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LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. The following works are in the press :- counts of the Expenses of Housekeeping,

An Epistle to Archdeacon Nares, V. P. and the Elements of Domestic Economy, of the Royal Society of Literature, from By William Kitchiner, MD. Author of the R. Polwhele, an Honorary Associate. Cook's Oracle ; to which is added, Tom

Maps and Plans Illustrative of Hero- Thrifty's Essay on the Pleasure of Early dotus, Thucydides, and Xenophon, chiefly Rising, and Scheme for an Early Houz selected from D'Anville, Rennell, Ana- Company. charsis, and Gail.

A small Collection of Geographical Chronicles of London Bridge. By an Papers, by various Hands, respecting Antiquary of London.

New South Wales, by Mr. Field, late A Greek Derivative Index, in pocket Chief Justice of the Colony. size, containing the principal Technical The Sertum Cantabrigiense, or Cam. Terms, used in Anatomy, Botany, Chemise bridge Garland, containing an Alphabetical try, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Surgery, for Digest of the Tripos Lists from 1754 to the use of Students. By Mr. J. C. Litch- 1823; by the Rev. Archdeacon Wrang, field, MRCS. &c.

ham. Wanderingsin in Wales, 1 vol. post 8vo. The Museum, a Poem, Cantos I and

An Estimate of the true Value of Vac. II, by John Bull. cination as a Security against the Small Odd Moments, or Time Beguiled. Pox. By T. M. Greenhow.

Mr. Britton's History and Antiquities of The Good Nurse ; or Hints on the Ma. Bath Abbey Church, with 10 Engravings nagement of the Sick and Dying in the by J. and H. Le Keux, &c. from DrawChamber and the Nursery. By a Lady. ings by Mackenzie, &c. In I vol. 12mo.

The First Volume of Architectural n. The Third Volume of Mr. Britton's lustrations of the Public Buildings of Beauties of Wiltshire was consumed in London. By J. Britton and A. Pugin. the fire at Mr. Moyes's, and is reprinting. It will consist of 70 Engravings, and at It will be principally devoted to North least 300 pages of letter-press, illustrative Wiltshire ; and comprise Accounts of of the Architecture and History of the Malmsbury and Lacock Abbeys, Avebury, Theatres, St. Paul's Cathedral, Westmin. &c.; a Map of the County, and 13 En. ster Abbey and Hall, the Churches of St. gravings.

Martin, St. Stephen, Walbrook; and St. The Housekeeper's Ledger; a Plain Bride, Fleet-street ; and other edifices. and Easy Plan of keeping Accurate Ac

Architecture, &c.

paratus and Instruments employed in the The History and Antiquities of Wells various Operations of Chemistry, By a Cathedral, illustrated by 24 Engravings, Practical Chemist. 8vo. 168. by J. and H. Le Keux, Sands, &c. from Turner's System of Medico.Chirurgical original drawings by Martin, Gandy, Education. 8vo. 12s. Shaw, &c. comprising a comprehensive Account of the See and Church, &c. By

Miscellanies. J. Britton, F. S. A., &c. Price 21. 10%.

Recollections of the Life of Lord Byron, Med. 4to., and 41. 4s. Impl. 4to.

from the Year 1808 to the End of 1814.

By the late R. C. Dallas, Esq. 8vo. 158. History and Biography. The Life of John Buncle, Esq. By Salmon and Channel Fisheries. By J.

A View of the present State of the Thomas Amory, Gent. 3 Vols. Post 8vo. Cornish, Esq. 8vo. 6s. 6d. 12 10s. Memoirs of the Life of John Law of Alexander M'Donnell, Esq. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Considerations on Negro Slavery. By Lawriston. By John Phillip Wood, Esq.

Friendship's Offering, or the Annual Foolscap. 68.

Remembrancer for 1825. 12s. An Historical Inquiry into the principal Circumstances and Events relative to the the whole Stamp Law and Duties. By

A practical Epitome and Exposition of late Emperor Napoleon. By Barclay J. A. Heraud. 6s. 6d. Mounteney. 8vo. 16s.

English Life ; or Manners at Home:in Medicine and Surgery.

four Pictures. 2 Vols. Post 8vo. 145. An Epitome of Chemistry. 3s. 6d. Urania's Mirror ; or a View of the An Explanatory Dictionary of the Ap. Heavens: on a Plan perfectly Original.

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Designed by a Lady. 14. 88. plain, or Bay Leaves. By T.C. Smith. Foolscap 17. 148. beautifully coloured. Fitted up in 8vo. 6s. an elegant Box.

