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58. As soon as possible after the annual examination he shall send to the superintendent class reports in each branch of study in his department, containing the names of the midshipmen alphabetically arranged, with the class numbers for the second term and year; the monthly, term, examination, and final averages for the second term; and the final multiples for the first term, second term, and year. At the same time he shall send to the merit-roll committee similar reports, but containing only the names, the class numbers for the second term and year, the final averages for the second term, and the final multiples for the first term, second term, and year. As soon as practicable after the receipt of all necessary papers from the midshipmen concerned in any final graduating examination, he will forward to the senior member of the committee on final graduation, for transmission to the merit roll committee, a class report bearing the names, alphabetically arranged, of all members of the class, or section of a class, with the final mark, and corresponding multiple, in each case, assigned on final examination in his department.

59. He shall prepare requisitions for articles required and allowed under his allotment of appropriations, after ascertaining that they can not be supplied from the general storekeeper under the naval supply accounts. The amount allotted to his department shall in no case be exceeded. He shall send notice, sufficiently in advance of the beginning of each term or year, to the midshipmen's storekeeper, through the superintendent, of the text-books that will be required by midshipmen for instruction in his department.

60. He shall keep in the office of the superintendent a complete and correct copy of all text-books, manuscripts, and additional matter of every description used in the course of instruction in his department.

61. He shall, when practicable, be present at every oral examination held in his department.

62. He shall send to the commandant of midshipmen all notices or orders in regard to the work of his department that are to be read at parade or posted; also, at the end of each period, a list of the midshipmen absent from recitation in his department during that period.

63. When lectures are to be delivered to midshipmen, the head of department concerned shall notify the commandant of

midshipmen at least one day in advance, in order that the necessary arrangements may be made to enable all the members of a class to be present.

64. Changes or absence affecting the pay status of any civil officer or other employee, whose name is carried on the pay rolls prepared in the pay office, shall be reported immediately by the head of department concerned, in writing, to the pay officer direct.


65. Instructors shall carry on the work of instruction, examination, and attendance in section rooms, under the orders of the head of the department to which they are attached. They shall be ready to assist the head of the department in the performance of any duty which may fall to him by regulation or special order.

66. Instructors shall note the marks of midshipmen in their section books immediately upon the completion of each recitation, and shall make reports to the head of the department weekly, and at such other times as he may direct.

67. Instructors shall have charge of the different sections in rotation, according to the detail made out by the head of the department.

68. They shall be in their section rooms at the sound of the bugle, and shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of sections in their charge. They shall exact of midshipmen, and especially of section leaders, the strictest observance of the regulations in regard to bearing and general demeanor in section rooms. Particular attention shall be paid to the manner in which sections enter and leave the room, to the formalities of rising and taking seats, and to the attitude of midshipmen, seated or standing.

69. All reports of delinquencies occurring in recitations, lectures, or examinations in any department shall be made through the head of the department.

70. The absence of a midshipman from recitation or instruction of any kind shall be reported by the instructor to the head

1 The term "instructors as used in this section refers to all officers, naval and civil, detailed as assistants to the head of an academic department.

of department immediately upon the conclusion of the recitation or instruction. Instructors shall have no discretion in accepting excuses for absence.

71. At the first note of the recall the instructor shall dismiss the section by giving the order to the section leader: "Take charge of your section, sir." All necessary directions as to the next lesson shall be given before the recitation begins.

72. For practical instruction midshipmen may be required to attend during the whole period assigned to a study, provided that the class shall be notified at least one day in advance and that no preparation shall be required.

73. Instructors ordered by the superintendent, or commandant of midshipmen, to any duty other than that connected with their department, or to routine duty as officer in charge, shall notify the head of the department without delay.

74. No instructor shall have any communication with a midshipman on the subject of his marks, unless the latter has received special permission from the superintendent.


