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Entered according to Act of Congress

in the year 1887, By DUGALD J. BANNATYNE.



DURING the twenty-two years I have spent in Canada and in the United States, I have frequently heard it said that an immigrant into either of these countries, who brings some capital with him, is not likely to permanently succeed until he has lost all he brought with him and has started afresh. Exceptions prove the rule, of course, it is said. My personal observation and experience tend to corroborate the above saying. But why should this be so ? Every one can theorise, and will probably arrive at a, to him, satisfactory answer. I myself am not prepared to answer the question. As a sportsman, I would say that the new-comer was not in condition to run, and was also too heavily handicapped by carrying too much dead-weight in the shape of ignorance, &c. As a man of business, I would say that the new-comer was too apt to take risks (perhaps tantamount, in the circumstances, to gambling), which the cautious man would deem suicidal. As a lawyer, I would say that the newcomer might as well consider the youngest law-apprentice competent to

fill the office of the Lord Chancellor, as himself to hold his own in the 94 United States without long years of study of the institutions and laws of

the country, and without practical experience and knowledge of the people. I would like to assist my countrymen (English, Irish, and Scotch) in an effort to overcome the dead - weight “ignorance," and now spread before them a banquet of Republican Institutions in the United States of America. It will doubtless seem dry and repulsive to the thoughtless, while the sensible will remember that it took a long time of constant application to learn to read, to write, to sum ; and that the battle of life is one to the death, and requires tools of the keenest edge. Read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest,” are what I would advise.


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