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Association outlined in detail a plan whereby he had changed the name of the Official Bulletin to The Journal, and upon this basis had already secured contracts for 20 pages of advertising. He explained in detail the cost of publishing each issue of The Journal and that the finances received from the

advertising pages would be almost sufficient to cover the cost of publishing The Journal.

MOVED by Dr. Ward and seconded by Dr. Burkhart that the Official Bulletin of the National Dental Association be changed to The Journal of the National Dental Association. Carried.

UPON MOTION made, seconded and carried, all advertising matter must first be sumbitted to the Journal Committee for their approval before publication.

UPON MOTION of Dr. Burkhart, which was duly seconded, the membership fee for foreign dentists in the N. D. A. was increased to $2.00.

UPON MOTION of Dr. Buckley, which was duly seconded, the Secretary was instructed to place in the files of the association the report of the Necrology Committee for 1914.

The report of the work being done by the Legislative Committee was read and filed.

MOVED by Dr. Burkhart and seconded by Dr. Buckley, that 25 per cent of the advertising receipts be placed to the credit of The Journal fund. Carried.

The Secretary of the Kentucky State Dental Society reported that they had made an error and sent in 1914 dues$24.00 in excess of their membership, and thru their Secretary, they asked for a return of this amount. The Ad Interim Committee instructed the National Secretary to inform the Kentucky Society that, in view of the fact that their State had seated its quota of delegates in the National House of Delegates on the strength of a membership of 300, no funds below this amount ($300.00) could be returned.

Dr. King reported that, thru Dr. Platt (the President of the Panama-Pacific Dental Congress), he had contracted for the Clift Hotel as headquarters for the officers of the National Association and that he had also secured on the program of the Panama-Pacific Dental Congress two afternoon sessions of the House of Delegates, September 1 and 2. Adjourned.

Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the National Dental Association.

Chicago, Ill., LaSalle Hotel, February 27, 1915. Pursuant to the call of the President of the National Dental Association, the Board of Trustees met at the LaSalle Hotel at 10 a. m. with the following present: Gallie, King, Hartzell, Burkhart, Buckley, and Ward. The other members of the Board sent proxies as follows: Boardman's proxie to Burkhart, Hinman's and White's proxies to Buckley, and Grieve's and Wherry's proxies to King, which proxies are hereto attached, marked exhibits (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e).

The object of this Board meeting was specified in the call as follows:

Huntington, Indiana, February 20, '15.

To Board of Trustees:

The president, Dr. Gallie, has instructed me to call a meeting of the Board of Trustees to meet in Chicago at the La Salle Hotel, February 27th, 1915, at ten o'clock a. m. This meeting will be for the purpose of filling the vacancy caused by the death of Dr. H. B. McFadden, Treasurer of N. D. A.

The Board will also fill the vacancies caused by the death of Drs. T. E. Turner,

Second Vice President, St. Louis, Mo.; W. E. Walker, Secretary, Section III, New Orleans, La., and Geo. E. Hunt, Indianapolis, Ind., member of Research Commission, and transact any other business that may come before this body.

This will be a very important meeting. We must comply with the law and rules of banks and bonding companies, therefore the Secretary will have to certify under seal-after the Trustee meeting, that the meeting was called in legal form and conducted according to the rules. He will also have to certify to the election of a Treasurer and the various resolutions authorizing the transfer of money and property.

Trusting you may be able to attend, and with best wishes and kindest regards, I am

Fraternally yours,

OTTO U. KING, Secretary."

DR. ARTHUR R. MELENDY, Knoxville, Tennessee, was nominated and by ballot unanimously elected Treasurer, to fill the unexpired term of the late Dr. H. B. McFadden, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

H. J. BURKHART presented the foilowing resolution, which was seconded by J. P. Buckley: That the required Security Companies' bond of $10,000.00 of the Treasurer be subjected to approval of the President and Secretary of the N. D. A., and that they also designate the depository for the funds in the hands of the Treasurer and any that may be received by him, until the next annual meeting. Carried.

