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This volume lists allocations of revenue sharing funds for the Ninth Entitlement Period which extends from October 1, 1977, through September 30, 1978. The Ninth Period in the General Revenue Sharing Program is the second period and the first full Federal fiscal year authorized by the 1976 Amendments to the Revenue Sharing Law. These Amendments (P.L. 94-488) extended general revenue sharing from January 1, 1977, through September 30, 1980. The first quarterly payment of funds allocated for the Ninth Entitlement period will be made in January 1978.

In addition, appendices and tables are included to show which governments are receiving entitlements of waived recipients, allocation of funds on the basis of each of the factors in the five-factor formula for Entitlement period Nine, and summaries of the total amounts which have been paid by the Office of Revenue Sharing by type of jurisdiction and by State since inception of the program. Total payments displayed reflect payments as of July, 1977.

The Office of Revenue Sharing is anxious to provide all available information about the General Revenue Sharing Program to any interested party. If we may be of assistance to you, please let us know.

Office of Revenue Sharing
Department of the Treasury

July 1977


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