Patmos, and other Poems. By James A Topographical Dictionary of the Edmeston. 12mo. 3s. United Kingdom. By R. Capper, Esq. Miscellaneous Poems. By Robert Power. 8vo. 30s.

2 Vols. Post 8vo. 148.
Novels and Tales.

Walladmor, “ freely translated from the
English of Sir Walter Scott," and now

The Duty of Family Prayer, a Sermon. freely translated from the German into Chester), Rector of St. Botolph's, Bishops

By C. J. Blomfield, DD. (now Bishop of English. 2 vols. post 8vo. 16s. Decision, a Tale. By Mrs. Hofland. gate. 8vo. Is.

A Manual of Family Prayer. By The Foolscap. 68. The Sisters of Nansfield, a Tale for fine paper, 3s.

Lord Bishop of Chester. 18mo. 1s. 6d.; Young Women. By the Author of The Stories of Old Daniel. 2 Vols. Foolscap, 85. drawn principally from the Writings of

A Synopsis of the Evidences of Religion, Gilmour, or the Last Lockinge. 3 Vols. Butler, Paley, Doddridge, and Marsh ; J2mo. 16. 1s. Rothelan, a Romance of the English Rev. J. Topham, MA. FRSL. 28. 64.

designed as a Manual for Youth. Histories. By the Author of Annals of

School Bible, or Scripture Narratives. the Parish, &c. 3 Vols. 11. ls.

By the Rev. S. Barrow. 12mo. 7s.

Lectures on the Lord's Prayer. By the
Theodoric ; a Domestic Tale, and other Rev. Luke Booker. 12mo. 43. 6d.
Poems. By Thomas Campbell. Fools. Christian Truth Explained, in familiar

Letters. By the Rev. C. Powlett. 8vo. 98.

By the

cap. 8s.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. The Rev. W. Birkett, to the Vicarage of South Soffolk.-The Rev. C. Catler, MA. to the Master Tawton, Devonshire.-The Reverend Chancellor ship of the Free Grainmar School, at Porches. March, to the Prebend of Chute and Chisenbury; ter-The Rev. Thos. Mills, to the living of and The Rev. W. H. Majendie, to the Prebend of Paston and Bringhurst, Leicestersbire. - The Beaminster Palma, Salisbury Cathedral.: The Rev. Joshua Rowley, to the Rectory of Holton, Rev. Frederick Charles Blackstone, to the Vicar- Suffolk. --The Rev. Hugh Owen, DCL. Rector of age of Heckfield, Hants, vacant by the death of Beccles-cum-Endgate, Suffolk, to the Vicarage of the Rev. W. Milton.-The Rev. T. H. Elwin, to Rendisham, in the same county. the Rectory of Bradfield St. Clare, Suffolk, vacant CAMBRIDGE. - The Seatonian Prize is ad. by the death of the Rev R. Davers.-The Rev. judged to the Rev. Hamilton Sidney Beresford, Edgar Rust, Ba. to the Rectory of Driakston. Sur. Ma. of Clare Hall, for his Poem on “ the Death folk.-The Rev. W. Maddock Williams, BA. of of Absalom." Ballol College, Orford, appointed Domestic Chap- Thomas Le Blanc, Esq. LLD. Master of Tri. lain to the Marquis of Londonderry: The Rev. nity Hall, is elected Vice-Chancellor of this Dr. Fea, appointed Domestic Chaplain to HRH. University for next year. the Duke of Sussex.-The Hon. and Kev. South- The following is the subject of the Norrisian, well Keppel, MA. to the Rectory of Spitterton St. Prize Essay for the ensuing year :--"No valid arAndrew, with All Saints, Norfolk; Patron, the gument can be drawn from the incredulity of the Earl of Albemarle.The Rev. R. Cobbold, to the Heathen Philosophers against the Truth of the United Rectories of Everard and Wortham Jervis, Christian Religion."

Oct. 17: -At Queenhithe, the lady of Alderman

Venables, a son.
22. At Enkie House, the lady of Sir J. Hope, of

Craighall, a son. 27. At Shooter's Hill, Kent, the lady of Sir Thos.

Bloomefield, Bart. a son. Nov. 1.- The Hon. Mrs. Toler, a son. 2 la Stanhope-street, Mayfalr, the lady of the

Rt. Hon. Robert Peel, a son. 3. At the house of her father, Sir George M'Keith, Bart. the lady of J. F. Ellerton, of the Hon.

East India Company's Civil Service, a daugh8. At the Palace, at Chester, the lady of the Bishop

of Chester, a daughter. 9. At Yester, the Marchioness of Tweedale, a son.

