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Hearings held in:

Washington, D.C.:

December 10, 1970..

January 28, 1970..

January 29, 1970-

February 3, 1970-

February 18, 1970-

February 19, 1970-

February 25, 1970.

February 26, 1970-

March 3, 1970.-

March 4, 1970-

March 11, 1970

March 12, 1970.

March 17, 1970-

Detroit, Mich., March 30, 1970..

Des Moines, Iowa, March 31, 1970-

Text of bills:

H.R. 10908.

H.R. 11620.

H.R. 13472

Statement of:

Allen, Orville, vice president of American Republic Insurance Co.---

Berman, Stephen W., vice chairman, Connecticut Manpower Exec-

utives Association, Hartford, Conn.--

Biemiller, Andrew J., director, Department of Legislation AFL-


Black, Creed C., Assistant Secretary for Legislation, Department of

Health, Education, and Welfare: accompanied by Warren Roude-

bush, Special Assistant for Manpower Office of Planning and

Evaluation, HEW.-

Boggs, Hon. J. Caleb, a U.S. Senator from the State of Delaware..

Cohen, Wilbur J., dean, School of Education, University of Michigan,

Ann Arbor, Mich..

Conway, Jack T., president, Committee for Community Affairs,

accompanied by Mr. Ginsburg, director, research and public

policy and Jack Beidler, executive director, committee for commu-

nity affairs...

Conyers, Hon. John, a Representative in Congress from the State of


Duffey, Joseph, national chairman, Americans for Democratic Action,

accompanied by Leon Shull, national director

Freeman, William, Director of Neighborhood Youth Corps, ac-

companied by Eli E. Cohen, executive secretary, National Committee

on Employment of Youth.

Gribbs, Hon. Roman, mayor, city of Detroit, Mich., accompanied by


Holden, Hon. Ed, Iowa State Representative (Scott County), Des

Moines, Iowa.--

Hjornevik, Wesley, Deputy Director, Office of Economic Opportunity-
Ingersoll, Charles C., administrator, Broadlawn Polk County Hospital,

Des Moines, Iowa, accompanied by L. W. Coe and R. W. Berglund.
Jamerson, Theodore, coordinator, United Tribes Employment
Training Center, Bismarck, N. Dak., accompanied by Theodore
Ankle, CAPS director, and James McLain..





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