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Horrabin v. Des Moines Hubbard, Littlefield v.


(Iowa) 554 (Me.) 1306

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Lacey V. Great Northern R.

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(Ky.) 1109

Co. v.


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Insurance Co., American Eaglę
F., Van Vechten v.

(N. Y.) 1115
Colonial Underwriters,
Miller v.

(Kan.) 1113 Great American, Finch

(Conn.) 1068 Liverpool & L. & G., Mark v.

(Minn.) 310 National Liberty, First

Nat. Bank v. (Minn.) 380
New England Mut. L.,

Truelsch v. (Wis.) 914
Northwestern Mut. L.,
Truelsch v.

(Wis.) 914 Ohio Farmers', v. Todino

(Ohio) 1118 Phenix, A. Perley Fitch

(N. H.) 1517 Phoenix, Fitch (A. Per

ley) Co. v. (N. H.) 1517 Virginia F. & M., V. Lennon

(Va.) 186 International Indemnity Co., Hill y, ...

(Kan.) 362 Island Farm Creamery Co.,

Roukovina v. (Minn.) 1502

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Co. v.

McCallum United States

(C. C. A.) 1143 McDowell Lodge, State v.

(W. Va.) 31 McGuire, Asylum of St. Vincent De Paul V.

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(Cal.) 1479 v. Colonial Underwriters Ins. Co.

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Jackson, Re

(Eng. Ch.) 763 v. Hamilton (Eng. Ch.) 763 Jackson Bros., Atkinson y. (Tex.) 1377 Jaussaud, Holt Mfg. Co. V.

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(Va.) 391 Johnston Galva

(111.) 1384 Jones, Nelson v.

(Idaho) 85

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Nelson v. Jones

(Idaho) 85 New Domain Oil & Gas Co. v. Hayes

(Ky.) 172 New England Mut. L. Ins. Co.,

Truelsch v. (Wis.) 914 New York C. R. Co. v. Chisholm

(U. S.) 1048 Norris, Carlisle County v. (Ky.) 41 North Arkansas Highway Im

prov. Dist., Bauer

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(Wis.) 914


Rabin V. Central Business

Men's Asso. (Kan.) 26 Ra coad & Nav. Co., Ore

gon-Washington, V.

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Creamery Co... (Minn.) 1502 Royal Exchange Assur. V.

Franklin use of
Farmers & M. Bank

(Ga.) 626

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Co. v.



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Palisades Realty & Amusement Co., Demarest

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(N. C.) 1102 v. Certain Gambling In

struments & Appa-

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v. Davis

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McCallum v. .... (C. C. A.) 1143

Yarmalowicz, Spillane v. .. (Mass.) 1401 Yates v. Missouri P. R. Co.

(Ark.) 1434



VOL. 38




Wisconsin Supreme Court - January 13, 1925.

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(185 Wis. 393, 201 N. W. 973.) Descent, § 30 — right of adopted child to inherit from collateral relative

of parent. 1. A statute providing that an adopted child should be deemed, for the purpose of inheritance and succession by such child and all other legal consequences and incidents of the natural relation of parent and child, the same to all intents and purposes as if the child had been born in lawful wedlock of the adopting parents, excepting that such child should not be capable of taking property expressly limited to the heirs of the body of such parents, does not make him heir of collateral kindred of the adopting parents.

[See note on this question beginning on page 8.] Statutes, 8 289 descent strict to carry out the beneficent purposes construction.

of the adoption institution and to 2. A statute which interferes with protect the adopted child in the rights the rule that property of an intestate and privileges coming to it as a result should descend to kindred of his of the adoption. blood, or interrupts the natural course [See 1 R. C. L. 595; 1 R. C. L. Supp. of descent of property, should be 210; 4 R. C. L. Supp. 42.] strictly construed.

Descent, 8 7 statute to take prop[See 25 R. C. L. 1078.]

erty out of blood of decedent. Statutes, 8 289 — adoption liberal 4. To prescribe a course of descent construction.

which will take property of the de3. Adoption statutes, as well as ceased person out of the current of matters of procedure leading up to his blood, the legislature should use adoption, should be liberally construed explicit and unmistakable language.

38 A.L.R.--1.

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