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names of the four Forsyth broth- Cross unhesitatingly shoulders the ers, of Boston, Massachusetts, responsibility and is successfully

, whose successful efforts in youth carrying the load. It must be reand whose forethought and gen- membered that while there are erosity in their declining years, many kinds of dental infirmaries, resulted in the building of and the there has never been anything like endowment for the Forsyth Den- this one in the history of the tal Infirmary for children, these world; and it is necessary for names have a significance that will those having the work in charge endure thru all the years to come.

to blaze their own trail. It was on a recent trip to the From the office we again enterold historic city of Boston that I ed the large corridor which runs took advantage of the opportunity thru the basement floor; and of visiting this truly great and the first thing that attracted our grand institution; and I have been

attention was the busts, cast in asked to record my impressions of enduring bronze, of two of the this visit for the readers of the

brothers-James Bennett and Journal.

George Henry Forsyth. Then we This institution is located at were conducted into a large cor140 Fenway and occupies the cen- ner room to the left of this floor tral portion of the Fenway front- which is known as “the family age with sufficient space on all room." With the exception of the sides to insure good light. It con- large table and a few chairs, all of sists of three stories and two par- the fixtures and furnishings in tial mezzanine floors; and is abso- this room

came from the Forlutely fire proof. There is not a syth family; and the

room, single piece of wood, however as might be expected, is beausmall, entering into its construc- tifully furnished. It has

evtion. The exterior is done in Ver- ery suggestion, from the large mont white marble, and the first clock in the corner to the pictures view one gets of the building is on the walls, of a room in the home both pleasing and imposing.

of a well-to-do and sensible family. We entered the basement floor Everything is complete, but nothfrom the right side of the build- ing overdone. In this room we aling; the entrance on the left side so find two other bronze bustsis for the children who are the pa- those of John Hamilton and Thomtients of the institution, and the as Alexander Forsyth—the two main entrance in front is used only brothers who founded the Infirmon special occasions. We were ary in memory of the two who first conducted into the office of had previously died. Since the Dr. H. DeWitt Cross, the dentist plans for the building were begun who has charge of the institution. John has died; so Thomas is the It does not take one long to appre- only brother living today. What ciate the responsibility of the man a satisfaction it must be for him who fills this position and Dr. to visit this great institution and to see and to know the great bene- are no electric bells to startle the fit to the children of Boston which little patients; all signals being comes from the generosity of him- given by a flash light system. The self and brothers. It is said that Infirmary is open from nine a. m.

a Thomas Forsyth, tho well ad- to five p. m., and all dental operavanced in years, is at his place of tions are performed for children business at 8 o'clock in the morn- up to sixteen years of age.

A ing and remains until six o'clock charge of five cents per visit is at night. Thus is displayed some- made. It was Mr. Thomas Forthing of the sturdy character of syth's idea to have the fee for these brothers who in their service as low as possible, yet not youth "builded better than they free.

free. Those who come may feel knew.' Another mark of charac- that they are paying something, ter is shown in the fact that it was however small, for the services reJames Bennett Forsyth who first ceived. suggested such a memorial. This In the main waiting room on the brother made his will and died

basement floor and in the assignwithout signing it; but the remain

ing room on this floor, as well as ing brothers carried out his wishes

in the operating chairs, we saw and desires to the best of their

children of all ages; and one pleasability.

ing feature was that there was not But I must hurry on. Opposite a child present but what seemed to the “family room" is a large lec- be happy that he or she was there, ture room, with a seating capacity and all seemed anxious and ready of about two hundred. Lectures on for their call to the chair. The hygiene, dental and other allied day will soon be here when people subjects will be given here. From will no longer dread the dental here we went thru the rooins for chair; just as these children do nose and throat work. The opera- not dread to visit the Forsyth tions here are done only in con- Dental Infirmary. junction with the dental work.

