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pest, has, among many other gentlemen, published his opinions upon Mr. Sutton's

July 20, 1824. pamphlet, which, as it respects this insect, In furtherance of the system of commer, is totally at variance with Mr. Sutton's. - cial regulation adopted by the present MiMr. Paul states, that having reared this in. nisters, in our relations with foreign powers, sect, and observed it closely through its treaties on the principle of reciprocity have principal states of existence, he is led to been concluded with Prussia, Hanover, and doubt the probability of so immediate a Hamburg. The formal recognition of the growth into life and vigorous action as Mr. new American States has not yet taken Sutton's progress implies, and the rather place. The appointment of consuls apbecause the fly always begins its ravages on pears to have given great satisfaction at one side of a field, never in the middle, Buenos Ayres, and the appointment of so and pursues its course in a well-defined line eminent a diplomatic character as Mr. from the part whence it sets out, marking Morier to the mission to Mexico appears to its course by the destruction it makes. Mr. authorise the inference, that our Govern. Paul states finally, that he shall endeavour to ment entertains a favourable opinion of the ascertain the habits of the insect; but from prospects of that State, especially as Mr. the above observations he is led to suppose Morier has sailed accompanied by his that it does not deposit its eggs over the whole family and domestic establishment, face of the field, but in some retired spot, which shows that he does not contemplate as hedge-rows, &c.—Mr. Sutton states, that a merely transitory visit. the insect is incapable of Aying from one Cotton.— Till last week the business in Reld to the other. This point is contradicted the cotton market was inconsiderable, but by several agriculturists, who expressly state without any alteration in the prices. Last that they have not only seen them fly, but week there were several public sales of have observed them in gardens, to which cotton, consisting of 666 bales, all in bond, they could not have obtained access with- viz.--163 Bourbons, good to fine 10d. to out flying.--Sulphurmixed with sea-sand at 10% d. per lb. fair 9 d. to 94d. middling the rate of three bushels of sand and three and ordinary 8 d. to 941. which sold on a pounds of sulphur per acre, has been recom- par with the last Company's sale prices ; mended. -Unslacked lime, pulverised, and 286 Boweds and Alabama, good fair 8 d. spread over the plants when the fly is upon fair 8£d. and middling 8d; 88 good fair them, to be sown either night or day, the Orleans 104d. and 65 good fair Berbice former the most preferable, is also men. 10 d. to 10d. per 1b.; the latter were tioned as a remedy. This however has not taken in, and only a part of the American been a season very favourable to Mr. Sut- cottons could find buyers, at a reduction ton's plan, which cannot therefore be said of Ad. per lb. The demand by private to have had a fair experiment.

contract has been principally for Brazil cot. Thetford wool fair was held on the 17th tons; and about 600 bales Pernams have of this month. Much business was trans- been taken for export, and 300 for home acted. The prices were as under:- for Mr. consumption, on lower terms, viz. 10 d. Coke's wool, three-fifths hogget, 568.; the to 10%d. per lb. in bond; beside which Duke of Norfolk's half hogget and half there have been 550 bales of other descripewe, and fat sheep, 52s. Mr. Reeve of tions sold, viz. 200 Bengals, 5d. to 6a.; Wighton offered his two-thirds hogget 100 Surats, 5fd. to 71d; and 250 Madras, wool at 63s., but it was not accepted. Se- 6 d. to 65d. At Liverpool, the sales in veral other bargains were made at 56s. hog- four weeks were 38,350 bags, the arrivals get, and 32s. ewe wool.

61,666 bags. The accounts from the hop plantations Sugar. Though the arrivals have been are much more promising. The plants are very extensive, and the show of new Mus. recovering from their weakness upon the dry covades considerable, but little business has soils, but upon the stiff lands their appear- been done; the buyers, anticipating lower ance is not so promising. The crop will be prices, have held back; but the sellers have thin. The duty has been stated as high as not shown a disposition to consent to any 135,0001. There is but little business reduction. The market this morning was doing.

plentifully supplied with new sugars, as d, The average arrivals have been---- wheat as the trade and refiners have purchased 5999 quarters; barley 748 quarters; oats lately very small parcels for immediate use, 19,004 quarters; common flour 7439 sacks; in the anticipation of these arrivals, it was fine flour 691 barrels.

