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National Continued

Security-(See Intelligence; Internal; Security.)
Organizing for, printing copies of the hearing

on- (See S. Res. 306.)
Wilderness Preservation System, to establish a

(See S. 3809.)
Wool-(See Wool Month.)
National Academy of Sciences, communications from,

transmitting, reports by, on, annual, for
fiscal 1959----

National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

Day, to provide for the designation of June

20, 1960, as—(See S.J. Res. 196.)
National Advisory Council on International Monetary

and Financial Problems, communications
from, transmitting, reports on, by, activities

National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958–

Amending—(See H.R. 12049.)

Drafts of proposed legislation regarding ------ 58, 108
Inventions, property rights in, relating to, draft
of proposed legislation relating to.---

Space exploration, organizational arrangements

National Aeronautics and Space Administration-

Authorizing, for salaries and expenses, research

and development, construction, and equip-

ment- (See H.R. 10809.)
Drafts of proposed legislation regarding----- 61,93
Supplemental for fiscal 1960— (See H.J. Res.

Communications from, transmitting-
Proposed legislation, drafts of -
Appropriations, authorizing---

61, 93
Inventions, property rights in, relating to-- 7
National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958,

58, 108
Contracts negotiated, for the period June 30, 1959. 7
Department of Defense— (See Transfers, infra.)
Development Operations Division of the Army Bal-

listic Missile Agency, to effect the transfer of

the, to the- (See H.J. Res. 567.)
Housing for person employed or assigned to duty

at, relating to (See S. 3226.)
“Project Mercury; Man-in-Space Program of
the,” report on, printed..

Reports of the.-

169, 563
Transfers from the Department of Defense to the,
plan for..

National American Guild of Variety Artists week,

designating the week of June 5–11, 1960, as

(See S.J. Res. 168.)
National Archives—(See General Services Administra-

National Capital Housing Authority, annual report for
fiscal 1959_-

National Capital Planning Commission, communica-

tions from, transmitting, reports by, on land
acquisitions for park, parkway, and play-
grounds for 1959.

National Capital region—(See also District of Co-

Transportation for, to aid in development of; to

create a temporary National Capital Trans-
portation Agency and National Capital
Transportation Corporation- (See S. 3193;

H.R. 11135.)
Authorizing study of, by Joint Committee on

Washington Metropolitan Problems—(See S.

Con. Res. 101.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding ---


National Capital Transportation Act of 1960—(See Page

S. 3193; H.R. 11135.)
Authorizing study by Joint Committee on Wash-

ington Metropolitan Problems- (See S. Con.

Res. 101.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding -----

National Children's Day, to provide for the designation

of the 23d day of August of each year as-(See

S.J. Res. 165.)
National Crimes Commission—(See also Crime.)

Establishment of a-(See S. 3645.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding -

National Cultural Center Act, amending, to enlarge

the site within which the, may be built-(See

S. 3381, S. 3409.)
National Defense Education Act of 1958

Affidavits of belief-(See also Affidavits; Loyalty

Repealing certain provisions requiring—(See

S. 2929.)
Teachers attending summer sessions in insti-

tutions of higher education, to make student

loans to- (See S. 3481.)
National Defense Education Act
Loyalty oaths—(See also Affidavits; Loyalty

Scholarship program under, resolution favoring - 309
National Emergency Labor Disputes Act of 1960—

(See S. 2810.)
National Employ the Older Worker Week-(See S.J.

Res. 189.)
National Forest Products Week, providing for the es-

tablishment of a— (See S.J. Res. 209.)
National Forest Reservation Commission, annual re-
port for year ended June 30, 1959..

National Fund for Medical Education, communications

from, transmitting, reports by, on audit for
year ended December 31, 1959-..

National Guard-(See Armed Forces—National

Guard; Department of the Air ForceNa-
tional Guard; Department of the Army-Na-

tional Guard.)
National Housing Act

Amending-(See S. 3379, S. 3500; H.R. 10213.)
Cooperative housing, relating to—(See S. 3512.)