The operators are chosen by The clinic rooms are complete in competitive examinations and their every detail, but it should be re- length of service is one year. At membered that this clinic is not in- present they are paid a moderate dependent of the dental clinic. salary; but it is hoped and believed Near these rooms there are two

that the advantages offered here wards-one for boys and one for will soon be such that young men girls, each having a bath room. and women will desire, without

We then went to the dental in- pay, to spend a year in the Infirmfirmary on the second floor_a

ary, just as medical internes do in

, large room with ample light on ev

the various hospitals. It is firmly ery side. It is equipped with all believed that this great institution modern conveniences. The chairs will not only benefit the children of are unique, having been made es- Boston; but that its influence will pecially for this institution. There radiate out and benefit the entire

dental profession, and thru it the needs for the average dental operachildren of the world.

tion. When a patient is placed in I cannot take the time to de- the chair in the dental infirmary, scribe the work in detail which is a signal number is flashed on the done in the Infirmary, except to bulletin board, and a tray of stersay that it is done in a routine ile instruments is wheeled by a boy manner. First pain is relieved; to the chair. The amount of heat then a prophylactic treatment is in the sterilizer is automatically given; after which the work on the recorded on a chart for the purtooth needing attention most is pose. Thus if the proper heat has begun.

not been kept up during the night From the dental infirmary we by the man in charge of this room, went thru the X-ray room, and the tell-tale chart indicates it. then again to the basement floor From the sterilizing room we re. and into the main waiting room. turned to the large corridor and In this room there is a lady attend- left the building with a feeling ant at a desk in one corner to see that is hard to describe. All glory that the waiting children are pro- to the memory of the Forsyth vided with story books. Adjoining brothers. This Dental Infirmary this room there is a checking room for children will certainly prove to which is also provided with a lady be a memorial for which it was inattendant. In the main waiting tended, and the name “Forsyth" room there is a library well sup- will be well and favorably known plied with books for children. The

in the many, many years to come. decorations on the walls here con- It stands as a monument to these tain illustrations of children's sto- brothers and says to the world: ries. This idea is carried out in

“To all our children everywhere, the entire building, wherever such would be appropriate. For exam

Let us be just, be kind, be fair." ple, on the metal doors of the children's entrance to the building is

DEATH OF DR.H.B.McFADDEN. found pictures which are both pleasing and instructing. We next visited the sterilizing

We are grieved to announce that room. It would do no harm if ev

Dr. H. B. McFadden, of Philadelery dentist could see the way the

phia, Pa., treasurer of the National instruments are sterilized here.

Dental Association, died February First they are washed and scrub

14, 1915. bed and then sterilized with drv The Board of Trustees met in heat. The sterilizer proper has a Chicago, February 27, and elected capacity for one thousand trays, Dr. Arthur R. Melendy, of Knoxand each tray contains the number ville, Tenn., treasurer, to fill the

, of instruments which the operator unexpired term of Dr. McFadden.


INTERNATIONAL. International Dental Federation, San Francisco, Cal., August 30, 1915.

NATIONAL SOCIETIES. Panama-Pacific Dental Congress, San Francisco, Cal., August 30-Sept. 9, 1915.

National Dental Association-House of Delegates, Sept. 1-2, 1915, San Francisco, Cal.

Montana-Helena, June 15-17.
New Hampshire--Weirs, June 22-24.

North Carolina-Wrightsville Beach, June 23-25.

Pennsylvania–Reading, June 22-24.
Tennessee-Sewanee, June 24-25-26.
Utah--Salt Lake City, June 21-22.

New Jersey-Asbury Park, July 21-24.
Wisconsin-Oconomowoc, July 13-15.

September. National Capitol-Washington, Sept. 7.

New Mexico-Albuquerque, Oct. 4-11.

Arizona-Phoenix, November 11-13.
Virginia--Richmond, November 4.

Maryland-Baltimore, December.
Ohio-Columbus, December.


March. Oklahoma-Oklahoma City, March 1519.

Alabama-Montgomery, April 13.
Connecticut-Hartford, April 20, 21, 22.
Kansas-Topeka, April 27-29.
Michigan-Grand Rapids, April 15-17.
Mississippi—Jackson, April 20-22.
South Carolina-Columbia, April 27-30.
West Virginia-Wheeling, April 14-16.

