Water Power: Hearings Before the Committee on Water Power of the House of Representatives, Sixty-fifth Congress, Second Session

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1919 - 896 pages

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Page 852 - It is a maxim not to be disregarded that general expressions, in every opinion, are to be taken in connection with the case in which those expressions are used. If they go beyond the case, they may be respected, but ought not to control the judgment in a subsequent suit when the very point is presented for decision.
Page 589 - An Act making appropriations for the construction, repair, and preservation of certain public works on rivers and harbors, and for other purposes...
Page 837 - ... conserve and utilize in the public interest the navigation and water resources of the region; and as between other applicants, the commission may give preference to the applicant the plans of which it finds and determines are best adapted to develop, conserve, and utilize in the public interest the navigation and water resources of the region, if it be satisfied as to the ability of the applicant to carry out such plans.
Page 592 - ... interposed by the States or otherwise ; to remove such obstructions when they exist; and to provide, by such sanctions as they may deem proper, against the occurrence of the evil and for the punishment of offenders. For these purposes Congress possesses all the powers which existed in the States before the adoption of the national Constitution, and which have always existed in the Parliament in England.
Page 563 - Engineers, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.
Page 51 - That the project adopted, including the maps, plans, and specifications, shall be such as in the judgment of the Commission will be best adapted to a comprehensive plan for improving or developing a waterway or waterways for the use or benefit of interstate or foreign commerce, for the improvement and utilization of waterpower development, and for other beneficial public uses...
Page 406 - That the licensee shall maintain the project works in a condition of repair adequate for the purposes of navigation and for the efficient operation of said works in the development and transmission of power, shall make all necessary renewals and replacements, shall establish and maintain adequate depreciation reserves for such purposes, shall so maintain and operate said works as not to impair navigation...
Page 642 - That nothing in this Act shall be construed as affecting or intended to affect or to in any way interfere with the laws of any State or Territory relating to the control, appropriation, use or distribution of water used in irrigation, or any vested right acquired thereunder...
Page 38 - When the full information is not recorded in the general books, the entries therein shall be supported by other records, in which the full details shall be shown, and the general book entries shall contain sufficient reference to the detail records to permit ready identification.
Page 677 - ... approval thereof by the Secretary of the Interior the same shall be noted upon the plats in said office, and thereafter all such lands over which such rights of way shall pass shall be disposed of subject to such right of way.

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