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21. 29.

Commissions, Oaths, Records, and Reports.

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1. Election of Senators and Representatives. 2. Organization of Congress. 3. Compensation and Allowances of Members. 4. Oficers and Employees of Senate and House

of Representatives. 5. Library of Congress. 6. Congressional and Committee Procedure;

Investigations. 7. Contested Elections. 8. Federal Corrupt Practices. 8A. Regulation of Lobbying. 9. Office of Legislative Counsel. 10. Classification of Employees of House of

Representatives. 10A. Payroll Administration in House of Repre

sentatives. 11. Commission on Executive, Legislative, and

Judicial Salaries. 12. Contested Elections. 13. Joint Committee on Congressional Operations.

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TITLE 3.—THE PRESIDENT 1. Presidential Elections and Vacancies. 2. Office and Compensation of President. 3. Protection of the President; The White House

Police. 4. Delegation of Functions.

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MENT, AND THE STATES 1. The Flag. 2. The Seal. 3. Seat of the Government. 4. The States. 5. Oficial Territorial Papers. TITLE 5.-GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION AND EMPLOYEES

PART I.-THE AGENCIES GENERALLY 1. Organization. 3. Powers. 5. Administrative Procedure. 7. Judicial Review. 9. Executive Reorganization.

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TITLE 6.-OFFICIAL AND PENAL BONDS TITLE 7.–AGRICULTURE 1. Commodity Exchanges. 2. Cotton Standards. 3. Grain Standards. 4. Naval Stores. 5. Importation of Adulterated Seeds. 6. Insecticides. 7. Insect Pests Generally. 7A. Golden Nematode.


Chap. 55. Department of Agriculture. 56. Unfair Trade Practices Affecting Producers

of Agricultural Products. 57. Plant Variety Protection. 58. Potato Research and Promotion.

TITLE 8.-ALIENS AND NATIONALITY 1. General Provisions. 2. Elective Franchise. 3. Civil Rights. 4. Freedmen. 5. Alien Ownership of Land. 6. Immigration. 7. Exclusion of Chinese. 8. The Cooly Trade. 9. Miscellaneous Provisions. 10. Alien Registration. 11. Nationality. 12. Immigration and Nationality. 13. Immigration and Naturalization Service.

TITLE 9.-ARBITRATION 1. General Provisions. 2. Convention on the Recognition and Enforce

ment of Foreign Arbitral Awards.




Chap. 7B. Plant Pests. 8. Nursery Stock and Other Plants and Plant

Products. 8A. Rubber. 9. Packers and Stockyards. 10. Warehouses. 11. Honeybees. 12. Associations of Agricultural Products Pro

ducers. 13. Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges. 14. Agricultural Experiment Stations. 15. Bureau of Animal Industry. 16. Bureau of Dairy Industry. 17. Miscellaneous Matters. 18. Cooperative Marketing. 19. Cotton Statistics and Estimates. 20. Dumping or Destruction of Interstate Prod

uce. 20A. Perishable Agricultural Commodities. 21. Tobacco Statistics. 21A. Tobacco Inspection. 21B. Tobacco Control. 22. Agricultural Marketing. 23. Foreign Agricultural Service. 24. Perishable Agricultural Commodities. 25. Export Standards for Apples and Pears. 25A. Export Standards for Grapes and Plums. 26.

Agricultural Adjustment. 26A. Agricultural Marketing Agreements. 27. Cotton Marketing. 28. Tobacco Industry. 29. Potato Act of 1935. 30. Anti-Hog-Cholera Serum and Hog-Cholera

Virus. 31. Rural Electrification and Telephone Service. 32. Peanut Statistics. 33. Farm Tenancy. 34. Sugar Production and Control. 35. Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938. 35A. Price Support of Agricultural Commodities. 36. Crop Insurance. 37. Seeds. 38. Distribution and Marketing of Agricultural

Products. 39. Stabilization of International Wheat Market. 40. Halogeton Glomeratus Control. 41. Agricultural Trade Development and Assist

ance. 42. Agricultural Commodity Set-Aside. 43. Agricultural Attachés. 44. Wool Program. 45. Soil Bank Program. 46. Surplus Disposal of Agricultural Commodities. 47. Interchange of Department of Agriculture

and State Employees. 48.

