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Statement of_Continued

Seward, Perry F., Deputy Commissioner, Community Facilities


Sprague, Donald A., member, Board of Supervisors, town of Wawars-

ing, N. Y.

Stevens, Lawrence N., Interior Department -

Stewart, Pearson H., director, Governor Hodges' Long-Range Hurri-

cane Rehabilitation Project.--.

Stewart, Walter A., appearing on behalf of American Optical Co. and

people and manufacturers in valleys of the Quinebaug and French


Stimson, Rev. Roger C., Flood Relief and Rehabilitation Committee,

Stroudsburg, Pa..

Sturgis, Maj. Gen. Samuel D., Jr., Chief of Engineers, United States

Army, accompanied by Col. Howard Penney

Thayer, Harry M., Ellen ville, N. Y.--

Thompson, Frank, Jr., a Representative in Congress from the State of

New Jersey

Tilghman, Charles T., Ocean Drive Beach, S. C...
Tucker, Glenn M., mayor pro tem, town of Carolina Beach, N. C.
Van Alst, Charles, Wallkill Valley, V. Y..
Van Duser, Wilson, member, New York State Assembly
Walker, Mrs. Nancy, Deer Park, N. Y.
Wallace, Augustus C., Goshen, N. Y.
Warthin, A. Scott, Jr., on behalf of Dutchess County Water Conserva-

tion Committee..
Williams, Walter, Under Secretary, Department of Commerce

Yaffe, Simon M., West Hartford, Conn
EL Young, Richard B., Acushnet Process Co., New Bedford, Mass., on

behalf of New Bedford Committee on Hurricane Damage.-
Yount, H. W., vice president, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., on

behalf of the American Mutual Alliance.
5 Zimmer, C. S., Rosendale, N. Y.

Letters, telegrams, statements, etc., submitted for the record by-

Allen, Harold, Memphis, Tenn.: Letter to Senator Lehman.

American Insurance Association, New York, N. Y.:


Vap of paths of selected tropical storms of hurricane force, past

135 years--


Association of Casualty and Surety Companies, Ray Murphy, general


Letter to Senator Lehman

Amendments to Senator Lehman's bill

Membership list.

Barber, Emmett J., Middleburgh, N. Y.: Letter to Senator Lehman..

Bates, William H., a Representative in Congress from the State of

Massachusetts: Telegram to Senator Lehman.

Bergin, Edward D., mayor-elect, Waterbury, Conn.: Statement-

Blake, Jeff, New Topsail Beach, N. C.: Telegram to Mr. Gold

Boland, Edward P., a Representative in Congress from the State of

Massachusetts: Statement..

Browne, Vincent J., Howard University: Letter to Committee

Browning, S. Pearce, Jr., New Canaan, Conn.: Letter to Senator


Brucker, Wilber M., Secretary of the Army: Letter to Senator Bush.
Brunjes, George R., mayor, Norwalk, Conn.: Statement
Bush, Prescott, a United States Senator from the State of Connecticut:

Letter to Secretary of the Army...
Chicopee, Mass., Manufacturers Association, Donald H. Mudd,

president: Report of damage.--






Letters, telegrams, statements, etc.—Continued

Civil Defense Administration:

Analysis of disaster-relief appropriation by fiscal year as of Octo-

ber 25, 1955..

Present mechanism for Federal disaster relief.

Administration of disaster relief-Executive Order 10427-

Delegation of authority and assignment of functions for natural

disasters - General Order No. 128..

Disaster interim operating procedures.-

Statement of understanding between FCDA and-

American National Red Cross..

Health, Education, and Welfare Department.

Commerce Department.

Agriculture Department.

Interior Department..

Treasury Department.

General Services Administration..

Housing and Home Finance Agency

United States Coast Guard.

Advisory bulletin-

No. 135, Federal assistance in disasters other than those in-

duced by enemy attack.

No. 144. Donation or loan of Federal surplus property, etc.

No. 154, Types of Federal assistance rendered in major


No. 160, Civil-defense leadership in organizing community

disaster warning networks.

No. 163, Identification of Federal employees assigned to

essential duties, etc..

No. 169, Small watercraft organization for emergency pur-


Federal-State disaster agreement, sample copy,

Disaster Order No. 1, assignment of disaster-relief responsibilities

to departments..

Disaster Order No. 2, providing for reporting excess and surplus

property and assigning disaster-relief functions to GSA..

Coen, Arthur F., New York, N. Y.: Letter to Senator Lehman.-

Cole, Samuel I., New Bedford, Mass.: Letter to Senator Saltonstall..

Commerce Department:

Final flood damage summary, BDSA.--

Activities of Department in flood disasters..

Conley, Lt. Col. Victor G., Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-3,

United States Army: Statement.

