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Retiring board, 369. In case of an officer of the Marine Corps, the retir. composition.

Aug. 3, 1861. c. ing board shall be selected by the Secretary of the Navy, 42, s. 17, v. 12, p.

under the direction of the President. Two-fifths of the Sec. 1623, R. S. board shall be selected from the Medical Corps of the Navy

and the remainder shall be selected from officers of the Marine Corps, senior in rank, so far as may be, to the officer whose disability is to be inquired of.



Transfers from 370. Any person enlisted in the military service of the military to paral service United States may, on application to the Navy Department,

July 1, 1864, c. 201, s. 1, s. 13, p. approved by the President, be transferred to the Navy or

Marine Corps, to serve therein the residue of his term of Sec. 1421, B. S.

enlistment, subject to the laws and regulations for the gov. ernment of the Navy. But such transfer shall not release him from any indebtedness to the Government, nor, without the consent of the President, from any penalty incurred for a breach of the military law.


Officers of the Nary may be de 371. The President may detail, temporarily, three competailed for service of the War De tent naval officers for the service of the War Department partment.

Feb. 12, 1862,c. in the inspection of transport vessels, and for such other 21, v. 12. p. Sec. 1137, R. s. services as may be designated by the Secretary of War.




372. Establishment of Department 373. Duties of Secretary.
of the Interior.

374. Powers of Secretary.

Mar. 3, 1849, c.


Feb. 5, 1859, c. 22.

372. There shall be at the seat of Government an Establishment

of Department of Executive Department to be known as the Department of the Interior. the Interior, and a Secretary of the Interior, who shall be 108, s. 1. v. 9, p. the head thereof.

Sec. 437, R. S. 373. The Secretary of the Interior is charged with the Duties of Sec

retary supervision of public business relating to the following Mar. 3, 1849, c.

108, ss. 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, subjects:

9, v. 9, p. 395;

July 8,1870.c.230, First. The census; when directed by law,

8.1, v. 16, p. 198; Second. The public lands, including mines.

8. 1, v. 11, p. 379;

July 20, 1868, c. Third. The Indians.

176, s. 1, v. 15, PP.

92, 106. Fourth. Pensions and bounty lands.

Sec. 441, B. S. Fifth. Patents for inventions. Sixth. The custody and distribution of publications. Seventh. Education. Eighth. Government Hospital for the Insane. Ninth. Columbia Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb.

374. The Secretary of the Interior shall hereafter exercise Powers of Sec. all the powers and perform all the duties in relation to the

217, v. 17, p. 184. Territories of the United States that were, prior to March

Sec. 412, R. S. first, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, by law or by custom exercised and performed by the Secretary of State.


Mar. 1, 1873, c.



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1 373. Commissioner of the General : 378. Returns and accounts relaLand-Office.

tive to lands. 376. Secretary to the President to 379. Warrants for military lands. sign land patents.

380. Issue of patents for lands. 377. Duties of Commissioner.

Commissioner of the General Land Office. Apr. 23, 1812, c.

1873, c. 226. 8. 3,

the President to




c352. s. , . 5,

£., p. 313.


375. There shall be in the Department of the Interior a

Commissioner of the General Land Office, who shall be 68, S. 11, v. 2. p. appointed by the President, by and with the advice and 717: July 4, 1836, C. 352, 4. 1. 1. 5, consent of the Senate, and shall be entitled to a salary of p. 107: Mar. 3, four thousand dollars a year. v. 17, p. 508. See. 146, R. S.

Secretary to 376. The President is authorized to appoint, from time to sign land pat. time, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, a

July 4, 1836, c. secretary, at a salary of one thousand five hundred dollars 352, s. 6, v. 5, p.

a year, whose duty it shall be, under the direction of the Sec. 450, R. s. President, to sign in his name, and for him, all patents for

land sold or granted under the authority of the United

States. Duties of Com. 377. The Commissioner of the General Land-Office shall

Apr. 25, 1812, perform, under the direction of the Secretary of the Inc. 68, 8.1, v. 2, p. 716 July 4, 1836, terior, all executive duties appertaining to the surveying P. 107: 18 Stat: and sale of the public lands of the United States, or in

anywise respecting such public lands, and, also, such as Sec. 453, R. S. relate to private claims of land, and the issuing of patents

for all grants of land under the authority of the Govern

ment. ? Returns and ac. 378. All returns relative to the public lands shall be made

to the Commissioner of the General Land Office, and he Apr. 25, 68,9.9, v. 2 p. 717. shall have power to audit and settle all public accounts Sec. 456, R. s. relative to the public lands; and upon the settlement of

any such account, he shall certify the balance, and transmit the account with the vouchers and certificate to the First Comptroller of the Treasury, for his examination and deci. sion thereon.