75. A line officer of the Navy shall be detailed to command the station ship at the Naval Academy.

76. He shall, under direction of the superintendent, have charge of such vessels, steam launches, boats, yachts, and yard craft attached to the Naval Academy, together with their crews, outfits, and stores, as may be designated by the superintendent.

77. He shall cause to be reported to the superintendent and the officer in charge at Bancroft Hall the movements of all vessels, and shall, under the direction of the superintendent, designate the anchorage, mooring, or berth of vessels visiting the limits of the Naval Academy.

78. He shall organize a fire party of enlisted men in accordance with the Naval Academy fire bill, and cause at all times a vigilant watch to be kept to guard against accidents in the waters of the Severn River and Annapolis Harbor, reporting all infractions of the Naval Academy Regulations, and of the laws for preventing collisions in harbors, rivers, and inland waters of the United States.

79. He shall, under the direction of the commandant of midshipmen, arrange with the heads of departments for such drills, exercises, and aquatic sports as require the use of enlisted men, ships, boats, or steam launches, under his charge, or which require the transportation of midshipmen and others in connection therewith.

80. When midshipmen are afloat in pleasure boats every precaution shall be taken to prevent accidents, or in case of accident to send prompt relief. Boats shall be recalled when, in the judgment of the commanding officer of the station ship, the weather conditions are unsafe. A steam launch or launches shall be kept in readiness to proceed to the rescue of boats in trouble at a moment's notice, and a strict lookout shall be kept from the station ship upon all pleasure boats in which there are midshipmen.


81. The senior medical officer is directly responsible to the superintendent for the care of the sick, the suggestion of measures for the maintenance of a proper hygiene, and the preservation and expenditure of public property belonging to his department.

82. He shall report daily to the superintendent the names of all persons attached to the academy who may be unfitted for duty by illness, and shall furnish to the commandant of midshipmen a daily sick list and excused list of midshipmen.

83. He shall be president of the permanent medical examining board to conduct the annual physical examination of all midshipmen and report in duplicate to the superintendent.

84. If, in the opinion of the senior medical officer, a midshipman is disqualified for the service by any physical or mental cause, he shall report the fact to the superintendent.

85. The senior medical officer shall have immediate charge of all the subordinates in his department. and of all the sick, whether in their own or in the sick quarters; and he shall, with the approval of the superintendent, establish regulations for the sick quarters and dispensary, to which all invalids and midshipmen shall conform.

86. All the medical officers of the academy shall not be absent from the academic limits at the same time, without special authority from the superintendent.


87. An officer of the Pay Corps of the Navy shall be detailed as pay officer and general storekeeper of the Naval Academy, and as purchasing and disbursing pay officer at Annapolis, Md. His duties in the capacity mentioned shall be performed in accordance with the United States Navy Regulations.

He shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the superintendent.

88. The general storekeeper shall be responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the property account of the Naval Academy and station, showing in all cases the value of the land and buildings and the contents thereof. All machinery, tools, furniture, live stock, and other appliances which come under Titles E and F (real estate and chattels, machinery, etc.), shall be carried in this account until expended, by survey, written order of superintendent.


Heads of departments and others who have receipted for and assumed responsibility for property will request surveys, as necessary, to expend such property, such requests to be forwarded to the general storekeeper through the officer in charge of buildings and grounds.


89. An officer of the Pay Corps of the Navy shall be detailed as midshipmen's pay officer, storekeeper, and commissary.

90. The bills of the midshipmen's storekeeper and of the commissary, approved by the superintendent, shall be paid by the midshipmen's pay officer at the end of each month and charged against the accounts of the midshipmen.

91. The superintendent may, from time to time, authorize the midshipmen's pay officer to pay to the midshipmen, or for them, such sums of money as he may deem proper.

92. One hundred and fifty dollars per annum of each midshipmen's pay shall be reserved for the purchase of his outfit at graduation. The total of reservation shall not be less than $600, which shall be applied to the specific purpose mentioned, and no midshipman shall receive his detachment from the Naval Academy until he has satisfied the superintendent that his outfit

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