Connecticut General Assembly:

House Joint Resolution No. 2.

Senate Resolution No. 5..

Connecticut General Life Insurance Co., Hartford, Conn., Frazar B.


Letter, November 11, 1955.

Letter, November 17, 1955-

Connecticut State Grange, Ira F. Wilcox, member, legislative com-

mittee, Merrow, Conn.:

Letter to Senator Purtell..

Letter to Senator Bush.-

Coryell, Frank F., White Plains, N. Y.: Letter to Senator Lehman..

Define, John A., Jr., mayor, Danbury, Conn.: Letter to committee..

Dempsey, John N., mayor, Putnam, Conn.: Letter to committee ---

Dichter, Irving, executive board member, District 6, International

Union of Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers: Statement..

Dodd, Thomas J., a Representative in Congress from the State of


Statement on proposed bill..

Proposed bill...

Driscoll, John J., secretary-treasurer, Connecticut State CIO Council:



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Letters, telegrams, statements, etc.-Continued
Engineer Corps, United States Army:

Chart, Storm path, August 17–20, 1955; March 16-22, 1936; Sep-

tember 17–21, 1938; and average rainfall in inches - facing
Chart, flood areas, storms of August 17-20, 1955, and October
14-16, 1955---

Number of years on which estimates of costs and benefits of

flood-control program is based...
New York State--Projects completed or under construction and

projects authorized, not started.
Farrell, John H., executive secretary, South Eastern North Carolina

Beach Association: Editorial, Wilmington (N. C.) News, Time To

Be Convincing -

Ferland, Maurice, State senator, Connecticut General Assembly:


Ficklin, John R., city manager, Hayward, Calif.: Letter to Senator


Finkelstein, Robert, flood-control committee, Woonsocket Chamber

of Commerce: Industrial firms sustaining damages by floods of

August 19-20, 1955.

Firemen's Mutual Insurance Co., Providence, R. I., F. T. Moses,

chairman of the board:

Letter, November 8, 1955.

Letter, December 6, 1955_

Flack, William E., controller, Acushnet Process Co.: Statement.

Follin, James W., director Urban Renewal Administration: State-


Forand, Aime J., a Representative in Congress from the State of

Rhode Island: Proposed bill.-

Fulbright, J. W., a United States Senator from the State of Arkansas:

Letter to Senator Lehman

Furcolo, Foster, Springfield, Mass.: Statement

Glenn, C. Leroy, Honesdale, Pa.: Letter to committee

Harriman, Averell, Governor, State of New York:

Chart, authorized and approved Federal flood-control program

in New York...


Chart, flood damage area, August and October floods --facing

Harris, Seymour E., chairman, New England Governors Textile Com-

mittee, and chairman, economics department, Harvard University:


Taxes and Treasury disbursements, regional and State differences.

Resolutions suggested for consideration of conference of New

England governors, approved November 17, 1955.
Heselton, John W., a Representative in Congress from the State of

Massachusetts: Telegram to Senator Lehman.-
Herd, J. Victor, president, American Insurance Association:

Telegram to committee...
Position of stock insurance companies regarding flood insurance.

Letter on flood damage.
Insurance Brokers Association of Massachusetts, C. F. Bowers,

chairman, legislative committee: Statement.

James, Dwight S., McAllen, Tex.: Letter to Senator Lehman.

Kennedy, John F., a United States Senator from the State of Massa-



Letter to Senator Lehman.

Macdonald, Torbert H., a Representative in Congress from the State

of Massachusetts: Statement.
McCormack, John W., a Representative in Congress from the State

of Massachusetts: Letter to Senator Lehman..
McMurray, Joseph P., commissioner of housing, State of New York:

Comparative analysis of flood and disaster bills under considera-

Navigation law provisions authorizing regulation of stream-

channel encroachment..

Electric power rates and consumption..
Meyner, Robert B., Governor, State of New Jersey: Letter to Senator


Middleton, E. F., mayor, Long Beach, N. C.: Long Beach before and

after storm, photographs -




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Letters, telegrams, statements, etc.—Continued

Viller, Howard S., Hiawatha, Kans.: Letter to Senator Lehman...

Monatt, Samuel M., Stroudsburg, Pa.:

Letter to Representative Walter.

Letter in response from Representative Walter.

Flood loss damages excluding business interruption not covered by


Letter to Mr. Harman, Small Business Administration.

Letter and newspaper article.

Moose, Loyal Order of, Supreme Lodge of the World, George Eubank,

supreme secretary: Letter to Senator Lehman enclosing resolution-
Murphy, J. A., Syracuse, N. Y.: Letter to Senator Lehman -
Mutual Fire Insurance Association of New England, Edward D.

