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that had been sown on the last prepared is successful, it will render a bitherto pra land were completely destroyed by the Ay; carious but very important crop in a comwhile, to my great astonishment, those that parative degree perfectly secure. had been sown on the twenty perches of stale fallow remained untouched, and in a prosperous state. Nor were there any

June 22, 1824. traces of the insect to be discovered on the Nothing worthy of particular attention latter ground, except on its edges, which lay has occurred since our last report, except contiguous to the pieces which had been that some uneasiness has been excited by destroyed, and where the fly remained in the passing of a new tariff by the Senate such large numbers, that when I examined at Washington, which, if carried into some cabbage leaves which I had thrown effect, will prove greatly detrimental to the on that part of the ground, they were lite. British merchants ; but the Senate having rally black with the insects which in the made several amendments, which were extremity of hunger had collected upon transmitted to the Representatives, it was them."

thought probable that the bill would be ul. To ascertain the cause of this partial at- timately lost. tack, Mr. Sutton made several experiments, Cotton.—The market has, on the whole, of which this is one :

been rather dull for the last month; the “ I took a quantity of fresh earth and first week in June was the most favourable, put it into a hot oven, till it was thoroughly when about 2000 bags were sold. The baked; I then took a similar quantity of Auctuations both here and at Liverpool fresh earth from the same place; I put have been insignificant. The sales at Liver. both quantities into large pots, and when pool, in four weeks, ending 19th of June, duly moistened I sowed turnip seed in were 43,040 bags; the arrivals 39,270 each, placed them in a good sunny situa- bags. tion, and carefully covered them with glass Sugar.-The demand has, on the lights. In a few days the plants made their whole, been good and steady, especially for appearance, and the following important the good qualities of Muscovades ; last result was the consequence :-the plants week the market was dull, but without a which were contained in the pot of baked reduction of the prices. Numerous arrivals earth had not a single fly upon them, while being looked for the buyers hold back, exthose in the other pot were soon destroyed pecting a better show, and lower prices. by the insect.”

In the refined market there was a conFrom this and other experiments Mr. siderable improvement last week; about Sutton was led to suppose that by allowing 1000 casks crushed were purchased, a great the ground to continue exposed eight of proportion for the Mediterranean ; there ten days to the action of the sun the flies were also parcels of lumps taken for would totally disappear, and then the seed Hambro, and as there was still a scarcity of might be sown in safety. The following goods the prices advanced ls. to 2s.; the is the substance of his directions for the improvement was chiefly in the low and preparation of the land.

middling descriptions ; the fine was little The soil must undergo the usual plough. varied. Molasses were 258. 6d. to 26s. ing and cleaning about a fortnight previous the former the nearest quotation. to sowing. Five or six days afterwards the In the refined market this forenoon the flies will rise, and if the soil be well cleaned purchases of crushed from 33s. to 358. are they will soon perish. The more the land very considerable ; there were also many is ploughed and moved, the more effectual. inquiries for lumps ; none offer under 76s., ly will the fly be destroyed. After the land and so very few are to be purchased even at has lain three or four days, care must be that rate, that several parcels are reported to taken to cut up all the weeds that may be under contract for forward delivery.have grown; for no food must be left for the Molasses remain at last week's prices, flies. In order to ascertain if the fly be de- buyers at 258. 60. stroyed, cabbage leaves must be thrown No purchases of foreign sugars by pri. here and there on the land ; and if there vate contract are reported. be any flies, the leaves will soon be co- Coffee.-The market has been on the vered if no flies should appear, the seed whole steady: may then be sown, but without turning up The public sales last week were conthe land again, as that would bring more siderable, the Jamaica, Demerara, and eggs to the

surface. If the weather should Berbice, went off steadily at the previous be cloudy or wet, a longer period must be prices : the Dominica sold at an advance of allowed for the destruction of the fly; for it 2s. to 3s. per cwt ; St. Domingo declined has been ascertained that these insects are 1s. per cwt. very good quality being sold at able to remain much longer without food in 60s. to 6ls. 6d. cloudy or wet than in warm dry weather. There were three public sales this fore