fully expected they would come forward The average prices are, for wheat 615.3d.; and purchase extensively, as the prices are barley 333.9d.; oats 27s.6d. ; Rye 10s.5d. ; so very low; contrary to general expectabeans 38x. 9d. ; peas 39s. 6d.

tion, however, there has been little busiIn Smithfield both beef and mutton are ness done, though the buyers were at market heavy sale in consequence of the heat. The at an early hour this morning. There is former sells at 3s. 8d. to 4s, 4d., and the lat- Ito alteration in the prices. The public ter fetches from 3s.6d. to 1s. 1d. per stonc. sale of Barbadoes sugar this forenoon, 162 casks, went off freely at full prices, considerably under their value.-But little 57s. to 66s. 6d.; the fine sold a shade higher alteration since the sale. than the late currency. The refined market Tea.-We have only to remark a great last week was exceedingly heavy, and demand for Pekoes, which have advanced lower prices were submitted to for every 2d. per lb. since last sale. description of goods, except low lumps, Oils. There are no accounts received which were scarce and in demand ; pa- respecting the fisheries. Greenland, to artent goods were particularly heavy ; crushed rive, continues nominally at 211. 108. was sold at prices 1s. to 28. lower.-Mo- The market is heavy. lasses 25s. The supplies of low lumps are Spices.-- There is a good demand for still inconsiderable, but there is not so cinnamon, pimento, and pepper. No al. much demand this forenoon; the market teration in other spices. is without variation as to the prices.--- Hemp, Flax, and Tallow.—The de. Molasses 258. to 258. 6d. In foreign su- mand for tallow continues very limited, and gars the only purchases lately reported are yellow candle tallow may be stated very middling white Brazils at 325. to 33s. heavy at 34s. 3d. for parcels here; for ar

Coffee. The market, which was rather rival the prices are a shade lower ; August heavy at the close of last month, has since and September shipments 36s. to 35s. 9d. considerably improved. The prices of the free on board 298.-In Flax or Hemp middling and finer descriptions have ad- there is little variation ; the latter for July vanced. The ordinary and foreign, with and August shipments offers at 35l. 108. out so great an increase in price, have ex- Rum, Brandy, and Hollands.The perienced a very great augmentation in the old landed rums, having lately been pressdemand. The market this forenoon has ed on the market at very low prices, inassumed a decided appearance of an im- duces the exporters to pay much attention provement; there were three public sales to run for shipments; many rather extenbrought forward, the whole went off with sive parcels continue to be selected, and the uncommon briskness, ať a general ad export weekly continues extensive ; from vance of 1s. to 2s. per cwt. particularly the quantity, however, offering there has ordinary British plantation and foreign been no improvement in the prices; low coffee; good ordinary Jamaica sold 60s. to Leewards on board 18. 4d. and in some in61s.; fine ordinary 63s. to 658.; St. Do- stances extensive parcels could be purmingo fair quality 60s. to 618.; La Guayra chased a shade lower; no alteration can be fine ordinary 61s. to 61s. 60. good ordi- stated in the general currency.--The aca nary 58s. to 59s.; fine middling Jamaica counts of the appearance of the vines in at 97s. to 101s. in considerable parcels. France continue unfavourable ; but, from

Indigo. The East India sale of 2772 the great change in the weather here and chests commenced heavily, but ended with the heat, it is expected the next advices great spirit. Prices varied from last sale, will be more flattering. The market in to an advance of 4d. to 6d. per lb. and in the mean time remains heavy, but the prices some instances to 9d. 1000 chests were are supported; free on board to arrive withdrawn by the proprietors. The Com. 25. 7d.— In Geneva there is no alteration. · pany's 729 chests sold freely, being taxed


The following works are in the press :- ing to which such operations have usually

Richmond and its Vicinity, with a Glance been conducted in India, and a statement at Twickenham, Strawberry-hilland Hamp- of the improvements that appear necessary, ton-court. By the Rev. Dr. Evans, of by Edward Lake, Ensign of the Hon. Islington.

East-India Company's Madras Engineers. The Marquis de Salvo's Works upon With an Atlas of Explanatory Plates. the late Revolutions in Europe.