Drafts of proposed legislation regarding - 58, 118, 282
Federal National Mortgage Association under

special assistance program, to authorize use
of funds for the purchase of mortgages by

the-(See S. 3499.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding -

Insurance, relating to (See S. 3175.)
Mortgage insurance-
Individually owned units in a multifamily

structure, to extend and amend the law to

provide—(See S. 3502.)
Limitations on, to remove_ (See S. 3504.)
Urban renewal authorization and relocation

payments, relating to (See S. 3042.)
Mortgages, insurance of, providing for—(See S.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration,

housing for a person employed or assigned to

duty at, relating to—(See S. 3226.)
Private and public housing and the renewal of

urban communities, relating to the provision

of — (See S. 3509.)
Savings and loan holding companies, to make

permanent the laws regulating-(See S. 3619.)
National Industrial Reserve, annual report on for
calendar 1959..


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National Junior Achievement Week, proposing obsery- Page

ance of week beginning January 31, 1960, as-

(See S. Con. Res. 81.)
National Labor Relations Act,

Amending-(See S. 3097, S. 3802.)
Federal-State jurisdiction, relating to—(See S.

Guards of a labor organization, eliminating the

provision prohibiting the certification of

(See S. 3892.)
Labor disputes, with respect to emergency-(See

S. 2810.)
No man's land provision--(See Federal-State

jurisdiction, supra.)
Railroad labor relations, relating to—(See S.

Resolutions favoring --

368, 393
Secret ballots, to protect union members against

pay losses in strikes through providing for-

(See S. 3598.)
National Labor Relations Board-
Annual report for fiscal 1959.-

Appropriations--(See also Departments of Labor

and Health, Education, and Welfare.)
Restoration of balances withdrawn from.--

Organization and procedure of the, report on,
ordered printed as a Senate document--

National Lead Co., New York, N.Y., audit of contract
with General Services Administration.-

National Mediation Board
Annual report for fiscal 1959, National Mediation

Board and National Railroad Adjustment
Board ---

National Mines Act of 1960—(See S. 2858.)
National Monument Commission, Freedom Monument,
report on..

National Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Com-

mission, member appointed on the part of



National park-(See National Park.)
National Peace Agency Act(See S. 2989.)
National penitentiaries—(See also Penitentiaries.)
Report on, from the Committee on the Judiciary,
ordered printed ---

National Portrait Gallery, to establish a-(See S.

National Public Works Week-(See Public Works

National Railroad Adjustment Board, annual report
for fiscal 1959.

National Safety Council, the, communications from,

transmitting, reports by, on, financial trans-

actions of the, for calendar 1959, audit of.. 221
National School Lunch Act, amending, meals served

to schoolchildren, to provide that the num-
ber of, determine the apportionment of

funds—(See S. 3700.)
National Science Foundation-

Annual report for fiscal year 1959.-
Veterans, children, scholarships under the direc-

tion of the, resolution favoring granting, to,
studying careers in science, technology, and

National Science Foundation Act of 1950, scholarships

and fellowships authorized by the, to make
American nationals eligible for-(See H.R.

Draft of proposed legislation regarding-

National Security Act of 1947, amending, Department

of Defense, reorganization of, to effect the
(See S. 2957.)

National Security Agency, professional and scientific Page
positions established in the----

National service life insurance (See also Armed Serv-

ices National service life insurance; Veter-

ans-National service life insurance.)
Effective date of, for members of the Armed

Forces— (See S. 2978.)
National Showcase of the Arts and Sciences in the

District of Columbia, to authorize the estab-

lishment of a (See 3256.)
National Shrine Commission, establishing a, for the

construction of a memorial building in mem-
ory of the veterans of the Civil War-(See

S.J. Res, 213.)
National Society, Daughters of the American Colo-

nists, to authorize the, to use property as the
national headquarters of that society—(See

H.R. 10952.)
National Society of the American Revolution_(See

Daughters of the American Revolution.)
National Society of the Daughters of the American

revolution—(See Daughters of the American

National System of Interstate and Defense Highways

and interisle ferry system-Hawaii-(See

Hawaii-National System.)
National Teachers Recognition Day, designating the

fourth Wednesday in April as—(See S.J. Res.

National Trade Policy Act of 1960—(See S. 3918.)
National Trust for Historic Preservation, communica-

tions from, transmitting, reports by, on his-
toric sites, buildings, objects, and antiquities
of national significance, report of the organ-
ization for calendar 1959..

National Urban League Day—(See S.J. Res. 151.)
National Voters' Day-(See S.J. Res. 186.)
National Woman's Party, Inc., District of Columbia,

to exempt from taxation certain property of
the, in the District of Columbia-(See S.