Such is the substance of the plan ; its poon ; 335 bags St. Domingo sold at preefficacy will now shortly be proved. If it vious prices, good ordinary coloury 615. to bls. 6d. fine ordinary 626. 6d. ; 262 bags the new yellow candle tallow may be quoted from Laguira, fine ordinary 638.; all the 348. to 348. 3d. ; old 338 For July and finer descriptions of coffee sold again at a August shipments 358. 3d. to 35s. 6d. ; further advance of 2s. to 3s. per cwt.; fine free on board 298.-Hemp 351. 55. to ordinary Dominica 72s. to 73s. 6d. ; good 35.. 10s.; and for July and August shipmiddling Jamaica 968. to 978. — Gene- ments 351. 12s. 60.-In flax there is little rally the coffee market is firm, with every alteration to notice ; St. Petersburgh 12prospect of a further improvement. head 431. to 441.—In the Exchange there

Rum, Brandy, and Hollands.-The is no alteration, nine 7-16ths. market remains in a languid and depressed Oils.-Little is doing in fish oils ; the state; the purchases by private contract first intelligence pecting the result of the are quite inconsiderable. By public sale fishery is anxiously expected. last week, 80 puncheons fine Jamaica rum, Ted having declined considerably, great landed in 1823, sold, 36 to 40 O. P. at interest was felt in the India House sale, 28. 2d. to 2s. 3d. average 40 at 28. 4d.- which began on the first of this month. Brandy continues very dull; free on board The Bohea and Congou sold rather lower to arrive 2s. 6d. housed 28. 73.-In Geneva than at the preceding sale ; no alteration there is no alteration to notice.

has since taken place, except that low Hyson Hemp, Flar, and Tullow.—The tallow Skins bear a premium of 1dd. per lb. market continues in a very depressed state ;

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. The following works are in the press :-- The Rev. T. Arnold, MA. late Fellow

Dr. Forbes, of Chichester, will shortly of Oriel College, Oxford, has been for publish a Translation of Avenbrugger, and many years employed in writing a History a Series of Original Cases and Dissections, of Rome from the earliest Times to the illustrating the utility of the Stethoscope Death of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius. and Percussion.

The First Volume, from the Rise of the An Enquiry into the Duties and Per- Roman State to the Formation of the Seplexities of Medical Men as Witnesses in cond Triumvirate, A. U. C. 710; B. C. Courts of Justice: with Cautions, and Di. 44. will soon be published. rections for their Guidance, by J. G. Five Years' Residence in the Canadas, Smith, MD.

including a Tour through the United States A Diagram, Illustrative of the Forman of America in 1823, by E. A. Talbot, Esq. tion of the Human Character, suggested 2 vols. 8vo. by Mr. Owen's Developement of a New A Voyage to Cochin China. By Lieut. View of Society.

White, of the United States Navy. Memoirs of the Rose, Comprising Bota- A Chronological History of the West nical, Poetical, and Miscellaneous Recol. Indies. By Capt. Thomas Southey. In lections of that celebrated Flower, in a 3 vols. 8vo. Series of Letters to a Lady, 1 vol. royal Tales of a Traveller. By the Author of 18mo.

the Sketch Book. Patmos and other Poems, by James The Human Heart. 1 vol. post 8vo. Edmeston, Author of Sacred Lyrics, in One Sylvan Sketches, by the Author of Flora Volume. Published for the Benefit of Domestica. One vol. 8vo. Benevolent Institutions connected with the The Remains of Robert Bloomfield, Churches and Congregations of the Rev. consisting of Unpublished Pieces in Prose H. F. Burder, and of the Rev. F. A. Cox, and Poetry, will be published in a few of Hackney.

days, for the exclusive benefit of his widow.

Fine Arts.

Illustrations of the Historical Romances, Physiognomical Portraits. One Hundred in Six Plates. 12mo. 6s. 8vo. 9s. Proofs distinguished Characters, from undoubted 135. Originals, engraved by the most eminent History and Biography. British Artists. 2 Vols. Imperial 8vo. Life and Remains of the Rev. Edward 101, 10s. ; India Proofs 4to. 217.

Daniel Clarke, LLD. Professor of Mine

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ralogy in the University of Cambridge. tury. By the Author of Waverley. 3 Vols. By the Rev. Wiliam Otter. 4to. 31. 38. 12. 118. 6d.