A Life of Law of Lauriston, Projector Christian Truth, in a Series of Letters, of the Mississippi Scheme. By J. P. on the Trinity, the Atonement, Regenera. Wood. tion, Predestination, and on the indifference The Mechanic's Oracle, or Artisan's to Religion. - By the Rev. Mr. Powlett. complete Laboratory and Workshop.

Bibliotheca Biblica, a Select List of Books A Description of the Genus Pinus, on Sacred Literature; with notices Bio. Vol. II, by Mr. Lambert, Vice President graphical, Critical, and Bibliographical of the Linnæan Society. By William Orme, Author of the ** Life Alice Allan ; the Country Town, and of John Owen, DD.”

other Tales. By Alex. Wilson. Post 8vo. Journals of the Sieges of the Madras Stanmore; or, the Monk and the Mer. Army, in the years 1817, 1818, and 1819, chant's Widow. A Novel. In' 3 Vols. with Observations on the System, accord- 12mo.

The History of Italy, from the Fall of lians at the Commencement of the Ninethe Western Empire to the Extinction of teenth Century. 3 Vols. 12mo. the Venetian Republic. By George Per- A Dictionary of Quotations from the ceval, Esq. In 2 Vols. 8vo.

British Poets. In Three Parts—Part III. A Statistical Account of New South By the Author of the “ Peerage and BaWales and Van Dieman's Land. The ronetage Charts," &c. &c. 12mo. Third Edition. By W. C. Wentworth, The Travels of General Baron Minutoli Esq. In 2 Vols. 8vo.

in Lybia and Upper Egypt, with Plates The Hermit in Italy; or, Observations and Maps in Octavo. on the Manners and Customs of the Ita


Selections from Horace, with English Olympia, or Topography Illustrative of Notes. Part I. 4s. 6d. the Actual State of the Plain of Olympia

Novels and Talcs. and of the Ruins of the City of Elis. By Caroline and Zelite ; or Transatlantic John Spencer Stanhope, Esq. FRS. imp. Tales. By Anna White Smith. Foolsfol. with fine Plates, 41. 48.


8vo. 48. Principles of Design in Architecture. By Tales from afar, By a Clergyman. 12mo. Wm. Mitford, Esq. 8vo. 78.

4s. 6d. History and Biography.

Theresa Marchmont; or the Maid of The Lives of Dr. John Donne, Sir H.

Honour: a Tale. By Mrs. Charles Gore. Wotton, Mr. R. Hooker, Mr. G. Herbert, Foolscap. 38. 6d. and Dr. R. Sanderson. By Isaac Walton.

Poetry and the Drama. A new Edition. I Vol. 8vo. 68. 6d.

The Remains of Robert Bloomfield, pubRoyal Naval Biography. By John lished for the exclusive benefit of the Fa. Marshall, Lieutenant in the Royal Navy. mily. 2 vols. 12mo. 12s. Vol. II. Part 1. 8vo. 158.

Leuella, a Poetical Tale; and Miscel. Medicine and Surgery.

laneous Poems. By Richard Mathews.

1 Vol. 12mo. 38. Gd. General Index to the Edinburgh Medi. cal Journal for the first 19 Vols. 8vo. 16s.

The Old English Drama. No. III,

containing the Ball, a Comedy, 1639, by Miscellaneous.

G. Chapman and J. Shirley—and No. IV, Flora Historica, or the Three Seasons of containing Heywood's Rape of Lucrece, a the British Parterre. By Henry Phillips, Tragedy. 8vo. 2s. 6d. each—fine Paper, 4s. FHS. 2 Vols. 8vo. 1l. 48.

The Improvisatrice, and other Poeins. Encephalology, or a very brief Sketch of By L. E. L. 12mo. 108. Od. Dr. Hernschadel's Ologies of the Cranion

Theology: and Phren, perfected by Rationals. Fools

Five Sermons on the Errors of the Rocap 8vo. 58.

man Catholic Church; preached in St. PeEssay on the Beneficial Direction of ter's Church, Dublin. By the Rev. Charles Rural Expenditure. By R. A. Slaney, Robert Maturin. 8vo. 58. Esq. 12mo. 6s. 6d.

Robertson Clavis Pentateuchi. New The Private Memoirs and Confessions Edition, edited by Joseph Kinghorn. 8vo. of a Justified Sinner, written by Himself.

Il. lls. 6d. 8vo. 10s. 6d. North’s Discourse on the Laws of Eng. Young Divine. 1 Vol. 8vo. 78.

