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record it. We have allied ourselves the amount of 8,000,0001. without with Wassaws and Fantees, and all any mention of the Cortes, or stipusorts of savages-we have lost some lation for their re-payment! We can brave men, and exposed many others; scarcely give any credit to this reand even the remnant are still in a port: though money and wisdom do precarious and perilous situation, and not proverbially keep company, we all for what? We are yet to learn can scarcely fancy a being on two the advantage either political or com- legs ideotic enough to advance a mercial. As to military glory, ours guinea upon such security. can scarcely be increased by an The American papers are still Ashantee triumph; and, in a religious filled with the triumphant progress of point of view, we much fear that our La Fayette through the United States. missionaries will not soon outnumber All classes rival each other in the with black Christians the white ones expression of their homage. On his we have lost there.

return from Portsmouth to Boston, Advices have been received from he received a notice from the bank of India giving a detail of the Burmese that town that 20,000 dollars lay war, in which we have hitherto been there to his credit—who the patriotic uniformly successful. The Burmese donor was cannot be discovered. On have, after some feeble resistance, the 20th of July he visited the field lost the town of Rangoon, a place of battle at Bunker's Hill, and made which is represented to be of some the following reply to a deputation importance ; they seem ill qualified who addressed him on behalf of the to offer any successful opposition to people of Charlestown. the skill and discipline of European found reverence, Sir, I tread this troops. Their king, however, is said holy ground, where the blood of to be determined upon warfare, and American patriots—the blood of to have placed under the command of Warren and his companions, early one of his generals a force of 30,000 and gloriously spilled, aroused the men. It is gratifying to be enabled energy of three millions, and secured to state, that seven of our own coun- the happiness of ten millions, and of trymen, besides several others, were many other millions of men in times rescued from immediate death by our to come. That blood has called both success at Rangoon, in the fort of American Continents to Republican which place they were found heavily independence; and has awakened the ironed, doomed to certain execution. nations of Europe to a sense, and in The details of the various skirmishes future I hope to the practice, of their would occupy much space, and pos- rights. Such have been the effects sess no general interest ; the results, of resistance to oppression, which however, were uniformly in our fa- was, by many pretended wise men of vour, and, indeed, likely to continue the times called rashness, while it

was duty, virtue, and has been a By the accounts from Spain, we signal for the emancipation of manlearn that that unfortunate country is kind.” The merit of these few words still in the disastrous situation which is not their eloquence but their truth; might be expected. The French, it and to those who laugh at liberty as is confidently said, are, in pursuance a sounding name—to those also who of their treaty, about to withdraw a maintain, as we have heard an Engą great majority of their forces in the lish minister do lately, that a national ensuing January, when it is far from debt is a national advantage, and, of improbable that a general re-action course, that all the taxes which folmay really commence. The man low are so many cheap benefits—to must have taken but a superficial those who call all argument mere view of human nature, who can sup- declamation, and indulge in their sarpose the people of the Peninsula casm upon figures of speech, we really satisfied with the sway of a cannot do better than appeal in their king, who, in addition to his own own style to figures of arithmetic, misdeeds, has subjected them to the and therefore for their exclusive beinsults of a foreign domination. Let- nefit we subjoin, without a comment, ters from Paris state that Ferdinand the New York Market List of the had negociated a loan in that city to 31st of July, requesting our readers

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to lay alongside of it the London trouble of putting forth what they Prices Current of the same date- call declarations of their principles; « we guess,

