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(Supplemental now requested, existing legislation)

For an additional amount for "Operating expenses, domestic programs", $1,400,000.

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a) The Volunteer Community Service Program in Syracuse, New York, totaling

$8,000,000, is not included since the funds were transferred from the

Department of Labor appropriation. b/ Includes proposed Pay Raise supplemental totaling $1,011,000

29-226 (Pt. 1) O - 78 - 5

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ACTION is obligated to provide its VISTA volunteers with adequate support so that they can accomplish their program objectives without undue concern about survival needs. The $1,400,000 will allow a 6.2 percent increase in the volunteers' food and lodging allowance (effective November 13, 1977). This allowance currently averages $209 per month nationally. Also, a $25 per month increase in the volunteer stipend (effective May 1, 1978) will also be possible. Volunteers currently receive a stipend of $50 per month.

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VISTA volunteers will have difficulty meeting the objectives of the program if they are not given adequate support to free them from concern about their survival needs.

This supplemental request will allow VISTA to make cost of living increases to its volunteers during FY 1978. These increases will consist



An additional $25 per month in the volunteer stipend,
which is currently paid at the rate of $50 per month.


A 6.2 percent increase in the food and lodging
allowance, which presently averages $209 per month
on a national basis.

The supplemental will not result in a higher program level above the 4,560 volunteer service years (VSY) originally planned. It will include Increases for the estimated 553 volunteers who will be in service during FY 1978, but were funded by FY 1977 grants.

Budget Justification

Stipend Increase The VISTA stipend (readjustment allowance) has been set at $50 per month since 1965. Since that time inflation has severely diminished the purchasing power of the stipend as originally intended.

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