to the four regional research laboratories authorized by the Agriculture Adjustment Act of 1938 (52 Siat. in. 37; 7 U. S. C. 1292 (e)).

4. The annual report to the Congress of all persons against whom claims under the Bankhead-Jones Farın Tenant Ict in excess of $1,000 have been compromised, the address of such person, the nature of the claim, the amount of the compromise and the reason therefor (60) Stat. 1066; 7 U'. S. C. 1015 (9)).

5. The state: aent of the Secretary of agriculture required to be included in his annual report to Congress, with respect to the status of the Farm Terant-Mortgage Insurance Fund (60 Stat, L. 1076; 7 U. S. C. 1005,1).

6. The annual report by the Secretary of Agriculture to the President accountin' for all moneys received and expended by him (45 Stat. 993; 5 U. S. C. 557).

7. The annual report by the Secretary of Agriculture to the Congress on research work being performed under contracts or cooperative agreements pursuaj to the Act of August 14, 1946 (60 Stat. 1086, 1090; 7 U. S. C. 127j and 1624).

[blocks in formation]


Federal-aid high


8. The report to the Congress on Federal-aid highways required of the Secretary of Commerce on or before the first londay in January of each year, giving a detailed statement of the work done, the statiis of each project undertaken, the allocation of appropriations, an itemized statement of the expenditures and receipts during the preceding fiscal year, an itemized statement of travel and other expenses, includ

ing a list of employees, their duties, salaries and travel expenses, and 32 USC 20; his recommendations, if any, for new legislation amending or supple

menting existing iaw (12 Stat. 216; 48 Stat. 995; 53 Stat. 1426; 60 Siat.

USC 133t note; 15
USC 1929 note.

71-440 0-6613

63 Stat. 377. 1070.

40 USC 471 ncte. 5 USC note.

Airport construc tion,

866; Public Law 152, Eighty-first Congress; Reorganization Plan Vumbered 7 of 1949).

9. The report of the Maritime Commission on coordination of forwarding water-borne export and import foreign commerce of the United States required by section 217 of the Merchant Marine Act of 1936 as amended (56 Stat. 171; 416 U.S.C.1127).

10. Annual report submitted in accordance with section 4 ve S. Res. 136, Eighty-first Congress, providing Congress with data on contemplated airport and Federal airways construction.

11. Annual report concerning messing facilities in Alaska and other points outside the continental United States, submitted to Congress by the Secretary of Commerce in accordance with Public Law 390, Eightyfirst Congress (63 Stat. 907; 5 U. S. C. 590a).

12. The requirement that two thousand eight hundred copies of the report of the Director of the Coast and Ccodetic Survey be printed in quarto form (28 Stat. 612; 14 U.S. C. 247).

13. The annual coast survey report sub aitted to Congress in accordance with section 4090 of the Revised Stiliiites (3:3 U. S. C. 888).

Contract author izations.

62 Stat, 259.

River expenses.

REPORTS UNDER THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE 14. The quarterly reports by the Secrtry of Defense to the Committees on Appropriations and Arme Services of the amounts obligated under the contract authoriz:tions provided for in the Supplemental National Defense Appariation Act, 1948 (Public Law 547, Eightieth Congress), as required by section 2 of that Act (5 U.S. C. 171a Note).

15. The following statements of expenses included in the annual report of the Chief of Engineers in respect of: (1) gaging of waters on the Mississippi River and its tributaris (33 U. S. C. 4); (2) maintenance of the channel through, and securing uninterrupted examinations and surveys of the South Pass of the Mississippi River (33 U. S. C. 602); (3) removal of obstructions from the Mississippi and certain other rivers (33 U. S. C. 604 and 506); (4) operation of snag boats on the upper Mississippi River and certain other rivers (33 U. S. C. 605); (5) operating, maintaining, keeping in repair and reconstructing locks, canals, etc., other than Panama Canal (33 U.S.C.5).