as our friend Jonathan the way in which these declarations Doubikins would say, “ that they have been received by the public, will find a pretty damned particular proves the trouble to have been very considerable difference.” West India unnecessary. In truth, the Whigs coffee, 7d. to 9d. per lb. Hyson tea, have long ceased to enjoy any consi4s. to 4s. 7d. per lb. Bohea, 1s. 4d. deration as a party-without the per lb. Gunpowder tea, 5s. to 55. 7d. talent of many who are opposed to per lb. Souchong, 2s. 1d. to 2s. 11d. them, there seems to be little other per lb. Raw sugar, 4d. to 44d. per difference than the want of office. Ib. English salt, 25. per bushel. Any one who has observed those who Port wine, 3s. 8d. to 98. 6d. per gals style themselves Whigs latterly, canlon. Madeira, 8s. 6d. to 14s. per not avoid seeing that they are merely gallon. Sherry, 6s. 3d. to 6s. 6d. per Tories out of place, without the can gallon. Claret, 15s. to 16s. per dour to acknowledge the appellation. dozen. Bourdeaux brandy, 3s. 10d. The accounts of the revenue for to 4s. per gallon.' Hollands gin, the quarter ending the 10th of Octo3s. 6d. to 3s. 11d. per gallon. Ja- ber, exhibit an increase of 64,0001. maica rum, 3s. 4d. to 3s. 10d. per beyond the corresponding quarter of gallon. Whiskey, 1s. Id. to ls. 2d. last year. The revenue of the Postper gallon !! Add to this list, the Office has also increased nearly high price of labour and the rapid 100,0001. on the year's calculation; progress which the country is making, and there has been in the Excise Deand, we think, the man must be a partment an increase for the quarter little fastidious who will not be con- of 270,000l. On the entire year, howtent to acknowledge them to be a ever, there seems to be some slight very sufficient balance against the falling off, but not to the amount of disadvantages of which we hear so the remission of the taxes. much, and which are inseparable A Mining Company to a very confrom every infant nation. In time siderable extent has been formed in too, a change of system may per- Ireland, in which speculation many chance give them the luxury of a na- English capitalists have embarked. tional debt.

They have commenced with much Our domestic intelligence is, as activity, and have published a declausual during the Parliamentary re- ration that they will, upon applicacess, extremely limited. A report tion, survey gratis estates supposed had been very prevalent for some to contain coal, if the proprietors weeks past, that Parliament was to will agree to lease, upon satisfactory be assembled before Christmas to terms, such royalties as may be disfinish some of the current business of covered. The list of the Directors the year, and then to be finally pro- published contains many very rerogued previous to a dissolution. A spectable names, and there is no Cabinet Council has, however, been doubt that the mineral wealth of Ireheld upon the subject, the conse- land is abundant. Indeed, the emquence of which has been the fur- ployment in that country of the overther prorogation of the Houses to the plus of the dormant capital of this, 6th of January; we observe the would, we are convinced, not only Gazette does not add that they are change the face of Ireland into a to meet then 'for the dispatch of state of happiness and industry, but business,' a phrase generally used in prove a source of considerable profit the notice previous to their actually to the adventurers themselves. How assembling, so that it is possible much more patriotic, and much more there may be a still further proroga- advantageous also, would such spetion. All accounts, however, agree culation be, than the mad adventures in stating, that the following will be in Spanish and Poyais Loans! and the last Session of the present Parlia- how much more beneficially would ment, and a canvass has already the infatuated peasantry of that commenced in many places.

country be employed in thus explorSome Whig Clubs in Cheshire, ing the treasures nature has conferred and in the North, have taken the on them, than in listening to the

ravings of bigotry, or seconding the lessened, a still stronger impetus has been selfish calculations of a hollow fac- given to the market. In all probability," tion! There are now returns from a the farmers, urged by the rise, will thrash census taken in 1821, and now in the largely, glut the market, and the price will lation of that country, from which the

ports will be opened in November, if progress of publication, of the popu- again fall to its ordinary level.

There is some reason to apprehend that we have made the following sum

the farmers do not send some considerable mary. In Leinster there are 1,785,763 quantity of barley into the market. Orders inhabitants; in Munster, 2,005,363 ; are said to have been already transmitted in Ulster, 2,001,095; in Connaught, for immediate purchases to a large extent 1,053,918; making a total of 6,846,949. in Germany, Prussia, and Silesia.