379. In all cases in which land has heretofore or shall military lands.

Apr. 25, 1812. c. hereafter be given by the United States for military serv. 68, s. 7, v. 2, p, 717.

ices, warrants shall be granted to the parties entitled to Sec. 457, R. S. such land by the Secretary of the Interior; and such war

rants shall be recorded in the General Land-Office, in books to be kept for the purpose, and shall be located as is or may be provided by law; and patents shall afterwards be issued

accordingly. Iagne of pat.

380. All patents issuing from the General Land-Office Apr. 25, 1812, c. shall be issued in the name of the United States, and be

8, v; Mar. 3, 1841. c. 26. signed by the President and countersigned by the Recorder 9. 2, v. 5, p. 417.

of the General Land-Oflice; and shall be recorded in the Sec. 158, R. S. Office, in books to be kept for the purpose.?

counts relatire to lands.

Warrants for

ents for lands.

The Court of Private Land Claims, established by the act of March 3, 1891 (26 Stat. L., 851-262), has been given jurisdiction to hear and determine controversies as 10 titles to lands situated in the territory acquired from Mexico, by virtue of Spanish and lexican grants: and to issue decrees which shall linally settle and determine the validity of such titles and the boundaries of claims presenteil for adjudication. The poirers of the court are to cease and determine on December 31, 1897. Art March 2, 1895 (18 Stat. L., 805). See also Barnard's Heirs r. Ashley's Heirs et al., 18 How., 43; Dellr. Hearne et al., 19 How., 252; Maguire v. Tyler, 1 Black, 195,

? Section 3 of the act of March 2, 1895, authorizes the patents for public lands to be engrossed and recorded by means of typewriters or other machines, under regnlations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior, with the approval of tho President. (28 Stat. L., 807.)



381. Commissioner of Indian 385. Presentation and payment of

claims for Indian depreda382. Duties of Commissioner.

tions. 383. Accounts for claims and dis. 386. Sale of arms, etc., to Indians bursements.

384. Regulations relating to In- 387. Commissioner to report annu-
dian affairs.

ally to Congress.
388. Reports of Indian supplies.

Commissioner of Indian Atlairs.

Sec. 462, R. S.


174, s. 1, v. 4. p.

Accounts for claims and dig.


381. There shall be in the Department of the Interior a Commissioner of Indian Affairs, who shall be appointed by July 9, 1832, c.

174, s. 1, v. 4, p. the President, by and with the advice and consent of the 561. Senate, and who shall be entitled to a salary of three thou. sand dollars a year.

382. The Commissioner of Indian Affairs shall, under the Duties of Comdirection of the Secretary of the Interior, and agreeably to July 9, 1832

, c. such regulations as the President may prescribe, have the 564 July 27, 1868,

c. 259, s. 1, v. 15, p. management of all Indian affairs, and of all matters arising 228. out of Indian relations.

Sec. 463, B. S. 383. All accounts and vouchers for claims and disbursements connected with Indian affairs shall be transmitted bursements.

July 9, 1832, c. to the Commissioner for administrative examination, and 174, s. 3, v. 4, p. by him passed to the proper accounting officer of the De.

Sec. 464, R. S. partment of the Treasury for settlement. 384. The President may prescribe such regulations as he Regulations re

lating to Indian may think fit for carrying into effect the various provisions affairs. of any act relating to Indian affairs, and for the settle- 162, s. 17, v. 4, p. ment of the accounts of Indian affairs.

Sec. 465, R. S. 385. The Secretary of the Interior shall prepare and cause to be published such regulations as he may deem claims for Indian

de predations. proper, prescribing the manner of presenting claims aris May 29, 1872. c.

