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377. Amend act of Aug. 9, 1955, authorize longer term leases of Indian lands out-

side boundaries of Indian reservations in New Mexico.

378. Amend Indian long-term leasing act.

379. Federally owned lands held in trust for Indians of Pueblo of Laguna.
380. Provide disposition of judgment recovered by Confederated Salish and

Kootenai Tribes, Flathead Reservation, Mont.

381. Compensate Indians of California for land erroneously used as offset in

judgment against United States.

382. Declare federally owned land held in trust for Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.

383. Declare United States hold land in trust for Three Affiliated Tribes of Fort

Berthold Reservation, N. Dak.

384. Provide construction, improvement of road on Navajo Indian Reservation.

385. Establish Buffalo National River.

386. Grant states reciprocal right to sue in D.C. courts to recover delinquent.

state taxes.

387. Amend survivor annuity provisions of D.C. judges retirement act of 1964.

389. Authorize appropriations for National Council on Indian Opportunity.

390. Establish national minerals policy.

391. Chouteau lock and dam, Oklahoma.

392. Housing and urban development act of 1969.

393. Loans to Indian tribes and tribal corporations.

394. National Adult-Youth Communications Week.

395. Golden eagle program.

396. Establish William Howard Taft National Historic Site.

397. Extend authority to limit rates of interest, etc., on time, savings deposits,

and accounts.

398. Increase servicemen's group life insurance.

399. Vietnam era veterans' life insurance.

400. Increase dependency and indemnity compensation for survivors of service-

men, etc.

401. Double indemnity group life insurance coverage for servicemen assigned to

extrahazardous duty.

402. Dismemberment insurance under servicemen's group life insurance.

403. Exempt public international organizations from D.C. unemployment com-

pensation act.

404. Adoption of interstate compact on juveniles by D.C.

405. Reorganize courts of D.C.

406. General von Steuben Memorial Day.

407. Print additional copies, pt. 21, hearings, Riots, civil and criminal disorders.

408. Print additional copies, pt. 22, hearings, Riots, civil and criminal disorders.

409. Print additional copies, pt. 23, hearings, Riots, civil and criminal disorders.

410. Print additional copies, pt. 1, hearings, Economics of aging.

411. Federal coal mine bealth and safety act of 1969.

412. Print as House document, revised edition, Our Capitol.

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413. Print as House document, 1969 Listing of operating Federal assistance pro-

grams compiled during Roth study.

414, Peace Corps amendments.

416. Potato and tomato promotion.

417. Tulelake area durum wheat allotments.

418. Potatoes for processing, exempt from marketing orders.
419. Extend rural housing programs and Federal Housing Administration in-

surance authority, etc.

420. Interior Department and related agencies appropriations bill, 1970.

421. Marketing quota review committees.

422. Establish Cabinet Committee on Opportunities for Spanish-Speaking People.

423. Amend Federal property and administrative services act of 1949, donations

of surplus property.

124. Amend Federal property and administrative services act of 1949, rotation

of property.

+25. Release deed to land conveyed by U.S. to Salt Lake City Corporation.

426. Convey to city of Cheyenne, Wyo., property of U.S. heretofore donated.

127. Establish Commission on Government Procurement.

128. Interest equalization tax extension act of 1969.

129. D.C. revenue act of 1969.

130. Authorize appropriations for Office of Intergovernmental Relations.

131. Establish Commission on Population Growth and American Future.

132. Abolish Commission to consider site etc., for National Memorial Stadium

in D.C.

133. Establish nonvoting delegate to House of Representatives from D.C.

134. Establish Commission on Government for D.C.

435. Land conveyance to State of Maryland.

446. Day of Bread and Harvest Festival.

447. Copyright protection in certain cases.

448. Hold court in Prince Georges County, District of Maryland.

449. Retirement of U.S. judges, 20 years of service.

450. Increase per diem allowance, employees of Government traveling on official


151. Eisenho ver dollar.

452. National Industrial Hygiene Week.

453. Economic opportunity amendments of 1969.

454. Library of Congress James Madison Memorial Building. *

4.5. Equalize retirement benefits, commissioned officers, Public Health Service.

456. Print as House document, hearings on science and strategies for national

security in 1970's.

157. Print eulogies on Dwight D. Eisenhower.

158. Print as Senate document, list of proposed amendments to Constitution.

459. Additional expenditures by Select Committee on Small Business.

460. Print as Senate document, Cost of clean air.

461. Authorize additional expenditures by Special Committee on Aging.

462. Print as Senate document, 70th annual report, Daughters of American


463. Additional expenditures for investigation of antitrust and monopoly laws.

464. Additional expenditures for study of matters pertaining to constitutional


465. Additional expenditures for study of matters pertaining to constitutional


•Corrected print.


466. Additional expenditures for investigation of criminal laws and procedures.

467. Additional expenditures for investigation of administration, etc., of Internal

security act.

468. Additional expenditures for study and examination of Federal judicial


469. Additional expenditures for investigation of juvenile delinquency in U.S.
470. Additional expenditures for study pertaining to revision and codification

of statutes of U.S.

471. Additional expenditures for study of constitutional separation of powers.

472. Additional expenditures for study of problems created by refugees and


473. Print additional copies, Enactment of a law, S. Doc. 35, 90th Cong.
474. Additional expenditures for study of executive reorganization.
475. Additional expenditures for study of intergovernmental relations between

U.S., States and municipalities.
476. Additional expenditures by Committee on District of Columbia for study of

matters pertaining to District of Columbia.

477. Additional expenditures by Committee on Labor and Public Welfare.

478. Communicable disease control and vaccination assistance amendments of


479. Legislative branch appropriation bill, 1970.

480. Medical libraries and health communications assistance amendments of


481. Medical benefits for older veterans.

482. Nursing home care for service-comected veterans.

483. Outpatient care for service-connected veterans.

484. Care of veterans in State homes.

485. Share program of employment of professional personnel in Veterans


486. Create rebuttable presumption of service-connection for disabilities of


487. Veterans education and training assistance amendments act of 1969.

488. Uniform relocation assistance and land acquisition policies act of 1969.

489. Intergovernmental personnel act of 1969.

490. License fees and exemptions under Perishable agricultural commodities


491. Extend marketing order authority to apples produced in Colorado, Utah,

New Mexico, Illinois, Ohio.

492. Refer S. 202 to Chief Commissioner, Court of Claims.

493. Authorize removal of Francis Asbury statue.

434. Authorize entrance road, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, V.C.

493. Economic development of Trust Territory of Pacific Islands.

494. Amend act to establish Frederick Douglass home as part of park system in

National Capital.

497. Amend sec. 4, Revised organic act, Virgin Islands.
498. Refer private land bill to Chief Commissioner, Court of Claims.
499. Public ownership, lands in Federal reclamation projects.
500. Extend authority conferred by Export control act of 1949.

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