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Officers and employees of the United States—Con.
Cost of living, increases in, to assist in obtaining

retirement benefits protected against, by pro-
viding for the issuance of bonds—(See S.

Downgrading, to amend the law with respect to

the preservation of basic compensation in-

(See S. 3583; H.R. 12336.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding --
Employee training for better service, report on,

from the Civil Service Commission.---
Executive branch of the Government, to provide

for an effective system of personnel admin-

istration for the- (See S. 1638.)
Federal credit unions- (See Credit-Union;

Federal Credit Union.)
Federal-State cooperative programs financed in

whole or part by Federal funds, to amend the
law to include as creditable service performed

in-(See S. 3629.)
Female employees, married, to amend the law to

eliminate any discrimination against-(See

S. 3575.)
Hatch Act- (See Polictical activities, infra.)
Health benefits program for retired employees,

to provide a-(See S. 2575.)
Japanese ancestry, to credit internment periods

to employees of, for purposes of the Civil
Service Retirement Act and the Annual and

Sick Leave Act of 1951—(See H.R. 7810.)
Military pay, to permit, in the computation of

average salary for annuity purposes—(See

S. 2750.)
Motor vehicles, operation of, to amend the law to

provide for the defense of suits against Fed-
eral employees arising out of operation of, in
scope of employment-(See H.R. 7577; H.R.

Moving expenses, to authorize reimbursement of

owners and tenants of lands or interests in
land acquired for projects or activities under

his jurisdiction for— (See S. 2583.)
Organizations of employees in the Federal civil

service, to amend the law with respect to the

recognition of—(See S. 3295.)
Overpayments inadvertently made, to validate,

and relieve certifying and disbursing officers

from liability- (See H.R. 900.)
Overseas activities, to improve the administra-

tion of—(See H.R. 7758.)
Per diem allowance for, traveling on official busi-

ness, to increase the rates of — (See H.R.

Political activities by, in Maryland, Virginia, and

District of Columbia, permitting certain (See

S. 2931.)
Post Office-(See Post Office Department;

Postal Service.)
Quarters, household furniture and equipment,

utilities, subsistence, and laundry service to
civilian, to authorize Government agencies

to provide— (See S. 3486.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding-
Retainer pay— (See Retired-Pay, infra.)
Health benefits program for, to provide a

(See S. 2575.)
Pay or retainer pay, to provide persons entitled

to, to have their pay recomputed—(See H.R.

Personnel, authorizing the employment of re-

tired personnel of the Board of Education for
the District of Columbia, by the Federal Goy-

ment- (See S. 3832.)
Retirement (See also Cost of living, supra.)
Survivor annuities, accelerating the commencing

date of— (See H.R. 8289.)

Officers and employees of the United States—Con. Page
Rotation in oversea assignments of civilian em-

ployees under the Defense Establishment hav-
ing career-conditional and career appoint-
ments in the competitive civil service, to pro-

vide for the- (See H.R. 10695.)
Increases, petition approving--

Overpayments, to validate the, incident to the

salary adjustment provisions of the Federal
Employees Salary Increase Act of 1955—(See

H.R. 4271.)
Sunday or holiday work—(See Department of

Agriculture-Sunday or holiday work.)
Training-(See Employee training, supra.)
Travel per diem-(See Per diem, supra.)
Travel and transportation cost for persons selected

for appointment to positions, to amend the

law to provider (See S. 3485.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding ------

Unemployment compensation-
Eligibility of Federal employees for, to repeal

the law so that in determining, their accrued
annual leave shall be treated in accordance

with State laws_(See H.R. 3472.)
Payments to retired Federal employees, review
of policies and practices regarding, June 1959.

Union recognition—(See S. 3295.)
Veterinary, positions, resolution favoring study
and survey of_-

Wage-(See Compensation, supra; Salary, supra.)
Rates, to amend the law to make benefits more

realistic—(See S. 3604; H.R. 12383.)