History of Mexico, from the Spanish Tales from afar. By a Clergyman lately Conquest to the present Æra. By Nicho- resident abroad, Author of an Alpine las Mill, Esq. 8vo. 106. 6d.

Tale; Tales from Switzerland, &c. &c. Memoirs of Henry the Great, and of the The Inheritance. By the Author of Court of France during his Reign. 2 Vols. Marriage. 3 Vols. crown 8vo. 1l. Ils. 6d. 8vo. 24s.

The Two Rectors. 12mo. 103. 6d. Biography of Celebrated Roman Cha- The Witch Finder : a Romance. By racters, with Anecdotes of their Lives and the Author of the Lollards, &c. 3 Vols. Actions. By the Rev. W. Bingley, MA. 11. Is. 12mo. 78.

Historical Romances of the Author of Natural History of Quadrupeds for Waverley. Miniature Edit. Vols. 18mo. Children, with Plates. 12mo. 48.

21. 28. Grecian Stories, by Maria Hack. 18mo.

Poetry and the Drama. 38. 6d.

Poems from the Portuguese of Louis De Memoirs of the Lives and Characters of Camoens, with Remarks on his Life and the Right Hon. George Baillie, of Jervis. Writings, Notes, &c. &c. By Lord Vis. wood, and of Lady Griselda Baillie. By count Strangford, a new Edition, 75. their Daughter, Lady Murray, of Stan. Posthumous Poems, of Percy Bysshe hope. 78. 6d.

Shelley. 8vo. 155. History of Suli and Parga, containing Letters in Rhyme from a Mother at their Chronology and their Wars, particu- Home to her Children at School. 18mo. larly those with Ali Pacha, Prince of Price 2s. extra boards. Greece. Post 8vo. 7s.6d,

Conrad, and other Poems. By T. A.

Templeman, LLB. foolscap. 58.
Medicine and Surgery.

Abdallah : an Oriental Poem in 3 cantos.
Harrison on the Arteries. Vol. I. 53. By Horace Gwynne. 1 vol. 8vo. 86. 6d.

The Widow of the City of Nain ; and
The Etymologic Interpreter, or Expla- Dale. New Editions, 5s 6d. each, sewed.

the Outlaw of Taurus. By the Rev. Thos. natory and Pronouncing Dictionary of the

The Tragedies of Sophocles. TransEnglish Language. Part I. by James lated by the Rev. Thos. Dale. 2 Vols. 8vo. Gilchrist. 8vo. 88.

255. Notes of the War in Spain. By Thos.

The Silent River, and Faithful and For. Steel, Esq. MA. 8vo. 98.

saken. Dramatic Poems. By Robert SuBoxiana, Vol. IV. 8vo. 185. Views of Calcutta and its Environs,

livan. Foolscap 8vo. 58. boards. from Drawings executed by James B.

Thcology. Fraser, Esq. Part I. 21. 2s.

Sunday Enjoyments; or Religion made The Butterfly Collector's Vade Mecum, Pleasant to Children. 18mo. 2s.6d. or a Synoptical Table of English Butter. The Relapse; or True and False Mo. flies. 12mo. 58,

rality. Foolscap, 5s. Account of the Bell Rock Light House.

Love to God. By the Rev. Jas. Joyce,
By Robert Stevenson, Civil Engineer. AM. Second Edition, 8vo. 9s.
Royal 4to. with Engravings, 5l. 5s.

Voyages and Travels.
An Inquiry into the Principles of the Narrative of an Excursion to the Moun-
Distribution of Wealth most conducive to tains of Piedmont, and Researches among
Human Happiness. By William Thomp- the Vaudois, or Waldenses, Protestant In-
8vo. 148.

habitants of the Cottian Alps. By the Noontide Leisure, or Sketches in Sum- Rev. William Stephen Gilly, MA. 4to. mer. By Nathan Drake, MD. 2 Vols. 18s. 21. 2s.

