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for the first three Centuries, on the neces- land. By William Godwin. Volume the sity of believing that our Lord Jesus Christ Second. 8vo. is the True God. Translated from the Edinburgh, the Modern Athens. By a Latin of Bishop Bull. By the Rev. T. Modern Greek. Rankin.

Journal of a Residence in Columbia, in A new Process for Tanning Leather, in the Years of 1823 and 1824. By Captain a quarter of the usual Time, without extra Charles Cochrane, of the Royal Navy. Expence. By Mr. Burridge, Author of a 2 Vols. 8vo. Treatise on the Dry Rot.

Greek and English Lexicon, principally An Essay upon Civil Architecture, con- on the Plan of the Greek and German taining Descriptions of some original Me- Lexicon of Schneider. The Words are thods for preventing Terra Firma Dry Rot, Arranged in Alphabetical Order, noting by a new System of Architecture for such as are Poetical, of Dialectic variety, Houses, &c. By Mr. Burridge.

or peculiar to certain Authors, or classes of Horæ Poeticæ, or Effusions of Candor. Writers. By J. Donnegan, MD. Member By a British Officer. Small 8vo.

of the Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh. A Narrative of the Condition of the The Botanic Garden, or Magazine of Manufacturing Population ; and the Pro- Hardy Flowers ; intended as a popalar ceedings of Government which led to the Manual for Botanists and Florists. "To be State Trials in Scotland, for administering published Monthly. Unlawful Oaths, and the Suspension of the The Private Journal of Madame De Habeas Corpus Act, in 1817. By Alex. Campan, with Extracts from her Corres. ander B. Richmond.

pondence. Editions in French and EngHistory of the Commonwealth of Eng. lish. One Vol. 8vo.


History and Biography. fore published. By the late Jane Taylor, Memoirs of Painting, with a Chronolo. In 2 Vols. 9s. gical History of the Importation of Pic- A Synopsis of Ancient Arms and Ar. tures, by the Great Masters, into England mour (chiefly taken from Dr. Meyrick's since the French Revolution. By W. Bu- excellent Work), and extracted from the chanan, Esq. 2 Vols. 8vo. 11. 6s. “ Encyclopedia of Antiquities.” By the

The History and Antiquities of the Rev. T. D. Fosbroke, MA. FSA. Parish and Palace of Lambeth. In 8vo, Select Proverbs of all Nations, &c. &c. and 4to. with 20 Engravings on Copper, with Notes and Comments. By Thomas and 20 on Wood. Part I. to be com- Fielding. 18mo. Price 5s. pleted in 10 Parts.

Richmond and its Vicinity, with a T'he East India Military. Calendar; Glance at Twickenham, Strawberry Hill, containing the Services of General and and Hampton Court. By John Evans, Field Officers of the India Army. By the LL. D. Price 4s. Editor of the Military Calendar. 2 Vols. Forget Me Not for 1825. 12s. 4to. 51.

Literary Souvenir for 1825. 12s.
Medicine and Surgery.

Carey's New Six Sheet Map of India, The Lectures of Sir Astley Cooper, from Materials supplied by Lieut.-Col. Bart, FRS, on the Principles and Prac- Blacker, Surveyor General of India. Price tice of Surgery. With Additional Notes 21. 8s. in Sheets, mounted in a Russia and Cases, by Frederick Tyrrell, Esq. Case, 51. Vol. 1. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

A Practical System of Algebra. "By Miscellanies.

Nicholson and Rowbotham. 12mo. 4s. 6d. The Conversations of Lord Byron. By

Novels and Tales. Thomas Medwin, Esq. 1 Vol. 4to. Rameses, an Egyptian Tale. 3 Vols. 11. 11s. 6d.

post 8vo. 11. 10s. Remarks on the Intended Restoration The Confessions of a Gamester. 8vo. 74. of the Parthenon in Scotland. 8vo. 58. James Forbes; a Tale founded on Facts.

Greece in 1823 and 1824; being a Crown 8vo. 78. Series of Letters and other Documents on

Poetry. the Greek Revolution, written during a Horæ Canora Subsecivæ; being the Visit to that Country. By the Hon. Col. Poetical Miscellanies of Harlequin Proteus, Leicester Stanhope. 138.

