Regulations of the United States Naval Academy

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1911

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Page 30 - Candidates allowed for Congressional districts, for Territories, and for the District of Columbia, must be actual residents of the districts or Territories, respectively, from which they are nominated.
Page 94 - Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Vnited States of America in Congress assembled, That this Act may be cited as the Bank Holding Company Act of 1947.
Page 95 - ... and declares the finding of a court-martial so convened, when approved by the said superintendent, final, and directs that any midshipman found guilty by such...
Page 15 - ... midshipmen found deficient shall not be continued at the academy or in the service, unless upon the recommendation of the academic board.
Page 95 - ... to show cause, in writing and within such time as the said Secretary shall deem reasonable, why he should not be dismissed from the said academy ; and after due consideration of any cause so shown the said Secretary may, in his discretion, but with the written approval of the President, dismiss such midshipman from the said academy. And the truth of any issue of fact so raised, except upon the record of demerit, shall be determined by a board of inquiry convened by the Secretary of the Navy under...
Page 28 - ... shall include only national holidays, viz., January 1, February 22, May 30, July 4, the first Monday in September, November 11, the fourth Thursday in November, and December 25, and such other days as may be made national holidays.
Page 26 - In the event of the death of an officer or enlisted man of the Navy or Marine Corps from wounds or disease, the result of an aviation accident, not the result of his own misconduct, received while engaged in actual flying...
Page 43 - Fundamental operations; reduction and conversion of fractional and surd quantities; reduction and solution of equations of the first and second degrees...
Page 10 - ... majority vote of the members present at a regularly called meeting of the board held in the city of Washington. The Superintendent of the Naval Observatory shall be, until further legislation by Congress, a line officer of the Navy of a rank not below that of captain.
Page 120 - After tattoo 8źngw╗y. all lights but one, except in the case of the reception or departure of a foreign officer, may be dispensed with.

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