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UP TO DATE Between the time you ordered this report- search activities. And you'll get this imporwhich is only one of the hundreds of thou- tant information within two weeks of the time sands in the NTIS information collection avail- it's released by originating agencies. able to you—and the time you are reading this message, several new reports relevant to WGA newsletters are computer produced your interests probably have entered the col- and electronically photocomposed to slash lection.

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The Nilional Bureau of Standards' was established by an act of ('ongress March 3, 1901. The Bureau's overiell goal is to strengthen and advance the Nation's science and technology and facilitate their effective application for public benefit To this end, the Bureau conducts research and provides: (l) a basis for the Nation's physical measurement system, (2) scientific and technological services for industry and government, (3) a technical basis for equity in trade, and (4) Technical services to promote public safety. The Bureau consists of the Institute for Basic Standards, the Institute for Materials Research, the. Institute for Applied Technology, the Institute for Computer Sciences and Technology, and the Office for Information Programs. THE INSTITUTE FOR BASIC STANDARDS provides the central basis within the United States of a complete and consistent system of physical measurement; coordinates that system with measurement systems of other nations; and furnishes essential services leading to accurate and uniform physical measurements throughout the Nation's scientific community, industry, and commerce. The Institute consists of the Office of Measurement Services, the Office of Radiation Measurement and the following Center and divisions: Applied Mathematics

Electricity Mechanics Heat Optical Physics Center for Radiation Research: Nuclear Sciences; Applied Radiation Laboratory Astrophysics'

Cryogenics? Electromagnetics ? Time and Frequency”. THE INSTITUTE FOR MATERIALS RESEARCH conducts materials research leading to improved methods of measurement, standards, and data on the properties of well-characterized materials needed by industry, commerce, educational institutions, and Government; provides advisory and research services to other Government agencies; and develops, produces, and distributes standard reference materials. The Institute consists of the Office of Standard Reference Materials, the Office of Air and Water Measurement, and the following divisions:

Analytical Chemistry Polymers Metallurgy Inorganic Materials Reactor

Radiation Physical Chemistry. THE INSTITUTE FOR APPLIED TECHNOLOGY provides technical services to promote the use of available technology and to facilitate technological innovation in industry and Government; cooperates with public and private organizations leading to the development of technological standards (including mandatory safety standards), codes and methods of test; and provides technical advice and services to Government agencies upon request. The Institute consists of the following divisions and Centers:

Standards Application and Analysis Electronic Technology Center for Consumer Product Technology: Product Systems Analysis; Product Engineering Center for Building Technology: Structures, Materials, and Life Safety; Building Environment; Technical Evalua.

tion and Application Center for Fire Research: Fire Science; Fire Safety Engineering. THE INSTITUTE FOR COMPUTER SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY conducts research and provides technical services designed to aid Government agencies in improving cost effectiveness in the conduct of their programs through the selection, acquisition, and effective utilization of automatic data processing equipment; and serves as the principal focus within the executive branch for the development of Federal standards for automatic data processing equipment, techniques, and computer languages. The Institute consists of the following divisions:

Computer Services Systems and Software Computer Systems Engineering Informa

tion Technology THE OFFICE FOR INFORMATION PROGRAMS promotes optimum dissemination and accessibility of scientific information generated within NBS and other agencies of the Federal Government; promotes the development of the National Standard Reference Data System and il system of information analysis centers dealing with the broader aspects of the National Measurement System: provides appropriate services to ensure that the NBS staff has optimum accessibility to the scientific information of the world. The Office consists of the following organizational units:

Office of Standard Reference Dala -- Office of Information Activities Office of Technical Publications Library Office of International Relations Office of International Standards.

illeadquarters and Laboratories at Gaithersburg. Maryland, unless otherwise noted; mailing address Washington, DC 20234.

? Located at Boulder. Colorado 80302.

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8. Performing Organ. Report No.

E. V. Leyendecker, J. E. Breen, N. F. Somes, and M. Swatta

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Library of Congress Catalog Number: 75-619098 16. ABSTRACT (A 200-word or less factual summary of most significant information. Il document includes a significant

bibliography or literature survey, mention il here.) This bibliography on the subjects of abnormal loading and progressive collapse 18 an annotated listing of articles that have appeared in the technical literature from 1948 through 1973. The entries have been arranged chronologically by year and alphabetically within years. Both subject and author Indau have been included. The references listed have been selected as most repruentative of the historical background and best representing the origin and present state-of-the-art of current practice without undue repetition of data. References pertaining to characteristics, frequencies, incidents, tests, design procedures, and regulations for many types of abnormal loadings are included. Among these are various types of accidental impacts, construction loads, explosions, faulty practices, and extreme atmospheric loads. Heavy emphasis was placed on referencing applicable building codes and regulations pertaining to the subjects of progrusive collapse and abnormal loadings. This bibliography also contains numerous referenca to contemporary professional opinion as expressed in editorials and discussions of the subject and, particularly, on the various regulations proposed. A large number of proposed analysis and design procedures, as well as applicable test results, are referenced.

In addition to the general reference material, a careful search was made of the ten most recent years (1964-1973) of Engineering News Record to identify and annotate possible progressive collapse examples from building failurus reported by

that publication. 117. KEY WORDS (six to twelve entries; alphabetical order; capitalize only the first letter of the first key word unless • proper

name; separated by semicolons) Abnormal loading; alternate path; annotated bibliography; bibliography; building code; building regulations; collapse; failurer; progressive collapse; specific rustetence

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