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Public No. 280, 66th Congress, approved June 10, 1920 (act creating Fed-

eral Power Commission)...é.

Public No. 369, 66th Congress, approved March 3, 1921 (amendment rela-

tive to leases in national parks)

Public No. 412, 71st Congress, approved June 23, 1930 (amendment to

reorganize Federal Power Commission)---

Public No. 1, 72d Congress, approved December 24, 1931. Counsel in case

of Appalachian Power Co. against Geo. Otis Smith.

Public Resolution No. 18, 73d Congress, approved April 14, 1934. Federal

Power Commission to investigate rates charged for electrical energy by

private and municipal corporations.-

Public No. 333 (extract), 74th Congress, approved August 26, 1935 (amend-

ments to Federal Water Power Act).

Public No. 642, 70th Congress, approved December 21, 1928. Act creating

Boulder Dam..

Public No. 756, 76th Congress, approved July 19, 1940. Authorizing

Secretary of the Interior to promulgate charges or rates for electrical

energy generated at Boulder Dam..

Public No. 17, 73d Congress, approved May 18, 1933. Muscle Shoals

Act (creating T.V.A.).

Public No. 412, 74th Congress, approved August 13, 1935. Amending the

Muscle Shoals and T.V.A. Act of 1933...

Public Res. No. 88 (extract), 76th Congress, approved June 26, 1940. To

amend section 13 of the 1.V.A. Act of 1933.

Public Res. No. 95, 76th Congress, approved July 31, 1940. Making

approp. for T.V.A. to begin construction on Holston River Dam,

Wilson Dam, and Pickwick Landing Dam to expedite the national


Public No. 459 (extract), 76th Congress,, approved April 18, 1940. To
continug construction of Chickamauga Dam, Hiwassee Dam, Kentucky

Dam at Gilbertsville, Kentucky, Watts Bar Dam, and Dam at Lenoir

City, Tennessee

Public No. 409 (extract), 74th Congress, approved August 30, 1955.

Authorizing construction Grand Coulee and Parker Dams on Colo-

rado and Columbia Rivers.

Public No. 730, 76th Congress, approved July 8, 1940. Acquisition of

Indian lands for the Parker Dam and Reservoir projects in Arizona

and California.

Public No. 117, 75th Congress, approved May 27, 1937. Prevent specu-

lation in lands in Columbia Basin by reason construction of Grand

Coulee Dam....

Public No. 605, 74th Congress, approved May 20, 1936, Rural Electrifica-

tion Act

Public Res. No. 122 (extract), 75th Congress, approved June 21, 1938. Το

amend the Rural Electrification Act of 1936 relative to loans for rural


Public No. 279, 75th Congress, approved August 14, 1937. Provide

studies and plans for development of hydroelectric power at Cabinet

Gorge, on Clark Fork of Columbia River

Public No. 329, 75th Congress, approved August 20, 1937. Bonneville

Dam Project Act...

Public No. 429, 76th Congress, approved March 6, 1940. To amend

Bonneville Dam Act relative to salaries of assistant administrator, chief

engineer and general counsel...

Public No. 387, 75th Congress, approved August 26, 1937. Construction

small reservoirs under reclamation laws...

Public No. 475, 75th Congress, approved April 9, 1938. Allocation net

revenues of Shoshone power plant..

Public No. 529, 75th Congress, approved May 18, 1938. Fort Peck Dam.

Public No. 698, 75th Congress, approved June 22, 1938. Sale surplus

power developed under Uncompahgre Valley Project, Colorado..

Public No. 761 (extract), 75th Congress, approved June 28, 1938. Au-

thorization of hydroelectric power dams in various rivers, amendments

contained in Omnibus Flood Control Act of 1938..

Public No. 868 (extract), 76th Congress, approved October 17, 1940.

Central Valley Project, California..

Public No. 392 (extract), 75th Congress, approved August 26, 1937.

Central Valley Project, Calif.

Public No. 739 (extract), 74th Congress approved June 22, 1936. Central

Valley Project, Calif.

Public Res. No. 11 (extract), 74th Congress, approved April 8, 1935.

Original authorization for the Central Valley Project, California.-

Public No. 224, 76th Congress, approved July 26, 1939. To amend the

T.V.A. Act of 1938 to permit purchase of properties of the Common-

wealth & Southern Utilities.

Public No. 144 (extract), 77th Congress, approved July 1, 1941. Relative

to loans for purchase of property under Sec. 7 Rural Electrification Act.

Public No. 179, 77th Congress, approved July 16, 1941. $40,000,000 ap-

propriation for T.V.A. to begin construction of two additional hydro-

electric projects on the Hiwassee River...

Public No. 184, 77th Congress, approved July 18, 1941. To amend T.V.A.

Act, as amended, by striking therefrom subsection (k) of Sec. 4 and

substituting a new subsection (k)----

Public No. 301, 77th Congress, approved Nov. 21, 1941. Authorizing

T.V.A. to provide for alteration construction of highways and railroad


Public No. 306, 77th Congress, approved Nov. 21, 1941. To amend section

9 (b) of T.V.A. Act, as amended by section 14 of the Act of Aug. 31, 1935.

