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Medical care and treatment furnished by agencies and Page
departments of the Government, recovery
from third persons of the cost of-(See S.

Medical Education Act of 1960-(See S. 3875.)
Medway, Dr. William-(See S. 2884.)

Mela, Pietro-(See H.R. 9226.)

Melisarris, Constantinos-(See S. 3329.)

Melville, Jay R., and Peter E. K. Shepherd-(See S.

Menominee Termination Act, amending-(See S. 3544;
H.R. 11813.)

Merced County Stream Group flood control project,
California, concurrent resolution favoring ap-
propriation for review study of the____.
Mercedes division, lower Rio Grande rehabilitation
project, Texas, relating to (See H.R. 10311.)

Aggregating not exceeding $400, authorizing in-
formal entries of-(See H.R. 9240.)

Gold or silver, to facilitate the protection of con-
sumers of articles of merchandise composed
of, from fraudulent misrepresentation con-
cerning the quality thereof (See S. 3107.)


Barges, to authorize the Secretary of Com-
merce to sell 10 Liberty to citizens of the
United States for conversion into-(See S.J.
Res. 206.)


[blocks in formation]

Construction differential subsidy, to remove lim-
itations on the (See S. 2584; H.R. 10644.)
Department of Commerce, Federal Maritime
Board, ocean mail transportation, to confer
on the, authority to determine postal rates
for (See S. 3298.)

Fishing vessels, functions relating to, trans-
ferred to the Secretary of the Interior-(See
S. 2481.)

Merchant Marine Academy-

Appointment of United States nationals to,

to permit (See S. 3429.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding_‒‒‒
Faculty and administrative staff, clarifying
the status of the, and establishing personnel
policies for-(See H.R. 5383.)
Ship-mortgage insurance, to include floating
drydocks under the definition of "vessel"-
(See S. 107.)

Ship mortgages, to authorize advances on Gov-
ernment-insured-(See S. 3018.)

Vessels, extending the life of certain (See S.
2998; H.R. 10646.)


Merchant Ship Sales Act—(See Department of Com- Page
merce-Maritime Administration.)

Meredith Victory, to provide appropriate recognition
of the gallant action of the steamship, in the
evacuation of Hungnam, Korea (See S.

Metal, scrap, continuing the suspension of duties on-
(See S. 2851; H.R. 11748.)

Meteorological services, to authorize the Secretary of
Commerce to utilize funds received from State
and local governments and private organiza-
tions and individuals for special-(See S.

Draft of proposed legislation regarding----
Meteorology, research in the field of, to authorize
the Secretary of Commerce to enter into con-
tracts for the conduct of-(See S. 1235.)
Metropolitan Affairs, Department of, establishing-
(See S. 3292.)

Metropolitan Police Relief Association, to incorpo-
rate the (See S. 3571.)

Mexican agricultural domestic workers, to amend the
law to provide protection for the employment
opportunities of-(See S. 3666.)

Mexican Water Treaty-(See Davis Dam and Reser-
voir, Nev.-Ariz.)


Aircraft, private, to provide that, may travel be-
tween United States and Canada or Mexico
without extra compensation for customs-
(See S. 2874.)

Foot-and-mouth disease-(See Foot-and-mouth

Monument commemorating the 150th anniversary
of the independence of, providing for the
presentation of-(See S. 2827.)
Rio Grande, authorizing an agreement for con-
struction of an international storage dam on
the, in accordance with a treaty with—(See
H.R. 12263.)

Tijuana, to provide authority for the Secretary
of State to conclude an agreement with Mex-
ico and San Diego, Calif., relating to the col-
lection, treatment, and disposal of sewage
originating in-(See S. 3317.)

Treaty of, referred to as the General Claims Con-
vention, petition praying an investigation of
Mexico-United States Interparliamentary Group, in-
formation that the Mexican Congress has ac-
cepted the invitation of Congress to estab-

Legislature of the State of, petitions, resolutions,
and memorials from, unemployment tax, res-
olution favoring judicial review of decisions
of the Department of Labor relating to‒‒‒‒‒
Misteguay Creek, works of improvement for------
Oakdale Residents Cooperative Housing Project of
Royal Oak Township, Oakland County, to au-
thorize the Housing and Home Finance Ad-
ministrator to make certain modifications in
the terms of sale of the-(See S. 3291.)
Property, real, to provide for the conveyance of,
to (See S. 3634.)

Senators from-

Hart, Philip A., attended_.





[blocks in formation]

Migrant (See also Migratory.)