National Wool Month-(See Wool Month.)
Nations, captive— (See Captive-Nations.)
NATO—(See North Atlantic Treaty Organization.)
Natural gas pipelines, major, map prepared by the

Federal Power Commission, December 31,

Naval records—(See Armed Forces—Military.)
Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps, to place, grad-

uates (Regulars) in a status comparable with
U.S. Naval Academy graduates—(See S.

Navigation, to provide for exceptions to the rules

of — (See S. 3540.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding ----

Nazi persecution, to amend the law to provide pay-

ments for relief and rehabilitation of needy

victims of— (See S. 3056; H.R. 6462.)
Nazism, resurgence of, memorial remonstrating against

Neal, Robert William, Robert J. Naumann, Charles

LeRoy Van Slyke, and Franklin Jordan-

(See S. 3125.)
Big Blue River and tributaries, to negotiate and

enter into a compact relating to the appor-

tionment of the waters of the— (See S. 1605.)
Crawford, to grant right, title, and interest of the

United States in and to lands to (See H.R.

Hugh Butler Lake, to designate the reservoir by

the construction of a dam across Red Willow
Creek-(See S. 3804.)



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Justices of the peace and constables, to amend the

law to exclude service performed by-(See S.

Red Willow unit, French-Cambridge division, Mis-

souri River Basin project, soil survey and land

classification of lands in..
Senators from
Curtis, Carl T., attended

Hruska, Roman L., attended..

Wilson Creek, report of improvement in water-

Needy, foods (See Foods to needy.)
Citizens in Mississippi, memorial remonstrating
against the terror of..

Protection of the citizenship rights of, petition

praying the assistance of the Federal Govern-
ment in.---

Nelson, Harry E. (See H.R. 5301.)

King of, visit-
Announcement of

Address of..

Remarks of appreciation for resolution relative to

the newly established Parliament of the King-
dom of.---

Neuberger, Mrs. Maurine B. (Senator-elect from

North Atlantic Treaty Organization Parliamen-
tary Conference, appointed member----

Neuberger, Richard L. (Senator from the State of

Announcement of death of—(See S. Res. 286) --- 154

Funeral expenses, relating tom (See S. Res. 289.)
Funeral committee appointed.

Resolutions expressing sorrow-

166, 171, 483
Neuberger, Richard L.-
Lock and dam, to designate the John Day lock

and dam on the Columbia River as the (See

S. 3215.)
National Seashore, to establish the-(See S. 3211.)
Carson City Mint press, concurrent resolution fa-

voring blueprints or parts to put in operable
condition to strike silver medallions.

Colorado River Commission, to convey certain

public lands to the(See H.R. 7359.)
Compact between the State of Arizona and, estab-

lishing a boundary between those States, giv-
ing the consent of Congress to a-(See S.

Davis Dam and Reservoir, to provide for the allo-

cation of portions of the costs of, to servicing

the Mexican Water Treaty-(See S. 3331.)
Desert Land Act, draft of proposed legisiation to

amend the law requiring that entrymen of
lands in, under, by residents.-

Entrymen of lands in, to repeal the law requiring

that, be residents of Nevada— (See S. 3743.)
Legislature of the State of
Petitions, resolutions, and memorials from-
Carson City Mint press, concurrent resolution

favoring blueprints or parts to put, in op-

erable condition to strike silver medallions.. 171
Indians, American, concurrent resolution fa-
voring continued aid to-----

Payments in lieu of property taxes, concur-
rent resolution favoring---

Silver dollars commemorating the centennial

of the admission of the State of, concur-

rent resolution favoring the issuance of.- 149, 155
Social security, length-of-residence require-

ments as a condition for receiving welfare
benefits, concurrent resolution remonstrat-
ing against legislation relative to..



Legislature of the State of -
Petitions, resolutions, and memorials from
State, water rights legislation, concurrent
resolution favoring adequate---

Taxes and taxation, income, estate, and gift,

concurrent resolution favoring an amend-

ment to the Constitution abolishing --- 294
Mineral, county of, to direct the Secretary of the

Interior to convey certain public lands in the

State of, to the (See S. 3212.)
Senators from
Bible, Alan, attended..