Esq. 18ino. 58. The Contributions of Q. Q. to a Pe. Poems and Poetical Translations. By riodical Work: with some Pieces not be. Samuel Gower. 2s. 6d.

Voyages, &c.

ple; a Farewell Sermon preached in the Narrative of Lord Byron's Voyage to

Parish Church of Louth, on Sunday, Sept. Corsica and Sardinia, during the Summer 12, 1824. By the Rev. R. Milne. 8vo. Is. and Autumn of the Year 1821. Compiled

The Natural History of the Bible. By from Minutes made by the Passengers, and

Thaddeus Mason Harris, DD. Extracts from the Journal of his Lordship’s 108. 6d. Yacht the Mazeppa, kept by Capt. Ben- A Sermon, with particular Reference to son, RN. Commander. Foolscap 8vo. 38. the recent Persecution in the West India

Colonies. By Richard Winter Hamilton. Thcology.

Minister of Albion Chapel, Leeds. 8vo. The Minister's Last Appeal to his Peo- Is. 6d.


ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Rev. W.F. Miller, MA. late officiating Minister Michell, BD. Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cam. on the coast of Essequibo, appointed by the Go- bridge, to the valuable Vicarage of Winsford, vernor-General, Sir Benjamin D'Urban, to the Somersetshire.-The Rev. John Toplis, BD. Fel. Living of George-town.The Rev. J. Still, LLB. low and Tutor of Queen's College, Cambridge, to to the Prebend of Stratton, in Salisbury Cathedral, the Rectory of South Walsham, St. Lawrence, void by the death of the Hon. and Rev. Thomas Norfolk.- The Rev. T. G. Ridley, the RecAlfred Harris.—The Rev.J. B. Smith, to the Per. tory of Heysham, near Lancaster --The Rev. petual Curacy of Bamburgb, near Horncastle - Humphry Cholmeley, MA. Fellow of King's Col. The Rev. John Lewis, MA. to the Rectory of Ri- lege, Cambridge, to the Rectory of Hempstead venhall, with the Rectory of Ingatestone, and the with Lessingham, Norfolk. Perpetual Curacy of Buttsbury annexed.--The Rev. OXFORD.-On Oct. 7, the nomination of a Spencer Madan, MA. Student of Christ Church, Vice-Chancellor for the ensuing year, by the Rt: Oxford, and Canon Residentiary of Lichfield, to the Hon. Lord Grenville, Chancellor of the UniverVicaruge of Batheaston,

Somersetshire. - The Rey. sity, was approved in full Convocation; after W. Jeane Goodden, BA, of Oriel College, Oxford, which the Rev. George William Hall, DD. Master to the Rectory of Nether Compton, with the Rec- of Pembroke College, resigned the Vice-Chan. tory of Over Compton annexed and united, in the cellorship; and the Rev. Richard Jenkyns, DD. county of Dorset. - The Rev. Michael Hare, MA. Master of Balliol College, was invested with that to the Vicarage of Liddington, Wilts.- The Rev. office, and nominated his Pro-Vice-Chancellors, W. Fortescue, to the Rectory of Nymet St. George's, viz.-The Rev. George William Hall, DD. Master Devon.-The Rev. Jonathan Chase Matchett, of Pembroke College; the Rev. John Collier AM. to the Rectory of St. Augustine, Norwich; Jones, DD. Rector of Exeter College; the Rev. and to the Curacy of St. Mary in the Marsh, George Rowley, DD. Master of University Colin the precinct of the Cathedral, Norwich.-The lege; and the Rev. Ashhurst Turner Gilbert, DD. Rev. Edward Thurlow, Clerk, LLB. to the Rectory Principal of Brasennose College. of Langham St. Mary, Suffolk.-The Rev. Joseph CAMBRIDGE.-The following Officers are apBadeley, to the Vicarage of Blewberry, Berks. pointed for the ensuing year: The Rev. T. Brown, to the Rectory of Heming. Proctors.—Thomas Dickes, MA. Jesus College; stone, Suffolk.-The Rev. James Vaughan, MA. Henry Tasker, MA. Pembroke Hall. Rector of Wraxall, Somerset, to the Rectory of

