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NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS Lawrence M. Kushner, Acting Director

Publications of the
National Bureau of Standards

1971 Catalog

A Compilation of Abstracts and Key Word and

Author Indexes

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To Accompany National Bureau of Standards Circular 460; its Supplement, Miscellaneous Publication 240;

its Supplement, Special Publication 305; and its Supplements 1 and 2

Nat. Bur. Stand. (U.S.), Spec. Publ. 305 Suppl. 3, 342 pages (July 1972)


Issued July 1972

For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402

(Order by SD Catalog No. C13.10:305 Suppl. 3) - Price $3

Stock Number 0303-1014


This annual supplement to the Bureau's publication catalog provides, in one source, complete citation information on all NBS papers published during 1971 in NBS and non-NBS media. As in previous years, slightly more than one-fourth of NBSauthored papers appeared in the Bureau's own journals and other publication series. The remaining three-fourths were published in those various professional and technical journals and books best suited to communicate the results of NBS research to its primary audiences. Past catalogs of NBS publications are listed in Section 2.3.

NBS publications are issued through the Government Printing Office and are listed herein by their respective subject series, as indicated in the Table of Contents. A separate numerical sequence is employed to organize NBS-authored papers published in non-NBS publications. For all NBS papers, whatever the publication media, the citations herein include title, author(s), place of publication, key words, and abstract. Features designed to facilitate the catalog's use, and to enhance its reference value, include permuted author and key-word indexes. In the latter, each key-word entry appears in alphabetical order, trailed by the other key words for that particular paper. Helpful collateral information on document availability and points of purchase is also included. An edge index on the rear cover permits ready reference to specific areas of interest.

As in the past, the Bureau's computer-assisted photocomposition capability has facilitated the prompt issuance of this 1971 catalog. Publication data are encoded throughout the year into a time-shared computer system, making it possible to produce periodic internal management reports on the status of Bureau publications, as well as to produce this annual photocomposed catalog at lower cost.

Significant technical advances achieved during the year in these electronic-printing techniques not only contributed to this supplement, but also make possible the photocomposition and publication of a larger number of NBS research papers of greater technical complexity.

W. R. TILLEY, Chief
Office of Technical Information

and Publications

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