Cannon, Howard W., attended.--

Silver dollars commemorating the centennial of

the admission of the State of, concurrent reso-

lutions favoring the issuance of ----------- 149, 155
New England, National cemetery, concurrent resolu-

tions favoring the establishment of.. --- 107, 111
New Hampshire
Fort Dearborn, and Rye Air Force Base, Rye, to

convey lands comprising, to former owners of

such lands—(See S. 2712.)
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, to provide a method

of regulating and fixing rates for employees

of-(See S. 19, S. 3800.)
Senators from
Bridges, Styles, attended.

Cotton, Norris, attended..

New Jersey-
Citizens of the State of, organizers and owners of

First, Second, and Third National Steamship

Companies—(See S. 3384.)
Legislature of the State of, petitions, resolutions,

and memorials from, hospital, surgical, and
nursing home benefits to old age survivors in-

surance recipients, resolution favoring---- 287
Senators from
Case, Clifford P., attended ----

Williams, Harrison A., Jr., attended.---

New Jersey Tercentenary Celebration Commission,

providing for the establishment of the— (See

S.J. Res. 68.)
New Mexico-
Bernalillo County, to amend the law with respect

to payments to, for furnishing hospital care

for certain Indians-(See H.R. 11545.)
Elephant Butte Reservoir area, to provide for the

construction of recreation facilities in the

(See S. 3205.)
Enabling Act, sales of lands granted to the State

of, by the United States, to waive certain re-

strictions of the- (See S. 3217.)
Fort Sumner Irrigation District, Fort Sumner

project, partial deferment of construction

payment due the United States from the---- 315
Gila Valley Arroyos No. 1, works of improve-
ment on.-

Hammond project, soil survey and land classi-
fication of the lands in the-----

Hospital care for certain Indians, to amend the

law with respect to payments to Bernalillo

County, for furnishing—(See S. 3262.)
Pueblos of Santa Ana, zia, Jemez, San Felipe,

Santo Domingo, Cochiti, Isleta, and San
Ildefonso, to declare that the United States
holds in trust for the, public domain lands

(See S. 3607.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding ------

Pueblos of Zia and Jemez, to donate to the, a tract

of land in the Ojo Del Espiritu Santo Grant

(See S. 3297, S. 3607; H.R. 11161.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding-

Rio Grande above Elephant Butte Dam, report on
main stem of the.---


New Mexico Continued

Senators from
Anderson, Clinton P., attended.

Chavez, Dennis, attended.-----

Taos Plaza, memorializing the continuous display-

ing of the flag of the United States over the,

in the town of Taos-(See S.J. Res. 182.)
Issuance of stamps commemorating the 100th

anniversary of—(See S. 3326.)
Tortugas Arroyo, watershed protection and flood
prevention, report on.---

Valencia County, to authorize the exchange of

lands in, for lands in national forests—(See

S. 3161.)
New York-
Albertson Water District, Nassau County-(See

H.R. 8868.)
Buffalo post-office building in, resolution favoring
construction of----

Cold Spring Harbor Marine Biological Reserve,

authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to

establish the-(See S.J. Res. 218.)
Conewango Creek, report of improvement in

Crossbow for target and hunting in, petition pray-
ing the legalized use of---

Highland Falls, to provide for the conveyance of

certain real property of the United States to

the village of—(See H.R. 6479.)
Ischua Creek, works of improvement for---

Legislature of the State of
Petitions, resolutions, and memorials from
Fallout, radioactive, resolutions favoring a

program for protection against--- 202, 211
New York-Montreal seaway project, concur-

rent resolution favoring progressing and de-
velopment of the proposed.--.

Malone, draft of proposed legislation to author-

ize the Secretary of the Army to reconvey to,
real property donated by said town as an
Army Reserve center---

New York, electrical switchboard and panel board

manufacturing industry of, to provide tax re-
lief to the annuity fund of the- (See H.R.

Orange County, resolution favoring investigation
of use of publicly owned lands in..

Schenectady veterans' office, resolutions remon-

strating against transfer of, to Watervliet,

Senators from
Javits, Jacob K., attended.--

Keating, Kenneth B., attended---
World's Fair- (See World Fair.)
New York-Montreal seaway project, concurrent reso-

lution favoring progressing and development of
the proposed----

Newcomb, Wesley C.- (See H.R. 6149.)
Newspaper employers involved in labor disputes, to in-

vestigate the activities of, in employing pro-
fessional strikebreakers, and its effect on col-

lective bargaining-(See S. Res. 271.)
Nez Perce Dam on the Snake River, Oreg., memorial
remonstrating against the---

Ngee, Mah Jew (also known as Peter Jew Mah)-(See

S. 3653.)
Niagara Falls Bridge Commission, amending the law

creating a -(See S.J. Res. 198.)
Nichols, Col. Joseph A.—(See H.R. 11322.)
Nichols General Hospital, Kentucky, to provide for the

conveyance of land of, to-(See S. 3041.)
Nicilosi, Angela D'Agata—(See H.R. 1543.)
Nickel, arsenical ore and nickel speiss, report of dis-
position of..