II. At Jersey, the lady of Major Fyers, of the

Royal Engineers, a danghter. 12. The lady of A. L. Prevost, Esg. a daughter.

At South Lambeth, the lady or' w. Hesseltine,

Esq. a danguter.
- At Brighton, the Countess of Normanton, a son.
14. The lady of Dr. Goodenough, bead master of

Westminster School, a daughter.
At Riching's Lodge, Bucks, the lady of the Rev.
H. Pepys, a son.
15. In Albemarle-street, the lady of Lient.-Colonel

Weldon, twins.
19. The lady of Robert Haig, Esq. of Green-street,
Grosvenor-square, a son.

SCOTLAND. 1o George-street, Edinburgh, the lady of Liedt. Gen. Sir John Hope. GCB.

a son. In Prince's-street, Edinburgh (Nov. 8), the Hon. Mrs. Sinclair, of Vibster, a son,



Indla Company's military service. to Lacy,

only daughter of Harry Young, Esq. of MaOct. 25.-At Whimple, Deron,. Sir Grcgory. A. deira. Lewiu, Barrister-at-law, to Elizabeth Caroline. At Lausanne (Nov. 2.) Thomas Medwin, Esq. late daughter of the late Wm. Buller, Esq. of Maid. of the 24th Dragoons, to Anne Henrietta, Comwell Hall, Northamptonshire, and niece of Jas. tesse de Starnford. Buller, Esq. of Downes, near Exeter. 30. At Croydon, by Archdeacon Law, the Rev. Ed. ward S. Pearce, only son of the late Dean of

DEATHS. Ely, 10 Elizabeth, fifth daughter of Geo. Smith, Oct. 14.--At Earl's Terrace, Kensington, Mrs. Esq. MP.

M'Arthur, widow of the late Col. M'Arthur, in - By Special Licence, at Hepburn Hall, Durham,

her 74th year. George John Vernon, Esg. eldest son of the Hon. G. Vernon, of Sudbury Hall, in the county

17. Elizabeth, wife of John Cobbold, Esq. of

Holywells, Ipswich, a lady well known for her of Derby: to Miss Ellison, eldest daughter of

various attaininents, and as a cultivator and Cuthbert Ellison, Esq. MP. for Newcastle upon

patroness of Literature and the Fine Arts. Tyne.

22. At Dullingham house,Cambridge, Lieat.-Gen. Nov. I. At Fulham Church, Robert Mangles, Esq. Christopher Jeafferson, in bis 631 year.

of Sunning Hill, Berks, to Charlotte, third 25. Mrs. Jackson, widow of the late W. Jackson, daughter of Rear Admiral Ross Donelly, of Sus- Esq. Deputy Commissary-Gen. to the Forces. sex House, Hammersmith.

27. At Hopwell-ball, Derbysbire, Thomas Pares, 2. At Marylebone Church, John Skelton, Esq. of Esq.

Spanish Town, Jamaica. to Elizabeth Jane, only 28. in Sloane.street, Chelsea, Mrs. Smith, widow

daughter of Col. Pritchard, Royal Artillery. of the late Col. George Smith, of the Hon. Fast - At Marylebone Church, Henry, son of the Hon. India Company's service.

Matthew Fortescue, to Caroline, daughter of the 29. At Beaumont Cote, near Lancaster, aged 55, Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Russell, Bart.

Thomas Butler, Esq. eldest son of the Rev. -By Special Licence, at West Grinstead Park, Thomas Butler, Rector of Bentham and Whit

Sussex, the seat of Sir Walter Burrell, MP. for tington, and nephew of the late Alex. Batler, that county, by the Hon. and Rev. Lord Erskine, Esq. of Kirkland-hall, in the same county. Gabriel Shaw, Esq. to the Hon. Frances Erskine,

Nov. 3.-At Hastings, ia his 47th year. Sir W. eldest daughter of the Rt. Hon. Lord Erskine. At Hartshead, Yorkshire, Charles John Brand.

Young, Bart. Jing, Esq. of the 10th Royal Hussars, to Hen

3. In his 634 year, Wm. Cottee, Esq. of Beaurietta, youngest daughter of Sir George Army

mont-place, Shepherd's Bush.

- Lately, Wm. Viliers, Esq. of Worsley-green, tage, Bart. of Kirklees, in the same county. 9.-At Lakenham, near Norwich, Capt. W.

Worcestershire, sepior Magistrate of Birming.

ham. Bragge, of the 3d Light Dragoons, to Margaret, second daughter of James Goodeve Sparrow,

4. At Torquay, Devon, ('atherine Maria, wife of

the Hon. Abraham a. Hely Hutchinson, one of Esq. of Gosfield-place, Essex.

the Commissioners of Customs for the United - At Marylebone Church, Mr. Thomas Langham.