Public No. 490 (extract), 77th Congress, approved Mar. 7, 1942. Au-

thorizing construction of the Saint Marys Falls canal locks in Michigan.

Public No. 527 (extract), 77th Congress, approved Apr. 28, 1942. Pro

hibiting use of funds for the construction of Table Rock and Bull Shoals

Reservoirs projects in White River Basin...

Public No. & 78th Congress, approved Mar. 10, 1943. (The Columbia

Basin Project Act). Amends the Act to prevent speculation in lands in

Columbia Basin.

Public No. 329, 78th Congress, approved June 5, 1944. To provide for

partial construction of Hungry Horse Dam on South Fork Flathead

River, Montana

Public No. 497, 78th Congress, approved Dec. 16, 1944. To amend Act

of June 29, 1940, for acquistion of Indian lands for Grand Coulee Dam...

Public No. 157, 79th Congress, Approved July 21, 1945. To modify

provisions of contract for purchase of a power plant in connection with

San Carlos Irrigation project..---

Public No. 201, 79th Congress, approved Oct. 23, 1945. To amend the

Bonneville Project Act....

Public No. 318, 79th Congress, approved Mar. 6, 1946. To amend Sec.

9 of the Boulder Conyon Project Act of 1928

Public No. 469, 79th Congress, approved June 28, 1946. To amend laws

authorizing performance necessary protection work between Yuma

Project and Boulder Dam..

Public No. 550, 79th Congress, approved July 26, 1946. To amend

Public No. 43, 80th Congress, approved Apr. 30, 1947. To restore the

name of Hoover Dam at Boulder Canyon project...

Public No. 420, 80th Congress, approved Feb. 27, 1948. To transfer

certain transmission lines, equipment, etc., in connection with sale and

disposition of electric energy created at Fort Peck project, Montana.

Public No. 528, 80th Congress, approved May 14, 1948. To amend Boul-

der Canyon Project Adjustment Act of 1940..

Public No. 570, 8óth Congress, approved June 1, 1948. To provide for

distribution of receipts of the Colorado River Development Fund

among States of Colorado River Basin.....

Public No. 790, 80th Congress, approved June 26, 1948. To authorize

emergency fund for Bureau of Reclamation to assure continuous oper-

ation of irrigation and power systems.

Public No. 61, 81st Congress, approved May 12, 1949. To change name

of Culbertson Dam on Republican River, Nebraska, to "Trenton Dam".

Public No. 132, 81st Congress, approved June 28, 1949. Authorize com-

pletion of construction and development of the Eden project, Wyoming -

Public No. 312, 81st Congress, approved Oct. 5, 1949. Authorize carry-

ing out treaty for joint development by United States and Mexico of

hydroelectric power at Falcon Dam on Rio Grande

Public No. 356, 81st Congress, approved Oct. 14, 1949. Authorize

American River Basin development.-

Public No. 864, 81st Congress, approved Sept 30, 1950. Authorize the

Palisades Dam and Reservoir project.

Public No. 840, 81st Congress, approved Sept. 26, 1950. To amend

Columbia Basin Project Act by adding new paragraph to subsection

(e) of section 2...

Public No. 851, 81st Congress, approved Sept 27, 1950.

To amend sec-

tion 7 of the Columbia Basin Project Act of Mar. 10, 1943...

Public No. 396, 82d Congress, approved June 19, 1952. Authorize con-

struction and operation of the generating hydroelect. .c power at Chea-

tham Dam on Cumberland River in Tennessee..

Public No. 500, 82d Congress, approved July 10, 1952. Change name of

South Coulee Dam in Columbia Basin project to Dry Falls Dam..

Public No. 519, 82d Congress, approved July 12, 1952. To amend sec-

tion 25 of Tennessee Valley Authority Act of 1933.

Public No. 577, 82d Congress, approved July 17, 1952. Authorize study

and report of irrigation works in connection with Chief Joseph Dam...

Public No. 210, 83d Congress, approved Aug. 7, 1953. To amend section

202 of Federal Power Act with respect to jurisdiction of Commission

over persons and facilities engaged in transmission and sale of electric

energy to foreign countries..

Public No. 278, 83d Congress, approved Aug. 15, 1953. To facilitate de-

velopment and construction of water conservation facilities by States

and municipalities ---

Public No. 358, 83d Congress, approved May 13, 1954. Providing for

creation of the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation to

construct part of the Saint Lawrence Seaway in United States territory

in the interest of national security -

Public No. 373, 83d Congress, approved May 28, 1954. To consolidate

the Parker Dam power project...

Public No. 406, 83d Congress, approved June 18, 1954. To authorize the

transmission and disposition

by the Secretary of the Interior of electric

energy generated at Falcon Dam on the Rio Grande ..

Public No. 436, 83d Congress, approved June 28, 1954. To provide for the

development of the Coosa River, Alabama and Georgia

Public No. 484, 83d Congress, approved July 14, 1954. To promote the

apportionment of the waters of the Columbia River and tributaries for

irrigation and other purposes..

Public No. 547, 83d Congress, approved July 28, 1954. To authorize the

Secretary of the Interior to construct facilities to provide water for
irrigation, municipal, domestic, military, and uses from the Santa

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