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ATTACHMENT-Questions Submitted by Representative Dana Rohrabacher
October 19, 1995

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The September 22, 1995 edition of Science also reports that the National Academy of Science has sent a proposal to the Center for Disease Control, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and other agencies for a three-year study costing $1 million concerning the linkage between global change and human health. Please provide a copy of the proposal and explain its status and the source of funds for the proposal, if adopted.

United States Department of State

Washington, D.C. 20520

MAY -9 1996

Dear Mr. Chairman:

Thank you for your letter of October 19, 1995, in which you asked a number of questions about climate change and organizations that deal with the issue internationally. apologize for the delay in our response.


Per your request, we have composed comprehensive answers to all of your questions on behalf of the Departments of State and Energy and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric


In compiling our responses we have consulted extensively with other agencies, with both domestic and international expertise on these issues.

We hope this will be helpful to you and the members of the Subcommittee. If you have any questions relating to this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Barvard Jankin

Barbara Larkin

Acting Assistant Secretary
Legislative Affairs

Enclosures: As stated.

The Honorable

Dana Rohrabacher, Chairman,

Subcommittee on Energy and Environment,

Committee on Science,

Tab A.

List of Attachments

Answers to questions submitted by Representative Rohrabacher

Tab B: Question 1

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Copy of the IPCC procedures for preparation, review, acceptance, approval and publication of reports with Annexes 1 and 2 (IPCC Workshop Policy and Tasks and Responsibilities for Lead Authors, Contributors and Expert Reviewers of IPCC Reports and IPCC Government Contacts) Timetable for production of IPCC Second Assessment Report

Tab C: Question 2

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List of individuals involved on the drafting team for the IPCC Synthesis Report

Tab D: Question 3

Copy of final texts of the summary for policymakers from WG I, II, & III

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Copy of the IPCC procedures regarding the production of "Technical Papers"

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Copy of the IPCC budget for 1994, 1995, 1996, & 1997
Table of contributions to the IPCC, including US

Tab J: Question 11

FCCC prepared report on Annex I Party national

Text of FCCC Secretariat's in-depth review of U.S.

Tab K: Question 13

Copies of FCCC Article 4.1 and Article 12.1

U.S. intervention from AGBM-3:


US AGBM presentation

1992 scenario tables

Tab L: Question 14

Developing country

Copy of the initial report on an inventory and assessment


Tab M: Question 19

List of measures considered for analysis and for case study development

Tab N: Question 20

List of references of chap 18 of IPCC (Annex I)

Tab 0: Question 21

Copy of global change and health proposal submitted to CDC and NOAA


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