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Communications to Congress-Continued
Trade with Hungary and Czechoslovakia,

Communications to Federal Agencies
Trade with certain former Soviet republics,

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Establishment of emergency boards to

investigate railroad labor disputes—564, 565
Review of pay rates for employees of Veterans

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News conference, April 1 (No. 125)—566

Meetings With Foreign Leaders

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Cyprus, President Vassiliou—559

Spain, Prime Minister González—572

Statements by the President

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Antitrust enforcement policy—573

Statements Other Than Presidential

Cyprus, meeting with President Vassiliou—560

Czechoslovakia, telephone conversation with

President Havel-584

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Week Ending Friday, April 3, 1992

Radio Address to the Nation on

If enough members demand it, Congress Domestic Reforms

must vote on each of these bills, yes or no, March 28, 1992

up or down. I'm going to work with those

who want the Congress to be accountable Good morning:

and fight those who will try to block our iniMany have called the 20th century the tiatives through parliamentary gimmicks. I American Century. The question before us

know that Government is too big and spends today is about the next century, looking just

too much. And now let's see where Congress a few years ahead.

stands. Stay tuned, keep listening. We'll find Let me tell you a story that will help shape out who really wants to cut spending and who that century, a story you probably haven't just wants to keep the pork. heard about. It's about a battle between In a world more driven by economic comthose who want to change things and those petition than ever before, the challenge I am who want to protect the status quo. And in referring to is crucial to our future. I mean this battle those who support change are tell- reform of the American Government. During ing those who want to stand pat: lead, follow the last decade, one institution after another or get out of the way.

has looked within itself, decided on improveWednesday, those words were heard loud ments, and acted to fix its problems and reand clear. I'm talking about how the Demo- flect its principles. Our task now is to bring cratic Congress couldn't muster a two-thirds that process of reform to the United States majority; incredibly, couldn't even get a ma- Government. All of us know Government's jority to override my veto of the liberals lat- problem, too often it is not accountable, not est tax increase. This story you haven't heard effective, not efficient. It's not even compasabout is also unheard of. Only twice before sionate. Only by changing it can we protect in the last 60 years has the House failed to America's general interest against selfish, muster a simple majority to override a veto. special interests.

Congressional liberals suffered this defeat My rescissions will help knock out one part for a simple reason: Americans measure of the special interest problem at work in progress in people helped, not dollars spent. Congress today, but the changes I want are And that's why I'm going to continue the even bigger. I want to end the PAC confight to keep a lid on Federal spending. It's tributions which are corrupting our system. also why I ask Senator McCain of Arizona I want to place term limits on Congress, and and Congressman Harris Fawell of Illinois I want to lead the American people in making to formally introduce legislation to endorse changes that will make the 21st century anthe 68 rescissions I announced last week to other American Century. cut nearly $4 billion in waste from a bloated One challenge is to make our people eduFederal budget.

cated, literate, and motivated to keep learnUnlike liberal Democrats, given our big ing. And that's why I'm trying to reform our deficit, I don't think the Federal Government education system from top to bottom. can afford to fund prickly pear research or Our people must have a sense of wellstudy asparagus yield declines. Those who re- being about their health and that of their ject these pork barrel projects will stand with children and families. My health care reform me and the American taxpayer. Those who plan will guarantee them access to the finest support them will have to explain in Novem- health care system in the world and make ber why the public interest has been denied that care affordable.

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