Nicolopoulos; Demetrios, Elizabeth, Dena, Panagiotis,

George, Maria, and Helen_ (See S. 3356.)

Niukkanen, Willia (also known as William Niukkanen, Page

and William Albert Mackie)-(See S. 3543.)
Nixon, Richard M. (Vice President of the United

States and President of the Senate)-(See
Senate-Vice President; Senate Vice Presi-

dent or President pro tempore.)
Nobuta, Yukio- (See S. 2791.)
Nolan, Michael (formerly Michael Pasvanis)-(See

S. 2974.)
Nominations, adjournment, preserving the status quo

of, during-(See S. Res. 351.)
Nonphosphate lands—(See Lands—Nonphosphate.)
Norman project, Oklahoma, to authorize the Secretary

of the Interior to construct, operate, and

maintain the- (See S. 1892.)
Renrollment of, concerning the- (See S. Con. Res.

Norris-La Guardia Act, amending railroad labor rela-

tions, relating to—(See S. 3548.)
Resolutions favoring ---

368, 393
North American Aviation, Inc., Los Angeles, Calif.,

with J. A. Maurer, Inc., Long Island City,
N.Y., examination of the pricing of P-2 air-
craft cameras, by, under Department of the
Air Force subcontracts.

North Atlantic- (See Atlantic.)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization-
Citizens Commissior, on, to authorize the partici-

pation in an international convention of, to
promote political and economic cooperation
and to provide for the appointment of dele-

gates to such convention—(See S.J. Res. 170.)
Parliamentary conference-
Appointment of members to ----

Report of Senate delegation to, ordered printed. 107
Status of Forces Treaty, operation of article VII,
report on----

North Broad River, Ga., works of improvement for.. 347
North Carolina-
Great Smoky Mountains National Park—(See

Great Smoky Mountains National Park.)
Kerr, John H., Reservoir, to authorize adjust-

ment of rentals under leases of recreational

facilities at the— (See H.R. 12530.)
Kure Beach, for the relief of the town of—(See

S. 3150.)
Referred to Court of Claims (See S. Res. 290.)
Senators from-
Ervin, Sam J., Jr., attended.--

Jordan, B. Everett, attended.

Town Fork Creek, works of improvement on..

North Dakota-
Bismarck, to authorize conveyance of certain lands

to-(See S. 1663, S. 3853.)
Forest River, North Branch, report of improve-

Grand Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons,

for the relief of-(See H.R. 8417.)
Lignite Research Laboratory, Grand Forks, report

on activities of, expenditures by, and dona-
tions to, for calendar 1959---

Morton County, to provide for removal of the re-

striction on use of certain lands in- (See S.

New Town Health Center Corp., New Town, au-

thorizing the transfer of property to—(See S.

Senator from
Young, Milton R., attended --

Senator-designate from-
Brunsdale, Norman, credentials presented and
oath administered.

Senator-elect from
Burdick, Quentin, credentials presented and
oath administered.






Northeastern Water and Related Land Resources Com-

pact, granting the consent and approval of

Congress to- (See S. 2842.)
Northern Radio Co., Inc., New York, report of pricing

of contracts.--
Northrop Corp., Hawthorne, Calif., report of nego-

tiation of fees for financing expenses under
the Department of the Air Force contracts

Northwestern Aeronautical Co., St. Paul, Minn., report

of examination of the price negotiated for the

Department of the Army contract with------
Noxious and Obscene Matters and Materials, creating

a Commission on-(See S. 3736.)
Noxious Printed and Pictured Material, creating a

Commission on— (See S. 3325.)
Noyo River and Harbor, Calif., authorizing the im-

provement of, in the interest of navigation-

(See S. 2881.)
Nozuka, Isami (also known as Isami Notsuka)—(See

H.R. 10431.)
Nuby, Zohry (also known as Zoe Francis) — (See S.