We are sorry to announce the It is a fact worthy of note, that notwithdeath of Mr. Sadler, jun. the aeronaut; standing the duty of six shillings per quar. he was killed in a balloon descent, in ter on Foreign oats, the importation beconsequence of the breaking of his tween the 21st of August, when the ports grappling iron. It was his thirty- 1824, has been 42,000 quarters more from

were first opened, and the ad of October, second ascent. The deceased was a very meritorious man, and has left dassoa than in 1820, when no duty was in

the ports between the Eider and the Bia wife and family so unprovided for existence. The whole amount of the imas to render them the objects of a portation, including 80,000 quarters in public subscription. It is proceeding granary, has amounted to 332,220 quarters, liberally.

and if to this are added the same number of quarters as were imported in six weeks

in 1820 (144,000 quarters) it will appear AGRICULTURE.

that nearly 500,000 quarters will have The reports from the different counties been thrown on the British market at the are as various as they are numerous, par- end of that period. This vast importation ticularly as regards the productiveness of has not been apparently productive of any the wheat crop. It however appears, from very great evil to the agriculturists, since the their general tenour, that it is about an demand has been so incessant that almost average crop, although purhaps the qua- the entire quantity brought into the market lity is not first-rate. Barley is below an has been sold. Whether this demand has average, and the oat crop is thin. In been created by the supposition that the price Lincolnshire, one of the great oat counties, of oats will advance, or whether by absothe greater part of the crop is still lying lute consumption, it is impossible to say. on the ground, much of it rotted from the The average arrivals are

of wheat immense quantity of rain, and most of it 6459, barley 1411, oats 28147, flour 7274, injured irretrievably. Barley just previous fine flour 275 barrels. to harvest, when some judgment could be The average price ending Oct. 9, for formed of the crop, rose considerably in wheat 578. 3d., barley 358. 7d., oats consequence of the belief that the demand 208. 3d. Flour has risen 108. per sack. would be large, the merchants' stocks be- The turnip crop still remains as promising very short, and from the appearance of ing as at the first part of the season, and a thin crop. A larger quantity has since grass being also plentiful has created everybeen poured into the market, and by thus where a demand for stock. The late wet meetin the immediate demand has in weather has much injured the clover seed, some degree lowered its value. The rise particularly in Norfolk and Suffolk. in wheat has been a source of surprise, Hop pieking is finished, and the growth there is some reason to believe, among the has fully answered the expectations of the millers, who very generally expected that most experienced judges. At Worcester it would be much lower after harvest. They fair, 1319 pockets of new, and 7 of old therefore manifested a proportionate re. hops were weighed, and 2500 in the marluctance to purchase. The consequence ket. They fetched from 61. 6s. to 77. 128. has been, that their stocks are at an exceed- At Wey-hill fair, 7000 pockets were ingly low ebb. In the meanwhile, corn, brought to market, the Farnhams were instead of falling, has first gently, and since bought at from 101. to 121., country from 81. rapidly, advanced. The millers having an to 101. At Maidstone, bags were sold at immense influx of water, and a large dee from 41. 10s. to 51.58. per cwt. and pockets mand, began to show more eagerness to at from 51. to 67. buy. This anxiety on their part has The supply of beasts has been unusually caused a further advance. The farmers large, and the trade very brisk. Mutton being now too much occupied in sowing, is sold at 48. 6d., and beef at 45. 2d. per have sent but comparatively little wheat to stone. At St. Faith's fair, Norfolk, bcef market, and the regular supply being thus was sold as high as 6s. 2d. per stone.



at 26s. 6d. and no parcels to any extent

could be purchased under 27s. (London, Oct. 20.)