The Sweepings of my Study, 7s. 6d. Tour in Germany, and some of the

A Key, or Familiar Introduction to the Southern Provinces of the Austrian Em. Science of Botany, 58.

pire. 1820-1822. 2 Vols. 12mo. 16s. Edinburgh Annual Register for 1823. Letters from North America, Written 8vo. 11. 18.

during a Tour in the United States and Narration of the Conversion and Death Canada. By Adam Hodgson. 2 Vols. of Count Struensee. With Notes. By 8vo. 16. 4s. the Rev. Thomas Rennell, BD. 8vo. 8s. Six Months' Residence and Travels in

Gesta Romanorum, or entertaining Moral Mexico. By W. Bullock, FLS. 8vo. 138. Stories invented by the Monks. Translated A Tour on the Continent through Part by the Rev. Charles Swan. 2 Vols. 12mo. of France, Switzerland, and Italy, in the 18s.

Years 1817 and 1818. By Roger Hog,
Novels and Tales.

Esq. Author of Adelaide de Grammont
Redgauntlet: a Tale of the 18th Cen. and Poems. 88.


ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. The Rev, J. R. Buckland, BD. Fellow of Sidney AM. of Halifax, appointed Perpetual Curate of Sussex College, Cambridge, elected head master of St. Panlos, Sheffield, vice the late Rev. Thomas Uppingham School, Rutland, on the resignation Cotterill.-The Rev. Charles Heathcote, MA. of of Rev. T. Roberts, MA-Rev. W. S. Gilly, MA, Trinity College, Cambridge, elected a Chaplain Rector of North Fambridge, Essex, elected Preacher of that Society, vice the Rev. W. Hildyard, to the Philanthropic Society, in the room of the MA.-A dispensation has passed the Great Seal Rev. Dr. Yates, resigned. -Rev. J. Goodenough, to enable the Rev.J.S. Hewett, DD. Chaplain of BCL. of Baliol College, Oxford, presented to the Downing College, and late Fellow of Clare Hall, Rectory of Godmanstone, and the Perpetual Cura. Cambridge, to hold the Rectory of Ewhurst, with cy of Nether Cerne, in the county of Dorset.--The the Rectory of Rotherbithe, Surrey.-The Rev. Rev. James Donne, jun. MA, of St. John's Col- W. Kaye Hett. BA. has been appointed Master of lege, Cambridge, instituted to the Vicarage of St. Heighington School, near Lincoln. Paul's, Bedford, on the presentation of Lord Vis- OXFORD, June 5,- The Chancellor's Prizes for count Carteret.-The Lord Chancellor has pre- this year have been adjudged as follows: sented the following Gentlemen to the under- Latin Essay.-" Coloniarum apud Græcos et mentioned Livings:-The Rev. Thomas S. Gos- Romanos inter se comparatio." Edward Bouset, MA. to the Vicarage of Old Windsor; the verie Pusey, BA. of Christ Church, now Fellow of Rev. Dr. French, Master of Jesus College, Cam- Oriel College. bridge, to the Vicarage of Cretingham, in the English Essay." Athens in the time of Pericles, county of Suffolk; the Rev. Solomon Piggott, to and Rome in the time of Augustus." William the Rectory of Dunstable, in Bedfordshire; the Ralph Churton, BA. of Queen's College, now Rev. James Millner, to the Vicarage of Cudham, in Fellow of Oriel College. the county of Kent.-Rev. Henry Michael Wag- Latin Verses," Babylon.” Robert William per, MA. late Fellow of King's College, Cam- Mackay, Commoner of Brasenose College. bridge, presented to the Vicarage of Brighton, va- Sir Roger Newdigate's Prize.-English Verse. cated by the promotion of Dr. Carr to the Bi- The Arch of Titus." John Thomas Hope, Comshopric of Chichester,- Rev. Henry George Lid- moner of Christ Church. dell, MA, instituted by the Bishop of Chester, to The whole Number of Degrees in Easter Term the Rectory of Kenaldkirk, Yorkshire, on the pre- was DD. four; DCL. one; BD, seven; BCL. one; sentation of the trustees of the late Earl of Strath- MA. forty-one; BA. sixty-two; Matriculations, more.-Rev. John Thomas Grant, to the Rectory eighty-nine. of Butlerlagh, in the county of Devon.-Rev. Rob. CAMBRIDGE, June 11.-The Chancellor's Gold Tredcroft, to the Rectory of West Itehnor, in the Medal for the best English Poem by a resident county of Sussex.-Rev. Cornelius Pitt, to the undergraduate, is adjudged to Winthrop MackRectory of Hasleton, with Enworth Chapel, in the worth Praed, Scholar of Trinity College. Subject, county of Gloucester.-The Rey, James Knight, Athens.