Kingdom. of Bentinck-street, Manchester-square, second

5. At Margate, the Dowager Lady Dryden of son of Mr. John Langham, of Newton Harcourt,

Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire. Leicestershire, to Miss Frances Brooks Young,

8. At Portswood-house, Hauts, Elizabeth, relict only daughter of Mr. E, T. Young, Coleman

of the late Count Dupont. street. - At Newcastle-under-Lyme, James Smith, Esq.

- At Sandgate, Keni, Sophia, wife of Henry one of the Magistrates of that place, to Eliza,

Merrick Hoare, Esq. of York-place, Portmanyoungest daughter the late John Cleves,

square. Esq. formerly an Alderman of that Borough,

9.-In Upper Montagn-street, Montagu-square,

George Thomas Bulkeley, Esq. formerly of 11. At Gwennepp, Cornwall, Joseph Moore, Esq, MD. of Lincoln's-inn-Fields, " to Elizabeth,

Lisbon, aged 85. daughter of J. Williams, Esq. of Scorrier

At Samuel Smith's, Esq. MP. Berkeley, Majorhouse, in that connty.

Gen. T. Carey, of the 3d Regt. Guards. 18. At St. Pancras' Church, Arthur Taylor, Esq.

10. At Esher, Surrey, in her 821 year, Elizabeth,

relict of Major Abiugdon, of Cobham, in the youngest son of John Taylor, Esq. of Norwich,

same county. to Elizabeth Emily, youngest daughter of the Jate Commissioner Lane, of his Majesty's nary,

13. At Copt-ball, Hendon, Thomas Nicholl, Esq. and niece of John Hunter, Esq. Hunter-street,

formerly Lieut.-Col. of the 70th Regt. Brunswick-square.

17. In Hatton-garlen, aged 71, Daniel Elason, - At Marylebone-church, James Weale, Esg. of

Esq. formerly of the firin of Goldsmid, Son, and

Eliason. York-buildings, Baker-street, to Susan Caroline, eldest daughter of Ellis Ellis, Esg. of

IN SCOTLAND. Weymouth street, Portland-place.

At Dalkeith, (Nov. 4.) Dr. Andrew Graham, aged 20. At Marylebone-church, Robert M'William,

Esg. of Furnival's-inn, to Charlotte, danghter and Co-heiress of the late Win. Horsfall, Esq.

IN IRELAND. of Norfolk-street, and of Wath, Yorkshire. At Dublin (Oct. 30), the Rev. C. Maturin, Curate IN SCOTLAND.

of St. Peter's, Dublin, author of Bertram, MelAt Edinburgh (Nov. 3.) the Right Hon. the Earl

moth, and many other popular productions. of Glasgow, to Julia, daughter of the Right Hon. Sir John Sinclair, Bart,


At St. Addresse, Normandy (Oct. 21), aged 70. ABROAD.

Robert Charles Dallas, Esq. formerly of the At Paris, at the chapel of the British Ambassador, Island of Jainaica, and author of the History of

Henry R. Bagshawe. Esq. second son of Sir W. the Maroon War, Perceval, Aubrey, and otlıer
Bagshawe, Bart. of the Oaks. Derbyshire, to novels, and of the Recollections of the Life of
Catherine Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John · Lord Byron.
Gunning, Esq. late of Lower Grosvenor-street. At Brussels (Oct. 27), Alex. Ramsay Robinson
At Paris, Oct. 14), at the British Ambassador's Esq. of Kensington.

Wm. Duncan Godfrey, Esq. eldest son of Sir In the Island of New Providenee, West Indies.
John Godfrey, Bart. of Kilcoleman Abbey, Captain W. R. Dawkins, Commander of His
Ireland, to Mary, daughter of John Coltsman, Majesty's ship, Helicon.
Esq. of Flesk Castle, Killarney.

At Florence, Capt. Donald Macalister, of Loup At Corfu (Oct. 19), Capt. Holines, of the 90th and Torresdale, in his 54th year.

Light Infantry, to Amelia, eldest daughter of At Kandy, the Hon.Sir Jobp D'Oyley, Bart. memMajor Gen. Sir Patrick Ross.

ber of bis Majesty's (ouncil in Ceviou, and By Special Liccuce, at the Cape of Good Hope, President and First Commissioner of Ciovern. Capt. P. Cortlandt Anderson, of the Hon. East meut in the Kandyan Proviuces,


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