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Excellent biography. Changed my perspective as a Professional. I did not like Jobs himself for his lack of emotional capacity, but the lessons to learn from his life is worth pots of gold and buckets of diamonds. Kudos, Walter.

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ספר מרתק. נותן המון השראה ומראה עד כמה הרצון והאמונה של איש אחד יכול לשנות את פני החברה.

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I finished Steve Jobs audible, with lots of detail missed. The core different between Apple and MS or Google, is if we need to control of the whole product. Jobs is man willing to control this. Android and Windows are copycat but open. The book said an integrated control means the possibility to fully optimize the user experience. I do not think they are really competitive. Android and Windows significantly lower the price of smart phone and build the ecosystem. In the fast growth eco-system, Mac and iOS have more profit.
It is undeniable that Jobs is a great man good at controlling, which eventually affect his health. He denied surgery at his first diagnosis. In turn, his willing to control brings him his success in building a great product and a great company. As many jokes online said, if Jobs are not born in US but China, his character will not lead his success, I believe. What I also believe is even if he was not born at SV, he would not succeed. This leads to another question that if everything is coincidence or with some meaning, which is beyond this discussion.
Okey, Jobs. Though I do not like Apple product, it seems I have to use my first Apple book in near future. I would like to thank you to create such a fantastic world of gadgets.

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B+ ...
Disturbing, but a lot of good facts & stories. Gets a little long and drawn out towards the middle.

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What's wrong with most of the people who wrote critics in here? This is supposed to rate the BOOK not STEVE JOBS! Most of you only talk about STEVE and not about the quality of the BOOK itself! Walter does a great and exhaustive job in the awesome book, no wonder this turned out to be a movie! Love it! A must buy for Apple fans and not only!  

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My son enjoyed this book. Read full review

A good read.

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Sent to a friend as a gift. Read full review

Purchased for adult son

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Just as expected for a paperback. Read full review

Review: Steve Jobs

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The Inspirational story that touched you throughout. Amazing. Words are too small to describe this kinda epic. Read full review

Review: Steve Jobs

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I managed to finish this book during one of the busiest months in my career. Really inspiring! Read full review

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