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1953 The Shore Patrolman has been prepared for the training and guidance of naval personnel assigned to shore patrol duty-Regular Navy and Naval Reserve. It defines the manner and spirit for carrying out general policies laid down in the Shore Patrol Manual.

The Shore Patrol is an important component of the Navy. It has great influence on discipline and morale within the service; and it can significantly affect public opinion, a valuable asset to the Navy. As a matter of fact, to a large segment of the general public, the patrol is the Navy—it is the only naval organization generally seen in a duty status.

In times of peace, the shore patrolman is an enlisted man of any rating detailed to shore patrol duties. During an emergency, shore patrolmen of the Regular Navy are either augmented or replaced by personnel with an emergency service rating of Shore Patrolman (ESS).

Responsibilities placed upon the individual shore patrolman are indeed heavy, and they are often onerous. Therefore, to fulfill his duties well, he should be a man of many parts. He must remember that it is far more desirable to PREVENT trouble before it develops than to take corrective action after it has started. Hence, he must employ diplomacy, courtesy, and a spirit of helpfulness in all his dealings with civilians and military personnel; and he must, when necessary, protect the interests of the latter. He must be the acme of smartness in appearance and bearing. In a word, it is the responsibility of the shore patrolman to maintain order among all military personnel. Firmness of action is sometimes necessary; but undue force should never be used.

This text is intended as a guide to the shore patrolman in the proper execution of his duties; and it outlines some of the problems he will have to solve, often without an opportunity of consulting higher authority.




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