The Clerical Portrait. A Study for the land, with Notes, Life, and Portrait. Small 8vo. 6s. 6d.

Voyages and Travels. The Butterfly Collector's Vade-Mecum, The Highlands and Western Isles of or a Synoptical Table of English Butter. Scotland, containing. Descriptions of their flies, dedicated to the Rev. Wm. Kirby, Scenery and Antiquities, with an Account AM. FRS. and FLS. 18mo. with two of the Political History, and Ancient coloured Plates. 58.

Manners, and of the Origin, Language, Herculanensium Voluminum Pars Agriculture, Economy, Music, Present Prima. Royal 8vo. 17. 58. 6d.

Condition of the People, &c.-founded on Original Letters, illustrative of English a Series of Annual Journeys, between History, from the British Museum. By the Yenrs 1811 and 1821 ; and forming Henry Ellis, FRS. &c. 3 Vols. 8vo. an Universal Guide to that Country: in 12. 16s.

Letters to Sir Walter Scott, Bart. By Letters on the Character and Poetical John Macculloch, MD, FRS. LS. GS. Genius of Lord Byron. By Sir Egerton 4 Vols. 8vo. 31. 38. Brydges, Bart. Post 8vo. Is.

An Excursion through the United States Elements of Vocal Science. By R. M. and Canada, in 1822-1823. By an EngBacon, Esq. Post 8vo. 10s. 6d.

lish Gentleman. 8vo. 165.

A Voyage to Cochin China. By John The South Sea Islands ; a Description White. 8vo. 10s. Cd.

of the Manners, Customs, &c. of their InTravels in various Countries of Europe, habitants. 2 Vols. 18mo. with coloured Asia, and Africa. By E. D. Clarke, LLD. Plates. 12s. Vols. 9, 10, 11, 8vo. 21. 8s.

Sketches of the History, Manners, and Venice under the Yoke of France and of Customs of the North American Indians. Austria. By a Lady of Rank. 2 Vols. By James Buchanan, Esq. 8vo. 10s. Od. 8vo. 11. ls.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. The Rev. Henry Law, son of the Bishop of Bath Bishop of Ely has appointed his eldest son, the and Wells, to the Archdeaconry of Richmond, in Rev. John Henry Sparke, Prebendary of Ely, the diocese of Chester; and to the Rectory of Rector of Cottenham, &c. Chancellor of Ely, vice West Camell, in the diocese of Bath and Wells. the late Dr. Compton.-The Hon. and Rev. Mr. -The Dean and Chapter of Christ Church, Can- King, to the Rectory of Chesterford, Essex, vacant terbury, have appointed the Rev. George Parry by the promotion of Dr. Blomfield to the Sce of Marriot, Vicar of Eynesford, in that county, and Chester.The Rev. Leonard Jenyns, to the PerRector of Haseleigh, in the county of Essex, a petual Curacy of West Dereham, Norfolk.-The Minor Canon of that Cathedral, void by the death Rev. James Holmes, MA. Rector of Colesborne, to of the Rev. J. Ford. - The Rev. Henry Taylor, of the Perpetual Curacy of Compton Abdale, GloucesKensington, and late of Lincoln College, Oxford, tershire. - The Rev. Mr. Gale, Vicar of Taunton St. to the Rectory of Stoke, near Grantham, Lincoln James, vice the Rev. J. Townsend, deceased, shire.The Rev. Albert Jones, BA. of St. John's OXFORD, June 26.-The number of Gentlemen College, Oxford, appointed, by the Dean and to whom testimoniums for Degrees were granted, Chapter of Hereford, second Master of the Cathe- bat who were not admitted into either of the dral School, in the place of the Rev. William Classes, amounted to 138. Cooke, MA. of New College, resigned.--The Rev. Doctor in Divinity:-The Rev. James Ingram, R. Moore, BA, to the Rectory of Cley next the President of Trinity College. Sea, Norfolk.-The Rev. H. Stebbing, BA, to the CAMBRIDGE.-Sir W. Browne's Gold Medals Perpetual Curacy of Ilkets-hall, St. Laurence, have been adjudged as follows: Norfolk.-The Rev. Thomas Rogers, MA. late The Greek Ode to Benjamin Hall Kennedy, St. Fellow of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, John's College. Subject :elected Head Master of the Free Grammar School, at Walsall.-The King has been pleased to nomi.