DR. CLARENCE V. WATTS, Des Moines, Iowa, was nominated and by hallot unanimously elected Third Vice President, to fill the unexpired term of the late Dr. T. E. Turner, St. Louis, Missouri.

DR. B. L. SHOBE, Tulsa, Oklahoma, was nominated and by ballot unanimous

ly elected Secretary of Section II, to fill the unexpired term of the late Dr. W. Ernest Walker, New Orleans, Louisiana.

DR. CARL D. LUCAS, Indianapolis, Indiana, was unanimously elected a member of the Scientific Foundation and Research Commission to fill the unexpired term of the late Dr. George E. Hunt, Indianapolis, Indiana, providing the Trustees of the N. D. A. have the authority to fill this vacancy.

MOVED by Dr. Burkhart and seconded by Hartzell that the Secretary be given absolute authority as to all details relative to the time of closing of forms, and correction of copy. Carried.

MOVED that Dr. Weston A. Price, Chairman of the Scientific Foundation and Research Commission, be requested, as soon as ne shall receive the draft, for the amount turned over to N. D. A. by the Local Committee at Rochester, to at once forward the Secretary an order for the amount due for expenses incurred in the publication and insertion of colored plates, in Vol. I, No. 4, Official Bulletin, in Dr. Hartzell's Research article. Carried.

UPON MOTION made, seconded and duly carried, the Secretary was requested to secure date of election and expiration of term of office of each member on the Research Commission and make a record of same in minutes of this meeting.

In compliance with this motion the Secretary received the following from Dr. Weston A. Price, Chairman of Research Commission:

Weston A. Price '18, 10406 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.

Thomas P. Hinman, Vice President '18, 4th National Bank Building, Atlanta, Georgia.

Clarence J. Grieves, Sec'y-Treas. '18, 201 W. Madison Street, Baltimore, Maryland.

John V. Conzett '18, 256 13th Street, Dubuque, Iowa.

[blocks in formation]

Frank L. Platt '15, San Francisco, CaliCornia.

Chris S. Van Horn '15, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

Roscoe H. Volland '15, Iowa City, Iowa.

The Third Assistant Postmaster General notified the General Secretary that "The Act of August 24, 1912, limits the circulation of publications in which miscellaneous advertisements are carried to-copies mailed to such members as pay therefor, either as a part of their dues of assessments, or otherwise, not less than fifty per centum of the regular subscription price; to other bona fide subscribers; to exchanges, and ten per centum of such circulation as sample copies, and that if it is desired to continue the carrying of miscellaneous advertisements it will be necessary for us to establish that the circulation meets the foregoing requirements."

VOTED THAT "Of the $1.00 annual membership dues, $.50 shall be for a year's subscription to "The Journal of the National Dental Association.'"


First Session of the Board of Trustees.

The first session of the Board of Trustees was held in the Army Room of the Municipal Auditorium, at San Francisco, Cal., at 4:00 P. M., August 31, 1915.

The roll call showed all members present, except Dr. Walter E. Boardman, Boston, Mass.

The minutes of the Ad Interim Committee, and the Board of Trustees meeting were read and approved.

THE GENERAL SECRETARY, Dr. Otto U. King, submitted his financial report and vouchers Nos. 49 to 93.

IT WAS VOTED that the General Secretary's financial report be received and approved, and bills allowed. (Report on page 402.)

THE SECRETARY, in the absence of Dr. Arthur R. Melendy, read the Treasurer's report, which was received and referred to the Auditing Committee. (Report on page 408.)

UPON MOTION of Dr. Hinman, which was duly seconded and carried, the President of the National Dental Association was instructed and authorized to employ a certified public accountant to audit the books of the Secretary and Treasurer, at least thirty days prior to the annual meeting, and that this report be presented and submitted to the Board of Trustees of this Association at its first session.

The members of the Judicial Council were nominated as follows: J. R. Calla

han, Cincinnati, Ohio; R. Ottolengui, New York City; Victor H. Jones, Bethlehem, Pa.; T. L. Grisamore, Chicago, Illinois, and Wm. F. Sharp, San Francisco, Cal.

DR. FRED W. GETHRO, Chicago, of the Dental Educational Committee was nominated for re-appointment to serve five years.