Draft of proposed legislation regarding..---- 198
Official Reporters—(See Senate-Official Reporters.)
Chippewa, works of improvement for..

Senators from
Lausche, Frank J., attended.

Young, Stephen M., attended.

Ohio River, bridges across the, concurrent resolutions

remonstrating against the construction of,
which do not have adequate clearance for
river traffic----

-- 165, 172
Ohio River at Louisville, Ky., to change the name of

the locks and dam on the- (See H.R. 10164.)

Commodities~ (See Food, fiber.)
Crude imports, memorial remonstrating against

Depletion allowance, resolution favoring-

Wells, public waters, memorial remonstrating
against the drilling of, in.-

Oil and gas-
Depletion, reducing the, memorial remonstrating
against efforts..

Importation of crude oil and propane gas, to

provide for the— (See S. 3612.)
Interstate compact to conserve, report, to renew- 15
Operations and production, report of, by the Geo-

logical Survey, Department of the Interior.--
Ok, Kank Sun-(See S. 2964.)
Okinawa-(See also Ryukyu Islands.)
Damages caused by Occupation forces during

World War II, petition praying for compensa-
tion for

Economic assistance for, petition praying-

Shi-cho-son Assembly, Ryukyu Islands, resolution

of appreciation for economic assistance

Fort Reno, to provide that the Secretary of the

Army shall establish a national cemetery in-

(See S. 3339.)
Fourche Maline Creek, watershed protection and
flood prevention.--


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Oklahoma Continued

Page Order, questions of Continued
Leader-Middle Clear Boggy Creek, watershed pro-

Amendments to general appropriation bills-
tection and flood prevention.---


General legislation and not in order; sustained. 392,
Norman project, to authorize the Secretary of the
Interior to construct, operate, and maintain

Joint resolutions

399, 400
the- (See S. 1892.)

Third reading not actually had prior to an-
Reenrollment of, concerning the-(See S. Con.

nouncement of passage and therefore joint
Res. 109.)

resolution had not passed; overruled on
Returned to Senate by President-


ground that no request had been made for
Senators from

third reading.
Kerr, Robert S., attended --


Appeal taken
Monroney, A. S. Mike, attended.--


Appeal withdrawn
Statute of limitations of, relating to-(See S.



Senator who had been recognized not entitled
Timber Creek, watershed protection and flood pre-

to floor; overruled.--

494 Orders (See Restraining orders.)
Upper Black Bear Creek, works of improvement

Ordonez, Wilhelmina-(See H.R. 1752.)
for watershed protection and flood preven-
tion ----


Waurika reclamation project, to authorize the

Baker Federal reclamation project, authorizing
Secretary of the Interior to construct, oper-

the Secretary of the Interior to construct,
ate, and maintain them (See S. 3674.)

operate, and maintain the upper division of
Old Age (See also Aged; Federal old-age; Social-

the- (See S. 3063.)

Assistance, ceiling, concurrent resolution favoring

Petition praying extension of time for build-
removal of the, in matching State funds for..

ing a bridge across the Columbia River near..

Disregard certain income in determining need for

Report of plan of development located near--- 402
assistance, to amend the law to provide that

Dalles Federal reclamation project, authorizing
the States—(See S. 3371.)

the Secretary of the Interior to construct,
Hospital and surgical care, resolution favoring

operate, and maintain the western division

of-(See S. 2195.)
providing a low-cost-----


Douglas McKay Dam and Reservoir (See Green
Medical care-(See Medical Care.)