Taxors.- John Lodge, MA. Magdalen College; Walton, in Gordano, in the same county. --The Hastings Robinson, MA. St. John's College. Rev. Henry Taylor, to the Vicarage of North Moderators.- John Warren, MA. Jesus College ; Moreton, Berks. The Rev. W. Oliver, to the Temple Chevalier, MA. Catherine Hall. Living of Fulford, Staffordshire.-The Rev. W. Scrutators.-William G. Jadgson, MA. Trinity French, DD. to the Vicarage of Creetingbam, Suf. College; Thomas Greene, BD. Corpus Christi folk.-The Rev. J. B. Smith to the perpetual Cu- College. racy of Bamburgh, near Horncastle.The Rev. B.

Sept. 19-The lady of Lieut.-Col. Sir James R.

Colleton, Bart. a son.
Oct. 1.-At Downing Lodge, Cambridge, the lady

of Mr. Serjeapt Frere, Master of Downing Col.
lege, a daughter.

At Sidmouth, the lady of C. J. F. Combe, Esq. a daughter. 2. At Élmham Hall, Norfolk, the lady of the

Hon. George John Milles, a son and heir. - At Seven Oaks, Lady Eardley Wilmot, a son. 5. The lady of Capt. Spencer, CB. RN. a son. 7. At Surbiton House. Kingston, Surrey, the lady

of Alderman Garratt, the Lord Mayor elect, a

son. -The lady of Dr. Goldiug, a daughter. 8. In Portland-place, the lady of M. Stewart

Nicholson, Esg. a daughter. 13. At Walmer, Kent, the Jady of Rear-Admiral

At Campsall-park, the lady of Sir Joseph Rad

cliffe, Bart. a son and heir.
At Dundalk House, the Countess of Roden, a

Sept. 23.-John Propert, Esq. of Duke-street,

Portland-place, to Julia Ann, only daughter of
Robert Ross, Esq. of Charles-street, and late of

25. At Mary-le-bone church, John Bateman, Esg.

of Oak Park, in the county of Kerry, to Frances, youngest daughter of Nathaniel Bland, Esq. of

Lower Berkeley-street, Portman-square. 28. Archibald Robertson, Esq. MD. of Northamp:

ton, to Lucy, only daughter of the late Samuel Pell, Esq. of Tywell Hall, in the same county:

By special license, Lord Henry Seymour, only brother to the Marquis of Drogheda, to Mary, second daughter of Sir Henry Parnell, Bart. MP. for Queen's County : and niece to the Mar. quis of Bute and the Earl of Portarlington. The newly-married pair immediately set off for

Harvey, a daughter. - At Kirthington Park, the lady of George Dash.

wood, Esq. a son. 16. In Bedford-row, the lady of Charles Lane,

Esq. of Montague-street, Russell-square, a

– The lady of J. H. Reynolds, Esq. a daughter.

At Eglantine, the lady of the Hon. A. Annesley, a


the Continent. 30. At St. James's Church, by the Dean of Canter

bury, Robert Philip, eldest son of Richard Tyrrwhitt, Esq. of Nantyr Hall, Denbighshire, to Catherine Wigley, eldest danghter of Henry St. John, Esq. and grand-daughter of the Hon. and Very Rev. Andrew St. John, late Dean of Worcester.

Oct. 1.-At Walthamstow, the Rev. John Bridges sea, Henry Cooper, Esq. Barrister-at-law. This

Outley, of Oriel College, Oxford, to Caroline, gentleman, who was rising fast into eroinence in

daughter of the late Benjamin Travers, Esq. his profession, and was already becoine a leader - The Rev. John Barlow, to Cecilia Anne, on the Norfolk Circuit, bad been for some time

youngest daughter of Ewan Law, Esq. of Hor: past employed in collecting materials for a Life sted place, Sussex.

of the late Lord Erskine, with whom he bad 4. At Wilton, Dear Tanaton, Captain Loftus been particularly intimate.

