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8. Exempted Securities..

(a) ̄ (1) Offerings prior to or within 60 days after enactment of this

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(8) Insurance or endowment policies...

(Additional subsections added in Title II of Public, No.
291-73d Cong., see p. 52.)

(b) Power of Commission to exempt additional classes of securities.

5. Prohibitions Relating to Interstate Commerce and the Mails.
Restriction prior to registration....

(b) Restriction on transmission of prospectus..

(c) Inapplicability of Section to securities sold in a single State

or Territory.

6. Registration of Securities and Signing of Registration Statement.
(a) Filing and signing....

(b) Filing fee..

(0) Actual time of filing and form of payment required-----
(d) Publicity of information filed and its availability for purchase..

7. Information Required in Registration Statement..

5, 53

(f) Notices___

Reasonable investigation and reasonable ground for belief__

(d) Liability of underwriter becoming such after registration.......
Nature of suit_

Relating to security issues other than those of a foreign government
or political subdivision thereof___

Schedule B

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Approved May 27, 1933, Effective upon Proclamation of President

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(f) Exchange may withdraw application..

(b) Federal Reserve Board may vary margin requirements.

(4) Making false or misleading statements to induce purchase

or sale of security--

(5) Dissemination of information for consideration from seller

or purchaser to affect price of security--

(6) Pegging, fixing or stabilizing price of security.

(b) Put, call, straddle or option in contravention of Commission rules

and regulations---

(c) Endorsement or guarantee of put, call, straddle, option or
privilege relating to security-

(d) Inapplicability of term "put," "call," "straddle," "option," or
"privilege" to registered warrant, right, or convertible security

(e) Right of action for violations of section.

Section inapplicable to exempted security.

10. Regulation of the Use of Manipulative and Deceptive Devices..

(a) Restriction against short sales and stop-loss orders--

(b) Restriction against manipulation or deceptive device or contriv-

ance in contravention of Commission rules and regulations__.

11. Segregation and Limitation of Functions of Members, Brokers, and


(a) Power of Commission to prescribe rules and regulations regarding
floor trading and excessive trading on exchanges, exemptions_

(b) Registration of members as odd lot dealers, specialist, disclosure
of information regarding orders placed as specialist; limitation
on transactions by specialist acting as broker...
Exchange applications for exemption from Section 11..
Restriction regarding transactions by broker-dealer extending
or maintaining credit on security distributed within 6 months,
or transactions without written disclosure to customer of
capacity as broker or dealer____

(e) Consideration by Commission and report of study of segrega-

tion of functions of broker and dealer...

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41, 126-128

42, 129, 163

(b) Reports to Federal Reserve Board by brokers, dealers or other
person extending credit; inspection by Board...

18. Liability for Misleading Statements

(a) Nature of liability, undertaking forecasts.

(b) Persons becoming liable may obtain contribution__-

(c) Limitation on time within which actions may be brought_____

19. Powers with Respect to Exchanges and Securities.

(a) Commission may take such action as in its opinion may be

necessary or appropriate for investors' protection..

(1) Suspension or withdrawal of registration of exchange..
(2) Suspension or withdrawal of securities..

(3) Suspension or withdrawal of officer or member of exchange.
(4) Suspension of trading in security-

(b) Commission may alter or supplement rules of exchange..
Study and investigation by Commission of rules of exchanges..

20. Liabilities of Controlling Persons...

(a) Joint and several liability of controlling persons..

(b) Prohibition against unlawful acts through another..

Unlawful for directors, officers or security holders to obstruct

filing of documents...

45, 129

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