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Why should not divers studies, at divers hours, delight, when the
variety is able alone to refresh and repair us?

Ben Jonson's Discoveries.





C. Baldwin, Printer, New Bridge-street, London.


Africa, Southern, Burchell's Travels in, Bullock's Mexico, 521-want of informa-

277—the Karro Poort, 279—the Gariep tion in the work, 522.
River, 280—Asbestos Mountains, Hip- Buonaparte, his attention to public morals,

popotamus hunt, 281—the Briquas, 284. 484_his address in availing himself of

Agriculture, 107, 215, 327, 439, 551, 655. the influence of the Fine Arts, 615.

America, North. See Canadas and United Burns and Byron, 117– Burns' death,


118_his burial, 120.

South, 229. See Chili, Mexico, Byron, Lord, compared with the author of
Peru, and Public Events.

Waverley, 69-contrasted with Burns,

American War, observations on, 577. 117—his personal character, 337—12-

Amethyst, capture of the, Gilbert's picture nity, 338-person, 339— singularity,

of, 615, note.

339-grossness in conversation, 540

Antiquities, Mexican, 526, 527.

letters, 340-capricious temper, 341

Archer of Ulvescroft, the, a tale, 44. religious principles, 341-military en-

Aristocracy, Parisian, 633—divided into thusiasm, in Greece, 343–temper, 344

three classes, 634-aim of the monied -misanthropy, 345—poetry, 345_Con-

class, 635.

versations (by Medwin), 449—unwarrant.

Armstrong, Archibald, (Jester to James I.) able destruction of his Memoirs, 449-his
287, 408.

personal appearance, 451 - conversa-
Association of ideas, 617-anecdotes illus. tional powers, 452-education, 452-his
trative of, 617, 622, 624.

opinion of various contemporaries, 457
Australia, intended British factory in, 252. -his Prophecy of Dante, 457-opinion

of Sir Walter Scott, 457-estimate of
Bacon's Elements of Science, reviewed,

his own character, 458-conversation


with Col. Stanhope, 460_aversion to

Bahia, 252.

Bentham and the Liberals, 460-letter

Banquo's Spirit brought to the book, 65. to M. Beyle, 460—ditto to Mavrocor.

Beauties of the Inuendo, 348.

dato, 461-ditto to Col. Stanhope, 461.

Beauty, remarks on, 62).

Bentham, his political principles attacked Cabbage palm, the, 180.

by Lord Byron, 460.

Canadas, the, 577, lamentable ignorance

Berenger, French Poet, 593.

respecting, 678—the attention of our
Biography: Schiller, 16, 149, 259 government required, 679_remarks on

George Peele, 61-Burns, 117–Byron, the cultivation of tobacco and hemp,
117, 337, 449_Queen Elizabeth, 122 580_importance of these provinces to

-Roger Marbeck, 122, notes- Richard England, 582-emigration to them con.
Royston, 285–Archibald Armstrong, sidered, 583--fees on grants of land,
287_Dr. E. D. Clarke, 393-Major- 584-impolicy of selling grants, 584
Gen. Macquarie, 417–W. Hayley, 502 difficulties to be encountered by Emi.
-H. Kirke White, 608.

grants, 585. See Emigration.

Biron, Marshal, tragedy, 535.

Cary's translation of Dante, 529.

Blackwood, Reply to, 335.

Catalani, Madame, 85, 202, 203, 539.

Blakesmoar in H-shire, 225.

Characters : Beau Shatterly, 137 — Sir
Blindness, case of a boy born blind, 270. Morgan Walladmor, 365- Padre Onora-
Boisserée's work on Cologne Cathedral, to, 414_St. Henry, 466_Captain Jack.

son, 482—Female characters in Wilhelm

Bonjour's Mari à bonnes fortunes, 536. Meister, see Wilhelm.

Books, new, 109, 218, 330, 442,554, 662. Charles, Prince, his journey into Spain,

Botany, of the Five Island district, 181, 477—Sir R. Wynn's account of ditto,



Botta's History of Italy, 98.

Charles I. historical importance of his

Brazil, St. Salvador, Bahia, 252.

reign, 626.

Brisbane river, New South Wales, disco- Chili, state of public feeling, 230—supe.
very of, 205.

riority to Peru, 231-improved condition
Brown, Dr. his theory of association, 621. of the people, 231-comparative prices,
Browne, Sir T., Evelyn's letter to, 489. 233.

ranny, 629.

Clarke, Dr. E. D., Life and Remains of, Eisteddvod, celebration of the, at Welsh-


pool, 541.

Clenches, on, 201.

