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SEC. 2. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.


Speaker of the House of Representatives.


President pro tem. of the Senate.

Passed March 7, 1884.

[Senate Bill No. 121.]


Making appropriations to meet deficiencies.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio, That there be and is hereby appropriated from any money in the treasury to the credit of the general revenue fund and not otherwise appropriated, the following sums of money for the purposes herein named, to wit:

Adjutant-General's Department:

For payment of stable rent, F. S. Brooks, from August 15, 1882, to February 15, 1883, eighteen dollars ($18).

For payment John S. McClellan, blacksmithing, January 29, 1881, to January 13, 1882, twenty-three dollars and twenty cents ($23.20).

For payment M. J. Wilcox, repairing tents, sixteenth regiment, February and August, 1883, two hundred and thirteen dollars and eighty-two cents ($213.82)..

For payment to Charles Huston, sundries. from May 20 to February 12, 1884, sixty-five dollars and sixty-six cents ($65.66).

For payment of McCune, Lonnis & Co., hardware, sixtyone dollars and forty-four cents (861.44).

For payment A. L. Yardley, repairing doors, etc., three dollars and seventy-five cents ($3.75).

For payment to Charles Schwenker, for brooms, twelve dollars ($12).

For payment to Geo. A. Lawler, blacksmithing, one dollar ($1).


Payment to J. W. Bock, for signs for ladies' toilet, three dollars ($3).

For payment of Hildreth, Martin & Co., for lumber, thirtysix dollars and ninety-nine cents ($36.99).

For payment to Thomas Cassidy, balance on account of wood purchased, eleven dollars and forty-two cents ($11.42).

For payment to J. L. Brown, boarding horse for the use of the State House and grounds, fifteen dollars ($15).

For regular labor performed by R. Lewis and others, and extra labor, caring for State House and grounds, one hundred and fifty-one dollars and fifty cents ($151.50).

For payment to A. P. Carson, carpenter work, sixteen dollars and twenty-five cents ($16.25).

For payment to Kilbourne & Jones, hardware, twelve dollars and fifty-eight cents ($12.58).

For payment Stevens & Thacker, for soap for use of State House, seventeen dollars and sixty cents ($17.60).

For payment sundry accounts, one dollar and ninety cents. ($1.90).

For payment of bills for constructing ladies' toilet room, two hundred and twenty dollars and fifteen cents ($220.15).

Clerk of the Supreme Court:

For contingent fund, eleven dollars and seventy cents (811.70).

Athens Asylum for Insane:

For payment of ordinary repairs, three hundred and fortynine dollars and eighty-eight cents ($349.88).

Cleveland Asylum for Insane:

For ordinary repairs, five hundred and seventy-seven dollars and sixty-three cents ($577.63).

Columbus Asylum for Insane:

For current expenses, four thousand six hundred and eighty dollars and seventy-five cents ($4,680.75).

For heating strong room, four hundred and seventy-four dollars and fifty-two cents ($474.52).

For repairing boilers, two hundred and seven dollars and fifty-six cents ($207.56).

For horse, buggy and harness, four hundred and four dollars and eighty cents ($404.80).

Dayton Asylum for Insane:

For ordinary repairs, one thousand and forty-seven dollars and sixty-two cents ($1,047.62).

Deaf and Dumb Asylum:

For ordinary repairs, one thousand dollars ($1,000).

For trustees expenses, one hundred and eighty-five dollars ($185).

For carpets, ninety-seven dollars and eighty-five cents ($97.85).

Blind Asylum:

For current expenses, five hundred and two dollars and forty-nine cents ($502.49).

For books and school apparatus, two dollars and sixteen cents ($2.16).

For expenses of trustees, twenty-four dollars ($24).

Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans' Home:

For industrial pursuits, eleven hundred and eighty-three dollars and fifty-seven cents ($1,183.57).

For ordinary repairs, two hundred and twenty-two dollars and eighty-one cents ($222.81).

For improvement fund, eighty-eight dollars and ninety cents ($88.90).

For furniture and carpets, one hundred and eight dollars ($108).

For library, one dollar and sixty-seven cents ($1.67).

Ohio Penitentiary:

For payment salary of directors, one hundred and seventyeight dollars and forty-one cents ($178.41).

For rewards of convicts, two hundred and thirty-one dollars and ten cents ($231.10).

For workshops, two hundred and sixteen dollars and thirty-five cents ($216.35).

For new workshops, four hundred and fifteen dollars and eighty-four cents ($415.84).

