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Nasal Disease a Cause of Headache... 133 Pneumonia the Phylacogen Treatment of. 60
National Eclectic Medical Association. . 29, 215 Pneumonitis, From Whence Originate the
National Trip to San Francisco...
53 Pains

National Narcotic Law Made Plain. ..309 Publisher's Announcement

Neglect of the Temperature...
...262 Pulsus Alterans

Neutralizing Cordial, Simple, Efficient and Puny Children

Easily Prepared ...
.303 Pyorrhea Dentalis

New Growths Involving the Terminal Bile
and Pancreatic Ducts....

Quinine in Rabies..

New Micro-organism Causing Pulmonary

New Sections of the Revised Sanitary Code. 62 Ragweed-Ambrosia

New Jersey State Eclectic Medical Society.

Rectal and Ano-Retal Mucous Sac, Com-

29, 215 monly Called External and Internal Piles
New Jersey State Medical Law, 1915. ..208 or Hemorrhoids

New York State Meeting..
67 Regents Shift Officials..

No License for Christian Science Healers.. 160 Registration of Osteopaths Under the Har-
86 rison Law

Nutrition of Pulmonary Tissues.

64 Remedy of Choice in Cardiac Affections.... 94
Renaissance of Ipecac...

Report of Meeting of Committee of the

Board of Regents on Proposed Legisla-
Original Articles
5 tion

38, 71, 104, 134, 167, 198, 231, 263, 294, 326, 359 Resume of Lobelia in Respiratory Thera-
Old Remedies


Other Uses of Chionanthus.


Retail Druggists and State Medical Legisla-
Opposed to Twilight Sleep.


Overdose of Aconite...
.304 Retention of Urea

Overdose of Drugs

Rhamnus Frangula-Buckthorn.

Overdose of Certain Drugs.


Rheumatism and Gout, A Definite External


Origin of Chronic Diseases.
38 Rhus

Routine Practice

Rumex Crispus

Pain in the Joints....

Pan-American Congress

.124 Sale of Patent Medicines in New York
Patent Medicines, Sale in New York City.. 57 City

Peculiar Drug Symptoms..
..146 Sanguinaria

Period of Quarantine in Cases of Scarlet Saratoga Springs as a Substitute for Euro-

pean Spas

Pernicious Anemia
..331 Saratoga Springs

Petuitary Extracts

..277 Saratoga Springs Medical Society. .183
Petuitary Extracts in Obstetrical Practice. 32 Scabies

213 Scarcity of Drugs

28 Selections

Physician Fined for Neglecting to Register

56, 91, 126, 154, 184, 217, 252, 279, 309, 343

Send for the Soap...

Phylacogen Treatment of Pneumonia. 60 Silicea

49 Sodium Bichromate and Edema.

. 148
Phytolacca, Action of...
.214 "Solmides"

Placenta Previa ..
131 Society Meetings

Plantanus Occidentalis


53, 90, 122, 151, 182, 215, 342
.231 Some Uses of Thuja

Postal Regulations.
160, 183, 352 Special Announcement

.180 Specific Medication

150, 371
Potassium Bichromate

Specific Medication, Study of.

Post Graduate Instruction in Contagious Specific Medication. Its Universal Adop-
97 tion

Practice of the Future...
1 Specifics in Medicine.

Producing an Abortion..


Propagation of Scarlatina.
..291 Spondylotherapy

Prescribing for Narcotic Adicts Under the Spondylotherapy an Important Factor in
Harrison Law

..351 the Physician's Armamentarium... .284
Principles and Practice of Spondylo- Spondylotherapy, Principles and Practice of.107

. 107 Spuruious Drugs

.....67, 76. 112
Probable Prevalence of Venereal Diseases.158 State Hospital Commission Abolished.....153
Proposed Abolition of the Death Penalty..289 State Medical Boards, Federation of...

Pruritis-Ani ...

..262 State Medical Legislation and Retail Drug-
PruritisAni, Scroti and Vulva.
20 gists

Ptosis, Treatment of
58 State Paternalism

.. 171



,134 Stone in the Ureter..

.261 Study of Specific Medication.

.248 Study of Therapeutics, The

.371 Suggestions in Anesthesia

.132 Superior to U. S. Product.. Summary

.115 Summer Remedies

.176 Sympathetic Vagal Stimulation by Means

of Magnetic Meridian and Other Energies.263 Symposium on Treatment of Pneumonia.. 25

Two Valuable Astringents..

.294 Typhoid Carriers

.148 Typhoid Fever

37 Typhoid Fever, Enforced Removal to Hospitals in Certain Cases.

61 Typhoid Fever in the Field, Diagnosis of.. 58 Typhoid Fever in a Hospital..

70 Typhus in Vienna..



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Ten Sex Talks to Girls and Ten Sex Talks to Boys

56 Tetanus and Vaccine Virus.

..353 The Alkaloid and the Whole Plant Drugs..251 Trained Nurse, The

.365 Therapeutics, Knowledge of.

.247 Thompsonian, Physio-Medical and Eclectic Practice. A Little Ancient History

.326 Tonsil. The

203 Tonsillitis From Infection.

. 158 Torpedoing a Hospital Ship.

63 Treatment of Acute Anterior Specific Urethritis ..

.139 Treatment of Bronchial Affections.

89 Treatment of Diphtheria

.201 Treatment of Persistent Inaccessible Hemorrhage

.154 Treatment of Ptosis

58 Treatment of Pneumonia

25 Trillium

112 Troubles of a Bowler.

.330 Tuberculosis Glandular

..103 Twilight Sleep

2, 81, 289 Twilight Sleep, Dangers of.


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We consider the Crowning Pharmaceutical Success in the line of a Gelsemium preparation to be the elegant Specific Medicine, Gelsemium Red

Characteristics. This preparation has the following character istics. It is of a rich crimson color, and can not be mistaken for common fluid. It has no unpleasant odor, being practically odor less It does not change in quality from age, neither precipitating DOI undergoing other alteration. In medicinal proportions it mixes

with : out precipitation with water, glycerin, syrup, simple elixir, dilute al

e cohol, or other ordinary prescription diluents. It possesses the

full therapeutic properties of fresh Gelsemium, without such objectionable products and by-products as may be found in ordinary prepara tions of the drug. The dose is the same as that of the old style Specific Medi

cine Gelsemium, that stood for decades as a standard. However

its cleanness and clearness, its perfect dilution without precipitation, and its ready assimilation, makes Gelsemium Red exceptionally tractive, effective, and pleasing to the patient.

A Beautiful Experiment. To a half tumbler of clear wateradd one fluid drachm (or less) of Specific Medicine Gelsemium Red There will be no precipitate. Add now half a teaspoonful of bakinS soda. A beautiful, fluorescent, ultramarine blue color results.

Specific Medicine Gelsemium Red is made by means of recently discovered Lloyd's Reagent, which enables us to exclude inert coloring matters of the crude root. The preparation carries

The preparation carries the full therapeutic qualities of the drug, (alkaloid and otherwise), it is, in every wise, a perfect pharmaceutical compound.

Commendations. In a therapeutical sense, the reports of ph sicians who have used Gelsemium Red speak for themselves. These reports will be printed soon and mailed on request. They are of ceptional value, because of the great experience of their authors the direction of the clinical use of Gelsemium in disease. With in a year thousands of physicians, in even stronger terms, will commend Gelsemium Red to their brother practitioners. The stocks of jobbers are now being supplied with “Gelsemium Red," at the usual list price of Specific Medicine Gelsemium. Send for descriptive pas phlet).

LLOYD BROTHERS. December 1, 1914.

Cincinnati, Ohic

the the



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