Park, Gloucestershire, to Catherine, youngest May 24, 1924.-At Pradoe, the Hon. Mrs. Kenyon,

daughter of the late Thos. William St. Quintin,

Esq. of Scampston, Yorkshire. a son.

1. At Great Houghton, Northamptonsbire, Capt. 31. In Upper Harley-street, the lady of Chas. Mon

Croxton, of the Bengal Artillery, to Charlotte, tague Williams, Esq. a daughter.

second daughter of the Rev. Richard Williams, June 3.-The lady of Captain Franklin, RN. a

Rector of that place, and Prebendary of Lipa daughter.

coln. 3. The lady of Thos. Beckwith, Esq. of Bedford- 2. Sir David Jones, of Penguin Hall, Glamorgan.

place, a daughter. 10. At Balham Hill, Surrey, Mrs. Henry Harford,

shire, to Mary, eldest daughter of the Rev. Rees

Edwards, of Neath. a son and heir. - At Holbrook Hall, Suffolk, the lady of Captain

3. At Islington, Robt. Bell, Esq. Barrister-at-law, Job Hanmer, RN. a son.

to Margaret, second daughter of the late Capt.

Peter Gordon, of the Wellesley East Indiaman. 11. In Old Broad-street, the lady of Dr. Birkbeck, 7. Falconer Atlee, Esq. of West-hill House, Sur.

a son. - In Tavistock-place, the lady of F. W. Sumner,

rey, to Emma, daughter of the late Daniel' Har.

dingham Wilson, Esq. and Grand-daughter of Esq. a son. 13. At Park-house, Maidstone, the lady of Sir

Jolin Foote, Esq. of Charlton Place, Kent. H. R. Calder, Bart., a son.

At St. George's, Hanover Square, the Hon. 14. The lady of Jas. Heygate, Jun. Esq. a daugh

Captain W.L. Fitzgerald De Roos, of the First

Regiment of Life Guards, to Lady Georgiana ter. 15. The lady of Dr. Seymour, of George-street,

Lenox, daughter of the Duke of Richmond.

After partaking of a grand dinner at Earl Hanover Square, a son.

Bathurst's, the new-married couple set off for MARRIAGES.

his Lordship's seat at Cirencester to spend the

honey-moon. May 26.-At Lewisham, by the Hon. and Right At Tunbridge Wells, Wm. Thomas Thornton,

Rev. the Bishop of Oxford, James Steward, Esq. Esq. second son of the late Edmund Thornton, to Eliza, eldest daughter of the Rev. Dr. Waitė, Esq. of Whittington Hall, Lancashire, to Corof Lewisham Hill.

nelia Harriet Isabella, eldest daughter of the 27. At Lowestoft, John Barnard Turner, Esq. late Col. Halkett, of Craigie Hall, in the county

Grandson of the late Sir Barnard Turner, Kni. of Fife, NB. to Charlotte Louisa, third daughter of the late 10. At Milford, Hants, John Kingsmill, Esq. of Col. Belford, formerly of the Blues.

Cavendish-square, to Eliza Katherine, only sur29. At St. Pancras, Thos. Pilkington, Esg. of Hab. viving daughter of the late Sir Robi. Kingsmill,

berley, to Harriet Alice, widow of Major Wat- Bart. of Sidmouth House in that county. kins, of the 56th Regiment.

At St. Pancras, Charles Gonne, Esq. of YorkJune 1.-At Berry Pomeroy, Totness, Devonshire, place, Portman Square, to Susanna, second

Henry Richard Roe, Esq. of Knaton House, daughter of Daniel Beale, Esq. of Fitzroy to Anne Maria, eldest daughter of Christopber Square. Farwell, Esq. of Totness.

Lately at Newbury, the Rev. F. Milman, Rector - Sir Daniel' Williams, of Whitehall, Glamor.' of St. Mary's, Reading, and Author of the “ Fall

ganshire, to Ann, second daughter of the late of Jerusalem," &c. to Arabelle, youngest daughHeory Jones, Esq. of Maesychocban House, ter of Gen, Cockell, Monmouthsbire.