Ω παιδες Ελληνων ιτε
nate the Rev. Christopher Lipscomb, DD. to the Ελευθερουτε πατριδ', ελεθερουτε δε
Bishopric of Jamaica; and the Rev. William
Hart Coleridge, DD, to the Bishopric of Barba-

Παιδας, γυναικας-νυν υπερ παντων αγων. does and the Leeward Islands.-The Bishop of

Latin Ode. Ossory has collated the Rev. Richard Cooke to the Subject :- Aleppo Urbs Syriæ terræ motu fundiUnion of Thomas-town, in his Lordship's gift, tus eversa.-To Benjamin Hall Kennedy, St. vacant by the death of the Rev. Alex. Hamilton.- John's College. The Rev. Owen Marden, of Earnley, Chichester,

Epigrams. to the Rectory of Tuesthorpe, Lincolnshire; va- Subject :-Scribimus indocti doctique. To cant by the death of the Rev. Jonathan Righly- Winthrop Mackworth Praed, Trinity College. Rev. R. Empson, BA. of St. John's College, Cam- The Porson Prize for the best translation of a bridge, to the Perpetual Curacy of West Butter- passage from Shakspeare into Greek

verse, wick, Lincolnshire.- Rev. Francis Metcalf, MA. was adjadged to Benjamin Hall Kennedy, of Rector of Kirkbride, Cambridgeshire, to the Vi. St. John's College. Subject, Merchant of Venice, carage of Rigton, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, Act IV, Scene 1, beginning with "Portia-Of a vacant by the resignation of the Rev.John Strick strange nature is the suit you follow."-And endland.-Rev. William Logie, to the Church and ing with “ Shylock-The penalty and torfeit of Parish of Kirkwall and St. Olay, in the Presby

my bond.” tery of Kirkwall and county of Orkney, void by the WINCHESTER COLLEGE, July 15. - - The death of the Rev. Mr. Yale. --The Rev.S. Browne, Prizes were distributed as follows: Minor Canon of Rochester, presented by the Dean

Gold Medals. and Chapter to the Rectory of Kingsdown, in Wordsworth.-“The vast and unlimited ReKent, vacant by the death of the late Dr. Strahan. gions of Learning should be frequently contem-The Rev. W. Wilson, DD. Fellow of Queen's plated."- English Essay. College, to the Rectory of Oakley, Hants, and also Fisher.-"Delphis oracula cessant."to the Vicarage of St. Cross, in Southampton.

Latin Verse. The Rev. H. Donne, Vicar of Cranborne, Dorset,

Silver Medals. and ector of pscombe, Wilts, to be Domestic Grant.--"E primâ Ciceronis in Catilinam oraChaplain to the Dowager Marchioness of Salis. tione." bury. - The Bishop of Chester has appointed the Stackpoole. From Demosthenes on the Kev. James Blomfield, of Emmanuel College, Crown." Cambridge, one of his Domestic Chaplains. The

51. At South Villa, Regent's Park, the lady of W.

H. Cooper, Esq. a son. 16. At Snaresbrook, Essex, the lady of Geo. Blair

Hall, Esq. a son.

Jane 19.-The lady of the Rev. Dr. Russell, of the

Charter-house, a son.
- Lately, the lady of Swynfen Jervis, Esq. of

Swinnerton Park, a son. 23. The lady of Sir Frederick Baker, a daughter. July 7.-In Russell-square, the lady of Isaac

Walker, Esq. a daughter. 11. In Upper Grosvenor-street, the lady of G: R.

Dawson, Esq. MP, a son. - Al Clifton, the lady of Andrew Doran, Esq. of

the island of Madeira, a son. 12. In York-street, Portman-square, the lady of

Thos. Mitchell Smith, Esq. a son. 13. In Queen-square, the lady of A. H. Lynch,

Esq. a daughter. 15. At Hackney, the lady of John Bowring, Esq.

a son.

June 22.-The Hon. Hugh Francis Manners Tol-

lemache, fourth son of Lord Huntingtower, to
Matilda. (fifth daughter of Joseph Hume, Esq.
of Montpellier-louse, Notting Hill, Kensing-

ton. 22. Joseph Dixon, Esq. of Hatton Garden, to

Louisa, youngest daughter of Robert Patten,

Esq. of the same place. 23. By Special License, at Orby Hunter's, Esq.

