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A course with test material and a series of instruction

tests prepared by the U. S. Naval Hospital Corps
School, Naval Hospital, Portsmouth, Virginia,
under the supervision of the Training
Branch of the Bureau of Medicine

and Surgery, with the assist-

ance of the Bureau of

Naval Personnel

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This training course consists of a series of instruction tests designed to cover, in major part, the essential material with which the prospective Chief Hospital Corpsman is expected to be familiar and cognizant. The extensive range of the material covered serves a twofold purpose: first, to broaden the students' field of knowledge which is basically required to execute effectively, in an administrative capacity, the responsibilities of the senior enlisted rate of the Hospital Corps; second, the knowledge and experience acquired in completing the course will serve as a stepping stone toward the normal path of advancement to warrant or commissioned officer grade, as may be applicable. For these purposes not only is the actual knowledge desired and expected, but equally important in view of the varied sources of directive media is the ability of the individual in knowing where to find pertinent facts and information.

The contents of this course conform to the requirements for advancement to Chief Hospital Corpsman as set forth in the Manual of Qualifications for Advancement in Rating, Nav Pers 10868 (Revised) and are based upon material contained in the following references:

Manual of the Medical Department, U. S. Navy, BuMed,


Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Instructions and Notices. Bureau of Naval Personnel Manual.

Since each of the above listed references is subject to change, it will be necessary for the reader to refer to and use directives which may modify the above from time to time.

Completion of this course is a prerequisite to advancement to Chief Hospital Corpsman except as otherwise provided by current BuPers instructions. A Hospital Corpsman First Class is not eligible to take the examination for advancement until an entry is made in his service record that a training course has been completed.

VG 320


The questions which appear in the following series of assignments are based on the various reference readings as applicable. The answers are found at the back of the book. Obviously, the easy way to supply the answers would be to refer immediately to the back of the book, but the student who does this will not obtain the maximum benefit from the course. The primary purpose of completing this course is to prepare the student to succeed when he is examined for advancement. As the examination questions for advancement in rating will contain questions which may not be covered in these assignments, the student who studies these references thoroughly and searches for the answers to all questions will find himself better qualified to pass the examination.

The student is not to fill in the answers in this book. A separate sheet of blank paper will be used to fill in the answers to each assignment. Reference to the answers in the back of the book should not be made until the subject has been carefully studied and the answers to the complete assignment written down. The student should then go on to the next assignment.

The questions contained in the various assignments of the instruction tests are of four types. The numbers of questions will vary in each assignment in accordance with the quantity and significance of the subject matter. An example of each type question is given and explained below.


In this type question a blank space is provided so that the proper word or words can be written in to complete the sentence or phrase.


Complete the following statement by supplying the proper word or words.

1. The bone of the arm is called the humerus.

The term "humerus" is written in the blank space.

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