Humane Methods of Livestock Slaughter. 49. Consultation on Agricultural Programs. 50. Agricultural Credit. 51. Food Stamp Program. 52. Farm Labor Contractor Registration. 53. Cotton Research and Promotion. 54. Transportation, Sale and Handling of Dogs,

Cats, and Certain Other Animals for Research Purposes.

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31. 33. 35. 37. 39. 40. 41.

43. 45. 47. 48. 49. 51. 53. 55. 57. 59. 61.

Appointments in Regular Components.
Appointments as Reserve Officers.
General Service Requirements.
Active Duty.
Special Appointments, Assignments, Details,

and Duties.
Rank and Command.
The Uniform.
Uniform Code of Military Justice.
Military Correctional Facilities.
Miscellaneous Prohibitions and Penalties.
Retention of Reserves.
Miscellaneous nts and Benefits.
Medical and Dental Care.
Decorations and Awards.
Retirement or Separation for Physical Dis-

Retirement for Age.
Retirement for Length of Service.
Retired Pay for Non-regular Service.
Retired Grade.
Computation of Retired Pay.

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63. 65. 67.



Chap. 369. 371. 373.

Retired Grade.
Computation of Retired Pay.
Civilian Employees.


PART 1.- PERSONNEL–continued Chap. 73. Retired Serviceman's Family Protection Plan. 75. Death Benefits. 77.

Posthumous Commissions and Warrants. 79. Correction of Military Records. 81. Civilian Employees.


401. Training Generally. 403. United States Military Academy. 407. Schools and Camps.

101. 102. 103. 131. 133. 135. 137. 139. 141. 143. 145. 147. 149. 151.

PART III.-TRAINING Training Generally. Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps. Senior Reserve Officers' Training Corps. Planning and Coordination. Facilities for Reserve Components. Encouragement of Aviation. Procurement Generally. Research and Development. Miscellaneous Procurement Provisions. Production by Military Agencies. Cataloging and Standardization. Utilities and Services. Issue to Armed Forces. Issue of Serviceable Material Other Than to

Armed Forces. Exchange of Material and Disposal of Obso

lete, Surplus, or Unclaimed Property.
Acceptance of Gifts and Services.
Real Property; Related Personal Property; and

Lease of Non-Excess Property.
Property Records.
Military Claims.
Accountability and Responsibility.

PART IV.-SERVICE, SUPPLY, AND PROCUREMENT 431. Industrial Mobilization, Research, and Devel

opment. 433. Procurement. 435. Issue of Serviceable Material to Armed Forces. 437. Utilities and Services. 439. Sale of Serviceable Material. 441. Issue of Serviceable Material Other Than to

Armed Forces. 443. Disposal of Obsolete or Surplus Material. 445. Inquests; Disposition of Effects of Deceased

Persons; Captured Flags. 447. Transportation. 449. Real Property. 451. Military Claims. 453. Accountability and Responsibility.




155. 157. 159.

501. 503. 505.

161. 163. 165.

507. 509. 513.


Department of the Navy.
Secretary, Under Secretary, and Assistant Sec-

retaries of the Navy.
Office of the Comptroller of the Navy.
Office of the Chief of Naval Operations.
Bureaus; Office of the Judge Advocate Gen-

eral; Office of Naval Research. Commandant of the Marine Corps; Head

quarters, Marine Corps. Naval Districts. Fleet Commands and Other High Positions. Naval Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve.

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331. Strength. 333. Enlistments. 335. Appointments in the Regular Army. 337. Appointments as Reserve Officers. 339. Temporary Appointments. 341. Active Duty. 343. Special Appointments, Assignments, Details,

and Duties. 345. Rank and Command. 349. Miscellaneous Prohibitions and Penalties. 353. Miscellaneous Rights and Benefits. 355. Hospitalization. 357. Decorations and Awards. 359. Separation from Regular Army for Substand

ard Performance of Duty. 360. Separation from Regular Army for Moral or

Professional Dereliction or in Interests of

National Security. 361. Separation for Various Reasons. 363. Separation or Transfer to Retired Reserve. 365. Retirement for Age. 367. Retirement for Length of Service.