Peter Dam, infra.)
Old-age and survivors insurance (See also Social-

Electric energy generated at Federal plants in that

region, guaranteeing consumers first call on-
Benefits, resolutions favoring legislation rela-

(See S. 3880.)
tive to.---

339, 347

Firefighting costs, to compensate the State of,
Full payment from each program, concurrent reso-

for-(See S. 1153.)
lution favoring legislation to provide persons

Referrin to the Court of Claims (See S. Res.
eligible for benefits from both ---


Old Fort Davis, Tex., authorizing the establishment of

Foster Reservoir, South Santiam River, report on,
a national historic site at(See S. 3078.)

ordered printed as Senate document.--

Old Ninety Six Star Fort, resolution, favoring the mint-

Green Peter Dam and Reservoir on Middle
ing of a suficient number of half dollars com-

Santiam River, to designate the, as the Doug-
memorating the Indian trading post-----


las McKay Dam and Reservoir--(See S. 2440.)
Old Series Currency Adjustment Act (See S. 3714.)

John Day Dam project, to provide for reimburs-
Oleomargarine or margarine, to amend the Navy ration

ing the city of Arlington, for the loss of taxes
statute to provide for the serving of—(See S.

on property in connection with the-(See S.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Permanent Committee for,

Resolution favoring---

communications from, transmitting, reports

John Day lock and dam-
by, on, annual, for fiscal year 1959.-


Designating the, as the Richard L. Neuberger
Olmitos and Garcias Creeks, Tex., works of improve-

lock and dam- (See S. 3215.)
ment for watershed protection and flood pre-

Umatilla, authorizing the raising of the level of,


and to convey the land to the city of-(See
O'Loughlin, Joseph J.-(See H.R. 6027.)

S. 3731.)
Olson, Jay, Yvonne, Lance, Fort Peck Indians, land

Legislature of the State of, concurrent resolution
in trust for- (See S. 2746.)

favoring completion of the Chief Joseph,

Omaha Tribe of Indians, providing for the disposition

McNary, and Dalles projects----
of judgment funds of the (See S. 3567.)

Neuberger, Richard L.—(See Neuberger, Richard
O'Mahoney, Joseph C. (Senator from the State of


Nez Perce Dam on the Snake River, memorial


remonstrating against the------

Conferee, appointed as.

Rogue River Basin project, report of construction
O'Neal, Renato Granduc and Grazia Granduc—(See

on the Talent division of-------

S. 3357.)

Seashore Recreation Area— (See S. 2898.)
Onur, Recep (Ali)-(See S. 3261.)


Senator-designate from
Opium poppyseeds, report on the disposition of------

Lusk, Hall S., credentials presented and oath
Optometrists, to amend the law to provide for the fur-


nishing of services of, to veterans having

Senators from
service-connected eye conditions (See H.R.

Morse, Wayne, attended..


Neuberger, Richard L., attended

Order, questions of

Tillamook, to convey certain lands to the city of

(See H.R. 3676.)
Reference to committee of pending amendment

236 Oregon Coast National Seashore Recreation Area, to
not in order; sustained ----


establish-(See S. 2898.)
Third degree and not in order; overruled.-----




Oregon Short Line Railroad Co., to enable the, to con-

vey lands in Idaho to the Pocatello First

Corp. (See S. 2947; H.R. 10586.)
Organization of American States (See Pan American

Charitable contributions of, relating to the deduc-

tion of — (See H.R. 6066.)
Dues, to permit the, to be included in gross income

for taxable years to which the dues relate

(See H.R. 11266.)
Organized fraudulent schemes-(See Fraudulent

Oroville-Tonasket unit, Okanogan-Similkameen divi-

sion, Chief Joseph Dam project, Washington,

report on---
Orphans—(See War orphans.)
Orthodox Church, Eastern, to proclaim the, as a major

faith in the United States— (See S. Res. 346.)
Ouachita River— (See Red-Ouachita.)

Louisiana and Arkansas, review of reports on.--
“Our American Government, What Is It? How Does It

Function?” authorizing the printing of— (See

H. Con. Res. 607.)
Our Lady of the Lake Church-(See H.R. 5150.)
Outer Continental Shelf, draft of proposed legislation

to provide for restriction of land and water

areas for defense in the-----
Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act of 1953, administra-

tion of the, for fiscal year 1959..
Overpayments inadvertently made by the United States

to States, to validate certain, and to relieve
certifying and disbursing officers from liability

therefrom-(See S. 3363.)
Overseas Differentials and Allowances Act- (See H.R.