Annual report pursuant to Revised Statutes 429 (5 U. S. C. 400), of the Secretary of the Navy to the Congress in the form of a statement of amounts expended for wages of ...echanics and laborers employed in building, repairing, or equipping vessels oi the Navy or in receiving and securing stores and materials for those purposes and for the purchase of materials and stores for the sa: - purpose.

17. Statement in the annual report of the Secretary of the Navy to the Congress of all acts done in making sale of any vessel or materials of the Navy (Revised Statutes 429, 5 U.S. C. 166).

18. Annual report of the Secretary of the Navy to the Congress of charges included in the cost of work under naval appropriations pursuant to title 31, United States Code, section 647.

19. Annual report of the Secretary of each military department of transportation services furnished under Public Law 360, Eightieth Congress (62 Stat. 270-277), as required by section 2 of that Act.

20. Report to the Congress by Federal authorities of transfer of jurisdiction over Government properties within the District of Columbia among Federal and District authorities pursuant to titlo 40, United States Code, section 122.

Mechanics, etc., Navy.

Sale of vesselo, etc.

36 Stat. 1267.

S USC 1890.

47 Stat. 161.

21. Annual report of the Department of the Navy pursuant to section 61, Statutes at rye, pave 705 (3+ U. S. C. 2070b), concerning thio number and sairies of professors and instructors employed at the Naval Post Grade Scivol.

REPORTS UNDER THE DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR 22. The annual Import and financial statement by the Secretary of the Interior of op wions under section 13 of the Boulder Cinayon Project Adjustmerit . Ici (54 Stat. 779; 43 U. S. C. 618 letter "]").

23. The annual report and financial statement by the Secretary of the Interior as to the transmission and sale of electric energy generated at the Fort Peck project during the preceding governmental fiscal year (52 Stat. 406; 11; L. S. C. 8334 (c)).

24. The annual report of the Secretary of the Interior to the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the fiscal ailairs of all Indian tribes for whose benefit expenditures from either public or tribal funds shall have been made by my officer, clerk, or employee in the Interior Department during the preceding fiscal year (36 Stat. 1077; 20 U. S. C. 143).

25. The annual report by the National Park Trust Fund Board to the Congress of the moneys or securities received and held by it, and of its operations (49 Stat. 478; 16 U. S. C. 19d).


Stat. .

26. The annual report of the Attorney General to Congress of all 41 Stet: 528; 43 suits undër the Suits in Admiralty Act (44 U. S. C. 752), and the

Public Vessels Act (46 U. S. C. 790), in which final judgment has been rendered.


27. The annual report by the Secretary of Labor of the findings of the Bureau of Laivor Statistics on studies of productivity and labor costs in various inrillistries (54 Stat. 210; 29 U. S. C. 25).


54 Stat. 10.

28. The semiannual report of the National Munitions Control Board (22 U.S. C. 452).


29. The report on regulations as to lifesaving appliances on occan, lake, and sound steamers and foreign vessels (46 U. S. C. 481).

REPORTS UNDER THE GEXZRAL ACCOUNTING OFFICE 30. I port by the Comptroller General on Farm Credit Administration transactions under the agricultural marketing revolving fund, in violation of law, together with such recommendations as deemed desirable (46 Stat. 18; 12 U.S. C. 1141i).

31. Report by the Comptroller General containing recommendations for such changes in existing law relating to inactive and permanent appropriation (48 Stat. 1236; 31 C. S. C. 725w). 32. Report by the Comptroller General of any

transaction or condition found to be in conflict with the powers or duties entrusteri to the Tennessee Valley Authority by law (18 Stat. 63, 64; 49 Stat. 1080, 1081; 16 U. S. C. 831h).

Approved August 30, 1954.

48 Stat. 1236.

C. To Repeal Certain Provisions of Law Requiring the Submis

sion of Certain Reports to Congress, and for Other Purposes

(74 Stat. 245)

This act was the result of the enactment of S. 899, 86th Congress. It was approved on June 29, 1960, as Public Law 533, 86th Congress. The text of the act appears in volume 74, Statutes at Large, pages 245–249. Its provisions amend various sections of various titles of the United States Code.