233, s. 7, v. 17, p. ing under laws or treaty stipulations, for compensation for 190. depredations committed by the Indians, and the degree Sec. 466, B. S. and character of the evidence necessary to support such claims; he shall carefully investigate all such claims as may be presented, subject to the regulations prepared by him; and no payment on account of any such claims shail be made without a specific appropriation therefor by Congress.

386. The Secretary of the Interior shall adopt such rules Sale of arms, as may be necessary to prohibit the sale of arms or ammu- prohibited. nition within any district or country occupied by uncivil- 13%, 8. 1, v. 17, p. ized or hostile Indians, and shall enforce the same.

June 30, 1834, c.


Presentation and payment of

etc., to Indians

Feb. 14, 1873, c.


Sec. 467, R. S.

For other statntory prori-ions respecting Indians, Indian affairs, and the Indian country see the chapter entitled INDIANS, INDIAN AGENTS, ETC.

Mar. 2, 1867, c.



387. The Commissioner of Indian Affairs shall annually to report annual. ly to Congress report, separately, to Congress, a tabular statement show. 173, s. 3, v. 14, p. ing distinctly the separate objects of expenditure under

his supervision, and how much disbursed for each object, Sec. 468, B. S.

describing the articles and the quantity of each, and giving
the name of each person to whom any part was paid, and
how much was paid to him, and for what objects, so far as
they relate to the disbursement of the funds appropriated
for the incidental, contingent, or miscellaneous expenses
of the Indian service, during the fiscal year next preced.

ing each report. (See secs. 195, 196, R.S.)
Reports of In-
dian supplies.

388. The Commissioner of Indian Affairs shall embody Feb. 14, 1873. c. in his annual report the reports of all agents or commis. 138, 8, 7, v. 17, p.

sioners issuing food, clothing, or supplies of any kind to Set. 489, E. S. Indians, stating the number of Indians present and actually

receiving the same.



389. Commissioner of Pensions.

I Par.
| 390, Duties of the Commissioner.

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389. There shall be in the Department of the Interior a of Pensions. Mars, 1833, c. Commissioner of Pensions, who shall be appointed by the

2 613.622 '14: President, by and with the advice and consent of the Sen.

, ; Mar. 3, 1835, c. 46, 83. 1, 2,

ate, and shall be entitled to receive a salary of four thou-
3,1.4, p.779; Mar.
3,1837. c. 43, v. 5, sand dollars a year.
p. 187; Mar. 4,
1810, c. 4, ss. 1, 2, 3, v.5, p. 369; Mar. 4.1810, c. 4, s. 4, v.5, p. 370; Jan. 20, 1813, c. 4, 1.5,
P. 597; Jan. 14, 1846, c. 4, s. 1, v. 9, p.3; Jan. 19, 1619, c. 20, s. 1, v. 9, p. 341; Mar. 3, 1873,
c. 226, 8.3, v. 17, p. 508. Sec. 470, R. S.

Duties of the 390. The Commissioner of Pensions shall perform, under

the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, such duties 51, s. 1;. : 4, pp. in the execution of the various pension and bounty-land

622Mar, 1835, 4-46, 5:7, laws as may be prescribed by the President. 1837, c. 43, s.2, 1.5, p. 187; Mar. 4, 1840, c. 4, s. 2, v. 5, p. 369; Mar. 4, 1840, c. 4, 8. 4, . 5. p. 370; Jan. 20,1843, c. 4, s. 2, v.5, p. 597; Jan. 19, 1877, c. 27, v. 13, p. 224. Sec. 471, B. S.

Mar. 2. 1833, c.

. 779; 3.


391. Returns Office.
392. Clerk to file returns.

393. Indexes.
391. Copies of returns.

Returns Office.
June 2, 1802, c.

391. The Secretary of the Interior shall from time to 93, 9. 4, v. 2. p. 412. time provide a proper apartment, to be called the Returns Sec. 612, B. s. Office, in which he shall cause to be filed the returns of con

tracts made by the Secretary of War, the Secretary of the
Navy, and the Secretary of the Interior, and shall appoint
a clerk of the first class to attend to the same. (See secs.
3744-3747, R. S., paragraphs 1189-1192 post.)

See chapter entitled PENBIONS for laws regulating the granting of pensions.
2 See chapter entitled CONTRACTS AND PURCHASES for other statutes relating to
the filing of contracts and other papers in the Returns Ottice.

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