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test against such ruling and instruct the Committee to use their best efforts to have such ruling changed so the dentists will be exempt under Section 2, Paragraph A, of the law.

We further recommend that the Board of Trustees be empowered to provide funds sufficient for said work. Respectfully submitted,

J. A. DALE, Tennessee,


DR. PRICE moved that the report be received and adopted. Seconded and carried.

WALLACE WOOD read the report of the Reference Committee on Reports of Officers, as follows:


September 2, 1915. To the President, Omcers and Members of the

House of Delegates, of the National Dental

Association :: Your committee on the President's address respectfully beg to report as follows:

First: Your committee wishes to heartily com mend the able and painstaking manner in which he has so carefully and concisely presented his address, bristling with facts covering the entire field of the past year's work, without tiring or burdening his audience with yoluminous statistics or rhetorical superfluity, confining hinself briefly to facts and the necessary recommendations.

It would have been a pleasure for your committee to give more thought and study to this masterpiece of oratory to enable us to more adequately eulogize its deserving qualities, but unfortunately, as the time allotted to your committee for the consideration of this masterly address is so short and the inability of your chairman to meet and properly confer with the rest of the committee, and desiring to profit by the example of briefness so skillfully suggested by our worthy President, we will only consider the recommendations set forth, and confine ourselves to their discussion.

are now peacefully journeying along that great unknown road that leads to peaceful happiness.

The National Dental Journal. Your committee respectfully concurs

with the President in recommending that nothing be done for the present to disturb the rapidly growing success of the Journal, but that as soon as practicable, it should be made into a monthly, instead of a quarterly, even at a slight increase of dues if necessary. The Scientific Foundation and Research Commis

sion. Your committee wishes to commend the good work of this very important body, and respectfully recommends that the House of Delegates pledge its support in its advancement in every way possible, and that we individually offer our co-operation thru our local societies.

Legislation. Your committee concurs in the opinion of the President relative to the endeavoring of members to influence legislation as it should be handled entirely by the committee representing the National organization.

Our Relief Fund. Your committee respectfully recommends ihat the relief fund be continued and that the House of Delegates thoroly debate the subject in an earnest endeavor to continue same.

Oral Hygiene and Public Service Commission.

Your committee respectfully recommends that the by-laws te amended to pruvide for an oral hygiene committee, permanent in character, 10 consist of five members to whom all matters pertaining to oral hygiene or public service shall be referred, and it shall be their duty to advance and promote oral hygiene and public service wherever possible, and to co-operate with all co-ordinate bodies for this purpose.

The Dental Cross. Concurring with our President, your committee would respectfully recommend that a committee of three be appointed to design an official badge consisting of a cross, lilac in color, to be adopted and put in effect at this session.

Our Advancement. It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that your committee can concur with our President in what he has said in regard to our advancement and progress, fully believing that the achievements of the dental profession during the pasi year, both in scientific research and public enlightenment, is far greater than in any previous year.

The Forsyth Dental Infirmary. Notable among the many events of extreme interest to our profession was the endowment and opening of the Forsyth Dental Infirmary at Boston, Massachusetts, and your committee respectfully recommends that the National Association appoint


The Roll Call.

To the list of those who have passed to the Great Beyond we regret to add the name of the great and beloved Doctor G. V. Black, one of the great apostles of dentistry, whose life work was devoted to our cause, and we would respectfully recommend that a special committee be appointed to draft a set of suitable resolutions to be inserted and spread upon the minutes of this organization and such other action as may be deemed expedient and befitting not only to him, but also to those who have departed from amongst our midst, and

THE SECRETARY read the report of the proceedings of the Board of Trustees, with its recommendations.

REPORT OF BOARD OF TRUSTEES. To the members of the House of Delegates of the

National Dental Association, the Trustees uesire to make the following recommendations and nominations :



a committee of five to draft & suitable resolution to be inscribed upon a bronze tablet commemorating with suitable honor and dignity, this great and worthy event.