12. At Newcastle, Tbos. P. Lang, Esg. of the 13th A: St. Luke's, Chelsea, Dr. Veitch, to Mary,' Light Dragoons, to Ann Mary, second danghter widow of the late Capt. Jermyn, RN.

of the late Job Bulman, Esq. of Cox Lodge, - At Sunbury, David Ricardo, Esq. of Gatcomb Northumberland.

[July, 15. At Chesham, Captala E, 3. Samuel, of the and with the Duke of Wellington lo Portugal. Madras Cavalry, to Ann, eldest daughter of the He was appointed to the Chaplain-Generalcy in

late J. Field, Esg. of Chesbam Hall, Bucks. 1812. - At St. Ann's, Limehouse. Joseph Hunter, Esq. 6. At Chartley Castle, his father's seat, Lord Vis.

of Whitby, Yorkshire, to Mary Anne, youngest count Tamworth, son of the Earl of Ferrers, of daughter of the late Luke Lyons, Esq. of Shad. an inflamination in the bowels. well.

At Margate, R. E. Hunter, MD. FLS. 16. The Rev. John Hewlett, BA. of Peppard, near At Ammersdown Park, Somersetshire, having

Henley on Thames, and of Worcester College, nearly completed his 78th year, Thomas Samuel Oxford, to Charlotte Elizabeth, eldest daughter Joliffe, Esq. This gentleman formerly mingled of Mr. Hewlett, of Oxford.

in the most brilliant circles of the metropolis, - At Clifton, Thomas Baillie, Esq. of Hanwell and sat in several parliaments during the ado

Park, Middlesex, to Elizabeth, second daughter ministration of Lord North, and the commenceof T. M. Hall, Esq. of Erina, county of Clare. ment of that of Mr. Pitt. Of late years he re- By the very Rev. the Dean of Carlisle, Cramer sided entirely in the country:

Roberts, Esq. of Lincoln's Ion, Barrister-at-law, 7. At Croom's Hall, Greenwieh, aged 19, the lady to Mary, youngest daughter of the late C. Gowen, of Captain Cruickshank. Esq.

9. In South Audley-street, Thos. Chevalier, FRS. 19. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Captain Fox, FLS. and FHS. Surgeon in ordinary to the King,

son of Lord Holland, to Miss Mary Fitz-Clarence. and Professor of Anatomy and Surgery at the The Duke of York gave away the bride; and Royal College of Surgeons. the Duke and Duchess of Clarence, and Lord Suddenly of apoplexy, at his house, the Cra. and Lady Holland were present at the cere- ven's Head, Drury-lane, W. Oxberry. This exmony.

cellent actor in the walk of low comedy was ABROAD.

born in 1784, and was originally designed for an At Paris, Geo. Mandy, Esq, only son of the late

artist, for which purpose he was placed with Admiral Sir G. Mundy, KCB, to_Alicia, eldest

the late Mr. Stubbs; but he soon relinquished daughter of Thomas Strickland, Esg. of La Sa.

the pencil, and was apprenticed to a printer, gerie, near Tours, and formerly of Elm Grove

About this time he acquired a taste for theatrical near Liverpool.

pursuits, after which he joined some itinerant At Hamburgh, Chas. D. Tolme, Esq. of that City,

companies, and at length made his debut at Coto Eliza, widow of the late Advocate Jacobsen,

vent-garden, in Nov. 1807. Since this period he of Altona.

has always been engaged at some one of the

London houses, and had, just previously to his DEATHS.

decease, entered into an engagement with Mr.

Elliston, for the term of three years. May 13.-At Bridgenorth, Shropshire, in his 85th 10. At Walton-on-Thames, in his 6th year, Henry year, Wm. Haslewood, Esq. who served as Cap

Charles, only son of the Hon. Grey Bennet. tain in the 63d Regiment in the American War,

12. At Trinity College, Cambridge, in his 6th when all his superior officers having fallen in

year, the Rev. Thomas Lee, DD. who presided battle, he commanded the Regiment for many over that society 16 years. months; but being subsequently disappointed in 16. At Cambridge, Diana Elizabeth, wife of Sir his expectations of proinotion he retired from Brodrick Chinnery, Bart. of Flintfield, county of the service.

Cork, and daughter of the late George Vernon, 21. In bis 84th year, at his seat, Hawkestone,

Esq. of Clontarf-castle, near Dublin. Shropshire, Sir John Hill, Bart.

