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1 and an International Health, Education, and Labor ('omcil

2 (hereinafter referred to as the "Council').


(c) The purposes of the Foundation shall be estabı


lish and conduct an international health, education, and labor

5 program under which the Foundation shall provide open

6 support for private, nongovernmental activities in the fields

7 of health, education, and labor, and other welfare fields,

8 designed 9

(1) to promote a better knowledge of the United 10 States annong the peoples of the world; 11

(2) to increase friendship and understanding among 12 the peoples of the world; and 13

(3) to strengthen the capacity of the other peoples 14

of the world to develop and maintain free, independent

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SEC. 2. (a) The Foundation shall be headed by a Di

18 rector who shall be appointed by the President, by and with 19 the advice and consent of the Senate. The person nominated 20 for appointment as the Director shall be a distinguished citi21 zen who has demonstrated exceptional qualities and abilities 22 necessary to enable him to successfully perform the functions 23 of the office of the Director.


(b) The Director shall receive compensation at the rate

25 prescribed for level II of the Executive Schedule under sec


1 tion 5311 of title 5, United States Code, and shall serve

2 for a term of five years.


(c) The Director, with the advice of the Council, shall

4 exercise all of the authority granted to the Foundation by

5 this Act and shall serve as chief executive officer of the

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Sec. 3. (a) The Council shall consist of eleven members to be appointed by the President, by and with the advice 10 and consent of the Senate. The persons nominated for ap11 pointment as members of the Council (1) shall be eminent 12 in the fields of education, student activities, youth activities, 13 labor, health, scientific research, or other fields pertinent


to the functions of the Foundation; (2) shall be selected

15 solely on the basis of established records of distinguished 16 service; and (;;) shall not be officers or employees of the

17 Government of the United States. The President is requested,

18 in the making of nominations of persons for appointinent as 19 members, to give due consideration to any recommendations 20 for nomination which may be submitted to him by leading 21

private associations, institutions, and organizations concerned 22 with private activities in the fields of health, education, and 23 labor, and other welfare fields related to the purposes set

24 forth in the first section of this Act.


(b)) The term of office of each member of the Council


1 shall be six years, except that (1) the terms of the members

2 first appointed shall expire, as designated by the President, 3 three at the end of two years, four at the end of four years,

4 and four at the end of six years after the date of enactment

5 of this Act; and (2) any member appointed to fill a vacancy

6 shall serve for the remainder of the term for which his

7 predecessor was appointed. No member shall be eligible for 8 reappointment during the two-year period following the 9 expiration of his term.


(c) The members of the Council shall receive compen

11 sation at the rate of $100 for each day engaged in the busi


ness of the Foundation and shall be allowed travel expenses

13 as authorized by section 5703 of title 5, United States Code.


(d) The President shall call the first meeting of the

15 Council and designate an Acting Chairman. The Board shall,

16 from time to time thereafter, select one of its members to

[blocks in formation]


(e) The Council shall meet at the call of the Chairman, 19 but not less than once every six months. Six members of the

20 Council shall constitute a quorum.


(f) The Council (1) shall advise the Director with


respect to policies, programs, and procedures for carrying out 23 his functions, and (2) shall review applications for financial


support submitted pursuant to section 4 and inake recom

25 mendations thereon to the Director. The Director shall not


1 approve or disapprove any such application until he has

2 received the recommendation of the Council thereon, unless 3 the Council fails to make a recommendation on such appli

4 cation within a reasonable time.

5 (g) The Council shall, on or before the 31st day of 6 January, of each year, submit an annual report to the Presi7 dent and the Congress summarizing the activities of the 8 8 Council during the preceding calendar year and making such 9 recommendations as it may deem appropriate. The contents 10 of each report so submitted shall promptly be made available


to the public.




SEC. 4. (a) To effectuate the purposes of this Act, the

14 Director is authorized, subject to section 3 (f), to make

15 grants to private, nonprofit agencies, associations, and organi16 zations organized in the United States, to public or private 17 nonprofit educational institutions located in the United States, 18 and to individuals or groups of individuals who are citizens 19 of the United States not employed by the Government of the 20 United States, a State or political subdivision of a State, or 21 the District of Columbia, for the purpose of enabling them

22 to assist, provide, or participate in international activities,

23 conferences, meetings, and seminars in the fields of health,

24 education, and labor, and other welfare fields related to the


1 purposes set forth in the first section of this Act. No portion

2 of any funds granted under this section shall be paid by the 3 Director, or by any recipient of a grant under this section, 4 to support any intelligence-gathering activity on behalf of the 5 United States or to support any activity carried on by any 6 officer or employee of the United States.


(b) Each grant shall be made by the Director under

8 this section only upon application therefor in such form and 9 containing such information as may be required by the



10 Director and only on condition that the recipient of such 11 grant will conduct openly all activities supported by such

grant and make such reports as the Director may require 13 solely to determine that the funds so granted are applied to 14 the purpose for which application is made. 15

(c) The Director shall develop procedures and rules with respect to the approval or disapproval of applications 17 for grants under this section which will provide, insofar as 18 practicable, an equitable distribution of grants among the 19 various applicants for such grants and types of activities to be 20

supported by such grants, but which will assure that grants 21 will be made to those qualified recipients most capable of 22 achieving a successful or significant contribution favorably 23 related to the purposes set forth in the first section of this 24 Act. In making grants under this section, the Director shall 25 not impose any requirements therefor or conditions thereon

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