Compilation of Laws Relating to Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration Between Employers and Employees

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1961
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Public No 369 73d Cong approved June 16 1934 Government con
Public No 654 75th Cong approved June 16 1938 increasing salary
Public No 618 70th Cong approved May 29 1928 child labor in Dis
Public No 254 extract 65th Cong approved February 24 1919
Public No 219 59th Cong approved June 11 1906 liability of common
Public No 382 76th Cong approved August 11 1939 amendment to
Public No 100 60th Cong approved April 22 1908 liability of common
pensation act establishment of
Public No 267 61th Cong approved September 7 1916 employees com
Public No 10 extract 66th Cong approved December 24 1919 com
Public No 15 73d Cong approved May 12 1933 Federal Emergency
Public No 374 67th Cong approved December 28 1922 claims
pendent establishments to settle not exceeding 1000
Public No 257 69th Cong approved May 20 1926 Railroad Labor
Public No 442 73d Cong approved June 21 1934 Railroad Labor
Public No 851 76th Cong to amend Convict LaborProducts Act Ash
Public No 349 70th Cong approved May 4 1928 Longshoremens
Public No 179 76th Cong to amend Employees Compensation Act
dependents World War veterans injured or killed Florida hurricane
Public No 803_69th Cong approved March 4 1927 Longshoremens
Public No 727 75th Cong approved June 25 1938 amend Longshore
Public No 65 72d Cong approved March 23 1932 AntiLaborInjunc
Public No 428 extract 72d Cong approved March 3 1933
Public No 703 extract 76th Cong amendment to the WalshHealey
Public No 782 75th Cong approved June 29 1938 to amend Wagner
Public Resolution No 11 74th Cong approved April 8 1935 Emer
Public No 739 extract 74th Cong approved June 22 1936 Emer
Public Resolution No 43 73d Cong approved June 9 1934 international
putes Act WagnerConnery
Public No 198 74th Cong approved July 5 1935 National Labor Dis
Public No 318 74th Cong approved August 24 1935 blind persons
Public No 45 78th Cong approved April 29 1943 assist in providing
Public No 81 78th Cong approved June 19 1943 making appropria
Public No 112 78th Cong approved July 3 1943 provide for settlement
Public No 528 extract 77th Cong approved April 28 1942 renegotia
Public No 753 extract 77th Cong approved October 21 1942 amend
Public No 235 extract 78th Cong became law Feb 25 1944 Rene
Public No 785 extract 80th Cong approved June 25 1948 amends
Public No 395 78th Cong approved July 1 1944 Contract Settlement
Public No 505 78th Cong approved December 20 1944 Garnishment
Public No 265 79th Cong approved December 21 1945 Amend Civil
Public No 387 79th Cong approved May 21 1946 provide for voluntary
Public No 501 79th Cong approved July 11 1946 to amend District
ices to State operation
of 1947
Public No 49 80th Cong approved May 14 1947 Portal to Portal
Public No 101 80th Cong became law June 23 1947 TartHartley
Public No 413 80th Cong approved February 19 1948 Procurement
Public No 843 80th Cong approved June 30 1948 acceptance by U
Public No 162 81st Cong approved June 11 1949 Appropriation
Public No 393 81st Cong approved Oct 26 1949 Fair Labor Stand
Public No 608 81st Cong approved July 12 1950 Suspends certain
soliciting fees to place persons in Federal positions
Public No 356 831 Cong Judicial Review of Government Contracts
Public No 567 83d Cong Employment Security Administrative
Public No 76+ 83d Cong to extend and amend the Renegotiation
Public No 321 84th Cong to amend section 3101 of the Internal
Public No jol E4th Cong To amend the Employment Act of 1946
Public No 1023 84th Cong To amend the Fair Labor Standards
Public No 70 85th Cong To amend the Act of December 2 1942
Public No 836 85th Cong To provide for registration reporting
Public No 654 86th Cong District of Columbia Employee Non
Public No 767 86th Cong To amend the Federal Employees Compensa
Public No 49 87th Cong To amend section 4 of the Employment

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Page 580 - The expressing of any views, argument, or opinion, or the dissemination thereof, whether in written, printed, graphic, or visual form, shall not constitute or be evidence of an unfair labor practice under any of the provisions of this Act, if such expression contains no threat of reprisal or force or promise of benefit.
Page 105 - Provided, That no such employee who may be injured or killed shall be held to have been guilty of contributory negligence in any case where the violation by such common carrier of any statute enacted for the safety of employees contributed to the injury or death of such employee.
Page 643 - Produced" means produced, manufactured, mined, handled, or in any other manner worked on in any State; and for the purposes of this Act an employee shall be deemed to have been engaged in the production of goods if such employee was employed in producing, manufacturing, mining, handling, transporting, or in any other manner working on such goods, or in any closely related process or occupation directly essential to the production thereof, in any State.
Page 303 - Representatives designated or selected for the purposes of collective bargaining by the majority of the employees in a unit appropriate for such purposes, shall be the exclusive representatives of all the employees in such unit for the purposes of collective bargaining in respect to rates of pay, wages, hours of employment, or other conditions of employment: Provided, That any individual employee or a group of employees shall have the right at any time to present grievances to their employer...
Page 326 - Commission, on the ground that the testimony or evidence, documentary or otherwise, required of him, may tend to incriminate him or subject him to a penalty or forfeiture; but no individual shall be prosecuted or subjected to any penalty or forfeiture for or on account of any transaction, matter, or thing concerning which he is compelled, after having claimed his privilege against self-incrimination...
Page 305 - Any person aggrieved by a final order of the Board granting or denying in whole or in part the relief sought may obtain a review of such order in any circuit court of appeals of the United States in the circuit wherein the unfair labor practice in question was alleged to have been engaged in or wherein such person resides or transacts business, or in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, by filing in such court a written petition praying that the order of the Board be modified...
Page 304 - If upon the preponderance of the testimony taken the Board shall be of the opinion that any person named in the complaint has engaged in or is engaging in any such unfair labor practice, then the Board shall state its findings of fact and shall issue and cause to be served on such person an order requiring such person to cease and desist from such unfair labor practice, and to take such affirmative action including reinstatement of employees with or without back pay, as will effectuate the policies...
Page 111 - Columbia or any of the states or territories and any foreign nation or nations, shall be liable in damages to any person suffering injury while he is employed by such carrier in such commerce, or, in case of the death of such employee, to his or her personal representative, for the benefit of the surviving widow or husband and children of such employee; and, if none, then of such employee's parents; and, if none, then of the next of kin dependent upon such employee, for such injury or death resulting...
Page 243 - labor dispute' includes any controversy concerning terms, tenure or conditions of employment, or concerning the association or representation of persons in negotiating, fixing, maintaining, changing, or seeking to arrange terms or conditions of employment, regardless of whether the disputants stand in the proximate relation of employer and employee.
Page 163 - Employees shall have the right to organize and bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing. The majority of any craft or class of employees shall have the right to determine who shall be the representative of the craft or class for the purposes of this act.

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