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Boston, Pa., construction of bridge across Youghio-
gheny River at

Bourne, Mass., construction of bridge across Cohas-
set Narrows at town of.

Brady, Agatba (canal boat), removal of wreck of.
Brandywine Creek at Wilmington, Del., construc-
tion of bridge across..

Brazoria County, Tex., construction of bridges
across Bastrop and Chocolate bayous by.
Brazos River, Tex., below Waco, examination of.
Brazos Santiago Harbor, Tex., improvement of.
Breakwaters, etc., occupancy or injury of..
Breton Bay, Md., improvement of harbor at.
Bridgeport Harbor, Conn., improvement of..
Bridges across navigable waters, construction of.
Bridges, examination of bills to authorize construc-
tion of.

Bridges obstructing navigation..

Bristol Landing, Md., construction of bridge across
Patuxent River near.

Broadkiln River, Del., improvement of...

Brooklyn, N. Y., bridge obstructing Newtown Creek,

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Canapitsit Channel, Mass., examination and survey of.
Canarsie Bay, N. Y., improvement of
Canarsie Bay, N. Y., use of dike in

Caney Fork River, Tenn., improvement of

Cape Ann, Mass., construction of barbor of refuge at
Sandy Bay

Cape Charles City, Va., improvement of harbor and
approaches of

Cape Fear, Northeast, River, N. C., improvement of.
Cape Fear River, N. C., above Wilmington, improve-
ment of.

Cape Fear River, N. C., at and below Wilmington,
improvement of..

Capistrano, Point, Cal., and Point Dume, Cal., exami-
nation for deep harbor on Pacific coast between
Cascades Canal, Columbia River, Oregon, construc-
tion of

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Casemates, mining, construction of


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Chicago, Ill., construction of bridge across West
Fork of South Branch of Chicago River on South-
west Boulevard by city of

Chicago, Ill., resurvey of lake front at...

Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Company,
bridge of..

Chicago, Peoria and St. Louis Railway Company,
bridge of.

Chicago River, Ill., construction of bridge across
West Fork of South Branch of.

Chickahominy River, Va., improvement of
Chickasabay River, Miss., improvement of
Chief of Engineers, office of the.............

Chincoteague Bay, Va., improvement of inland water-
way between Delaware Bay and

Chippewa River, Wis., at Durand, bridge obstructing.
Chippewa River, Wis., including Yellow Banks, ini-
provement of..

Chippewa River, Wis., near Red Cedar, reconstruc-
tion of bridge across..

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Christiana River, Del., in New Castle County, recon-
struction of bridge across..


Christmas Point, Tex., examination and survey of
West Bay and Oyster Bay, near

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Cincinnati and Covington Rapid Transit Company,
bridge of..


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