The George Eastman Dental Infirmary. Your committee would also respectfully reconimend that the same commitiee be empowered to do likewise for the great George Eastman free dental dispensary for the poor of Rochester, New York, and that a suitable resolution be indicted on bronze tablet and be presented to them, for this is really the fruit from the seed planted by our association neeting in that city last year.

Slogan. Your committee would respectfully recommend the adoption of a resolution requiring all members of the National Association to boost the Association atřairs by adopting the following as a slogan : **Twenty Thousand Members for Nineteen Sixteen." As we are frequently called, altho unjustly so, (pullers), let us all pull together to this end. Very respectfully submitted, COMMITTEE ON PRESIDENT'S REPORT.

Wallace Wood, Jr., Chairman.

The members of the Judicial Council were nomi. nated follows: J. R. Callahan, Cincinnatı, Ohio; R. Ottolengui, New York City; Victor S. Jones, Bethlehem, l'a.; T. L. Grisamore, Chicago, 111 is; and Wm. F. Sharp, San Francisco, Callfornia.

DR. LOGAN moved its adoption. Seconded and carried.

REPORT OF THE MISCELLANEOUS COMMITTEE. To the House of Delegates of the National Dental

Association: Your Committee after having carefully considered the invitations tendered the National Dental Association for its 1916 convention, do hereby recommend after considering the question from many angles, that the invitation from Louisville, heniucky, be accepted.



Dr. Fred W. Gethro, Chicago, of the Dentai Educational Committee was nominated fur reappointment to serve five years.

On the Dental Legislative Committee, Dr. Charles R. E. Koch, Chicago, Illinois, was nominated ivr re-appointment for five years.

On the Committee of Transportation and i'lace of Session, the following were nominated as members of this Committee : D. C. Bacon, Chicago, Illinois; Max M. Eble, Louisville, Ky.; Roscoe A. Day, Oakland, Cal.; Howard Seip, Allentown, Pa.; and Joseph D. Eby, Atlanta, Ga.

On the Research Commission, it was moved that the action of the Board of Trustees be confirmed in recommending that Dr. Carl D. Lucas, Indianapolis, Indiana, succeed the late Dr. George E. Hunt, and that Dr. Arthur D. Black, Chicago, Illinois, succeed the late Dr. G. V. Black.

The rest of the Committee to serve for five years are Frank 0. Hetrick, Ottawa, Kansas; Marcus L. Ward, Ann Arbor, Michigan; Frank L. Platt, San Francisco, California; Norman I. Broomell, Philadelphia, Pa., and R. H. Volland, Iowa Ciiy, Iowa.

IT WAS VOTED that the Journal Committee consist of W. H. G. Logan, Otto U. King, and Herbert L. Wheeler.

VOTED to recommend the continuation of the Committee on Oral and Dental Hygiene, this Com mittee to consist of Charles H. Oakman, Detroit, Mich.; L. D. Mitchell, Oklahoma City; B. S. Hurt, Rochester, N. Y.; H. F. Hoffman, Denver, Colora do, and J. D. Patterson, Kansas City.

IT WAS MOVED to recommend that the Committee on Dental Museum be continued, and the Committee consist of the following members : G. W. Boynton, Chairman, Washington, D. Thomas L. Rust, Vice-Chairman, Washington, D. C.; C. A. Hawley, Secretary, Washington, D. C.; Chester B. Reed, Topeka, Kansas; William 0. Hulick, Cincinnati, Ohio; Henry W. Morgan, Nashville, Tenn.; C. V. Vignes, New Orleans, La., and Thomas E. Purcell, Kansas City, Missouri. Sec. onded and carried.

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As to the time of meeting, Dr. Logan moved that it be left to the Board of Trustees.

Seconded and carried.

VOTED to recommend that the Representatives on Educational Council of America be re-appointed as the Committee now stands.

