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196.14 Records and reports.

Each institution of higher education

which receives an allocation of fellow

ships under this part, and each individual who is awarded a fellowship shall keep such records and submit such reports as are required by the Commissioner. Such reports shall include a certificate from an appropriate official at the institution of higher

education, library, achive, or other research center approved by the Commissioner, stating that the fellow is making satisfactory progress in and is devoting essentially full time to the program for which the fellowship was awarded.

(20 U.S.C. 1134q(b))

PARTS 197-199 [Reserved]


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Accrediting Agencies

Criteria for OE recognition, 45 Part

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Civil Disorders

See Riots

Civil Rights


See also Desegregation in education
Equal employment

Federal aid to education programs,
45 88 100a.160, 100a.262, 100b.160,

Follow through child learning pro-
gram, 45 § 158.85

Impacted area programs, school main-

tenance and operation, 45 § 115.16
Student loan and loan insurance pro-
grams, 45 § 177.7

Veterans' cost of instruction payments
program, 45 § 189.4
Colleges and Universities
See also Higher education
Student aid

Community education training grants,
45 § 160c.30-160c.36

Community service program grants,
45 Part 173

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