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House Report No. 206 (First Report)—Survey of Selected Activities Pago

(Part 2-Efficiency and Economy in the Small Business Administration). 44

House Report No. 207 (Second Report) --Survey of Selected Activities

(Part 5-Efficiency and Economy in the Post Office Department's

Methods of Transporting Money).

House Report No. 306 (Third Report)-Survey of Selected Activities

(Part 3—Efficiency and Economy in the Department of the Interior)-- 48

House Report No. 307 (Fourth Report)-Survey of Selected Activities

(Part 4-Efficiency and Economy in the Civil Service Commission)---- 55

House Report No. 429 (Fifth Report)—Common Trust Funds-Over-
lapping Responsibility and Conflict in Regulations.--

House Report No. 447 (Sixth Report)—Investigation and Study of the
Federal Home Loan Bank Board, Alice, Tex..

House Report No. 445 (Seventh Report)—Consumer Protection Activities

of State Governments (Part 1—The Regulation of Drugs and Related

House Report No. 456 (Eighth Report)-Survey of Selected Activities

(Part 1—Efficiency and Economy in the Department of Commerce)--- 39

House Report No. 457 (Ninth Report)—Survey of Selected Activities

(Parts 6 and 7—Efficiency and Economy in the Civil Aeronautics Board

and the Federal Aviation Agency)


House Report No. 559 (Tenth Report)- Military Air Transportation-


House Report No. 797 (Eleventh Report)—United States Information

Problems in Vietnam..


House Report No. 916 (Twelfth Report)— Military Construction Projects

(Marine Corps Air Station, Beaufort, S.C.) (Airstrip at Fort Carson,
Colo.) (Airfield at Sharpe General Depot, Lathrop, Calif.).

House Report No. 917 (Thirteenth Report) —Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
in Defense Contracting and Employment.


House Report No. 918 (Fourteenth Řeport) —Availability of Information

From Federal Departments and Agencies (Progress of Study September

1961-December 1962)--


House Report No. 919 (Fifteenth Report)—Federal Deposit Insurance

Corporation-Assumption of Employee Benefits Costs and Change in

Audit Dates. --


House Report No. 920 (Sixteenth Report)—"Window Dressing" in Bank

Reports -


House Report No. 921 (Seventeenth Report)-Consumer Protection Ac-

tivities of State Governments (Part 2- The Regulation of Foods and
Related Products)


House Report No. 1147 (Eighteenth Report)—Crimes Against Banking



House Report No. 1425 (Nineteenth Report)— Procurement of Equipment
for Marine Corps Tactical Airfields.

House Report No. 1633 (Twentieth Report)—Reimbursement of Govern-
ment Expenditures for Removal of Hazardous Substances (Water Pollu-
tion Control and Abatement)-

House Report No. 1636 (Twenty-First Report)—Disposal of Waste Water

at Federal Installations (Water Pollution Control and Abatement)--- 75

House Report No. 1640 (Twenty-Second Report)- Judgment Collection

Practices and Policies of the Department of Justice...





This report summarizes the results realized to date in fulfilling the recommendations made by the Committee on Government Operations of the House of Representatives in 22 investigative reports during the 88th Congress. Vany of these reports pointed out inadequacies and defects in the operation of the Government and contained recommendations for remedying those deficiencies. Most of the recommendations called for administrative action, and some of them for legislative action.

Since the committee's reports were made soon after the completion of the investigations on which they are based, the reports seldom contained information concerning the results of the committee's recommendations. For that reason, Chairman William L. Dawson, at the close of the 88th Congress, requested the chairmen of each of the subcommittees of this committee to compile the results of the committee's recommendations, as of approximately January 1, 1966. The following summary of the accomplishments thus far resulting from the committee's work is a heartening demonstration of the increased efficiency and economy, and the large savings of money, already achieved through the committee's efforts. This summary indicates that even greater benefits will accrue as action is completed on the committee recommendations not yet fulfilled.

It should be noted that the work with which the committee was concerned in these 22 investigative reports comprises only one portion of the committee's activities during the 88th Congress. In addition, the committee issued 10 committee prints and 3 subcommittee prints.

In the 88th Congress, 176 bills and resolutions were referred to the committee and were studied. Of these, the committee reported 15 and 13 were enacted into law. In addition, one reorganization plan was referred to the committee. After study and hearings, the plan was approved by the committee and permitted by the House and Senate to become effective. The reorganization plan provided for the reorganization of certain functions relating to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library. The plan became effective July 27, 1963.

Pursuant to its duty of studying reports of the Comptroller General, the committee received officially and studied 674 such reports during the 88th Congress. These reports and certain other executive communications were referred to the committee under clause 2 of rule XXIV of the House of Representatives.

The following is a list of committee prints issued by the Committee on Government Operations:

Federal Real and Personal Property Inventory Report (Civilian and Military) of the U.S. Government Covering Its Properties Located in the United States, in the Territories, and Overseas,

as of June 30, 1962. Activities of the House Committee on Government Operations,

Eighty-seventh Congress, First and Second Sessions, 1961

1962. Summary of the Objectives, Operations, and Results of the

Commissions on Organization of the Executive Branch of the

Government (First and Second Hoover Commissions).
Reorganization by Plan and by Statute, 1945–1962.
Federal Real and Personal Property Inventory Report (Civilian

and Military) of the U.S. Government Covering Its Properties
Located in the United States, in the Territories, and Overseas,

as of June 30, 1963.
Availability of Information From Federal Departments and

Agencies (Index and Bibilography).
Interim Report of the Activities of the House Committee on

Government Operations, Eighty-seventh Congress, First Ses

sion, 1963.
Use of Polygraphs by the Federal Government (Preliminary

Results From Recommendations Made During the Eighty-

seventh Congress in Reports of the Committee on Government

Operations, House of Representatives. Government News From Anonymous Sources. The committee engaged in considerable investigative work on many topics which did not eventuate in printed reports, and also extensively reviewed many cases of the Government's utilization of excess property and its disposal of surplus property. The sum total of these efforts resulted in savings of many millions of dollars.

In order to perform its functions and to carry out its duties as fully and as effectively as possible, the committee, under the leadership of its chairman, the Honorable William L. Dawson, of Illinois, at the beginning of the 88th Congress, established seven regular subcommittees, which cover the entire field of executive expenditures and operations. The names and chairmen of these subcommittees are as follows:

Executive and Legislative Reorganization Subcommittee, Hon.

William L. Dawson, chairman.
Military Operations Subcommittee, Hon. Chet Holifield, chair-

Government Activities Subcommittee, Hon. Jack Brooks, chair-

Intergovernmental Relations Subcommittee, Hon.

Hon. L.

L. H.
Fountain, chairman.
Natural Resources and Power Subcommittee, Hon. Robert E.

Jones, chairman.
Foreign Operations and Government Information Subcommittee,

Hon. John E. Moss, chairman.
Legal and Monetary Affairs Subcommittee, Hon. Dante B. Fas-

cell, chairman. In addition, a Special Federal Home Loan Bank Board Subcommittee was organized under the chairmanship of Hon. John E. Moss. This special subcommittee completed its work with the filing of the sixth report of the committee.

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