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The September and October 2000 meetings of the Air Quality Research Subcommittee of the Committee on the Environment and Natural Resources (CENR) focused on a discussion of federal programs related to air quality forecasting. This report provides a brief summary of the current state of science as discussed at these meetings, with some additional material that was not presented at the meetings due to time constraints. A complete and comprehensive review of the science related to air quality forecasting is clearly beyond the scope of this report. Rather, the report provides a brief overview of the science, identifying key knowledge and capability gaps, and is intended as an information piece to guide the development of future federal research programs relative to air quality forecasting. This report is a scientific and programmatic document, as the preceding Subcommittee reports have been, and it is not intended to represent governmental policy.

Copies of this report are available from:

NOAA Aeronomy Laboratory

Office of the Director, R/AL

325 Broadway, Boulder Colorado 80305-3328


Phone: 303-497-3134

Fax: 303-497-5340

Air Quality Forecasting

A Review of Federal Programs and Research Needs

Air Quality Research Subcommittee

of the

Committee on Environment and Natural Resources


June 2001

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