Owen, of the 73d regiment, to Mary Sophia, 24. At Toxteth Park, near Liverpool, Mrs. Roscoe, youngest daughter of the late General, Sir' An. wife of w. Roscoe, Esq.

Author of the Life of ihony Torrington, Bart.

Lorenzo de' Medici, &c. 6. At Christ Church, Surrey, Joseph Maynaril, 25. In Bryanstove-street, Robert, eldest son of Ro

Esq. of Keppel-street, Russell-square, to Leti. bert Selby, Esq. and nepbew to the Rt. Hon, the tia, second daughter of the late Gilbert Hag. Earl of Shrewsbury. dassde, Esq. of Great Surrey-street.

26. In Foley Place, aged 25, Samuel Joseph, second 7. B. W. Procter, Esq. to Anne Beuson Skepper, son of Edward Ash, MD.

eldest daughter of Basil Montagu, Esq. of Bed- 29. At Loudham Hall, Suffolk, Lady Sophia Mac. ford-square.

donald, wife of James Macdonald, Esq. MP. for 12. Captain George St. Jobo Gifford, to Isabella, Calne.

daughter of John Christie, Esg. Hackney Mick, 30. At the house of her son-in-law, George Cobb, Middlesex.

Esg. of Broughton Castle, Oxfordshire, Mrs. 12. At Lincoln, Thomas Postlethwaite, Esq. of Wheatly, relict of the late J. Wheatly, Esq.

Great Coram-street, Brunswick-square, to Sarah - At Castor, near Peterborough, in his 75th year, Mary, only child of Thomas Norton, Esq. of the Rev. Stephen White, LLD. Vicar of Lenton, Lincoln.

Lincolnshire, and Rector of Conington, Hun13. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Henry tiogdopshire.

Lyster, Esq. of Kowton Castle, in the county of - Mr. Wm. Sadler, who ascended in his balloon Salop, to Lady Charlotte Barbara Ashley about two o'clock the preceding day, from the Cooper, daughter of the Earl of Shaftesbury. yard of the Bolton Gas Works, and was preci- By the Hon. and Rev. Thomas Monson, the pitated from a height of ahvat 20 to 25 feet, by Rev. Edward Wywill, Rector of Fingal, York- which accident several of his ribs were broken. shire, to Mrs. Dodworth, of Cowling Hall, in and he was much braised. He had performed the same county.

31 aerial voyages. - In the Isle of Tbanet, George Frederick Smith, Oct. 3. At Sydenham, Bury Hutchinson, Esq. of Esq. son of Laney Smith, Esq. of Sidney House, Bloomsbury Square. Homerton, to Penelope, youngest daughter of 4. At his Lordship's residence, in Hill-street, the late Robert Gray Spedding, Esq. of Hare- Berkeley.square, Viscountess Templeton, field, Middlesex.

5. In bis 74th year, the Rev. Thos. Roberts, Vicar 14. At East Griustead, Henry, eldest son of of Tottenbam, and Rector of St. Peter's, Corn

Heory Streatfield, Esq. of Chiddingstone, Kent, bill. to Maria, daughter of M. Dorrien Magens, Esq. 6. Aged 20, Caroline, eldest daughter of G. F.Joof Hammerwood Lodge, Sussex, and widow of seph, Esq. AR.A. the late John Pepper, Esq. of Bigod's House, 10. At his house, in the New Road, Fras. Duncan, Essex.

Esq. MD. of the Hon. East India Company's 14. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Charles Service.

Murray, Esq. of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, 13. In Queen Ann-street, Sir James Bland Lamb, third son of Major-Gen. J. Murray (late Lieut.- Bart. Governor of Demerara), to Frederica Jane, se- - At the house of his Brother, Dr. Meyer, of cond daughter of the late Frederick Groves, Broad-street Buildings, after a few hours illness, Esq.