VOTED that one hundred dollars be appropriated for the use of this Counc I.

VOTED to recommend that the Committees on Public Health, Pharmacoepial and Law be discontinued

VOTED that Dr. Arthur R. Melendy, of Knoxville, Tennessee, be re-elected as Treasurer.

OTTO U. KING, Gen'l Sec'y.

DR. FOWLER moved that the report be accepted and adopted.

Seconded by Dr. Wood.

DR. FRIESELL called attention to the appropriation of only $100.00 for the Dental Educational Council. He thought it should be $200.00 as recommended by the committee, and therefore, moved as an amendment to the report that the Board of Trustees be asked to appropriate $200.00 for this purpose.

The amendment was seconded, accepted and the original motion as amended was put and carried.

The next thing in order was the election of officers.

What I ask of you is your hearty co-operation in this, the crucial year of our association. We have had practically no meeting this year, and necessarily things will have to be, to a certain extent, reorganized for our 1916 meeting. You have elected a Southern man and you are going to meet in a Southern town. We will try to take care of you from every possible standpoint. It is a peculiar gratification to me to be elected in this manner. I am not a man who seeks office, and, coming in such a de. lightful way, makes it much more pleas. ant. I wish every one of you a pleasant and safe journey home, and I assure you that in Louisville in 1916 you will receive one of the heartiest welcomes, and we will try and have for you one of the best meetings ever held by dentists. I thank you. (Applause).

The following officers were nominated and declared duly elected:

First Vice-President, Dr. H. B. Tileston, Louisville, Ky.

Second Vice-President, Dr. Arthur M. Flood, San Francisco, Cal.

Third Vice-President, Dr. Wm. A. Giffen, Detroit, Mich.

General Secretary, Dr. Otto U. King. Huntington, Ind.

Treasurer, Dr. Arthur R. Melendy, Knoxville, Tenn.

Members of the Board of Trustees, Dr. C. L. White, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Dr. Thomas B. Hartzell, Minneapolis, Minn.; Dr. Geo. T. Williams, Seattle, Wash.

L. P. DOTTERER nominated Dr. Thomas P. Hinman, of Atlanta, Georgia, for President, and Dr. Homer C. Brown, seconded the nomination.

DR. WOOD moved that nominations be closed, and that the Secretary be instructed to cast a unanimous affirmative vote for Dr. Hinman as President.

Seconded and carried.

THE SECRETARY did as instructed, and Dr. Hinman was declared duly elected President.

Dr. Burkhart offered the following:

There were cries of "Speech, speech."

DR. HINMAN said: “Brothers and friends: I can

truly say that this is the proudest moment of my life, with the exception of one, and that was when I married the sweetest girl in the world. I am not unmindful of the honor that has been placed upon my shoulders, nor the responsibility that will accrue from it.

RESOLVED, That this House of Delegates, representing the National Dental Association, do, by rising vote, extend their thanks to the retiring President for the splendid administration of affairs which we have had during the past year, and for the delightful, urbane and splendid manner in which he has presided over the deliberations of this body.

Seconded and carried.

PRESIDENT GALLIE said it was gratifying to get such an expression of thanks from the House of Delegates.

DR. FOWLER offered a resolution commending and thanking the profession of San Francisco, for the magnificent manner in which they have entertained the members of the National Dental Association at this meeting, which was duly seconded and unanimously carried.

At this juncture, the retiring President appointed Drs. Johnson and Burkhart to escort the newly elected President to the platform.

DR. FRIESELL moved that all section officers hold over until next year.

THE PRESIDENT nominated as dele. gate for this Congress, Dr. Clarence Grieves, of Baltimore, and Dr. R. H. Swing, of Philadelphia, as alternate.

DR. KING, the General Secretary, submitted a detailed report of the financial affairs of the association. (Report on page 402.)

