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Mr. TIERNEY. Or to contemplate implementing if somebodyknow, I don't know who's going to be the arbiter of this, but I pect we're going to be spending the rest of our life determir what's contemplating and what's not contemplating and that's of the great dangers of overly broad language.

Mr. MCINTOSH. What it does is make sure that the admini tion can't use these legitimate programs, that have been in

E for other purposes. Let me turn now to Mr. Shadegg for 5 minutes of questions

Mr. SHADEGG. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I want to begin b ing it may well be true that this isn't the Senate and that not have the authority to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. It is althe President hasn't even submitted it. But it is also clea that the administration is proceeding to effectuate policies by the Kyoto Protocol and that's what we're concerned abou

I'd like to begin by asking Mr. Fiedler if he'd like to fi statement in response to the question by—

Mr. FIEDLER. Well, the only thing I wanted to finish o think it's very important that we all look to the fact that a for another market, like Europe and Japan, may not be for the United States. This country's 3,000 miles wide. I of people who drive 60, 80, 100 miles to work each da same solution that works in Stuttgart doesn't work in w nois, the same vehicle. The so-called world vehicle has pened, never will happen. You have vastly different ma we're going to do research about our solution about h this problem, the research should be done to fit our was the only point I wanted to make.

Mr. SHADEGG. The second point I want to go to is Mr. Tierney expressed great concern about if we don't rest of the world may get way out ahead of us on tec! my belief, and I believe, Mr. Fiedler, you already ir that nobody in the world is out

d of us on these and I believe Mr. McTague's tes y touched that I'd like both of you to address sue. Do you b grave danger in America of An

companies or panies working in cooperation

eign countri

her non-Am Benz or Borg-Warner working of falling behind in basic rese

technology Mr. McTAGUE. As I menti

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ost mon tions in the world who sper

Ford. troit, MI. That's General M AT&T. It's not IBM. It's no


1 side Ford. And if you look on t in research and in researc

elopr dwarfs that of any other

estr world and is very substan ment in R&D in Japan.

Our government invest ment of any other counti

Mr. SHADEGG. Mr. Fie

Mr. FIEDLER. Yes, ju member that when p being done in the Un

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