John Conrad Meyer, Esq. 15. At Beaconsfield, Pascoe St. Leger Grenfell, 17. At Cuckfield, Sussex, Susanna, wife of Charles Esq. son of Pascoe Greufell, Esq.MP. of Taplow Augustus Fulk, Esq. MP. and daughter of MarHouse, Bucks, to Catherine Anne, eldest in aduke Hart, Esq. of Hampsteal. danghter of the late James Du Pre, Esq. of Wil- - In the Sanctuary, Westminster, aged 70, Hajton Park, in the same county.

nah, wife of the Rev. Edward Smedley, and 16. Christopher James Magnay, Esq. of College daaghter of the late Geo. Bellas, Esq. of Willey,

Hill, eldest son of Alderman Magnay, to Caro- Surrey, formerly Deputy Registrar of the High line, third daughter of Sir Charles Flower, Bart. Court of Admiralty. of Mill Hill, Middlesex.

Lately, at Ballı, the Hon. Sarah Jones, youngest 18. At Marylebone Church, by the Rev. G. Ford, daughter of Viscount Ranelagh.

Richard Ford, Esq. of Gloucestor Place, to Har riet, daughter of the Right Hon. the Earl of


At Arbroath, aged 42, Mr. I). Carey, late Editor of 20. Joseph Solomons, Esq. to Rebecca, daughter the Statesman Newspaper, and Author of the of the late Joseph Montefiore, Esq.

Pleasures of Nature, the Reign of Fancy, the 21. By special liceuse, at Ayston, 'Rutlandshire, Lord of the Desert, and several other Poetical

Sir Philip Musgrave, Bart. MP. of Edon-Hall, Productions; also of some Novels. For the last Cumberland, to Elizabeth, third daughter of 20 years Mr. Carey had been constantly employed Mr and Lady Mary Fludyer, of Ayston.

in writing for the public press. 23. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Captain At Dundee, aged about 90, Mr. Sealey, Professor

Webster, to Miss Boddington, only daughter of of Dancing; who danced a mionet with the ceSamuel Boddington, Esq. of Upper Brooke lebrated Nancy Dawson, at the Court of George street.


At Riccarton House, (Oct. 4) Wm. Kaye, Esq. of At Accra, on the Western Coast of Africa, Assist.

the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law, to Mary ant Surgeon Alexander Mackay Geddes, MD. Cecilia, eldest daughter of James Gibson Craig, youngest son of John Geddes, Esq. of EdinEsq. of Riccarton, Mid Lothian.


At Calcutta (June 12), Sir John Macdonald, KCB. ABROAD.

late General in the Hon. Company's Service, At Mauritius (June 16), by the Hop. and Rev. aged 76.

Edward Finch, Captain Marshall, of the 820 At Gastouni, in Greece (Ang. 11), aged 25, Lord Regt. to Mary, daughter of James Hervey, Esq. Charles Murray, a younger son of the Duke of of Ardwick Green, near Manchester.

Athol. The remains of this heroic young noble. At St. Kitt's (July 22), R. Cleghorn, Esq. to Maria, man were interred on the day following his de.

daughter of the late Rt. Hon. George Berkeley, cease, General Constantine Bozzaris, Georgio Speaker of the Assembly of that Island.

Sessini, and all the population of the place at

tending the obsequies. A funeral oration was DEATHS.

pronounced by the Archbishop.

At Geneva, Miss Robina Burnside, piece of Col. Sept. 18.–At Colchester, Lady Catherine, relictol Robt. Wright, of the Royal Artillery. Sir J. Marsh, of Reading.

At Copenhagen, aged 94, M. Rothe, father of the 19. At the cottage of his friend, Mr. Hill, at Chel. bookselling trade in Denmark,






.... 633

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Notes from the Portfolio of a late

Opium EATER.
The FanARIOTES of Constan-

FalsiFICATIONS of the His.


... 625 REVIEW :-Errors of Ecstasie.. 571

To an Old Oak.....


'John LACY




Woman never vext..


Drury Lane :-
Der Freischütz...


Children in the Wood

648 TINE, and other Poets of the mo. dern French School, with Trans


culture, Commerce

649 In my Bower so bright


GREAT BRITAIN for the last Six
Park in the 17th Century..

Months ....

657 Fair Annie of Lochroyan

607 Literary Intelligence, and List of Books
published .

The French School of Paint.

Ecclesiastical Preferments ....

... 555 ING

611 | Births, Marriages, and Deaths. ..553, 556

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