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PART 1.-EDUCATION AND TRAINING Chap. 571. Voluntary Retirement. 573. Involuntary Retirement. Separation, and Fur

lough. 575. Recall to Active Duty. 577. Death Benefits; Care of the Dead. 601. Officer Procurement Programs. 603. United States Naval Academy. 605. United States Naval Postgraduate School. 607. Retirement of Civilian Members of the Teach

ing Staffs of the United States Naval Academy and United States Naval Postgraduate School.

PART IV.-GENERAL ADMINISTRATION 631. Secretary of the Navy: Miscellaneous Powers

and Duties. 633.

Naval Vessels.

Naval Aircraft. 637. Salvage Facilities. 639. United States Naval Oceanographic Office and

Naval Observatory. 641. Naval Petroleum Reserves. 643. Civilian Employees. 645. Procurement of Supplies and Services. 647. Disposal of Obsolete or Surplus Material. 649. Quarters, Utilities, and Related Services. 651. Ships' Stores and Commissary Stores. 653. Claims. 655. Prize. 657. Stay of Judicial Proceedings. 659. Naval Militia.

901. Training Generally.
903. United States Air Force Academy.
907. Schools and Camps.
909. Civil Air Patrol.

PART IV.-SERVICE, SUPPLY AND PROCUREMENT 931. Industrial Mobilization, Research, and Devel

opment. 933. Procurement. 935. Issue of Serviceable Material to Armed Forces. 937. Utilities and Services. 939. Sale of Serviceable Material. 941. Issue of Serviceable Material Other Than to

Armed Forces. 943. Disposal of Obsolete or Surplus Material. 945. Inquests; Disposition of Effects of Deceased

Persons. 947. Transportation. 949. Real Property. 951. Military Claims. 953. Accountability and Responsibility.


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831. 833. 835. 837. 839. 841. 843.

TITLE 11.–BANKRUPTCY 1. Definitions. 2. Courts of Bankruptcy. 3. Bankrupts. 4. Courts and Procedure Therein. 5. Officers, Their Duties and Compensation. 6. Creditors. 7. Estates. 8. Provisions for the Relief of Debtors. 9. Composition of Indebtedness of Local Taxing

Agencies. 10. Corporate Reorganizations. 11. Arrangements. 12. Real Property Arrangements by Persons Other

Than Corporations. 13. Wage Earners' Plans. 14. Maritime Commission Liens. 15. Railroad Adjustments. TITLE 12.–BANKS AND BANKING 1. The Comptroller of the Currency. 2. National Banks. 3. Federal Reserve System. 4. Taxation. 5. Crimes and Offenses. 6. Foreign Banking. 6A. Export-Import Bank of the United States. 7. Farm Credit Administration. 8. Adjustment and Cancellation of Farm Loans. 9. National Agricultural Credit Corporations. 10. Local Agricultural-Credit Corporations, Live

stock-Loan Companies and Like Organizations; Loans to Individuals to Aid in

Formation or to Increase Capital Stock. 11. Federal Home Loan Banks. 11A. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation. 12. Federal Savings and Loan Associations.

National Housing. 14. Federal Credit Unions. 15. Federal Loan Agency. 16. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. 17. Bank Holding Companies.

PART II.-PERSONNEL Strength. Enlistments. Appointments in the Regular Air Force. Appointments as Reserve Officers. Temporary Appointments. Active Duty. Special Appointments, Assignments, Details,

and Duties. Rank and Command. Miscellaneous Prohibitions and Penalties. Miscellaneous Rights and Benefits. Hospitalization. Decorations and Awards. Separation From Regular Air Force for Sub

standard Performance of Duty. Separation from Regular Air Force for Moral

or Professional Dereliction or in Interests of

National Security. Separation for Various Reasons. Separation or Transfer to Retired Reserve. Retirement for Age. Retirement for Length of Service. Retired Grade.

845. 849. 853. 855. 857. 859.



861. 863. 865. 867. 869.

TITLE 12.-BANKS AND BANKING_Continued Chap. 18.