The refined market yesterday forenoon Cotton. The market has been any thing evinced some disposition towards an improvebat brisk for this month past, only during ment; the grocers appear to be more inthe last week the favourable accounts from clined to buy, and the low goods are also Liverpool caused more firmness, and rather in more demand, and generally looking higher prices were in some instances asked, more firm ; Molasses are 27s. especially for good Surats, which have been In foreign sugars no purchases to any most in request ; but not above 1100 bales extent were reported. have been sold, viz. 200 Bengals, 5d. to 6d. ; By public sale, 48 chests Pernambuco 600 Surats, 5d. to 64d. ; 30 Madras, 6d. sugar, grey 278. white 30s. to 6d. ; 260 Pernams. The sale of cot- Coffee. The market for these last four ton at the India House at the latter end of weeks has been uniformly reported heavy, September, 16,486 bales declared, was very and the prices declining. On Friday, last unfavourable. All the Company's, amount week, the request appeared in some mea. ing to 2369 bales, taxed at 5d. per lb. were sure to revive, and the ordinary descriprefused; and the greater part of the licensed tions of Jamaica, which have lately been was also bought in, for account of the pro- so depressed, sold more freely, and at raprietors, but rather above the previous mar- ther better prices ; in the other descriptions ket currency. The Surats being almost all there was no alteration ; St. Domingo 598. of inferior quality, and unsuitable either to 60s.; Brazil 56s. to 58s. for export or home consumption, there ap- The public sale this forenoon consisted peared no disposition to purchase them; of 27 casks Jamaica, and 1035 bags and, with the exception of about 1000 Foreign; ordinary Jamaica 54s. to 568. ; bales of the better descriptions, which sold the quantity was too small to afford a cri. briskly at an advance of fd. to Id. on pre- terion of the market; the Foreign consisted vious rates, the whole were bought in at a of good ordinary Brazil 56s. to 575.; ordi. reduction of d. to fd, per lb. For the nary to good ordinary St. Domingo 586. Madras there were no buyers, and only a to 598. The Coffee market may be stated part of the Bourbons were disposed of, in the same as last Friday ; Foreign 1s. to some instances ld. per Ib. below the Com. ls. 6d. lower than on Tuesday last; the pany's last sale.

British Plantation descriptions without any At Liverpool, the sales in four weeks variation.

50,250 bags, the arrivals only Spices. There has been a brisk demand 20,196; the sales in the fourth week having for Pimento and Nutmegs; that for Nutbeen nearly 20,000 bags, at improved megs has subsided, and the market is steady prices, of course gave an impulse to the at 3s. 6d. A small parcel of Pimento sold London market.

last week at 9fd, but the nearest price is Sugar.-The market has been heavy 8 d. throughout the last month, except that in Run, Brandy, and Hollands. The inthe second week the demand for refined quiries after Leeward Island Rum continue revived considerably: lumps were 76s. to considerable, the market is in consequence 778. and the demand for foreign sugars im- exceedingly firm, and the prices rather improved : some sales of good white Havan. proving: very few parcels, even of under nah were reported at 39s. and fine yellow proofs, offer under ls. 4d. : the sales are 28s.6d.

chiefly for export, and though they are not The market was very heavy last week; extensive, yet the request has the effect of brown descriptions sold so low as 5ls. and making the holders very firm; all other free browns 5ls. 6d. the good qualities descriptions of Rum are comparatively 60s. and upwards maintained the previous neglected.---The late accounts from France prices, but the market was in a very lan- state the vintage was not concluded, and as guid state, the buyers evincing no dispo- the weather here has been very bad, the sition to purchase to any extent.

Brandy market continues to improve; 2s. 9d. The stock of sugar compared with last is now the nearest quotation for parcels year has rather diminished, and as the de- housed_In Geneva no sales are reported. liveries are rather more considerable lately, Silk. The trade has been very brisk. it was anticipated there would be a brisk The sale at the India House conimenced market this morning; there is certainly an on Monday : the China silks sell from 24. improvement, and the holders are much to 48. per lb. higher than the preceding more firm, but this is not the anticipated sale. briskness; the purchases to-day are esti- Oils. The news from Davis' Straits mated at 1000 casks.

being by no means favourable, though we The demand for refined subsided last have nothing of a very late date, the pur. week, and though no reduction in the chases by the trade have been considerable, prices could be stated, yet the market was and lately the speculators have paid great exceedingly heavy.--Molasses were brisk attention to Whale Oil, as likely to advance


very materially; several parcels of Green- evinced every appearance of an improve-
land Oil have been sold at 261. but there ment; the last prices of Tallow of 1823
are now few or no sellers under 271. 105. was 34s. 6d. and of new 35s. but we be-
The accounts from the outports all mention a lieve to-day there are buyers at both prices.
great rise : at Hull the price is quoted 261.; - In Flax there is little variation.--Hemp
in Scotland the general quotation is about is higher. The price of Tallow at half past
301. Two cargoes of Spermaceti have four o'clock, 358, 6d.
lately been sold to the trade at 421. Rape Indigo.- The Company's sale, which
Oil is 21. per tun higher, and very brisk at commenced on Tuesday 19, went off with
the improvement.

spirit at an advance of 3d. to 6d. per lb. Hemp, Flax, and Tallow.. The great on the fine and good, and of 6d. to 9d. on advance in Oils has tended to improve the the middling qualities, as compared with the Tallow market, which even previously July sale.