Oxnard Harbor District, Port Hueneme, Calif., to au-

thorize the conveyance of real estate to them

(See S. 3017, H.R. 8713.)
Oxygen, liquid, production, Government competition

with business, report on.--




Housing in, to amend the law to authorize the

guarantee of mortgage loans by the De-
velopment Loan Fund to assist (See S.

3127, S. 3864.)
Treaties between the United States and, varia-

tion in the interpretation of, may be made
only pursuant to treaty_(See H. Con. Res.

Panama Canal-
Appropriations—(See also Department of Com-

merce and Related Agencies Appropriation

Supplemental estimate-

Canal Zone, draft of proposed legislation, Panama

Canal Company, to provide for reimburse-
ment of the Treasury by the, for the annuity
paid to the Republic of Panama----

Canal Zone Government-
Appropriations, restoration of balances with-
drawn from..

Tort claims paid by ----

Panama Canal Company, annuity paid to the Re-

public of Panama, to provide for reimburse-
ment of the Treasury by the, for the- (See S.

Draft of proposed legislation regarding---

Panama Canal Company and Canal Zone Govern-

ment, audit report of the, for fiscal year 1959. 198
Panamanian flag, declaring the opposition of the

Senate to flying the, over the Canal Zone-

(See S. Res. 275.)
Potter, Gov. Wm. E., resolution commending the

actions of, of the Canal Zone, in his dealing

with the mob by certain political elements--- 121
Panama Canal Cash Relief Act, amending, benefits to

persons, granting additional—(See H.R.

Panamanian flag, declaring the opposition of the Sen-

ate to flying the, over the Canal Zone-(See

S. Res. 275.)
Papic, Marija-(See S. 3153.)
Papulis, Janism (See S. 2087.)
Paquette, Joseph R.-(See S. 2817.)
Parachuting championships at Orange, Mass., extend-

ing an invitation to hold the (See S.J. Res.

200; H.J. Res. 723.)
Parks Air Force Base, Calif., relating to persons in-

volved in negotiation of forged or fraudulent

checks issued at(See H.R. 4390.)
Parkway, to provide for a survey of the, from the Great

Smoky Mountains National Park in North
Carolina and Tennessee to the Mammoth Cave
National Park in Kentucky, and the Natchez

Trace Parkway in Tennessee (See S. 3495.)
Parliamentary conference- (See Canada-United States

Interparliamentary; North Atlantic Treaty

Pascali, Chrysostomos (Paschalis)—(See S. 3453.)
Pasco, Mary E., to pay a gratuity to (See S. Res. 381.)
Passenger Train Service Act of 1960—(See S. 2935, S.

Passenger service, resolution favoring amending the
law relative to interstate.--

Passports, issuance of, resolution favoring legislation

to enable the Secretary of State to withhold,
to enemies and especially Communists--

Pastor, Leandro, Jr., and Pedro— (See H.R. 1402.)
Pastore, John O. (Senator from the State of Rhode

Attendance, excused from ---


Conferee, appointed as.

36, 181, 376, 399, 549
Patent rights, research conducted under United

States-financed projects, to provide for pro-
tection of the United States in research with
respect to (See S. 3156.)



Paca, Edward T.-(See S. 3075.)
Pacific Festival, authorizing and requesting the Presi-

dent to issue a proclamation with respect to

to the 1960—(See H.J. Res. 672.)
Pacific Northwest, electric energy generated at Federal

plants in that region, guaranteeing consum-

ers first call on-- (See S. 3880.)
Pacific Ocean, rockets and missiles in the central Pa-

cific Ocean, memorial remonstrating against
the testing of, during January 1960-

Pages of the Senate and the House of Representatives,

to provide for the acquisition or construction
of a building to be used as a residence for-

(See S. 3386.)
Agreements concluded under Agricultural Trade

Development and Assistance Act------- 125, 343, 412
Military assistance program with, report of re-
view of ---

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, Calif., park and

other purposes, to amend the law to permit
certain streets in, within the area of, to be

used for---(See H.R. 8024.)
Right-of-way at the site of the, concurrent reso-
lution favoring release of ..

