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the examination for the term in question; delayed, if necessary, for such period as the circumstances in the case may, in the opinion of the academic board, render appropriate.

Branches to which a coefficient is assigned for each term of the academic year shall be regarded, for the purpose of carrying this regulation into effect, as continued" throughout the year. Similarly, branches to which a coefficient is assigned for the first term only shall be regarded as "completed at the semiannual examination. The yearly coefficient in any "continued branch" is the sum of the coefficients assigned the respective terms.

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195. The aggregate multiple, for the year in which such action is taken, of midshipmen turned back into the next lower class at the semiannual examination, shall be determined from the marks received during the second term only. The method to be followed, so far as branches continued throughout the year are concerned, shall be the same as that specified in the preceding article. To compensate for the multiples of branches completed" at the semiannual examination, which are necessarily omitted from the aggregate thus obtained in such cases, the aggregate multiple determined from " continued" and secondterm branches shall be increased in the ratio of the established maximum aggregate multiple for the year to the maximum aggregate multiple possible from the consideration of "continued" and second-term branches only, thus:


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A=adjusted aggregate yearly multiple of midshipman concerned (to be determined).

a=aggregate multiple of midshipman concerned as determined from "continued" and second-term branches only. M=established maximum aggregate yearly multiple for the class into which the midshipman concerned has been "turned back." (Sum of all coefficients assigned in either term to branches in that class multiplied by 4.) m=maximum aggregate multiple possible from the consideration of "continued" and second-term branches only. (Sum of yearly coefficients of "continued" branches multiplied by 4 plus sum of term coefficients of branches confined to second term multiplied by 4.)

196. When a midshipman is absent during a prolonged period in any academic term, under circumstances which prevent him from studying to any material extent during that period, special consideration, under the foregoing regulations, may be given his case by the academic board.

197. The "mark for a month's completed work" is defined as the final mark for that academic month, computed in accordance with articles 181 to 188, inclusive.

198. Weekly averages shall be recorded to the nearest tenth; all other averages to the nearest hundredth.

199. If two members of a class have the same average in any branch for the month, term, or year, they shall receive the same class number, and their names shall be placed alphabetically.

200. In marking examination papers or other written exercises, in all departments, account shall be taken of the form, language, and spelling, as well as of the subject matter. All instances of great carelessness in that regard shall be reported, by the head of the department concerned, to the superintendent for disciplinary action.

201. Daily marks in "efficiency" shall be assigned, and weekly, monthly, and term averages in that branch computed, in accordance with rules prescribed by the superintendent.


202. Immediately after annual examination the academic board shall form a merit roll of each class in the following


203. The final term average of every midshipman, in each branch of study, shall be multiplied by the coefficient assigned that branch for the term, and the sum of the products shall be the aggregate multiple for the term.


204. The multiple for the year in any "continued shall be obtained by adding together the multiples in that branch for the first and second terms respectively.

205. The names of all midshipmen who, by the action of the academic board, approved by the Navy Department, are continued with their respective classes, with a completed multiple, 90399-11-5

subsequent to the annual examination, shall appear on the merit roll in the order of their respective aggregate multiples, the highest multiple being placed first on the list, with appropriate note in the case of those subject to reexamination or other special action. After these names shall appear the names, arranged in the same manner, of those midshipmen "dropped " turned back"; and following them the names, alphabetically arranged, of those midshipmen having uncompleted multiples but given opportunity to continue with their respective classes, subject to delayed examination or other special action. Similar appropriate note shall be made after the names included in the last two cases mentioned.



206. A separate merit roll for the four years' course shall be prepared at the annual examination for the graduating class. The names shall be arranged in the order of merit according to the graduating multiple, which shall be the arithmetical sum of the final multiples of the four years of the academic course. 207. Midshipmen who attain 85 per cent of the multiple for a year shall be distinguished by a star affixed to their names on the annual merit rolls.

208. The diplomas of midshipmen whose final multiples on the graduating merit roll are not less than 85 per cent of the maximum shall read "passed with distinction"; those whose final multiples are less than 85 per cent, but not less than 75 per cent of the maximum, shall read "passed with credit"; and those whose final multiples are less than 75 per cent of the maximum shall read passed."



209. There shall be attached to the Naval Academy suitable vessels equipped and kept in order for sea service, and for such exercises under way, during the academic year, for the practical instruction of midshipmen, as the superintendent may direct. They shall be of sufficient capacity to accommodate all midshipmen of the first, second, and third classes.

210. The midshipmen shall be embarked, immediately after the June examination, on board the practice ships to perform such cruise as the Navy Department may direct.

211. The practice ships in which the midshipmen are thus embarked shall comprise the Naval Academy practice squadron, which shall, when practicable, be commanded by the commandant of midshipmen.

212. The superintendent shall prescribe, for the guidance of the commander of the practice squadron, the general method of conducting the practical instruction of midshipmen and of assigning marks in the various branches under the department of discipline during the summer cruise. The commander of the practice squadron shall require of the commanding officers of the various practice ships the strictest attainable uniformity, in all details, in carrying the superintendent's instructions into effect. 213. Midshipmen when embarked in the practice ships shall be subject to all the regulations of the Naval Academy which the commander of the practice squadron may judge applicable. The procedure in all matters of discipline shall be uniform throughout the squadron, all questions of doubt being referred to the squadron commander.

214. So far as practicable, the necessary officers for the practice ships shall be detailed by the superintendent from the Naval Academy staff, the remaining vacancies being filled from the service at large by the Navy Department. Officers serving on board a Naval Academy practice ship shall perform such duties of instruction, in addition to the regular duties of their grades at sea, as the commanding officer may direct.


215. A Register of the Naval Academy shall be published annually as soon after October 1 as practicable.

216. The Register shall contain a brief historical sketch of the Naval Academy; the academic calendar; a list of officers (naval and civil) attached to the academy; a list of cadet officers and cadet petty officers of the brigade; a list of officers and midshipmen attached to the practice ships during the preceding summer cruise; alphabetical lists of classes corrected up to October 1, with the relative standing, for the preceding year, place from which appointed, date of and age at admission, total sea service since admission; a list of resignations, discharges,

dismissals, and deaths; the merit rolls for the preceding year; the regulations governing the admission of candidates, with the general character of the examination for admission; the course of instruction, theoretical and practical; the "table of coefficients" for examinations preliminary to final graduation; the table of coefficients" and "assignment of time" for the ensuing academic year; the program of studies; and such other matter as the Navy Department or the superintendent may direct.


Nos. 217-300 are omitted in order to begin Part II

with paragraph 301.)

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