For carpets, two hundred and nineteen dollars and seventytwo cents ($219.72).

For manufacture of gas, three thousand and eighty-one dollars and ninety-three cents ($3,081.93).

Girls' Industrial Home:

For trustees expenses, one hundred dollars ($100).

Public Works:

To pay W. M. Bateman, attorney's fees in sundry cases as per bills on file, one hundred and seventy-one dollars and thirty cents ($171.30).

To pay W. M. Bateman, attorney's fees in the case of State of Ohio v. Whetstone, three hundred dollars ($300).

Secretary of State:

To pay Cleveland paper-mill company balance due or paper purchased during the years 1881 and 1882, three hun dred and forty-one dollars and forty-six cents ($341.46).

To pay B. & O. express charges, bills due January 15, 1883 sixteen dollars and sixty o nts ($16.60).

To pay B. & O. R. R. freight charges, due February 12 1883, eighteen dollars and twenty-five cents ($18.25).

To pay deficiency in printing paper account, three thou sand four hundred and thirty-six dollars and sixty-nin cents ($3,436.69).

Commissioner of Insurance:

To pay Adams express company for service performed prior to February 15, 1883, fifty-four dollars and sixty cents. ($54.60).

To pay Western Union Telegraph Co., part of the service having been performed prior to February 15, 1883, thirtyfive dollars and twenty-four cents ($35.24).

To pay Halm, Bellows & Butler balance on furniture, seventy-five dollars and eighty cents ($75.80).

To pay Baltimore and Ohio Express Co. transportation during 1882 and 1883, fifty-four dollars and fifty-seven cents ($54.57).


To pay W. D. Patterson for expenses incurred while serving as prison commissioner, one hundred and eleven dollars and fifty cents ($111.50).

To pay James F. Anderson for publishing sale of tobacco warehouse at Bellaire, ten dollars and fifty cents ($10.50). To pay John L. Flowers, balance on file cases made in 1878, fifty dollars ($50).

To pay the Halm & Bellows Co. for furniture furnished prior to February 15, 1883, twenty-three dollars and sixtythree cents ($23.63).

To payment of postage executive department, January 15 to February 15, 1884, and telegrams from February 1 to February 15, 1884, sixty-five dollars and thirty-eight cents ($65.38).

To pay Ohio Furniture Co. for repairing senate furniture, thirty-six dollars and twenty cents ($36.20).

To pay Geo. D. Hersey in full for services and expenses for superintending printing of Pennsylvania and Ohio boundary line maps, ninety-three dollars and twenty cents. ($93.20).

SEC. 2. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

[blocks in formation]

To amend section 2149 of the revised statutes of Ohio.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State Ohio, That section twenty-one hundred and forty-nine of

to fill lots, remove obstructions, etc.

he revised statutes of Ohio be amended so as to read as follows:

Powers of Section 2149. All municipal corporations shall have power municipal to cause any lot of land within their limits on which water corporations at any time becomes stagnant, to be filled up or drained, and to cause all putrid substances to be removed from any lot, and to cause the removal of all obstructions from all culverts or covered drains on private property, laid in any natural water-course, creek, brook or branch where the same obstructs the water naturally flowing therein, causing it to flow back or become stagnant, in a way prejudicial to the health, comfort, or convenience of any of the citizens of the neighborhood; and if such culverts or drains be of insufficient capacity, to cause the same to be made of such capacity as reasonably to accommodate the flow of such water at all times therein; and the council may direct, by resolution, the owner to fill up or drain such lot, remove such putrid substance, or remove such obstructions, and if necessary enlarge such culverts or covered drains to meet the requirements thereof.

SEC. 2. Said original section 2149 is hereby repealed; and this act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.


Speaker pro tem. of the House of Representatives.

Passed March 11, 1884.

President of the Senate.

[Senate Bill No. 58.]


To amend section 2104 of the revised statutes of Ohio, and to define and limit the application of section 2099.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio, That section two thousand one hundred and four be so amended as to read as follows:

Expenses of Section 2104. The expenses of maintaining and adminmaintaining istering the affairs of workhouses over the receipts for the work-house, labor of persons confined therein, shall be audited and paid, how paid. from time to time, by the council of the corporation; and a tax for such expenses shall be levied and collected as part of the ordinary expenses of the corporation, provided that in any county containing a city of the second grade of the first class, where a workhouse is established and maintained by such city, the expense of maintaining persons sentenced to such workhouse by any court or magistrate in such county, for offenses against a law of the state, over the receipts for the labor of such persons, shall be paid out of the county treas

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