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(3) an identification of any other programs having similar or potentially conflicting or duplicative objectives;

(4) an assessment of alternative methods of achieving the purposes of the program;

(5) a justification for the authorization of new budget authority, and an explanation of the manner in which it conforms to and integrates with other efforts;

(6) an assessment of the degree to which the original objectives of the program have been achieved, expressed in terms of the performance, impact, or accomplishments of the program and of the problem or need which it was intended to address, and employing the procedures or methods of analysis appropriate to the type or character of the program;

(7) a statement of the performance and accomplishments of the program in each of the previous four completed fiscal years and of the budgetary costs incurred in the operation of the program;

(8) a statement of the number and types of beneficiaries or persons served by the program;

(9) an assessment of the effect of the program on the national economy, including, but not limited to, the effects on competition, economic stability, employment, unemployment, productivity, and price inflation, including costs to consumers and to businesses;

(10) an assessment of the impact of the program on the Nation's health and safety;

(11) an assessment of the degree to which the overall administration of the program, as expressed in the rules, regulations, orders, standards, criteria, and decisions of the officers executing the program, are believed to meet the objectives of the Congress in establishing the program;

(12) a projection of the anticipated needs for accomplishing the objectives of the program, including an estimate if applicable of the date on which, and the conditions under which, the program may fulfill such objectives;

(13) an analysis of the services which could be provided and performance which could be achieved if the program were continued at a level less than, equal to, or greater than the existing level; and

(14) recommendations for necessary transitional requirements in the event that funding for such program is discontinued, including proposals for such executives or legislative action as may be necessary to prevent such discontinuation from being unduly disruptive.

[42 U.S.C. 7352]



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