Bank Service Corporations. 19. Security Measures for Banks and Savings

and Loan Associations. 20. Credit Control 21. Financial Recordkeeping. 22. Tying Arrangements. TITLE 13.–CENSUS 1. Administration. 3. Collection and Publication of Statistics. 5. Censuses. 7. Offenses and Penalties. 9. Collection and Publication of Foreign Trade



PART I.-REGULAR COAST GUARD 1. Establishment and Duties. 3. Composition and Organization. 5. Functions and Powers. 7. Cooperation with Other Agencies. 9. Coast Guard Academy. 11. Personnel. 13. Pay, Allowances, Awards, and Other Rights

and Benefits. 15. Discipline and Related Matters. 17. Administration.


PART II.–COAST GUARD RESERVE AND AUXILIARY 21. Coast Guard Reserve. 23. Coast Guard Auxiliary. 25. General Provisions for Coast Guard Reserve

and Auxiliary. TITLE 15.-COMMERCE AND TRADE 1. Monopolies and Combinations in Restraint of

Trade. 2. Federal Trade Commission; Promotion of

Export Trade and Prevention of Unfair

Methods of Competition. 2A. Securities and Trust Indentures. 2B. Securities Exchanges. 2B-1. Securities Investor Protection. 2C. Public Utility Holding Companies. 2D. Investment Companies and Advisors. 3. Trade-Marks. 4. China Trade. 5. The Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Com

merce. 6. Weights and Measures and Standard Time. 7. The Bureau of Standards. 7A. Standard Reference Data Program. 8. Falsely Stamped Gold or Silver or Goods

Manufactured Therefrom. 9. The Weather Bureau. 10. War Finance Corporation. 10A. Collection of State Cigarette Taxes. 10B. State Taxation of Income from Interstate

Commerce. 11. Caustic Poisons. 12. Discrimination Against Farmers' Cooperative

Associations by Boards of Trade. 13. Textile Foundations. 13A. Fishing Industry. 14. Reconstruction Finance Corporation. 14A. Aid to Small Business.

Chap. 14B. Small Business Investment Program. 15. Economic Recovery. 15A. Interstate Transportation of Petroleum Prod

ucts. 5B. Natural Gas. 16. Emergency Relief. 17. Production, Marketing, and Use of Bituminous

Coal. 18. Transportation of Firearms. 19. Miscellaneous. 20. Regulation of Insurance. 21. National Policy on Employment. 22. Trade-Marks. 23. Dissemination of Technical, Scientific, and

Engineering Information. 24. Transportation of Gambling Devices. 25. Flammable Fabrics. 26. Household Refrigerators. 27. Automobile Dealer Suits Against Manufac

turers. 28. Disclosure of Automobile Information. 29. Manufacture, Transportation, or Distribution

of Switchblade Knives. 30. Hazardous Substances. 31. Destruction of Property Moving in Commerce. 32. Telecasting of Professional Sports Contests. 33. Brake Fluid Regulation. 34. Antitrust Civil Process. 35. Seat Belt Regulation. 36. Cigarette Labeling and Advertising. 37. State Technical Services.

Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety. 39. Fair Packaging and Labeling Program. 39A. Special Packaging of Household Substances

for Protection of Children. 40. Department of Commerce. 41. Consumer Credit Protection. 42. Interstate Land Sales. 43. Newspaper Preservation. 44. Protection of Horses. TITLE 16.–CONSERVATION 1. The National Parks, Military Parks, Monu

ments, and Seashores. 1A. Historic Sites, Buildings, Objects, and Antiq

uities. 2. The National Forests. 3. Forests; Forest Service; Reforestation; Man

agement. 3A. Unemployment Relief Through Performance

of Useful Public Work. 3B. Soil Conservation. 3C. Water Conservation. 4. Protection of Timber, and Depredations. 5. Protection of Fur Seals and Other Fur-Bear

ing Animals. 5A. Protection and Conservation of Wildlife. 5B. Wildlife Restoration. 5C. Conservation Programs on Military Reserva

tions. 6. Game and Bird Preserves; Protection. 7. Protection of Migratory Game and Insectivo

rous Birds. 8. Upper Mississippi River Wildlife and Fish

Refuge. 9. Fish and Wildlife Service. 9A. Preservation of Fishery Resources.

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