On the Dental Legislative Committee, Dr. Charles R. E. Koch, Chicago, Illinois, was nominated for re-appointment for five years.

On the Committee on Transportation and Place of Session, the following were nominated as members of this Committee: D. C. Bacon, Chicago, Illinois; Max M. Eble, Louisville, Ky.; Roscoe A. Day, Oakland, Calif.; Howard S. Seip, Allentown, Pa., and Joseph D. Eby, Atlanta, Ga.

On the Research Commission, it was moved that the action of the Board of Trustees be confirmed in recommending that Dr. Carl D. Lucas, Indianapolis, succeed the late Dr. George E. Hunt and Dr. Arthur D. Black, Chicago, succeed the late Dr. G. V. Black. The rest of the Committee to serve for five years are Frank O. Hetrick, Ottawa, Kansas; Marcus L. Ward, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Frank


L. Platt, San Francisco, Norman Broomell, Philadelphia, and R. H. Voland, Iowa City, Iowa.

IT WAS VOTED that the Journal Committee consist of W. H. G. Logan, Otto U. King, and Herbert L. Wheeler.

National Relief Committee, Edward S. Gaylord, L. G. Noel and William T. Chambers, James McMamus.

DR. KING stated that he had one hundred and sixteen copies of the 1911 Proceedings; one hundred and fifty of 1912, and five hundred and twenty-two of 1913.

IT WAS VOTED that the Secretary be instructed to keep permanently twentyfive copies of each issue of the Journal of Transactions of the National Dental Association, and that of those copies on hand in his office in excess of this number, already published, he be requested to place a notice in the Dental journals that these copies may be had on request if money is enclosed to prepay the postage.

Federation Dentaire International Delegates. Truman W. Brophy, Burton Lee Thorpe, William Carr, S. H. Guilford, Waldo E. Boardman. The same members will serve until 1919. ADJOURNED.

Second Meeting of the Board of Trustees, September 1, 1915, in Municipal Auditorium.

The meeting was called to order by the President at 4:30 P. M.

There were present Drs. Gallie, Burkhart, Hartzell, Buckley, Grieves, Wherry, White and King.

IT WAS MOVED by Dr. Burkhart and seconded that Dr. Arthur D. Black be recommended as successor to his father 2s a member of the Research Commission. Carried.

DR. HARTZELL moved to recommend that the Committee on Relief Fund be

continued and that the plan outlined by Dr. Gaylord be accepted and authorized. Seconded and carried.

DR. BUCKLEY moved to recommend the continuation of the Committee on Oral and Dental Hygiene, this committee to consist of Charles H. Oakman, Detroit, Mich.; L. D. Mitchell, Oklahoma City; B. S. Hurt, Rochester, N. Y.; H. F. Hoffman, Denver, Colorado, and J. D. Patterson, Kansas City.

MOTION seconded by Dr. Burkhart and carried.

IT WAS MOVED to recommend that the Committee on Dental Museum be continued, and the Committee consist of the following members: G. W. Boynton, Chairman, Washington, D. C.; Thomas L. Rust, Vice-Chairman, Washington, D. C.; C. A. Hawley, Secretary, Washington, D. C.; Chester B. Reed, Topeka, Kansas; William O. Hulick, Cincinnati, Ohio; Henry W. Morgan, Nashville, Tenn; C. V. Vignes, New Orleans, La.; and Thomas E. Purcell, Kansas City, Missouri. Seconded and carried.

DR. BURKHART moved to recommend that the Representatives on Educational Council of America be reappointed

as the Committee now stands. Seconded and carried.

VOTED THAT one hundred dollars be appropriated for the use of this Council.

DR. GRIEVES moved to recommend that the Committee on Public Health. Pharmacoepial and Law be discontinued. Seconded and carried.

DR. BUCKLEY moved to recommend that Dr. Arthur R. Melendy, of Knoxville, Tennessee, be re-elected as Treasurer. Seconded and carried.

MR. W. L. SMITH appeared before the Board of Trustees in reference to the Oral Hygiene movement or Welfare Association.


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