Palm oil, report on disposition of..

Pan American Health Organization, to authorize the

purchase of property in the District of Colum-
bia for a headquarters site— (See S.J. Res.

Pan American Union, anniversary of the founding of

the, extending greetings of the Senate on
the-(See S. Res. 304.)


Acquisition and disposition of, on inventions made

chiefly through the expenditure of public

funds, to establish a policy for- (See S. 3350.)
Information relating to, to clarify the authority of

the Commissioner of Patents to compile, pub-

lish, and disseminate(See S. 2986.)
Patents, trademarks, and copyrights, report on, or-
dered printed.

Paternostro, Bernardo_(See H.R. 2705.)
Patrick, Hattie, and Joseph, Sr., and others— (See H.R.

Pattern Makers' Pension Trust of Chicago, relating to

the effective date of the qualification of the, as

a qualified trust(See S. 3073.)
Patton, Grace L.-(See S. 1600.)
Patuxent River, resolution favoring a survey of the,
relative to flood control..

Payments to Local Governments Act of 1960—(See S.

Resolutions favoring-

294, 412
Peace (See also Mutual-Security.)

Agency Act (See S. 2989.)
American National Red Cross, to promote just and

lasting peace by including among the purposes
of, the prevention of war and the— (See S.

Petition praying adoption of plan of Robert Mor-
ris for.--

Righteous, petition praying a, among nations.--- 108
United Nations, resolution favoring the work of, in
its efforts to maintain world..

Vote for, resolution favoring, by the peoples of the
United States and Russia..

Peace Corps Act-(See S. 3675.)
Pecoraro; Placid J. Gabrielle, and their minor child

Joseph-(See H.R. 6121.)
Pedersen, Wanda Vincentz-(See S. 3152.)
Pendell, Earl H.-(See S. 3609.)
Penitentiaries—(See also National penitentiaries.)
Investigation of, resolution authorizing-(See S.

Res. 60, S. Res. 226.)

Extending time for filing reports on S. Res. 60.- 79, 163
Aircraft port of entry, to provide for the designa-

tion of Port Erie Airport, Erie, Pa., as a-(See

S. 3077.)
Anthracite formations, report on the progress and

accomplishments of the anthracite-mine-
water control and drainage of water to pre-
vent flooding of----

Ford City, Borough of—(See H.R. 5850.)
Fort Mifflin Naval Amunition Depot, Philadel-

phia, to provide for the disposition of the-

(See S. 2922.)
Fort Necessity National Battlefield site, to pro-

vide additional lands at, and change the name

of the— (See S. 3438, S. 3441.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding-

House of Representatives of the State of, District

of Columbia, resolution favoring home rule

Mill Creek, works of improvement for--

Mill Run, works of improvement for..

Senators from
Clark, Joseph S., Jr., attended...

Scott, Hugh, attended...

Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act, 1930, amend-

ing-(See S. 3787.)
Permissive writing and printing on third- and fourth-

class mail matter, to provide further for-

(See S. 3365, S. 3380, S. 3420.)
Perret, Edouard E.-(See H.R. 11460.)
Perrin, Ronald-(See S. 3920.)
Persecuted Peoples-(See Aliens-Quota.)