Elegy, English, 29.

Clergy, English, our history warped by, Elements of Vocal Science, Bacon's, 145.

Elia, papers by : Blakesmoor, 225_Capt.

Cochrane, Capt., Pedestrian journey through Jackson, 481.

Russia and Siberia, 36—his eccentrici- Elizabeth, Queen, 122.

ties, 37_hardships, 40, 41.

Emigration to the Canadas considered, 583

Colonies, infant, the attention to be paid to, -its momentous importance, 583_dif-

ficulties to be encountered by Emigrants
Commonwealth, Godwin's History of, 57. in Canada, 585-es enses of Emigra-
Commerce, 108, 216, 328, 440, 552, 656., tion, 586—of Settling, 587.
Retrospect of, 657.

English, sensuality of the, 339.
Constant, Benjamin, remark on a passage Errors of Ecstasie, 571.

of Lord Byron's, 346—his work de la Eudore and Cynodocée, French Tragedy,

Religion, 320, 483-character, &c. 634. 318.

Constantinople, the Fanariotes of, 561- Evelyn, Letter of, respecting his Work on

office of the Bache-Capi-Kiahaya, 566 Gardens, 589.

Hotgias, 569..

Excerpta Antiquaria, 122, 416.

Constitution, the English, 625, 632. Excursion to the Five Islands and Shoal

Contrasted Scenes, 308.

Haven, New South Wales, 181.

Conversations, Lord Byron's, 449. Expression, poetical, 513.

Cookery of the French, 178.

Crichton, Dr., case of habitual reverie, Facetiæ Bibliographicæ, No. VII. George

from, 473.

Peele, 61-NO. VIII. the Banquet of

Cromwell Oliver, erroneous opinion as to Jeasts, 285_No. IX. Archee's Banquet,

Richard, 124,

Falsification of the History of England,
Dante, New translation of, 529_Cary's Fanariotes of Constantinople, 561—act as

and Tarver's translations compared, 529.
Darley's Errors of Ecstasie, 571.

Drogmans, 561-appointed Hospodars

of Wallachia, 562_influence with the
David, French painter, 613.
Dead bodies, arresting of, error respecting,

Turks, 567—their Education, 569


Women, 570. See Constantinople, and

De la Martine, French poet, 293.

Denmark, Literary intelligence, 209, 322.

Fancy, how far possessed by women, 187.
Dictionaries, English and German, remarks Farren, Mr. on the Madness of Lear, 79

his Beau Shatterly, 177.

Diorama, 275.

Female Genius, plea for, 53-remarks on,

Drama : Drury-Lane; Munden's Farewell,

184, Surrey's Letter, 223 (L. H.) Julius

89_Covent Garden; Charles the Second,

Cæsar, juniors ditto (L, H.), 333.

My Own Man (Peake), Mr. Kent, Miss Fine Arts, foreign publications on, 97,
, 90_Haymarket; Come if you Five Islands, New South Wales, excursion

208, 319, 431, 537.
can, Cock of the Walk, 91-Married
and single (Poole), Farren's Beau Shat.
terly, 197-English Opera ; Monkey

Forest Legends : No. I. The Archer of
Island, 198_Der Frieschutz, 199–

Ulvescroft, 44—No. II. Bradgate in
Davis's Amphitheatre; the Battle of

the 17th Century, 599.

Waterloo, 200-Haymarket ; the Al. Foster, Sir Stephen, 645.

caid (Kenny), 312-English Opera; the France, society and morals in, 484.

Reign of Twelve Hours, 313_Jonathan French Cookery, 178—Drama, see Dramu

in England (Peake), Matthews, 420–

Literature, 99, 206, 318,430, 535.

Bashful man (Moncrieff), Haymarket,

Poets, see Poets.
421-the Winter and Summer Houses,

School of Painting, 611-encou,
Drury-Lane, Haymarket, 534-Covent

ragement given to, 615. See Painting.
Garden ; A Woman never Vext, 644,- Froissart, Buchon's edition of, 207.

Engraving and Lithography, 616.
Drury Lane; Der Freischutz, 647-Mr.
Macready; the Children in the Wood,

Funds, the, 661.

French, 93_-Cleopatra, &c. 206, Gardens, account of Evelyn's unpublished

318 Endore and Cynodocée, 318 work on, 589 list of celebrated gardens,

Mari á bonnes fortunes, 536.


Old English, The Second Maiden's Genius, female, 53.

Tragedy, 133,

Germany, Literature in, 95, 209, 321, 432,

The Monstrous School of the, 637.


Dryden, 9, 32.