Sirois, executive vice president: Statement.
National Association of Insurance Commissioners: Meeting of flood

and hurricane commissioners.-

Vicholson, Donald W., a Representative in Congress from the State

of Massachusetts: Telegram to Senator Lehman..

O'Reilley, Edmund J., president, Rosendale, N. Y., Flood Committee:

Letter to Senator Lehman..

Parker, C. Conrad, Worcester, Mass.: Proposed legislation..

Pastore, John 0., a United States Senator from the State of Rhode

Island: Letter and statement..

Patterson, Mrs. Virginia, New Vernon, N. J.: Letter to Senator


Payne, Frederick G., a United States Senator from the State of Maine:

Article, Portland Press Herald: Congress Should Create Federal

Flood Insurance.

Article, New York Times: Controlling the Floods -

Philbin, Philip J., a Representative in Congress from the State of


Text of H. R. 6129.

Preliminary draft of bill..


Poster, Gerbrand, Jr., Myrtle Beach, S. C.: Letter to Senator Lehman.
Preston, Richard, commissioner, Department of Commerce, State of

Massachusetts: Statement-

Public Housing Administration: Statement of participation in the

disaster-relief program.-.-

Purtell, William A., a United States Senator from the State of Connec-

ticut: Letter to Senator Lehman.

Red Cross:

Individual applications for restitution for flood damage received

as of October 20, 1955.--

Statistical summary, Eastern States flood, October 15, 1955.---

Statistical and financial summary, Eastern States floods, as of

November 11, 1955.

Some facts about American Red Cross disaster relief
Total sums spent on disaster relief in 6-State area, November 23,


Reid, Robert Newton, vice president and general counsel, Federal

National Mortgage Association:


Part X, FNMA Sellers Guide, Program 1 through 1-G.

Ribicoff, Abraham A., Governor, State of Connecticut:

Message to special session of the general assembly

Report of Connecticut Flood Recovery Committee

Ordeal of an industrial valley, by Dero A. Saunders-

Rivers, George, representative, Connecticut General Assembly: State-


Rivers, Thomas W., Greenville, N. C.: Statement..

Saltonstall, Leverett, a United States Senator from the State of Massa-

chusetts: Letter to Senator Lehman.

Scott, Kenneth L., director, Agricultural Credit Services: Supplemental


Scott, W. Kerr, a United States Senator from the State of North Caro-

lina: Statement.
Sherman, Edward A., regional director, Citizens' Committee for the

Hoover Report: Letter to Senator Lehman.












Letters, telegrams, statements, etc.—Continued

Silos, Harry, Fairfield, Conn.: Telegram to Senator Bush-----

Small Business Administration:

Disaster loan applications received and approved, by size, through

November 30, 1955..

Disaster loans approved, classified between home loans and busi-

ness loans, in Eastern and Northeastern States, August and

October 1955.

Disaster loan application activity by States, through June 30, 1955.

Types and numbers of disaster declarations.-

Statistical report of SBA disaster field offices, October 27, 1955.-

Activities in regard to drought disaster loan program.

Letter to chairman on testimony of Mr. Monatt.

Soemer, Frank A., Maplewood, N. J.: Letter to Senator Lehman...

Sprague, Donald A., supervisor, town of Wawarsing, N. Y.: Letter

enclosing resolution.-

Staff report: Excerpt, legislative History of Disaster Insurance.
Stewart, Walter A., American Optical Co.:

Statement for American Optical Co..

Statement for Society of the Quinebaug-
St. George, Katherine, a Representative in Congress from the State

of New York: Letter to Senator Lehman..

Sullivan, Thomas M., Local 369, UWUA-CIO, Boston, Mass.: Tele-

gram to Senator Lehman..
Truman, Harry, President of the United States: Message to Congress

transmitting recommendations relative to national flood insurance..
Tucker, Glenn M., mayor pro tem, town of Carolina Beach, N. C.:

Resolution, Council, town of Carolina Beach, N. C.--

Ward, Al, mayor, town of Surf City, N. C.: Telegram to Mr. Gold..

Warthin, A. Scott, Jr., on behalf of Dutchess County Water Conserva-

tion Committee:


Resolution No. 61, Board of Supervisors, County of Dutchess,

N. Y., re water control.--

Report to Board of Supervisors, Dutchess County, N. Y., from

Water Conservation Committee.

Westphalinger, Maj. Gen. Henry R., Office of the Deputy Chief of

Staff for Logistics, United States Army: Statement.--

Yount, H. W., vice president, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., on be-

half of the American Mutual Alliance:

Letter to Senator Lehman.

Insurance customarily written by insurance companies covering






natural disasters...

Extended coverage rates.

Brick mercantile extended coverage endorsement rates

Rates for earthquake and volcanic eruption insurance.





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