(Page citations are to vol. 105, Congressional Record) S. 899 : To provide for the discontinuance of certain reports now required by law. Mr. McClellan; Committee on Government Operations, 1658. Reported with amendments (S. Rept. 146), 5136. Amended and passed Senate, 5649. Referred to House Committee on Government Operations, 5794.

(Page citations are to vol. 106, Congressional Record) Reported with amendment (H. Rept. 1458), 7484. Amended and passed House, title amended, 8190. Senate concurs in House amendment, 13212. Examined and signed, 13335, 13413. Presented to the President, 13410. Approved (Public Law 533), 14847.



Senate Report 146, 86th Congress, 12149.
House Report 1458, 86th Congress, 12244.



(None found.)

B. TEXT OF PUBLIC Law 86–533

Tu renui certain provisions of law requiring the submission of certain reports

to Congress, and for other purposes.

June 29, 1960

S. 899;

Reports to Con. BTCSS

Discontinuiatlon of certain.

State Departo


Treasury De

Pershing Hall

Coast Guard.
Vessels, claims.

Be it enacted by the Senate anc? Ilouse of Representatives of the United States of Americu in ('ongi v. (ixsembled, That the following provisions of laws, which relate to the submission of certain reports to Congress or other Government authority, are hereby repealed, as follows:

(1) Section 209 of the Revised Stanutes (5 U.S.C. 16+), relating to a certain statement of expenditures required to be made by the Secretary of State with respect to contingent expenses of certain activities abroad, which reads as follows:

"Sr.c. 200. The annual statement of expenditures from the contine ment. rent fund required to be made by the Secretary of State, must include all the contingent expenses of forcign intercourse and of all the missions abroad, except such expenditures its are settled upon the certificate of the President.".

(2) Section 3 of the Act entitled “An.let authorizing an appropria- partment: tion to effect a settlement of the remainder due on Pershing Hall, ? memorial. memorial already erected in Paris, France, to the Commander in Chief, officers, and men of the Expeditionary Forces, and for other purposes”, approved June 28, 1935 (49 Stat. 426; 36 U.S.C. 492), which reads as follows:

“Sxc. 3. An itemized report shall be transmitted to the Senate and House of Representatives on the first day of each regular session of Congress of expenditures made in pursuance herewith.”.

(3)(A) Section 616 (b) of title 14 of the United States Code, relating to certain reports to Congress by the Secretary of the Treasury with respect to certain claims against th: United States for damage by Coast Guard vessels, which reads as foi.WS:

"(b) On payment of any claim dete: ined, compromised, or settled under this section at a net amount excculing $3,000, but not exceeding $25,000, payable by the United States, :he Secretary of the Treasury Vithin twenty days of payment shall :port to the Congress setting forth the nature of the claii. e vessel involved, the amount paid with respect thereto, the basis own determination, compromise, or settlemnent, and other pertinent facts. The Secretary of the Treasury shall report to the Congress, at each session thereof, all claims which have veen paid under this section. During any war the reports required under this section may omit any fact or facts disclosure of which, in the opinion of the Secretary, would be prejudicial to the national security.”.

(B) Section 647(b) of title 14 of the United States Code, relating to ceriain reports to Congress by the Secretary of the Treasury with respect to certain claims of the United States for damage to Coast Guard property, which reads as follows:

"(b) Within twenty days after receipt of a payment in a net amount exceeding $3,000 due the United States pursuant to determination, compromise, or settlement of any claim under this section, the Secretary of the Treasury shall report to the Congress setting forth the nature of the claim; the vessel or vessels involved; the amount received; the basis of determination, compromise, or settlement; and other pertinent facts. During any Wind the reports required under this section may omit any fact or fac:s, disclosure of whicii, in the opinion of the Secretary, would be prejudicial to the national security.".

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