17. After a few days'illness, in Lower Grosvenor23. Suddenly in his 71st year, at Birmingham, on

street, the Right Hon. Lord Henry Thomas his way from his seat at Putney, to Manchester,

Howard Molyneux Howard, brother to the Duke Jas. Ackers, Esq. of Lark Hill. He served the

of Norfolk; Deputy Earl Marshall, and MP. for office of High Sheriff for the county of Lanca- Steyning.

shire in 1800. 23. At Mrs. Hawkes's, Clapham Common, aged Lately, su Grosvenor-street, the Hon. Mrs. Hen

rietta S. Walpole, in her 93d year.
17, Susan Elizabeth, eldest daaghter of J. Cos.
sins, Esq. of Weymouth, and niece of Lord

Audley, and the Marchioness of Waterford.
At Belvidere, in his 5th year, the Hon. S. E.

At Paris, at an advanced age, Sir M. Cromie, Bart. Eardley, only son of Lord Eardley.

At Paris, aged 85, General John Murray, father of 27. At Edgebaston-house, near Birmingham, Sa

Mujor-General Murray, late Governor of De. rah, wife of W. Francis, Esq.

merara. - lo Lower Brook-street, Mrs. Rattray, widow

At Montcallier, near Turin (May 26th), in his of the late Colonel John Rattray, of Craighall,

73d year, Capel Lofft, Esq. of Troston Hall, Perthshire.

near Bury St. Edmond's, Suffolk. This gentle28. At bis Chambers, Bernard's Inn, in his 76th

man, who was the nephew of the late Edmund year, Philip Neve, Esq. Barrister-at-law, a Com.

Capel, Esq. the Commevtator on Shakspeare, missioner of Bankrupts, and a Magistrate for

was educated for the bar, and published many the county of Middlesex.

works on subjects connected with bis profes31. At Batb, after a long illness, the lady of Sir

sion, but he was known also to the literary world George Abercrombie Robinson, Bart.

in general as a man of very various acquire. - C. M. Powell, Marine Painter, who has left a

ments, being well versed in Matheinatics, Claswidow and eight children in extreme distress.

sics, Poetry, Music, and Criticism; and by his

contributions to the Monthly Magazine, and June 1.-R. Filmer, Esq. of Upper Montague. other journals. He was the first patron of the

street, Russell-square, son of the late Sir Edm. late Robert Bloomfield, to whose Farmer's Boy Filmer, Bart, and brother to Sir John Filmer, he prefixed a preface. Mr. Lofft was twice marof East Sutton Park, Kent.

ried, first to a danghter of Mr. Emlyn of Wind3. At his house, at Brighton, Abigail, wife of M. sor (the surviving children of which marriage Mocatta, Esq.

are a son, in the military service of the East - At Ford's Grove, near Winchmore Hill, Sarah India Company, and a daughter) ;-secondly, to Thomasin, wife of Edward Busk, Esq. in her a daughter of the late Mr. Joseph Finch of Cam530 year.

bridge, by whom he had two daughters (now in 4. At the Parsonage, East Horseley, Surrey, aged Italy with their mother), and a son, at Econ. In

70, the Rev. John Owen, Kector of that Parish, 1816 he retired to the Continent, where he reand of St. Bennet's, Paul's Wharf; Archdeacon sided until his death. As a poet he was particu- . of Richmond, Yorkshire, and Chaplain General larly successful in the Sonne of

he gave to his Majesty's Forces. His remains were in- some elegant specimens in a collection publish. terred at East Horseley on the Ilth. He is re- ed under the title of Laura, in 5 vols. ported to have left two or three large legacies to At Bombay, whither he bad gone for the recovery the Bible and Missionary Societies, and half the of his health, S. P. W. Jobnson, Esq. Assistant remainder of his fortune, said to be upwards of Secretary to his Majesty's government at Ceylon, 100,0001. to his nephew, Joseph Beardmore, eldest son of Sir Alexander Johnson. Esq. his sole male relative. Mr. Owen was in At Demerara, aged 27, Robert Roberts, Esq. atthe East Indies from about 1783 to 1793, with torney-at-law, eldest son of E. Roberts, Esq. of the Duke of York in the Expedition to Holland, North Brixton.

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