Grosvenor-place, George Wombwell, Esq. eldest son of Sir George Wombwell, Bart. to Georgiana, youngest daughter of Orby Hunter, Esq. of Crowland Abbey, Lincolnshire. The mains were interred with great solemnity on ceremony was performed by the Hon. and Very the 20th, at the Catholic-chapel, Moorfields. Rev. Gerard Wellesley, Dean of St. Paul's; and 21. Al his house, Park-lane, after a lingering the bride was given away by His Royal High. illness, James Peter Auriol, Esq. ness the Duke of York.

The Hon. Gerard Tormour, RN. aged 58, son - At Torre, Devonshire, George Spiller, Esg. 10 of Edward Garth Turuour, late Earl of Winter

Caroline Alicia Elizabeth Drummond Wood. ton, by Anne his first Countess, daughter of gate, piece to Lord Kilcoursie.

Thomas, late Lord Archer. 24. At St. James's Church, Hugh Mallett, Esq. 24. At an advanced age, Mr. Wilson Lowry. This

of Ash House, Devonshiré, to Caroline, eldest eminent artist effected very considerable imdaughter of the Hon. John Coventry, of Burgate- provements in engraving; and more than one house, Hants.

of our modern encyclopædias, and similar works, 26. At Camberwell, John Thomson, Esq. of West- are greatly indebted to him for the many beausquare, to Isabella, only daughter of Dr Glen.

tiful plates of arcbitectural subjects, mechanics, nie, of Dulwich Grove.

&c. with which he enriched them. Besides - At Bath, Capt. James Bradley, RN. second his professional ability Mr. Lowry was well

son of the late Andrew Hawes Bradley, Esq. of versed in many branches of science, particular. Gore Court, Kent, to Caroline, eldesi daughter

ly that of mineralogy. of the late Admiral Western, of Tatlingstone 80. At Winchester, the Rev. Thomas Rennell, Place, Sutfolk.

BD. Vicar of Kensington, and Prebendary of 28. At St. George's Hanover-square, by the Right

South Grantham, Lincolnshire. Hon. and Rev. Lord Brandon, Samuel White bread, Esq. MP. to Julia, daughter of Major.

July 1.-At Walworth, in his 38th year, Tyrell General, the Hon. Henry Brand.

Herbert Henderson, Esq. of the Auditor's Office,

East India House. 29. At Hildersham, Cambridgeshire, Septimus • Barton, Esq. of York Terrace, Regent's Park,

In Duke-street, St. James's, in his 630 year, to Charlotte, youngest daughter of J. C. Middle Major-General Lachlan Macquarie, who had ton, Esq. of Hildersham Hall.

served his country 47 years. On the Ilth his At St. James's Church, Mr James Taylor, of

remains were removed for interment in the Isle Bakewell, to Jane, daughter of the late Mr.

of Mall, on which occasion a number of the Joseph Hunt, of Piccadilly.

carriages of the nobility attended them to the

wharf where they were embarked. July 1.-At Mary-le-bone Church, Geo.J. Butler,

At Aberystwith, William Bensall, MD. aged 43. Esc. to Frances Elizabeth, youngest daughter of 3. In Berkeley-square, in ber 82d year, the Dowa. the late Samuel Gambier, Esq.

ger Countess of Albemarle. 3. At Cambridge, the Rev. Henry George Keene, - At Devizes, after a few hour's illness, John

Fellow of Sidney Sussex College, and Assistant Gale, Esg.
Oriental Professor of the East India College, to 4. In Cavendish sqnare, the Right Hon. the
Anne, third daughter of the late Charles Ap- Countess of Brownlow.
thorpe Wheelwright, Esq. of Highbury.