Arkansas-Little Rock, May 13-15.

-Peoria, May 11-14.
Indiana-Indianapolis, May 18-20.
Iowa- -Waterloo, May 4-6.
Massachusetts—Boston, May 5-7.
Nebraska-Lincoln, May 19-21.
New York-Albany, May 13-14-15.
North Dakota-Fargo, May 11-12.
South Dakota-Rapid City, May 4-5-6.

Galveston, May 19-22.
Vermont-Burlington, May 19-21.

Colorado-Manitou, June 17-18-19.

Georgia-Atlanta, June.

Salmon, June.
Kentucky-Ashland, June 8-10.
Louisiana-New Orleans, June 3-5.
Missouri-Jefferson City, June 10-12.


TERS. The Clift Hotel, San Francisco, California, has been secured as the headquarters for the National Dental Association. The management of the Hotel is now holding tentatively one hundred rooms, (100) for our membership. Reservation should be made thru Mr. H. S. Ward, the chief clerk of the Clift Hotel. This direct method of making reservations will prevent confusion and make the chances of error less likely than when passing thru several hands.


General Secretary.




The Utah State Dental Society want to entertain all Dentists who visit Salt


[blocks in formation]

Lake or Ogden, and that we will be very glad to do so, if we are notified when they individually or collectively will arrive in either of these towns.

EARL G. VAN LAW, Chairman Entertainment Com.



At the last annual meeting of the American Institute of Dental Teachers held at Ann Arbor, Mich., the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, H. M. Semans, Columbus, Ohio; Vice-President, S. W. Bowles, Washington, D. C., Secretary-Treasurer, J. F. Biddle, 517 Arch Street, N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Executive Board, A. W. Thornton, Montreal, Canada, R. W. Bunting, Ann Arbor, Michigan, A. D. Black, Chicago, Ill.

The next annual meeting will be held at Minneapolis, Minnesota, January 25th, 26th, and 27th, 1916.

J. F. BIDDLE, Secretary.

(The State Dental Meeting that's Differ

ent.) The 1915 meeting of this society will be held in Oklahoma City, March 15, 16, 17, 18, 19th.

These meetings are conducted somewhat along original lines and are a deviation from the "old style" dental meeting in that considerable time is given over to listening to lectures (generally illustrated) by dental teachers. Some time is devoted to a discussion of the newer things of dentistry but the prime object is to give a more thoro and better understanding of many of the older things.

The principal lectures for the 1915 session will be Drs. J. H. Prothero, and W. H. G. Logan of Chicago. Dr. Prothero's lectures will be confined to important phases of prosthetic dentistry, and Dr. Logan will lecture on modern methods of treating “Pyorrhea”, and conductive anesthesia.

The clinical instructions are to be more of a personal nature than in former meetings; the society being divided into classes for this purpose.

Members of other State Dental Societies are welcome to attend this meeting but are required to pay & fee of five dollars for the lectures and clinics. C. R. LAWRENCE, Secretary,

Enid, Okla.


Meeting of the Missouri State Dental


Has been postponed until June 10th, 11th and 12th. Elaborate preparations are being made to celebrate the SemiCentennial meeting of this Association on an elaborate scale. See special announcements in this next issue of the Journal. For information, address: S. C. A. Rubey, Secretary, No. 1017 New York Life Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.




“The 51st annual meeting of the Illinois State Dental Society will be held at Peoria, Illinois, May 11-12-13-14, 1915. President, J. M. Barcus, Carlinville; Sec'y, Henry L. Whipple, Quincy."

The fifty-first annual meeting of the Connecticut State Dental Association will be held at the Foot Guard Armory Hall, Hartford, Conn., April 20, 21, 22, 1915. CHAS. H. RIGGS, Pres.,

Hartford, Conn. ELWYN R. BRYANT, Sec.,

New Haven, Conn.

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