Agricultural employees-(See Agricultural--Mi-

Migrant Agricultural Employee Adult Education Act
of 1960-(See S. 2865.)

Migrant Children Educational Assistance Act of 1960-
(See S. 2864.)


Farm labor, to provide financial assistance for
housing and related facilities for- (See S.

Labor, study of, authorizing the Committee on
Labor and Public Welfare to make a-(See
S. Res. 267.)

Waterfowl-(See Waterfowl-Hunting.)
Migratory Bird Conservation Commission, annual re-
port of the for fiscal 1959__

Mikkelsen, Hans Christian Gunnar-(See S. 2767.)
Miles, Daniel Walter-(See S. 3124.)


Assistance program-

Report of examination of the, administered by
the Department of the Air Force---_.

Review of___

Construction-(See Department of the Air Force;
Department of the Army; Department of the
Navy; Installations, infra.)

Contracts (See Contracts-Military; Department
of the Air Force; Department of the Army;
Department of the Navy.)

Departments, report of the pricing of material de-
livered to the military assistance program by

Information and material, authorizing additional
copies of hearings with respect to-(See S.
Con. Res. 91.)


Appropriations, bills making-(See H.R. 12231.)
Authorizing certain construction at (See S.
3006; H.R. 10777.)

Draft of proposed legislation regarding_-_-
Report on__.

Law, to codify recent and to improve the code,
draft of proposed legislation___.

Pay, to permit, in the computation of average sal-
ary for annuity purposes-(See S. 2750.)

(See Armed Forces.)

Technology, developments in, and their impact on
United States strategy and foreign policy, au-
thorizing additional copies of the committee
print on (See S. Res. 227.)

Military Chaplains Association, U.S.A., communica-

tions from, transmitting, reports by, on, fi-
nances of, the, for calendar 1958___

Military Construction Act of 1960-(See S. 3006;
H.R. 10777.)

Military Construction Appropriation Act, 1961-(See
H.R. 12231.)

Military Order of the Purple Heart of the United
States of America, communications from,
transmitting, reports by, on financial, for pe-
riod August 1, 1958, to July 31, 1959___
Military Personnel and Civilian Employees' Claims
Act of 1960-(See H.R. 10978.)


Children, to increase the expenditure under the
special milk program for-(See S. 2751, S.
2797, S. 2848; H.R. 9331.)

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Claims, unpatented, to change the period for do-
ing annual assessment work on—(See S. 3848.)
Lease or permit, to clarify the right of States to
select certain public lands subject to (See
S. 2959, S. 3435.)

Reserves, to secure the United States from losing
essential-(See S. 2858.)

Minerals, reserved to Federal Government to provide
for notice to States owning surface of lands in
which, to proposals to lease such minerals-
(See S. 1268.)

Mineral Leasing Act of 1920, amending-(See S. 2983;

H.R. 10455.)

Mineral Leasing Act Revision of 1960-(See S. 2983;
H.R. 10455.)

Mines Preservation Act (See S. 2858.)
Minidoka Irrigation District in Rupert, Idaho, to re-
move the restriction relating to public use
placed on certain land held by the-(See S.

Minidoka project, North Side pumping division, Idaho,
soil survey and land classification of the lands
in the____

Minimum wage-(See Wage-Minimum.)
Mining, placer claims, to amend the mining laws to
provide for inclusion of certain nonmineral
lands in patents to-(See S. 2033.)
Minister, social security, to amend the law to extend
the time within which a, may elect coverage
as a self-employed individual for-(See S.
3289, S. 3377, S. 3398, S. 3521, S. 3535.)


Duluth-Superior Harbor, resolutions favoring in-
spection of grain and quarantine of incoming
ships in the___.




312, 339

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[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Persimmon and Burnt Corn Creek, works of im-
provement for watershed protection and
flood prevention_.

Conferee, appointed as..

232, 337, 352, 376, 438


Porters Creek, report of improvement in water-



[blocks in formation]

East Bench unit, Three Forks division, Missouri
River Basin project, soil survey and land
classification of the lands in___.
Electric energy generated at Federal plants in that
region, guaranteeing consumers first call
on (See S. 3880.)
Helena Valley unit, Helena-Great Falls division,
Missouri River Basin, soil survey and land
classification of the lands in the____
Malta Irrigation District, Milk River Federal rec-
lamation project, to authorize the Secretary
of the Interior to defer the reclassification of
certain lands of the-(See S.J. Res. 175.)
Miles City, to amend the law authorizing the
conveyance of lands to (See S. 3480.)