7. At Leamington, after a few days' illness, Lieut, - At Mary.le-bone Church, the Rev. W. Hicks, Joseph Deane Bourke, 7th Royal Fusileers, son AM. Rector of Whittington and Coberley, Glou- of the Hon. and Very Rev. the Dean of Ossory. certershire, to Amelia Maria, widow of the late - In Bedford square, in his 81st year, Sir George

George Elwes, Esq. of Marsbam Park, Bucks. Wood, Knight, late one of the Barons of the 9. By Special Licence, in Portland Place, the Court of Exchequer. His remains were interred

Right Hon. Lord Garvargh, to Rosabella Char- on the 14th, in the Temple Church, of which Jotte, eldest daughter of Henry Bonham, Esq. society he was a member. The Baron was a MP. for Sandwich.

sound lawyer, and distinguished for his patience 13. By the Hon. and Right Rev. the Bishop of and attention in bis judicial capacity. Lincoln, the Right Hon. Lord De Dunstanville, 8. At Osborne's lote), in the Adelphi, aged 32, to Harriett, daughter of Sir Wm. Lemon, Bart. Tamehamelu, consort of Tamehameha, King of MP. for Cornwall.

the Sandwich Islands. The latter also died on - At St. James's, Clerkenwell, James Taylor, Esq. the 14th, of the same disorder (the measles). of Fornival's loo, to Mary, youngest daughter Their remains have been deposited in a vault in of the late Jesse Alusworth, Esg. of Wicken St. Martin's Church, until they can be conveyed Hall, Lancashire.

home. The King is succeeded by his brother, a By Special Licence, by the Dean of Carlisle, child of about eight years of age. the Hon. and Rev. Henry Edward John Howard, 9. Clara, wife of Charles Gilcbrist, Esq. of Sunyoungest son of the Earl of Carlisle, to Henrietta bury. Elizabeth, daugbter of J. Wright, Esq. of Map- 10. At Glanrheidol, Cardiganshire, George Bonperley, Noits.

sell, Esq. FRS. and FSA. Chairman of the QuarAt Biddenden, Kent, by the Hon. and Rev. ter Sessions for that county.

Dr. Stewart, the Right Hon. Lord George Henry 13. lu Baker-street, Portman square, Sir James Spencer Churchill, third son of tbe Duke of Fitzgerald, who destroyed himself by means of Marlborough, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the a pistol. The unfortunate gentleman, who was Rev. Dr. Nares, Rector of Biddendeu, and niece between 60 and 70 years of age, lingered some to the Duke of Marlborough.

time after the fatal act. He was allied to the 14. At Kneesworth House, Royston, Henry Smith, poble house of Leinster.

Esq. son of Sainuel Smith, Esq. MP. of Wood. 14. At Cheltenham, Octavia, wife of Marmaduke hall Park, Herts, to Lady Lucy Leslie Melville, Constable, Esq. sister of the Earl of Leven and Melville.

15. At Eaton, Salop, the Dowager Lady Tyrwhitt 19. At Ashstead, Surrey, Robert Campbell Scar- Jones.

lett, Esq., eldest son of James Scarlett, Esq. 17. Aged 4 years, Lady Frances Boyle, youngest M.P., to Sarah, youngest daughter of the late daughter of the Earl of Shannon. George Smith, Esq., Chief Justice of the Mau. ritius.

ABROAD. 20. At St. Margaret's, Westminster, Capt. Fane,

At Florence, on the 18th of Jane, Ferdinand III. R.N., (brother to John Fane, Esq. M.P. for Ox. Grand Duke of Tuscany, and brother to the fordshire, and nephew to the Earl of Maccles- Emperor of lustria, aged 55. He is succeeded field), to Miss Flipt, youngest sister of Sir C.

by his son, Leopold II. His Highness was one Flint,

of the greatest book.collectors in Europe.

At sea, on his return from Madeira, Thomas Mar. DEATHS.

tineau, Esg. late Assistant Surgeon at the Nor

folk and Norwich Hospital. June 17.-At Glaston, Kutlandshire, in his 56th At Naples, in his 24th year, John, youngest son

year, the Hon. George Watson, uncle to Lord of William Sturch, Esq. of York Terrace, ReSondes.

gent's Park. 18. Charlotte, relict of the late Rev. Joseph Faw. At Pau, the capital of the Basses Pyrenées, Major

cett, many years lecturer at the Old Jewry Stuart Maxwell, of the Royal Artillery. This chapel.

officer served in several campaigns of the Penio19. Ai Seymour Place, Little Chelsea, Donna snlar war, and commanded a brigade at the batMaria Theresa del Riego y Riego, widow of tle of Vittoria. He was anthor of a pocm ef. General Don Rafael del Riego y kiego. Her re. titled the “Battle of the Bridge."

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