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September 15, 1909

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To compensate LEAS for the cost of educating children

who reside on Indian lands. 2. IMPACT AID - CONSTRUCTION

Direct grants to school districts serving children who reside

on Indian lands for construction or repair of school facilities. 3. CHAPTER 1 - BIA SET-ASIDE

Direct transfer of ED funds to the BIA for use at BIA operated and contract schools. Provides compensatory education services

to disadvantaged children. 4. LIBRARY SERVICES FOR TRIBES

Direct grants to Indian tribes for the

provision of library services and facilities. 5. VOCATIONAL ANO ADULT EDUCATION - SET ASIDE

1.25% of the funds appropriated for vocational education
basic grants and national programs is reserved by ED for

competitive grants to Indian tribes and tribal organizations. 6. VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION

State grants and set-aside service grants to tribes to provide

vocational rehabilitation services to handicapped Indians. 7. MATH AND SCIENCE EDUCATION - SET-ASIDE

Set aside of .5% of the total appropriation for programs

for children in BIA-operated elementary and secondary schools. 8. DRUG-FREE SCHOOLS AND COMMUNITIES

1set-aside supporting alcohol and drug abuse and prevention

prograns for children served by the BIA. 9. MINORITY INSTITUTIONS SCIENCE IMPROVEMENT

Discretionary grants to develop specific educational programs;

funds reflect amount going to predominantly Indian institutions. 10. INSTITUTIONAL AID

Discretionary grants to develop self-sufficiency at institutions;

funds reflect amount going to predominantly Indian institutions. 11. EDUCATION OF THE HANDICAPPED - BIA SET-ASIDE

1.25% of appropriation for Grants to States and Grants for Infants

and families is transferred to BIA for use in BIA schools. 12. BILINGUAL EDUCATION

Discret ionary grants to Indians.

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Indian Education Act Subpart 1 Program

Program Title:

Formula Grants to Local Educational Agencies

FY 1989 Appropriation:
FY 1999 Budget Request:
FY 1998 Appropriation:

$49, 248,000

Program Purpose: To support supplemental elementary and secondary education projects designed to meet the special educational and culturally related academic needs of Indian students in public schools, tribal schools and, beginning in FY 1989, in Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) operated schools.

Funding Procedure: Formula grants are provided to LEAs, tribal schools and BIA-operated schools. Funds are allocated on the basis of the number. of eligible Indian students claimed by each applicant. Funds are allocated first to FY 1988 grantees (the FY 1988 amount plus two percent), and the remaining are allocated to the BIA-operated schools (approx $2.6 million in FY 1989).

Funding Requirements and Limitations: Funds are used only for activities that supplement the regular school programs. The new legislation also limits FY 1989 funding to LEAS and tribal schools that were grantees in FY 1988.

Types of Activities Funded: Remedial instruction and tutoring in the basic academic skills, counseling, activities to improve communications between the home and school, cultural education activities, and drug abuse prevention education.

FY 1989

No. of Applications.
No. of Awards....
No. of Participating Students.
No. of States with Grantees...

1,169 .1,112 240,000


Award Notification Dates: 8/11/89 Program Evaluation: The last formal evaluation study on the impact of the formula grant program was conducted in 1983. Although improvements on standardized achievement test scores could not be attributed to the formula grant projects, the study showed that student performance improvements were made in reading and mathematics. Additionally the study also showed improvements in school attendance, particularly among students with severe attendance problems, but there was an absence of documentation showing an effect on reducing the school dropout rate. The study concluded that the program had also increased opportunities for Indian students in public schools and tribal schools to learn more about their tribal culture and heritage.

Further, findings from our annual audits indicate that LEAS continue to improve their documentation of student performance and that this documentation is showing more evidence of student academic improvements.

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Indian Education Act Subpart 1 Program

Program Title:

Indian-Controlled Schools

FY 1989 Appropriation:
FY 1996 Budget Request:
FY 1990 Appropriation:


Program Purpose: To assist development and implementation of special enrichment programs that supplement regular e leme ntary and secondary education programs offered by Indian-controlled schools.

Funding Procedure: Grants are awarded on a competitive basis at a total amount not exceeding 10% of the amount appropriated for Subpart 1.

Funding Requirement and Limitation: ants are limited to schools on or near re se rvations that are not LEAS, or have not been LEAs for more than 3 years, including BIA schools and schools for Indian children that are not eligible for BIA funding.

Types of Activities Funded: Projects have included cultural enrichment, tutoring, counseling, remedial reading and mathematics, drug abuse prevention education, and computer-ba sed instruction.

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Program Evaluation: A limited study conducted in 1986 concluded that students in Indian-controlled schools were performing below the national average on standardized achievement tests and that the per pupil cost was considerably higher than the national average

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