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Minutes of two previous meetings read and approved.

VOTED that the Board of Trustees recommend that whatever balance is turned over by the local committee be transferred to the Research Commission Fund.

AUDIT COMMITTEE, thru Dr. Melendy, reported that the Secretary's books were well and systematically kept and that the vouchers were covered by receipted bills, but that there is an immense mass of receipts which will take two or three days to audit. This committee recommended that when convenient to close the books of the Secretary they be audited by an audit company or certified auditor,

ROLL CALL: Drs. Hinman, Brown, Hartzell, Burkhart, Melendy, Buckley, Warner, Platt and King were present.

The following were nominated as members of the Scientific Foundation and Research Commission: Dr. Homer C. Brown, to fill the unexpired term of the late Dr. M. H. Fletcher, and Drs. George E. Hunt, Indianapolis, Ind., Samuel H. McAfee, New Orleans, La., M. Williams, Rutland, Vt., G. T. Williams, Seattle, Wash., and W. T. Farrar, Louisville, Ky., to serve five years.

The Secretary was instructed to read these names to the House of Delegates for their confirmation. (See the Journal, Vol. II, No. 1, page 69).

VOTED that the Educational Council be allowed $200.00 for work accomplished and to cover work for the coming year.

VOTED that the Secretary be directed to employ an auditor to audit his books

tary be fixed at $1200.00 per annum for last year and the same amount for the ensuing year, payments for the ensuing year to be made monthly.

Nominations for Treasurer.

VOTED that Drs. H. B. McFadden and J. V. Conzett be nominated by this Board as candidates for Treasurer.

VOTED to adjourn to meet at 7 P. M. at Powers Hotel.


VOTED that the present representation of the National Dental Association on the Dental Educational Council of America be continued at follows: Drs. J. V. Conzett, Chairman, 256 Thirteenth St., Dubuque, la.; Louis Meisburger, 85 North Pearl Street, Buffalo, N. Y., Arthur R. Melendy, Holston National Bank Building, Knoxville, Tenn.; La Fayette L. Barber, 718 Spitzer Bldg., Toledo, Ohio; George N. West, 32 North State St., Chicago, Ill.

VOTED that all bills presented and read be allowed.

VOTED that an order of $150.00 be allowed to the official reporters now and the balance of $100 at the time all manuscripts and completed reports are ceived by the Secretary.

DR. HERBERT L. WHEELER, Chairman of the Journal Committee, submitted his report. (See report in The Journal, Vol. II, No. 1, page 67).

VOTED that the Journal Committee's report be adopted as a whole.



MOVED to adjourn until July 9th at 3. P. M.


Exposition Park, July 9, 3:00 P. M. Meeting called to order by Dr. Brown. All members of the Board were present.

VOTED that the salary of the Treasurer for next year be fixed by this Board at $100.00 per annum.

VOTED that the Treasurer be directed to invest the uninvested funds of the National Relief Fund or place same on deposit as Treasurer of the National Association in a Trust Company or Savings Bank to be approved by the President and Secretary-elect.

VOTED that the Secretary be allowed $15.00 a week or $780.00 a year for a stenographer's services, payments to be made monthly.

VOTED that the salary of the Secre

Powers Hotel, July 9, 8:15 P. M. Meeting called to order by Dr. Brown.

Dr. Brown reported as to his knowledge with regard to employment of attorney by Legislative Committee.

VOTED that no moneys be expended or obligations incurred by the various committees outside of their expenses, such as postage, printing, etc., without the consent of the Board of Trustees and that the Secretary be directed to send a notice of this resolution to the chairman of each committee.

The members of the various Standing Committees and The Journal Committee, were nominated and the General Secretary was instructed to report same to the House of Delegates. (See Volume 2, No. 1, pages 68-69 of The Journal.)

Communication read from Merchants' Association of New York in relation to 1919 International Congress, and it was

VOTED that it be recommended to the House of Delegates that the Seventh International Dental Congress be invited to hold their next convention in New York City.

VOTED that the Treasurer be directed to furnish a bond in the sum of $10,000.00, expense of same to be paid by the National Dental Association.

VOTED to adjourn until 10:45 A. M., tomorrow at Exposition Park.

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