Senators from—

Mansfield, Mike, attended___.
Murray, James E., attended____

Western Montana Youth Guidance Center, Inc.,
Missoula, directing the conveyance of prop-

erty of Fort Missoula, Mont., to-(See S.

Montreal-(See New York-Montreal.)

Morillo, Antonio Sanchez-(See S. 3820.)

Moore, George T., Carl D. Berry, and Dr. Harold J.
Heck-(See H.R. 10631.)



[blocks in formation]

Moree, James E., Sr., and Ruby Hellen-(See S. 3009.)
Morgan, Mrs. Anne-(See H.R. 1607.)

Morgan, Mrs. Ethel B.-(See H.R. 9443.)

Morgano, Tommy, use of evidence in possession of the
Senate in the case of State of Indiana
against (See S. Res. 349.)

Tabo Creek, works of improvement for watershed
protection and flood prevention___.
Wilson's Creek Battlefield National Park, to pro-
vide for the establishment of the-(See H.R.

Missouri River Basin-(See Garrison diversion.)
Missouri River Basin project, Pine Ridge irrigation
unit, White division, authorization for the
construction, operation, and maintenance of
the (See S. 3407.)

Missouri River, Platte, S. Dak., providing for a bridge
over the, west or southeast of—(See S. 2860.)
Misteguay Creek, Michigan, works of improvement




[blocks in formation]



Miyamoto, Mrs. Teruko Teri (nee Ikeda)-(See H.R.

Mocciola, Carmine Vincenzo (See S. 3196.)

Vote, change of_____

Mortgage investment companies, to provide for the in-

corporation of-(See S. 3541.)

Mortgages, insurance of, providing for-(See S. 3889.)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Club, to provide the same treatment for prepaid
dues income received by a nonprofit, as for
prepaid subscription income-(See S. 2883.)
Exhausts, to authorize a study and report of the
discharge of substances into the atmosphere
from the (See H.R. 8238.)

Traffic safety, resolution favoring a stamp related


Operator's license (See Department of Com-

Parts—(See also Gasoline and petroleum prod-



Destruction of, to amend the law to increase the
punishment for knowingly giving false in-
formation concerning—(See S. 3230.)
Drivers of, to establish in the Department of
Commerce Driver Records Clearance
Center-(See S. 3635, S. 3745; H.R. 5436.)
Finance charges for retail installment sales of,
in the District of Columbia, to provide for the
regulation of (See S. 2895; H.R. 3031, H.R.

Government-owned, to amend the law regulating
to penalties for use of, for other than official
purposes-(See H.R. 766.)

Operation of, to amend the law to provide for
the defense of suits against Federal employees
arising out of, in scope of employment (See
H.R. 7577; H.R. 12620.)

Motor Vehicle Indemnification Fund Act of the Dis-
trict of Columbia-(See S. 3419.)

Motorboat Act of 1940, amending-(See S. 1712.)
Motorcars, track, to amend the law to provide for
the protection of employees by regulating the
use of (See S. 1425.)

Moujaes, Khalil Ibrahim-(See S. 3351.)
Moun, Ki Su (Theresa)-(See S. 2923.)
Mount Rainier National Park-

Headquarters site for, authorizing the provision
of a, in the vicinity of Ashford, Wash.-(See
S. 1358.)

Hotel and related facilities in, authorizing the
construction of-(See S.J. Res. 193.)

Mount Rushmore National Memorial Commission, to
authorize a study and investigation by the-
(See S. 2944.)

Mountain, Captain Ernest

Moussa, Mohamad-(See S. 3022.)

Report from the President on..

Amending-(See S. 3058; H.R. 11510.)
Chile, reconstruction of, to provide for assist-
ance in the-(See S. 3839, S. 3861; H.R.

Draft of proposed legislation regarding_---
Development Loan Fund, economic development
projects carried on by private enterprise in
foreign countries, relating to the furnishing of
assistance in financing-(See S. 3252.)
Korea, coal purchased for delivery to, to re-
quire that 50 percent of the, be purchased
from independent coal producers in the
United States-(See S. 3014.)

Latin America, development of, to provide for
assistance in the (See S. 3839, S. 3861;
H.R. 13021.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding_‒‒‒‒
Mutual security contingency fund, to increase
the authorization for appropriations for, for
fiscal 1961-(See S. 3855.)