Pershing, John J., General of the Armies

Authorizing and requesting the President to issue

a proclamation in connection with the cen-

tennial of the birth of— (See H.J. Res. 640.)
Authorizing the erection of a memorial in the

District of Columbia to (See S. 3901.)
Report of progress of memorial to.---

Pershing Hall Memorial Fund, transactions for fiscal

Persimmon and Burnt Corn Creek, Mississippi, works

of improvement for watershed protection and
flood prevention.-

Personal and household effects brought into the United

States under Government orders, to extend the
law allowing the free importation of—(See

H.R. 8576, H.R. 9881.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding ----

Agreements concluded under Agricultural Trade
Development and Assistance Act.-

7, 177
Senate of, message from the, relating to increasing
the tariffs on lead and zinc---

Pesticide chemicals, to amend the law with respect to

label declaration of the use of, on raw agri-

cultural commodities—(See H.R. 7480.)
Pesticides, coordination act, resolution favoring -

Pesticides or other chemicals designed for mass bio-

logical controls, to provide for consultation
before beginning any program involving the

use of--(See S. 3473.)
Industry, memorial remonstrating against meas-
urement of divorcement on the..

Jobbers, tires, batteries, and accessories, memo-

rial remonstrating against barring, from deal-
ing in.--

Procurement, survey of -

Philadelphia General Hospital— (See H.R. 8806.)
Philippine Scouts, resolutions favoring payment of

compensation to certain, for services during
World War II.,

155, 483
Corregidor Island, resolution favoring a memorial

to Pacific theater, World War II veterans on.- 79
Dominion status, resolution favoring revoking the

independence of, and replaced by a------- 19
Payment to the Government of the, authorizing

(See S. 3238.)

Draft of proposed legislation regarding ----- 146
Phillips, Earl G. (See S. 2965.)
Phosphate—(See also Nonphosphate.)
Authorizing the issuance of prospecting permits

for, in lands belonging to the United States

(See S. 2061.)
Reserved, to authorize the sale of, to record owners

of surface thereof in Florida- (See S. 3708,

S. 3720.)
Photography, High-Speed, favoring participation by

Federal agencies in the 5th International Con-
gress on, in Washington, D.C.-- (See S. Con.

Res. 75.)
Phreatophytes(See Saltcedar and other phreato-

Physical Therapists Practice Act--(See S. 675.)
Pine Ridge irrigation unit, White division, Missouri

River Basin project, authorization for the con-
struction, operation, and maintenance of

the-- (See S. 3407.)
Pino, Margherita-(See S. 2532.)
Pioneer National Monument Association, to author-

ize and direct the Secretary of the Army to
convey part of the lock and dam numbered 10,
Kentucky River, Madison County, Ky., to
the-(See S. 3324; H.R. 11561.)

Pipe & Refrigeration Fitters Local 536 Pension Fund, Page

relating to the date of the qualification of the,

as a qualified trust- (See S. 3694, S. 3712.)
Pipeline carriers in interstate commerce, copies of
valuations of properties of certain.-

Pisar, Samuel—(See S. 3032.)
Placer claims, to amend the mining laws to pro-

vide for inclusion of certain nonmineral

lands in patents to-(See S. 2033.)
Plants, patents for, to amend the law with respect

to- (See S. 1447.)
Plants, trees, shrubs, and nursery products, to sus-

pend certain postal rates relating to- (See

S. 2943.)
Player, Mrs. Nell C.-(See H.R. 7365.)
Playing cards, to amend the law with respect to the

method of paying the tax on- (See S. 2938.)
Plaza of the Americas, to provide for the designa-

tion of a portion of the District of Colum-

bia as the- (See H.R. 11415.)
"Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag," relating to copy-

right restrictions on the composition-(See

H.J. Res. 704.)
Plum Creek, Texas, watershed protection and flood

Plume, Royce C., member of the Arapahoe Tribe of

Indians (See H.R. 7582.)
Plums, foreign trade of the United States in, to pro-

mote the- (See S. 1857.)
Podany, Frank-(See S. 1856.)
Point Four Youth Corps, to amend the law to study

the advisability and practicability of estab-

lishing a- - (See S. 2908; H.R. 11510.)
Point Remove Creek, East and West Fork, Arkansas,

report of improvement in watersheds--- 171
Agreements entered into for trade development
and assistance.--