Bomb testing, memorial remonstrating against---
War, summary analysis of hearings on biological

and environmental effects of—(See S. Con.

Res. 97.)
Weapons or secrets, opposing the transfer of, to

other nations— (See S. Con. Res. 98.)
Nurse, Practical, Training Extension Act of 1960—(See

S. 3025.)
Nurse training, practical, to amend the law relating

to(See S. 3025.)
Nuth, Richard L.-(See H.R. 3107.)


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Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization-

Communications from, transmitting-
Proposed legislation, drafts of, Defense Produc-
tion Act of 1950, extending-

Reports by, on-
Annual, for fiscal year 1959.--

Borrowing authority under section 304(b) of

the Defense Production Act, quarterly

report on, for period ending-
June 30, 1959----

September 30, 1959-

December 31, 1959..

March 31, 1960_

Federal contributions to the States, for civil-

defense purposes, for the quarters

September 30, 1959.

December 31, 1959..

March 31, 1960---

Property acquisitions for the quarter ended-
June 30, 1959.

September 30, 1959-

December 31, 1959-

Stockpiling program, semiannual-
June 30, 1959_-

8, 26
December 31, 1959..

169, 255
Contracts negotiated by the, for experimental, de-

velopment, or research work for period De-
cember 31, 1959--

Food, fiber, and biological oil commodities and

products, to establish a reserve of-(See S.

Office of Defense Mobilization, (See Defense mobiliza-

tion, Office of.)
Officers and employees of the United States-
Administrative and policymaking posts in the Fed-

eral Government, relative to tenure of office of

persons appointed to— (See S. Res. 338.)
Annuitants, refunds of contributions for, whose

length of service exceeds the maximum, to

amend the law to provide for— (See S. 2857.)
Eligibility for, to amend the law to provide, for

certain employees serving on May 22, 1920—

(See S. 3584.)
Retired or separated personnel, relating to

(See S. 3139.)
Annuities and retired pay, limiting to cases involv-

ing national security the prohibition on pay-

ment of -(See S. 91; H.R. 4601.)
Benefits, more realistic in terms of present wage

rates, to amend the law to make - (See S.

Blue collar workers, concurrent resolution favor-

ing, receiving the same rates as classified.. 19
Bonding of, for fiscal 1959, report of.---

Children attending school, to amend the law to

increase, from 18 to 21, the age for receiving

benefits-(See S. 3109.)
Civil service retirement system, annual report for
fiscal 1958.--

Claims against the United States, to provide for

settlement of, for damages to, or loss of, per-
sonal property incident to their service- (See

H.R. 10978.)
Compensation—(See also Salary, infra; Unem-

ployment, infra.)
Rates of basic, to adjust-(See S. 3672; H.R.

Petition approving -

Withholding income tax, relating to, imposed by

certain cities on-(See H.R. 3151.)
Conflicts of interest, to supplement and revise laws

prescribing restrictions against- (See S.

Oahe Dam and Reservoir, South Dakota, for the relief

of persons whose lands were acquired in con-

struction of the (See S. 2900.)
Oakdale residents cooperative housing project of Royal

Oak Township, Oakland County, Mich., to au-
thorize the Housing and Home Finance Ad-
ministrator to make certain modifications in

the terms of sale of the (See S. 3291).
OASI-(See Old Age and Survivors Insurance.)
Authorizing persons to administer, and to perform

notarial acts for persons serving with the
Armed Forces outside the United States-

(See S. 3746; H.R. 12265.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding---

Loyalty-(See Loyalty oaths.)
Obligations (See also Debt-Public; Second Liberty

Bond Act.)
Obligations from the Treasury, to amend the law to

extend the authority of the Federal Reserve

banks to purchase-(See H.R. 12346.)

Commending the Postmaster General's cam-

paign against- (See S. Res. 301.)
Resolution favoring legislation to prevent send-

ing of, through the mails---
Matters and materials, conference, to provide for

a, to consider and propose methods of, and ac-
tion for combating the traffic in—(See S.J.

Res. 160.)
Ocean mail transportation, authority to determine-

(See S. 3298.)
Oceanographic research and surveys, to establish a

program of-(See S. 2692.)
Oelbermann Foundation, Cologne, Germany--(See S.

Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization, (See also

Federal Civil Defense; Defense mobilization.)




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