Panama, housing in, to authorize the guaran-
tee of mortgage loans by the Development
Loan Fund to assist (See S. 3127, S. 3864.)
Point Four Youth Corps, to study the advisability
and practicability of establishing a-(See S.

Poland, authorizing the donation of surplus ag-
ricultural commodities and surplus property
for relief of flood victims in-(See S. 3902.)
White fleet, establishment of a, to provide for
the, to render emergency assistance to the
people of other nations in case of disaster-
(See S. 3657.)

Mutual Security Act of 1960-(See S. 3058; H.R.



(See S. 3507.)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Myers, Robert J., of the Social Security Administra-

Conferee, appointed as------ 181, 191, 306, 486, 533, 551

tion, entitled to privileges of the floor______ 489, 507

Mutual Security Appropriation Act, 1961-(See H.R.


Nagamine, Emiko (See S. 2106.)

Naggar, Jacob-(See H.R. 4549.)

Nagurski, Marion John-(See H.R. 12350.)

Narcotic, drug addicts in closed institutions, to provide
for grants-in-aid to the States for the treat-
ment of (See S. 3679.)

Narcotics Manufacturing Act of 1960-(See H.R.


Narcotics, White House Conference on, President
should call a-(See S. Res. 284.)

Natchez Trace Parkway-(See Blue Ridge and
Natchez; National parkway.)


Cemeteries-(See Cemeteries-National.)
Debt (See Debt.)

Food and fiber utilization policy, to provide a-
(See S. 2862.)


Jefferson National Forest, Va., memorial remon-
strating against issuance of prospecting per-
mits on---
Managed under principles of multiple use and to
produce a yield of products and services,
to authorize and direct that the, be-(See
S. 3044, S. 3465; H.R. 10572.)
Draft of proposed legislation regarding....
Multiple use of, resolution favoring_..
New Mexico, Valencia County, to authorize the
exchange of lands in, for lands in-(See S.

Proceeds from the, to permit the States to utilize
the, for public purposes in addition to the pub-
lic schools and public roads-(See S. 3104.)
Superior, memorial remonstrating against con-
struction of public roads in the roadless area
of the___

[blocks in formation]

Wyoming, basic facts, printed as a Senate docu-


[blocks in formation]

Hamilton, Alexander, providing for the estab-
lishing of the former dwelling house of,
as a-(See S.J. Res. 191.)

Harpers Ferry, to authorize the acquisition of
certain lands for addition to-(See S. 2674.)
Pioneer National Monument Association, to au-
thorize and direct the Secretary of the Army
to convey part of the lock and dam numbered
10, Kentucky River, Madison County, Ky.,
to the (See S. 3324; H.R. 11561.)
Protection of—(See S. 3180.)
49100-S J-86-2-51

Parkway for-(See S. 3813.)

Haleakala, to designate and establish that por-
tion of the Hawaii National Park on the is-
land of Maui, Hawaii, as the (See S. 3623.)
Mammoth Cave-(See also National-Park-


Parkway for-(See S. 3813.)
Mount Rainier-

Headquarters site for, authorizing the pro-
vision of a, in the vicinity of Ashford,
Wash. (See S. 1358.)

Hotel and related facilities in, authorizing the
construction of—(See S.J. Res. 193.)
Prairie National Park, Kans., to authorize the
establishment of (See S. 3651.)
Resolutions favoring___.

227, 482

Rocky Mountain, property in, to authorize the
Secretary of the Interior to exchange- (See
S. 3842.)

Sawtooth Mountain region, Idaho, to provide a
study and report on the advisability of estab-
lishing a, in-(See S. 3353.)

Shenandoah, to authorize the exchange of cer-
tain property within-(See S. 3399.)

Stones River National Military Park, Tenn., to
revise the boundaries and change the name of
the (See H.R. 9543.)
Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park, N.
Dak., to authorize the Secretary of the Interior
to provide water and sewage disposal facilities
to the Medora area adjoining the-(See S.

Wilson's Creek Battlefield National Park, Mo.,
to provide for the establishment of the (See
H.R. 725.)

Yellowstone, powerboats on Yellowstone Lake in,
resolution favoring the policy of not granting
the use of..

Zion National Park, Utah, to revise the bound-
aries of the (See S. 713.)

Parks, protection of-(See S. 3180.)
Parkway, to provide for a survey of the, from the
Great Smoky Mountains National Park in
North Carolina and Tennessee to the Mam-
moth Cave National Park in Kentucky, and
the Natchez Trace Parkway in Tennessee-
(See S. 3495.)


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