DR. BURKHART asked unanimous consent for the Board of Trustees to prepare amendments providing for a President and a President-elect, which was granted.

Seconded and carried.

DR. WOOD moved that all unfinished business and matters that have not been finished be turned over to the Board of Trustees for further action.

Seconded and carried.

PRESIDENT GALLIE, in introducing his successor, said:

“DR. HINMAN, I have no gavel to turn over to you, but desire to give you my best wishes for a successful administration, and I can assure you that this is a body of men you will learn to love, if you do not know them already, and I know I can prophesy a very excellent and successful administration for you. (Applause).

PRESIDENT HINMAN thanked Dr. Gallie for the cordial greeting he had given, and he asked the hearty co-operation of every member to make the meeting a successful one next year.

DRS. GAYLORD and BROWN appointed a committee to escort the First Vice-President, Dr. Tileston, to the platform.

PRESIDENT GALLIE read the following letter from Wm. J. Bryan, Secretary of State, in regard to the appointment of a delegate to the Panama Scientific Congress.


DR. TILESTON thanked the House of Delegates for the honor conferred upon him.


CONGRESS. To the President of the National Dental Associa

tion: Dear Sir: By virtue of the authority conferred upon me by the Congress of the United States of America, I have the pleasure to extend to the National Dental Association a cordial invitation to participate by one delegate, with alternate, in The Second Pan-American Scientific Congress to be held under the auspices of the Government of the United States at the City of Washington from December 27, 1915, to January 8, 1916, inclusive.

Assuring you that the representatives from the Association will be most heartily welcomed, I am, my dear Sir, Very truly yours,


Secretary of State. Department of State, Washington, February 12,


The minutes of this session of the House of Delegates were read and approved, after which, on motion, which was duly seconded, the House of Delegates adjourned to meet in Louisville, Kentucky, July 25, 26, 27, 28, 1916.

OTTO U. KING, General Secretary.


Minutes of the Nineteenth Annual Session of the National Dental

Association, Held at San Francisco, Cal., September 1-2, 1915.

First Session of the Ad interim Committee.

Powers Hotel, Rochester, N. Y., July 10, 2 P. M. DR. DON M. GALLIE of Chicago, the new President, called the meeting to order and announced that we were ready to transact business.

Members present were Drs. Don. M. Gallie, J. P. Buckley, H. J. Burkhart and Otto U. King.

VOTED thai an order be drawn on the treasury for $7.00 for bill filed by Edgar M. Carson, member of the Clinic Committee.

The bill of $30.53 for Dr. Gerald G. Burns, member of the Clinic Committee, was read and upon motion made, seconded and carried this bill was authorized to be paid.

lation approved by the House of Delegates and that the sum of one hundred dollars ($100) be appropriated to this committee.

VOTED that the Lincoln National Bank of Rochester be the depository for funds of the National Relief Fund.

VOTED that all relief funds of the National Dental Association now or hereafter deposited with the Lincoln National Bank of Rochester, Rochester, New York, be subject to the check of the Association, signed Relief Fund, National Dental Association, by its treasurer.

VOTED that the bond of the treasurer be approved by the President and Sec. retary.

The following were appointed on the Oral and Dental Hygiene Committee: Drs. W. H. G. Logan, Chicago, Chairman; J. D. Patterson of Kansas City, Mo., Stanley L. Rich of Nashville, Tenn.; H. F. Hoffman, Denver, Col., and W. D. Tracy of New York City.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

[blocks in formation]

Second Session of Ad interim Committee.

La Salle Hotel, Chicago, Ill.,

Nov. 1, 1914, 9:30 a. m. Pursuant to the call of the president, the Ad Interim Committee met in LaSalle Hotel, Chicago, November 1st, 9:30

The meeting was called to order by the president, Dr. Don M. Gallie, who announced that the Ad Interim Committee had met to transact important business, relative to the work of the Transportation Committee, the Publication Commit

a. m.


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