17, 177, 530
Authorizing the donation of surplus agricultural

commodities and surplus property for relief

of flood victims in- (See S. 3902.)
Polaris submarines— (See Submarines Polaris.)
Policemen and Firemen's Retirement and Disability

Act-(See District of Columbia-Police and

Poling, Chaplain Clark V., medals to—(See Medals

and decorations-Chaplains.)
Activities by Federal employees in Maryland, Vir-

ginia and District of Columbia, permitting

certain-(See S. 2931.)
Committees, to amend the law to exclude there-

from service performed in the employement

of certain-(See S. 3301.)
Contributions, to provide for a credit or deduc-

tion against Federal income taxes for cer-

tain-(See S. 2905.)
Opinions, news, etc., study of the use of Govern-

ment-licensed media for the dissemination

of — (See S. Res. 305, S. Res. 356, S. Res. 374.)
Propaganda, registration of persons disseminating,

as agents of a foreign principal—(See H.R.

Poll tax, to make unlawful the requirement to pay, as a

prerequisite to voting-(See S. 2868, S.J. Res.

Pollution—(See Air-Pollution; Water_Pollution.)
Pony Express, to provide for the striking of medals in

commemoration of the-(See S. 2454.)
"Poor Tom's Last Shift"-(See Army Distaff Founda-

Popadich, Blagoje-(See S. 1377.)
Popovich, Wragomir— (See S. 3863.)

Porters Creek-

Mississippi, report of improvement in watersheds. 171

Tennessee, report of improvement in watersheds- 171
Portrait gallery- (See National Portrait Gallery.)
Portsmouth, N.H., Naval Shipyard, to provide a method

for regulating and fixing wage rates for em-

ployees of-(See S. 19, S. 3800.)
Pornographic and indecent material, resolution favor-
ing elimination of, from the mails----

Post office, administrative work programs introduced

into, memorial remonstrating against over-
abundance of --

Post Office Department-(See also Postmaster

Appropriations, fiscal year- (See Treasury-Post

Office Appropriation Act.)
Contracts negotiated by the, for experimental, de-

velopment, or research work for period De-
cember 31, 1959..

Judicial Officer for the, to create — (See H.R.

Kansas City, Mo., report on review of the money-
order center, August 1959---

Motor-vehicle activities, October 1959.

Postal rate, readjusting the(See S. 3192.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding--

Message from the President on --

Scheme examinations of employees, to provide

that the minimum passing grade for, shall be

93 percent(See S. 3129.)
Tort claims paid for fiscal 1959-

Postal-(See also Postmaster General.)

Readjusting-(See S. 3192.)

Draft of proposed legislation regarding------ 161
Message from the President favoring increas-
ing the.---

Survey of, and cost-ascertainment report on the

carrying and handling of the classes of mail

Memorial remonstrating against proposed

transporting of first-class mail by----- 368
Readjusting postal rates on—(See s. 3277,

S. 3603.)
Transportation of, to clarify the law with re-

spect to (See S. 3214; H.R. 12595.)
First class, to provide for the transportation

of-(See S. 2963.)
Fourth-class matter, to restore the size and

weight limitations on, existing prior to its

admission as State- (See S. 2869.)
Bulk-mail matter, study of the effect of the in-

creases in postage rates of third-class, as of
March 1, 1960.--.

198, 202
Burglary, fire, or casualty, amending the law

authorizing the Postmaster General to adjust
claims of postmasters for loss by- (See H.R.

Certified mail, to authorize the use of, for the

transmission or service of matter required by
certain Federal laws to be transmitted or

served by registered mail_(See H.R. 10996.)
Civic organizations—(See Second- and third-

class matter, infra.)
Claims of postmasters for loss by burglary, fire,

or other unavoidable casualty, draft of pro-
posed legislation to amend the law relating

Codifying-(See H.R. 2339.)

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