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The following works are in the press :- at the late Fire at Mr. Moyes's, will be but

Walladmor : “freely translated from the little delayed by the Accident, the Pub. English of Walter Scott ;" translated from lisher having made arrangements for the the German,

re-printing the Sheets destroyed, at the Picturesque Views of the principal Mo- same time that the other part of the Work numents in the Cemetery of Père la Chaise, is going on. near Paris ; also a correct View of the Pa- The Rev. Mr. Fry's History of the raclète, erected by Abelard ; with concise Christian Church, which was nearly ready descriptive Notices. Drawn by John Tho- for publication, and which was destroyed at mas Serres, Marine Painter to his Majesty. Mr. Moyes's late Fire, is again at press, Atlas 4to. 10 Plates.

and will shortly make its appearance. A Hebrew and English Psalter, with A Course of Sermons for the Year; con. Notes., Critical, Philological, and Illustra- taining two for each Sunday, and one for tive, and a brief Analysis of each Psalm. each Holiday ; abridged from eminent Di. By W. Greenfield.

vines of the Established Church, and Travels among the Arab Tribes inha. adapted to the Service of the Day. By the biting the Countries East of Syria and Pa. Rev. J. R. Pitman. lestine. By James Buckingham.

New Landlord's Tales. In 2 Vols.
Theodric, a Domestic Tale. By Thomas A Second Series of Sayings and Doings.
Campbell, Esq.

Don Esteban, or Memoirs of a Spaniard,
The Historical Works of Sir James written by Himself. In 3 Vols.
Balfour of Kinnaird, Lord Lyon King at An Historical Inquiry into the principal
Arms to Charles the First and Second. Circumstances and Events relative to the
From the Original, and hitherto unpub- late Emperor Napoleon.
lished Manuscripts, preserved in the Li- Urania's Mirror, or a View of the Hea-
brary of the Honourable the Faculty of vens, consisting of 32 large Cards, on
Advocates. In 4 Vols. 8vo.

which are represented all the Constella-
Memoirs of the Life of J. P. Kemble, tions visible in the British Empire. Ac-
Esq. including a History of the Stage, companied with a familiar Treatise on As-
from the Time of Garrick to the present tronomy. By J. Aspin.
Period. By J. Boader. In 2 Vols. 8vo. Le Nouveau Tableau de Londres de

Queen Hynde, an Epic Poem. By Leigh, ou Guide de l'Etranger dans la CaJames Hogg.

pitale de l'Angleterre. Illustrations of Lying in all its Branches. James Duncan's (late Ogle, Duncan, By Mrs. Opie.

and Co.) Catalogue of Books. Part II. The Last Moments of Napoleon. By Containing a most extensive Collection on Dr. Antommarchi. 2 Vols. 8vo.

Theology, English and Foreign, Oriental Recollections of Foreign Travels, or Life, Manuscripts, &c. at unusually low prices, Literature, and Self Knowledge. By Sir in consequence of James Duncan retiring E. Brydges, Bart.

from this branch of the business. An Original System of Cookery and Time's Telescope for the Year 1825. Confectionery, embracing all the Varieties An Explanatory Dictionary of the Apof English and Foreign Practice, with nu. paratus and Instruments employed in the merous illustrative Plates.

various Operations of Philosophical and Revelations of the Dead Alive, from the Experimental Chemistry, with 17 Plates. Pen of a successful Dramatic Writer. By a Practical Chemist.

The Cambrian Plutarch, or Lives of the Tales of Irish Life, with Engravings, most Eminent Welchmen. By J. H. Parry. from Designs by George Cruikshank.

The Gaelic Dictionary, by Mr. Amm. The Spirit of the Age, or Contemporary strong, that was announced to be published Portraits. One Vol. 8vo. by Subscription, and which was destroyed The Opinion of the Catholic Church,

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