Ghost-playing theatrical, 65—Jerry Sneak's
Pying for Love, 382.

letter on, 113,

Gifford, Mr. error in his notes on Mas. Lawyer, the, 238.

singer, 239.

Lear, on the Madness of, 79.

Godwin's History of the Commonwealth of Leipzig Book-fair, 97.

England, 57—his character as a writer, Letter-writing, 340.
58__merits of the present work, 59.

original, of Thomson, 463.
Goethe, translation of his Wilhelm Meister of Evelyn, 589.
reviewed, 189, 291-his literary charac. Life and Remains of Dr. E. D. Clarke,


Gout, the Praise of, 91.

of W. Hayley,502-H. Kirke White,

Greece, Lord Byron in, 342.

Affairs of, 103, 322, 438, 545, Lilian of the Vale, 5.

546, 548. See Public Affairs.

Lion's Head, 3, 115, 223, 333, 447, 549.

Hall, Capt. Basil, Journal on the coasts of Liszt, Master, 87.

Chili, &c. 229.

Literary Intelligence, 109, 217, 330, 441,

Hamlet, remarks on the Ghost in, 87.

553, 662.

Harrington, Sir John, 122.

Literature, foreign, Denmark, 209, 322.

Harvest, the, 327, 439.

France, 99, 206, 318,

Hayley, W. Life of, 502_his publications, 430, 535.

503_death of his son, 505_his second

Germany,95, 209, 321,

marriage, 506—last illness, 507-do- 432, 538.

mestic habits, 507–personal character,

Holland, 433.

509-literary ditto, 510.

Italy, 98.

Hemp, necessity of cultivating, in the Ca-

Norway, 99.
nadas, 580.

Poland, 99.

of England, Fabrication of, 625—

Russia, 99, 209, 322,

by Hume, 632.

History, foreign publications on, 98, 207, Lithography, French, superiority of, 616.
319, 430, 536.

Logres, the land of, 588.
of the Commonwealth of England, Lost Walking-stick, the, 617.

by Godwin, 57-character of preceding Louis XVIII, his death, 433; character,

historians, 58.

435, 485_funeral, 543.

Kant's idea of a Universal, 385. Love, on dying for, 382.

Hoaxing, literary, 381.

Hohenlohe, Prince, advice to, 400.
Hume, misstatement of, 632.

Macadamization, 350— dangers of, 447

(L. H.)

Idea of a Universal History, 385.

Macauley, Mrs. 58, 60.

Imagination, female, 185.

Macquarie, Major-Gen., Governor of New

Indian's Tale, 139.

South Wales, Memoir of, 417.

Inuendo, beauties of the, 348.

Madness of Lear, 79.

Irving, W.401-compared with Sir Walter Man, the actions of the species under the

Scott, 403_inferiority of his Tales of a

control of universal natural laws, 385–

Traveller, to his preceding works, 404.

destined by nature to be the creator of

his own happiness, 386_requires a

master, 388.

Jackson, Captain, by Elia, 481.
Jesters, 'Old English : G. Peele, 61-Col. Mari á bonnes fortunes, comedy by Bon.

Marbeck, Roger, 122, note.

lections of Jests, 285–Archee, 287, 408.

Johnson, Rev. Dr. character of Hayley, Massinger's Fatal Dowry, 239.

jour, 536.

Journal of an Excursion to the Five Islands, Melmoth, Manuscripts of, 28.

Meister, Wilhelm. See Wilhelm.

&c., 181.

on the Coasts of Chili, Peru, and Mexico, Hall's Journal, 229.

Memoirs of St. Henry, 465.

Mexico, 229.

Bullock's Residence in, 521-San

Miguel de los Ranchos, festival, 525
Karl and his Horse Nicolaus, 497.

Mexican Idol, 526-Montezuma's bath,
Kant's Idea of a Universal History, 385 527.

-what he meant by this term, 391, Milton, his History of England, 589
note. See Men, and Society.

enmity of the Whigs to, 630.

Knowledge, superficial, remarks on, 25. Misanthropy, 344.

Moses, the finding of, 516.

La Harpe, French poet, 596.

Music, English, 146-importance of in

Lacy, J. on the Theatricals of the Day, female education, 148.


Report of: Rossini, 84–Catalani,

Mr., the prophet, 238.

Pasta, Catalani's benefit, 85 – Cam,

Land of Logres, 588.

bridge Musical Festival ; Royal Society

Lapland, letter from, by Dr. Clarke, 397. of Musicians, 86_Master Liszt, Mr.
Laud, Archbishop, anecdote of, 287. Labarre, Concerts, Mr. Cutler's Orą.

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